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Chapter Sixty Nine - Brax POV

Fuck! I am going to have a daughter! This was huge, and I was absolutely elated. Sure, every man wants a son to carry on the name and to be the next generation of the family, but deep down I had been hoping I would have my own little princess. The copious amounts of times I had thought about it, there was something so endearing to me to think I would have a daughter, who could end up looking just like a mother. Fuck, I would be a lucky guy!

I was still on cloud nine when we got home and I sat down on the couch. I was lost in my head, picturing how my daughter would look, wondering if she would have her mother’s blonde hair or my light brown. God, I hope she had her mother’s eyes, I got lost in those and they sucked me in hook, line and sinker the first time I saw her.

I was shaken out of my thoughts when I felt Charlie start to kiss my neck as she leaned over the back of the couch, and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I reached up to pick her hands up off my chest, clasped them in mine and brought them up to mouth kissing them. “You’ve been quiet, batman?”

“Sorry cutie, I was thinking.” She nuzzled my neck and asked what about. “Just today babe.”

“And? How do you feel? You haven’t said much at all since we left the hospital. Are you disappointed babe? Would you have preferred a son?”

I pulled to the side so I could turn in my seat to face her. My hand came up to grip her neck. “No babe! Not at all. I am the complete opposite. My cheeks feel like they want to burst with happiness. I was sitting here thinking about what our daughter would look like. God I hope she has your eyes.”

“But I love yours.”

“Too late Charlie, I called dibs first.”

She slapped me on the chest as she chuckled. “You can’t call firsts babe, it doesn’t work like that.”

“Too late, I already called it.” The moment I saw that nose scrunch and smile I moved forward and nipped at the tip of her nose softly.

“I love you. You wanna know what I was thinking about on the way home?”


She smiled broadly and I could see the crinkles under her eyes appear, the puffy aftermath of her earlier tears obvious. “I was picturing what it would be like to see you with our daughter. You have always been the protector of our little family. She is going to be so lucky to have you as a father.”

“God I love you.” I reached up wrapping my hand around her neck tighter, pulling her face closer to me as we explored each other’s mouths, our tongues dancing delightfully. I caressed her neck as I pulled her closer to me, destroying her mouth as I tried to get as far inside her as I could. My tongue tasted every crevice of her beautiful mouth, sucking, licking, tasting followed by some soft nibbling before diving back in.

When we finally slowed the kiss down we were both panting as I opened my eyes, they were met with the reflection of the same love. “So, want to get naked?”

She pushed me backwards on the couch and turned to storm off as I cracked up laughing. “We literally just got back from the hospital, you dick!”

“So I guess what you’re saying is, too soon?”

“Eat a dick, asshole!” I burst out laughing again as she flipped me over her shoulder.

“Aww baby love, you know I am just messing with you. I love my feisty midget!”

“I know and you also know how horny I have been lately, so you are still an asshole.” I burst out laughing again and of course she flipped me the finger for a second time.

After heading to the kitchen she walked back out with a cup of tea and placed it on the coffee table, sitting down next to me. I grabbed one of the cushions and put it on my lap as she lay down. I reached out and rubbed her stomach softly. I was watching the cricket on television and I saw her look up at me and back at the television. I knew she wanted me to turn it off. “Nope, it’s not happening!”

“Fine! I’ll just have a nap then.”

“It will do you the world of good cutie. Especially before everyone arrives later this afternoon.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. I slouched down on the couch more as she settled in and drifted off to sleep. I was watching the game and browsing through my phone when an idea hit me. Hopefully she would be ok with it, I am pretty confident she would be, so I just did it anyway.

I was lucky too as there was only one place that had them but it was on the other side of town. I rang them and was able to organise a courier to pick it up and drop it off the same day. Of course I had no issue paying the extra freight charges, it would be worth it as I think this was perfect for us.

An hour and a half later I heard a car pulling up and shortly after the doorbell went. “Mmm Brax, is everyone here already? Why didn’t you wake me?”

“No baby, just a delivery.”

“What delivery?”

“You’ll see in a second.” I moved her head gently off my lap and got the door. I signed for the delivery and sorted payment before thanking them and shutting the door back up. I brought the box back in and sat down next to Charlie.

“Well, what is it?”

I passed her the box over. “Open it baby.” I watched as she unsealed it and pulled the package out, before looking inside. She took one and immediately realised. An amused smile creeping across her face, but I saw her eyes twinkling, telling me she loved the idea.

“For the reveal?” The shine in her eyes magnified and it was the most beautiful sight in the world.

“Yes. What do you think?”

“It’s perfect Brax!”

“I thought so too. Want to help me get it ready for tonight before we change?”

“Of course!” We got it all set up and headed to our room to get changed. Coming back down we put some nibbles and finger food out ready for everyone and got the drinks out in the esky to get cold. As we were taking the last of them out we heard the doorbell as I shouted it wasn’t locked.

“Yo! The party is here!” Chester, always first, terrified of missing out.

“Downstairs, fuck face!”

“Ok Midget fucker!” When Charlie yelled back at him to watch his mouth we heard Chrissy giggle. “Sorry sweetcheeks!” When we came back inside we saw Chester and Chrissy heading down and went over to greet them. As the other’s hadn’t arrived yet Chester and I went out the back for a few cones as I filled him in about what happened this morning. “Fuck! That’s rough man. Thank god everything is ok bro.”

“Thought you didn’t believe in god?” I couldn’t help but joke with him.

“Well if ever there was a time to, this was it.”

“Thanks man.” Once everyone arrived we asked them to grab a seat in the lounge and they all sat down. “So we have a little gift for you all.”

When Chester fist pumped the ear the rest all laughed. “Fuck yeah! Because you love us.”

“Sit down and shut up fuck face. Or when you have finished, let me know and we can continue.”

“Yeah Chester, stay in your lane and stop ruining it for everyone else.” Everyone burst out laughing when April turned on Chester, eager to know what the gift was.

Charlie stepped forward on one side as I went down the other and she explained. “So here is a joint from us and we hope you all have a good night.”

“Fuck yeah, now that’s how you greet your guests!” Of course Liam would be the most excited to have a blunt ready for him. Charlie held the box between us, as we picked them out and passed them around, making sure everyone had received one before we closed the box.

As we went to step back, Mace stood up screaming “WOAH! STOP!”

“Woman! Why are you yelling?” I smirked at Liam knowing his frustrations, I had one of those girls too that squealed when she got over excited.

“Are you baboons shitting me right now?” Charlie broke out in hysteria hearing Mace call everyone baboons and had to quickly cross her legs so she didn’t pee her pants.

“Holy shit! I will be right back, I am going to join the pissy pants club otherwise.”

As Charlie started to shuffle towards the bathroom Mace yelled again. “STOP!”

“Mace, I love you, but you can’t tell a pregnant woman to try and stop her bladder. It’s not happening babes.”

“Two minutes or I am coming in there to get you.” Charlie hurried off and when she returned the look of relief on her face was evident. When Chester asked how she went in there, Mace turned on him. “Monkey nuts, stop! And you two!” She turned and pointed to Charlie and I as we just stared back at her with the biggest grins on our faces. “Why are all the blunts pink or purple? Do you two know something we don’t?”

Charlie and I laughed but didn’t offer an explanation when Shane spoke. “Holy shit Mace! You badass detective bitch!”

Chester jumped up on the couch, standing up on it, with sneakers much to Charlie’s disgust as he yelled over everyone. “Are you telling me I am getting a niece?”

The initial anger she had before he spoke subsided as we both looked sideways at each other, smiling before Charlie answered “Yes, we found out this morning after an unscheduled hospital visit.” I nodded in agreement with Charlie as I confirmed we were having a little girl.

I had barely finished speaking when Chester shouted again “Fuck yeah! I shot gun Godfather!”

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