International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Seven - Brax POV

My natural instinct in this situation was to laugh, but this was my girl. That little fucker had to pay! After much explaining, we had a child in the group who could not take anything seriously. The custom's officer saw the humour in it and let us through. When he mentioned his daughter was a huge fan, I quickly removed my hat and signed the brim for him to give to her. I shook his broad hand and told him to thank his daughter for her support as I headed off to join Charlie, walking straight past Chester, not even looking sideways.

I wrapped my arm around her tiny waist as she gripped my arms and tilted her head when I moved in. "I don't want you getting payback this time baby, please." Of course Charlie went on the defensive reminding me how embarrassing that was for her, in front of so many people. "I know. That's why I am going to get him back this time. An attack on you is an attack on me. You understand?"

"I'm with you baby." I kissed her nose softly and felt the smooth skin wrinkle up under my lips.

"Anything I do, follow my lead. I am not going to say a word to him at all. If he says anything to you, just play along like you're not bothered, in fact you expected him to be that stupid." When Charlie nodded and said okay, I patted her butt lovingly before I lifted her head to me. "Give me a kiss." Charlie pushed up on her tiptoes and still fell short until I moved my head to meet her lips. After a very light touch she lowered on her ankles. "Okay, now give me a proper kiss."

She chuckled as her cheeks filled a crimson red. "I love you." I moved into her and kissed her deeply, her soft cheeks pressed between my hands, so large they nearly engulfed her precious face.

"You two finished face fucking? Are we good to go?" I redirected my stare to Chester, blank and emotionless, not a word spoken. Charlie and I started to walk away as I took her hand protectively in mine. "It was pretty clever right?"

Desperate for someone to acknowledge his prank, Chester pressed on trying to get a response from either of us. "Uhuh, if you say so Chester." When it was Charlie that answered him he told her not to be mad, it's what they do to each other. "I know. I'm not mad. I should have expected it from you."

I smirked because I knew Chester couldn't see my face as we headed through the terminal masses to our gate. We arrived and after a short wait our flight was called for boarding. "Fuck yeah, go us! First class baby, now that's what I'm talking about! At least someone knows who I am."

"Yeah, obnoxious. You're a pain in the arse. It's for everyone else's sanity they segregated you. That way they can minimise your impact." Even I had to be careful not to let Chester see me laugh when Charlie replied to him. When Shane told the dickhead he walked straight into that one, Charlie turned to him and winked "I haven't even started with him yet Shane, especially after that shit show back at customs."

"Brax? Are you going to let her speak to me like that man?" I looked at him expressionless and shrugged my shoulders. I picked up Charlie's carry on bag and mine, putting them in the overhead storage as we arrived at our seats.

"Go on baby, you have the window seat." She walked in and sat down before I followed in behind her, shutting the compartment door. Charlie turned to me, the humour of the situation and Chester's turmoil painted across her face. When she went to giggle I had to remind her to be quiet as they were just outside and could still hear.

My point was proven when we heard Liam address Chester. "You're fucked this time, bro. Brax is gonna snap you when he can." We heard Shane highlight I hadn't said a word to him since it happened, before Chester blew out a puff of air.

"Nah we good. He's gotta side with the missus or she'll blue ball him to hell and back." The band laughed when Kendall said he was wrong.

"Nope. You're cooked this time Monkey. Come on Shane, let's get settled."

"Yeah, let's get you settled. . .on my dick!" When Kendall raised her voice at him and asked what did he say, we could just picture the look of horror on the poor girl's face. Charlie and I had to put our hands over our mouth to stop the laugh that threatened to escape. "Sorry babe."

"Fuck me! Are all of you whipped now or what? Be the fucking man, grab your balls and show these women who is boss." I saw Charlie's eyes dilate at Mark's outburst as I started to laugh. Of course she was quick to wave her finger at me. I could Marcus in hysterics highlighting that was probably Mark's best outburst yet.

We heard them all chuckling away as they went and got settled and I turned to my midget. "He sounds so nervous, not his usual confident self." I agreed with Charlie, that is exactly what I wanted. Throw Chester off, so I could strike when he least expected it.

"Can I just say, fuck you're hot when you're being all broody." I looked her up and down and slid my hand further up her thigh. I moved my face into Charlie's neck as I tugged at the soft skin with my lips as she shivered against me. "Mmm you might just join the mile high club after all mister. That was so fucking sexy."

"Stop teasing me, Charlie."

"Who's teasing baby?" Her tiny hand ran across the stubble of my cheek as we stared intently at each other. My god this woman was everything and the feelings she aroused in me were beyond any I had known before. Charlie moved across her seat, closer to me and took my hand on her leg, sliding it further up her thigh as she looked at me expectantly.

"What?" I saw her eye twitch slightly. "Say it." When she replied with my name, I followed suit. "Yes Charlie?"

"Please move closer so I can taste your mouth on mine."

"Mmm since you asked so nicely." I leant down and Charlie reached up to wrap her arm around my neck, guiding my mouth to hers as I got lost in the embrace of this midget of mine. Our tongues explored one another, lost in the moment when we heard the cabin crew over the speaker and moved apart.

She leaned into me and tucked her legs up under her bum in the seat. I smiled down at Charlie when she rested her head on my shoulder, her left hand wrapped around my bicep as my hand caressed her thigh. We gazed out the window together, holding each other as the plane taxied out to the runway for take off.

Once in the air it didn't take long for the no seatbelt sign to come on and I watched as Charlie took the tiny piece of black material off before reaching over and unclasping mine. "What are you doing babe?"

"Come sit with me? These chairs are huge, we've sat in smaller together." I stood and moved over to her chair as she let me get comfortable before sitting back down in my lap. I reclined the chair as Charlie cuddled into my side and I flicked the television on.

I was dragging lazy patterns up her back, my fingers exploring every inch of her body, in a soft delicate caress, loving and tender. When I felt her hand still on my chest, I shifted slightly so I could see her face and found Charlie asleep. Wrapping my arms around her, I shifted my body and rolled us to the side, as her head snuggled further into my chest.

At some stage I too must have nodded off, and when I first heard the banging in my head, I thought it was a dream, until I realised someone was knocking at the compartment door. My eyes adjusted and I saw Charlie waking at the same time. Her smooth finger made contact with my lips as she signalled to me to remain quiet. "Yes?"

"Yo! Open up, Midget." When Chester's voice bellowed in, Charlie told him to lower it as I was asleep. I smiled and winked at her, a shared sense of mischief plastered to both our faces. "Boring! Tell him to come and get me when he wakes up."

"Sure will, Monkey." Once we were sure he had gone, I rolled Charlie over so I could cuddle into her back and felt her pressed against as we reclined in the chair again. Between catching up on sleep, cuddling and spending time talking with my girl, the flight had gone fast. I didn't go and see Chester like he wanted, but we already had our story covered.

As the plane finally landed into Canada, a relief rushed over my achy and tired body as I stood up and stretched, the creaking of my bones louder than necessary. By the time we had made into the terminal Chester came barrelling over to us, throwing a stern look at Charlie. "I told him as soon as he woke up! But he slept nearly all the flight. I didn't know he took those sleeping tablets when I told you I would send him over."

"Just as long as you told him Midget." I was pretending to be on my phone so I didn't have to speak, really, I hadn't even switched it back on yet. I wanted to drag this out for as long as possible, I could see he was starting to bust at the seams now.

We got through Border control with no fuck around this time and to our baggage claim. Once we had everything we saw a sign with our names on it and made our way to the vehicle. Making it as difficult as possible, Charlie and I took the two seater up the front, as I sat next to the window, as the rest climbed on the bus.

As we pulled into the air bnb the first thing I noticed was the way the snow hugged the house like a day old baby, new and clingy. It was like the street had been put to bed, hushed under nature's frigid eiderdown. How odd it was to look on that view, so different to anything we had experienced.

As we got our luggage out, the cold licked at my face and crept under our clothes, spreading across my skin like the lacy tide of a frigid winter beach. With purple lips tinged in blue and gently chattering teeth, I wrapped the coat around me tighter as we made our way inside.

After familiarising ourselves with the house we sat down on the plush white leather couch to sort out room allocations. Before Marcus could speak I interjected. "Could Charlie and I have one as far away from Chester as possible. He seems to have a habit of either walking in on us at the most inopportune times or listening on purpose."

When he started cackling like a hyena I was aware of the funny side in it, but I was more conscious of the truth. "Well, there is a separate sort of quest quarters downstairs? It has a bedroom and private bathroom. The master suite and the rest of the rooms are upstairs."

"We are happy to take downstairs aren't we babe?" I turned to Charlie who nodded and agreed. "Right, I need a shower, food and sleep."

Marcus nodded as he stood up. "Well you lot get sorted. I have to race down to meet the guys to get the keys for the studio we have booked out. They said they would leave you a gift to help sleep tonight. It will probably take about half an hour, so I could order some pizzas on the way back for dinner?"

"Sounds good M, thanks bro." Marcus headed off and everyone was chatting when I winked at Charlie and took her hand. "Come on baby, let's go."

We took up our luggage and moved across the polished timber floors towards our waiting room. Other than the clanking of the wheels across the wooden floors, the only other sound that could be heard was Chester. "You coming back for food, bro?"

I kept walking without a look back, and I saw Charlie turn slightly to him, letting her body do the talking. Animated in her casual shrug of the shoulder, gesturing to him that the mystery remained unanswered.

I unlocked our room and I could hear them all whispering, but unable to clearly define what was being said, until Liam cracked up and said you're fucked, my educated guess, he was speaking to Chester. My suspicion was confirmed when Chester lowered his voice, trying to avoid us hearing. "Fuck! He's like really mad this time."

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