International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Seventy - Brax POV

"I shot gun Godfather!"

"Bro you can not just shot gun my daughter."

"Fuck off Brax, I just did!"

"Chester, this is a child we are talking about, not a toy." I saw Charlie staring at him wondering if he would realise.

"I'm not listening to your negativity either, pregnant midget of tour."

Liam and Shane buckled over laughing before Shane added "Fuck that kills me every time he says it."

"Fine, then I am naming my goddaughter."

"You wanker, I know what you did there." He laughed in my face and started begging for permission to name my child!

"Fuck no Monkey!" We both looked at Charlie when she said it and I had to laugh. "My daughter would end up with a stripper's name if you had your way. Something ridiculous like Candy, Cherry or Champagne. Something horrific."

The girl's all laughed before Chester beckoned to them to be quiet. "Actually you evil midget, I think I had a very nice one."

"Nothing nice ever comes from you thinking, Chester." I watched him grab our midget and carefully pick her up in a hug as she gave him one back. I saw him lift his head and whisper something in her before her head shot back up. As they stared each other in the eyes I saw that twinkle appear first before the grin spread across her face, reaching her eyes. Yeah those two are definitely up to something.

He said something else then they both laughed before he put Charlie back down. As he stepped back, I punched him in the arm. "What the fuck, bro?"

"I've told you before, don't touch her."

"I did not! I touched pebbles! That's pebbles incubator now, not Brax's playground."

When everyone roared laughing at this dick head, I lunged at him and tackled him to the ground as we put each other in head locks. I heard Mark asking the rest "Does anyone else feel like his constant taunts tonight are reminiscent of the night he found out Brax and Charlie were together?" Liam immediately said yes before Shane explained to the rest he spent the next twenty four hours using every excuse to reference fucking.

As we finally stood up and grabbed some drinks, the guys took their blunts and we all made our way outside. "Brax, you didn't grab yourself a blunt?"

"I'm not having one, beautiful, I will just have a joint."

"What? Why?"

"I want to wait and have mine with you, when our baby girl is born."

She stopped and turned to me and reached up brushing her hand across my cheek. I grabbed her hip and pulled her closer. "Do you even realise, everytime you say something like that, I fall more in love with you?"

"Then I will need to make a habit of doing it for a lifetime."

"Kiss me, Brax." I leaned down and took her lips gently as we made love to each other's mouths before pulling away.

"So what did Chester say?"

Charlie giggled and said she knew I was busting to ask. "He told me what name he wants us to use for baby pebbles."

"Yeah? And what's that?" She whispered to me, making sure the other's couldn't hear and when I pulled back she saw me smiling widely also. "Is it wrong if I say I kind of love it? It's so cute and feminine, I just hate having to agree with that pain in the ass."

"You know, I don't hate it myself." We headed outside and sat down with everyone and enjoyed a night of relaxation. Of course I held Charlie close to me, conscious of her need to be careful and rest after this morning. I was also feeling slightly more protective of her and pebbles. Chester had already made it very clear to everyone, she needed to be referred to that now.

"So I have to ask, what happened this morning?"

"What do you mean, bro?" I didn't realise where Chester was going when he asked that first question.

"You mentioned inside you had a scare?"

This fucker just smirked at me. I knew I was going to regret telling him earlier what happened before everyone arrived. And the first thing Charlie had said to me was, let's hope not or I would have blue balls. "You fucking asshole!"

He burst out laughing hysterically in his chair as the rest sat there looking confused, asking what the hell was going on. "Yeah Brax and pregnant midget of tour, why did you have to go to the hospital?"

I saw Charlie sit up and shoot Chester a look that just killed him ten times over." "Eat a dick Chester!" When he laughed again she flipped him off and turned back to the others. "It was nothing in the end guys. I just had a little scare, but because it is our first time we didn't know it was perfectly normal." When Shane asked what it was Charlie hid her face. "Oh god, please don't ask."

When Mace told them all to shut up, they didn't need to know everything Chester spoke again from his relaxed spot in his chair. "I just want to know what caused it?"

"Shut the fuck up Chester." Charlie said very deliberately and slowly, pronouncing every word.

Mark sat forward studying Charlie before he spoke. "Nah, Midget is bright red. Whatever this is, it is good. I want to know. What caused it?"

"I can tell you." When Chester said that, Charlie quickly squealed at him to shut up.

"You're a dead man if you do, bro. You know the payback will be brutal. Choose wisely fucker."

He laughed in my face and turned to Mark. "Remember the first night we found out they were together? What did I say they were doing?"

Mark thought about it for a minute before replying "Fucking?"

"Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner." Quicker than Chester could register, Charlie launched herself off my lap and I was fast to follow her. While she put her hand over his mouth to stop him saying anymore I grabbed the back of his and started pulling it towards the pool.

He tried laughing his head through her hand, and when she realised where I was headed, she stood back. I pulled the chair around one hundred and eighty degrees and tipped Chester out of the chair . . . . into the pool!

Now it was everyone else's turn to roar laughing as he swam back to the surface. That being said, it took all of two minutes before he started cackling also. Once he dragged his wet ass out of the pool, he raced at Charlie, and wrapped her in a bear hug as she tried to slap him. "You wanker, you started this, Chester!"

"I know, and I am going to finish it too!"

"I swear you are impossible." He hugged her tighter again as she flicked his ear. When he grabbed it she took the chance to get away and headed inside to get changed out of her now wet clothes. I shouted out asking her to grab this dickhead some dry clothes from my draw. She headed back a short time later and chucked them at him.

"Thanks, but I need a towel."

"Well, you didn't ask for one." I chuckled at her sassy ass as I tapped it.

"Pregnant midget of tour, can I have a towel please?"

"Nah mate, I am not your slave."

"You just want me naked instead, I get it." He stood up and started to remove his wet clothes as the horror on her face intensified. . . . .

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