International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Seventy One - Charlie’s POV

It had been a long weekend. The gang had practically lived in our house too, and I couldn't lie, there had been times when I had felt bad because I just did not have the energy to be as hospitable as I used to be. I had also noticed times when Brax had struggled with it also. I had to reel him in a few times as I could see his annoyance rising.

Brax is the type of guy who would open his door to anyone, but he also goes through times of solitude, where he just wants to be locked in his recording studio we had installed downstairs. He can be found writing or putting together new work. He likes his privacy especially when we aren't on tour and he gets the opportunity to just be Braxton, himself, not the artist.

Chester picked up on it also and had finally encouraged everyone to give us a break after last night, and I was pleased to have the house to ourselves. And honestly, it felt good to have some peace and quiet.

I went back to bed for a few hours and waking up at ten thirty I was surprised to see Brax hadn't come to bed. I had expected him to be in bed not long after Chester ushered everyone out for us, as I know they didn't sleep last night.

Getting up and stretching I went out to the lounge room to look for him and couldn't find him anywhere. I headed into the kitchen and switched the kettle on before walking the stairs to check downstairs. When he wasn't in the downstairs rumpus room I knew exactly where to find him. I walked across the lounge to his recording studio and sure enough, the moment I looked through the door I could see him.

His giant frame sprawled out across the red leather couch he had in there, glasses still stuck to his face, baseball cap on, hand across his eyes blocking out the light like he normally did when he was too exhausted to even move. I opened the door and headed over to the couch. I sat on the side of it, around his waist as I wrapped one arm across him, resting it on the otherside. I leaned over Brax and kissed his neck and cheek, feather light, soft loving kisses, taking my time enjoying his skin grazing my lips.

After a few minutes, I felt his hand grip my arm and his head turn into mine. "Hmm stop it. I am practically a married man."

"What if I don't want to stop? I missed you last night." I whispered into his neck as I continued to pepper him with kisses.

"Sorry babe, after everyone finally left I came down here to start penning down an idea. I must have crashed when I had finished."

"Why don't you have a coffee then go back to bed for a few hours. I have the kettle on now if you want me to go make you one?"

"Nah, I think I would prefer you to just lay down with me babe." He opened his arm up inviting me to move in beside him. I rested my head in the safety between his arm and chest, and as he rubbed my back, I felt him twist his body towards me slightly and start stroking my stomach. "How did my girl's sleep?"

"Good baby, I feel fine today."

"Just make sure you don't over do it cutie, please."

"You know, you could always persuade me to stay laying down if you were really that worried?" Brax peeled one eye open and glared at me, his gorgeous smile plastered across his face as he asked how I would like him to do that? "Are you saying you can't think of anything, at all?"

"Brax sat up all of a sudden and gave me a blank stare, as if to say are you for real? "You want me to give you a foot rub again, don't you?" I just smiled at him because he knew exactly what I was fishing for. "Well, what do I get in return?"

"I won't brag too much when Liverpool win later."

He threw his head back laughing as he put his flat palm across my face. "I was wondering how long it would take you to mention the game, you evil midget."

"You better not have invited anyone over tonight Brax? That's our night, it's our teams!"

"No one is coming over tonight baby, I promise. It is just you and I, we can go to bed early and then get up for the game. Although, let's just watch it in bed, I don't know if I can be arsed to drag myself out at that time of night, even to the lounge."

"Sounds perfect. I have to work on some of your new marketing today for Marcus. What are your plans babe?"

"I want to jot down some new lyrics for the upcoming album. The aim is to have them all penned down before we have to go to Melbourne next week." When I went to get up and told him I would make him a coffee, he put his hand out for me. "Come on cutie, I will come with you."

Brax and I spent the day working. Mid-afternoon Brax came up to let me know Chester and Chrissy were coming around for an hour or so. Chester and Brax had been working on some lyrics together as they often did, and he wanted to see if Monkey could finish one off that he wasn't entirely happy with. It was nice to see Chester so settled with Chrissy, she definitely knew that boy's number and kept him on his toes.

I had finished off some campaigns Marcus wanted to look at for the new album and sent it over to him to review and the last thing I remember was sitting on the couch while I waited for the kettle to boil. Next thing I knew I was waking up to something wet in my ear and nearly jumped out of my skin. "What the fuck?" My head flung around. "Chester! Did you just stick your tongue in my ear?" When he just laughed at me and licked his lips I told him he was disgusting.

"You slept through my whole visit! No way in hell was I allowing that shit." I explained, I needed it as we had a game tonight. "Oh that's right, it is potential divorce night here, isn't it?"

"Correct. I shot gun Pebbles in the divorce settlement."

"You are not shotgunning our child as well Brax!" When he said Chester did so he could I rolled my eyes at them both and turned to Chrissy. "Did you both want to stay for dinner since it is that time already? Saves you worrying about it when you get back?"

"That would be lovely, can I help you with it while these two sort their lives out, or something productive?" I chuckled to Chrissy and said sure as I got up from the couch and gave Brax a kiss. I told the boys I would give them a shout when dinner was ready as Chrissy and I headed to the upstairs kitchen to see what we could put together.

After a nice dinner with Chester and Chrissy we had sat outside talking with them for a while while the boys had a blunt, before seeing them off around seven thirty. Brax made sure the house was locked up before joining me in bed. As he got in, and cuddled in behind me, I felt him rub his nose up my neck and kiss me softly. "I missed this last night, I never sleep as well as I do with you beside me."

"I'm right here, cutie. Sleep. I've got you." Brax wrapped his arms around me tighter, a firm hold as I sunk into him and we soon drifted off together. When our alarms went at three in the morning for the game, I felt like I had just fallen asleep. I rolled over and finally opened my eyes, seeing Brax smiling at me, lovingly. "Morning baby, you look delicious." Brax whispered, before sliding closer to me and pressing his lips to mine.

Our tongues danced and teased one another. I tasted him and kissed him more deeply, enjoying the bitter and sweet confection that was his taste. When we pulled apart, our desire was evident in the way our breathing had become haggard. I moaned when I felt his hand sweep up my thigh, across my hip and up my ribcage.

My hands did not remain idle. I used the tops of my fingers to caress the cords of muscle that lay under the smooth skin of his back. I ticked his ribs and was rewarded with a quick bite to one of my shoulders, and I couldn't help but chuckle out loud. He slid over me and pressed his hips against mine, holding his weight up on his arms so as to not put pressure on my stomach. The evidence of his arousal was easy to feel. I wiggled against it, coaxing the head, so that it lay just on the upper edge of my centre. "Like that?" I whispered between sliding my hand between our warm flesh.

"Just a bit." He answered back, a smirk that told me how much more than 'a bit' he liked. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and began to stroke him. As I toyed with his rigid tool, his hips moved slowly. We played with each other, our tempos changing at a mere whim. I teased the head, rolled back the skin and then jerked his shaft with a firm gently pumping action. "Careful baby, two can play at that game. I know what you are doing, Charlotte."

"Mmm, what am I doing baby?"

"You're trying to get into my head before the game even starts." I threw my head back in a fit of laughter. "Don't think for a second if you continue I won't bend you over and fuck you while I watch the game. We both know it wouldn't be the first time."

"You cheeky asshole, I fucking love you." I gripped his face and pulled it down to me as I kissed him quickly, tapping his ass.

"Morning beautiful. Thanks for the wake up call, you can finish me off after the game." He jumped off me pulling his track pants up as he looked back and grinned at me. "With your mouth."

I grabbed his pillow and threw it at him as he jumped out of the way. "You shit head!"

"I'll get you a cup of tea babe? I'm just going to make a coffee."

"Thanks Sexy."

"Stop it, evil scouse midget." Brax wasn't gone that long when he came back with our drinks and we got settled in to see the teams take the pitch.

"You know you're going to lose right?"

"I am going to laugh my head off when we pummel Loserpool."

"There will be no pummeling on your end tonight."

He turned and looked at me shocked for a moment. "Really? Not even after the game?" It was soon replaced with a cheeky wink as I pushed him away.

Less than fifteen minutes into the game I was bouncing on the bed as Virgil Van Dijk buried it to give Liverpool the lead. As I jumped up and down on our bed, Brax swept my legs, knocking me down and catching me in the process, so I landed safely. "My daughter does not need to be involved in your shitty behaviour." I laughed in his face and told him he was speaking like a true Manc!

The game carried on and of course since we already had the lead, it didn't take long for the dirty tactics to come out from the Mancs.

"Can't beat us, so trying to cripple us?" I bit the inside of my lip and tried not to giggle as I turned and glared at me.

"You're lucky it is half time and I need another coffee or I would bend you over for that." I shrugged my shoulders and asked what else? "Spank the crap out of your sassy ass."

"And that's punishment?"

"Sit down woman, before you can't for a week!"

I smirked at him as he headed out to get another drink and when he came back into bed, I tried to cuddle into the front of him. "One word missy and you're out of here."

"Don't you missy me. Just because you are losing."

"Forty five minutes to go sugar tits." I smacked him and told him he was so wrong. "You're still going to lose."

"You need to find the net to make that happen." Brax slapped my arse hard and swift and I burst out laughing.

The second half was starting to make him agitated as they tried in vain to chase us. "God you scoursers shit me. Whinge you're so hard done by and have all the refs in your pockets."

"Two names, Brax. Howard Webb and Lee Mason!"

"Never heard of them."

I cracked up laughing at this lying brat. "So full of it. You know you always got your way with them. Not my fault your team fell from grace."

"I'll give you fell." Brax lunged at me and started tickling me, knowing all too well it would set my bladder off at the moment. "Take it back, Charlotte Maree."

"Never!" Just as I said it and he went to tickle me again I saw over his shoulder Mo Salah lined it up and buried it for the second goal. "GOAL! GO ON MO!"

"Fuck this, I am done!"

"At Ninety three minutes, you aren't winning when the whistle is about to go any second." Brax grabbed the remote and flicked the television off as I cackled at him sulking. "Who's the sore loser now, Manc?"

"I am losing nothing. But you're about to gain a whole load. . . . ." He took my hands and brought them above my head as he straddled my hips. "Of me!"

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