International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Seventy Two - Brax POV

I was still shitty little miss thing got another one over us when Liverpool beat my boys on Monday. I was even more annoyed that I had to face the real possibility that they would win the league this year and my cutie would never let me live it down. Being sixteen points clear at the top of the league and still had one game to play to put them on level pegging with everyone else, meant if they won they would be nineteen point ahead, still undefeated and it was leaving a really fucking sour taste in my mouth.

Fuck them scoursers!

It was now Wednesday and I was packing to head to the Gold Coast for a few days to sort these tracks down with the boys. I was also still not talking football with her. "Hey Brax?"

I walked out of our room and stuck my head in the lounge before replying. "What's up cutie?" She pointed to the television and I looked up to see them still going on about Loserpool. "You're dead to me evil midget, and I am taking our daughter with me."

"Love you too."

"Then come love me before I have to get my flight."

I said trying to torment her. "Okay."

"Really? Did that just work?"

"Who knows. Can I wear my Liverpool shirt at the same time?"

I stopped and rolled my eyes at her. "Don't worry, I have had blue balls for longer than two days. I will survive without that imagery. Thanks anyway." She cracked up laughing at me, that wicked cackle I loved so much that made her sound as cheeky as ever.

I went back to packing and after a few minutes I heard Charlie walk in the room. I didn't have to ask her what she was doing when I felt her press into my back and her hand slide around my waist and down to my shorts. She undid the button and pulled the zipper down. "Can I help you?"

"No. I am going to help myself."

"Agh . . .Mmm, god damn it Charlie." I couldn't help the moan that came from my mouth when she wrapped her hand around my fast growing shaft. I turned quickly and began kissing her deeply as her hand stayed firmly locked around me. Pulling out of the kiss, I watched as she stared up at me, deeply, before slowly lowering herself to her knees in front of me. I saw her pop that ass out for my benefit as she leaned forward and pulled my shorts down with her.

When her nails dragged up my thighs and gripped my boxers, pulling them down, I had to look away from her eyes for a minute to collect myself before the heat of the moment got the better of me. She began kissing and licking the plump head, laving the underside with relish. "Aww . . yes baby . . .that's my girl."

I slid my fingers through her hair and guided her mouth gently, grinding my hips in a motion that had her moaning on me wildly. She took the hint and closed her mouth around me, taking as much as she down her throat. I heard her moan as my fist tightened in her hair, just enough to make her needy for more. "Good girl baby . . .such a pretty little mouth you have on you Charlie." When she looked up at me through her lashes, the bulge in the side of her cheek more prevalent I felt the grip on her hair tighten yet again. "You're so goddamn sexy baby. . . ."

I kept up the words of encouragement as she glided her lips over me, sucking for all she was worth. She was possessed, wanting to swallow me whole. I seemed to be made for her mouth, she was relentless and never gave up. I looked down and I could see her completely absorbed in sucking, licking, kissing and stroking me. "Fuck! . . . .Cutie, dammit! Charlie, lift your ass up baby, I need to play with that sweet pussy."

She spread her knees as much as she could on the floor and I leaned over her as she pushed her ass in the air, not letting go of the grip her mouth had on my cock. I slid my hand inside her pants and let it run over her ass cheeks, stroking and pinching lightly, pushing my fingers further into her abyss as I rotated my hips in time with her sucking.

I began fucking her mouth in earnest, tugging on her pussy lips and fingering her button in rhythm. Soon she was moaning around me, so I slid two fingers into her and began a slow circular motion over her nub with my thumb. She pulled on me in a thrusting rhythm that had me moaning wildly and sucked me deep while massaging the underside of the head with her flat tongue. "Damn it Charlie. . . . baby girl take me please. I want you to taste me."

I held her head over my rocketing cock as I filled her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but the force of my orgasm sent some trickling back down my shaft. After the final thrust, she began licking up the remainder of me from my swollen cock, massaging my balls and thighs. I reached down, picked her up and went to dive my hand straight back down her pants. "Mmm, no baby. I just wanted to give you a treat to go away with. You can have me when you get back."

"Such a tease! You know I can never get enough of you. And I know it is only two nights, but I am still going to miss you."

"We will miss you too baby, but you are going to be so busy the time will fly, without even realising it."

"I hope so." I checked the time and realised I needed to get showered and going. "Baby, I am just going to grab a shower then can you drive me to the airport? I can spend a bit more time with you before I go that way."

"Of course." We headed into the bathroom and Charlie went to the toilet to wipe up while I headed in the shower. It wasn't long before I had dressed and we were in the car headed to the airport.

"You remember how to separate the alarms when you go to bed so the other zones are secured right cutie?"

"I do. Baby we'll be fine."

"Hey! I am allowed to worry alright? I love you both and I need the peace of mind you will be safe while I am away."

"We will baby, I promise." I reached over and put my hand on her thigh, stroking it with my thumb as she headed towards the airport. After an hour of battling shit Sydney traffic, we finally got there and I saw the boys waiting out the front for me. "Have a safe flight Brax. I love you and I will pick you up on Friday alright?"

"Thanks cutie, I love you too. I will text you when we land but I will wait to give you a call until tonight when I am back at the hotel. At least then I have some privacy." She nodded and I leaned over kissing her deeply as my hand stroked her belly. "Now both my girls behave until I get home." She said no promises as I leaned down and kissed her stomach. "Be good for mummy Pebbles."

She smiled and waved as I got out and grabbed my luggage, blowing her one more kiss and headed over to the guys as they waved while she drove off. "She missing you already?"

Before I could answer, Mark spoke up. "Nah, I reckon he was the one that didn't want to go. He can't handle being apart from Midget."

"Shut up, dickhead." They all laughed and said it was true.

As we headed into the airport, we saw people whispering and pointing, as they started to recognise us. I was drawn back to the group when Chester elbowed me. "Have you guys set a date for the wedding yet?"

"I think we are going to wait until after Pebbles is born, bro. I don't want to put any extra stress on Charlie at the moment."

"True. Stressed midget brings out evil midget."

"Evil midget is a bi-product of your behaviour man."

We got on the flight and settled but as it was only an hour and a half it wasn't long before we were getting to descend. As we landed and made our way off the plane, I quickly shot off a text message to Charlie"Hi baby, we have landed. Heading straight to the studio for a few hours before going to the hotel. I will call you tonight when I get in. I love you."

"Your girls love and miss you already baby." I had barely locked my phone when her reply came through and as I looked at my screen I noticed a photo attached. Sliding it open I found a photo of her standing in front of our mirror with her shirt rolled up and that beautiful bump I love so much on show.

"Damn I love this! Thanks baby." I locked my phone and put it back in my pocket as we headed to our uber and went to the studio.

When we got there we greeted everyone and the producers who notified us that they wanted to lock down the recording and video for our new song today with the guys from Canada. We said hello to everyone and had a chat with them while we waited for the studio to finalise set up. Not long after the producer came over and started introducing the casting selections.

"Right, I want to start by getting the vocals all fully recorded today. We can shoot the film clip first thing tomorrow morning then. Your guys have given me the concept for hte video and the casting has been done, so I would like you to meet everyone ready for tomorrow morning."

He points to a team of actors and models who had been selected for the film clip and they all waved. I noticed one girl look at us a lot as she pushed her chest out, and I internally rolled my eyes when the producer brought her forward to introduce her.

Honey blonde hair and a decent figure, but trying way too hard and stinking of desperation. "This is Melissa, she will be playing the main lead in the clip."

"Hi boys." She said in her sickly fake voice and waved at me. I just smiled and nodded politely.

"Now that is done, if everyone wants to get back to their rooms, get your stuff sorted and let's start recording in an hour?" We all agreed and headed off, stopping to grab a drink on the way through and having a quick chat with the boys.

"Geez I am surprised she didn't drop her pants there and then for you bro." Chester said as he came over to grab a drink and slapped me on the shoulder.

"Right! I had to force myself not to eye roll at her. Desperate hoes."

"You are practically a married man, that is why you can't stand it." Mark told Liam to shut up when he said that, as he wasn't far behind me.

We headed off to our change rooms and as I opened my door to go in and put my stuff down, I saw Melissa in there waiting. I instantly felt the rage grow, especially when I saw what she was wearing.

Standing in front of me was this desperate slag wearing nothing more than a yellow pair of panties with the Batman symbol over her vag, and a batman crop top. "So I hear your nickname is Batman, Brax? Is that right?"

"What the fuck are you doing?"

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