International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Seventy Three - Brax POV

The moment I opened my door and saw that bitch, I was about to lose my shit. The first fucking trip without Charlie and some wannabe hoe pulled this crap! "So, do you like it?"

I ignored her and continued to stand on the other side of the door . . . . when suddenly an idea came to me. I pulled my phone out and hit FaceTime. Thankfully it didn't take too long for my cutie to pick up and within seconds the black screen filled with her beautiful blue eyes. That cute little button nose that turns up at the end, and those stunning pink lips that taste heavily on mine. Her blonde hair down, long and luscious just like the rest of her. "Damn, there is a sight for sore eyes. Hi, cutie." I blew her a kiss as I had the camera on me before I turned it around on this slag in front of me. "Charlie, check this crap out. Tried to come to my dressing room and this thing is supposed to be the professional I am working with on the film clip."

I saw her face drop when she realised what I had done, and Charlie could see everything I could. "Your first trip on your own in ages and you have thirsty hoes like this to deal with? You've still got it babe."

"Pathetic right? I almost vomited in my mouth. I mean, why any self respecting woman would think a guy would find this appealing. No one can make a whore a housewife."

"Actually, it is kind of funny. I mean what was the end game? Considering our engagement and our child has been all over the news, she still tried this? Maybe she wanted to use you to try and make a name for herself babe?"

"Who knows, but I don't know why she thinks I would settle for a cheap knock off when I have the Versace waiting at home for me."

"Aww. . . smooth babe. Turn the camera back around. I would much rather look at you than that thing. With any luck she will get the hint and leave while she still has some dignity left."

"I'm not sure she had to begin with if she thought this was a good idea."

"Good point handsome. Nonetheless I took a screenshot of her while you had the camera up. I will send it to Marcus to sort out."

"Thanks cutie. Make sure she is fired please."

"Of course, my love. Want me to stay on the phone with you until she gets the idea and leaves already?"

"Please babe, I don't trust her not to try and pull anymore shit." I completely ignored her as she stood there embarrassed, her cheeks bright red and distributing her weight unevenly over her legs. I sat down on the couch and continued to talk to Charlie as I looked back at her beautiful face on the screen. "So how's my girls?"

"Missing you papa bear."

"Aww . . . show me my little princess."

Charlie turned the camera down to her belly and pulled her shirt up for me. "See, you haven't missed anything in the few hours you've been gone." She pulled her shirt back down before asking if Melissa had left yet. I said she had finally put her clothes back on and rushed out the door. "I'm sorry you had to go through that baby."

"It's not your fault cutie, but you can make me feel better if you want. Put that camera back down but a little lower this time." I wiggled my eyebrows at her as she told me to behave, it was only two days.

Chester swung the door open having heard enough of that conversation. "You two face fucking already?" Charlie rolled her eyes at me on the screen before saying of course he was there. "Hey pregnant midget of tour, are you dressed? Is it safe to come in? Or not dressed? Because that works too."

The rest of the guys shout out hello to Charlie as she smiles and shakes her head at me. "I think that might be my cue to let you go babe. You good now the guys are there?"

"Yeah, thanks for the save baby." Shane was quick to shout and ask what the save was when Charlie said she would leave me to explain.

"Behave kids, love you all. Love you more, Brax."

As they all shouted back Chester had to get the last word in. "Look after my pebbles for me, pregnant midget of tour."

"That's my child, asshole!" I could see Charlie chuckling still as she hung up when Chester corrected me to say the band's child. I dropped her a quick text to let her know I would call her when I got back to the hotel tonight.

Tossing my phone on the couch next to me, I sat back and took my cap off for a moment, running my hands through my hair as I exhaled heavily. "Who has a blunt?"

Mark quickly chucked me one as they all sat down and Liam held up the light. "What's wrong man? You look pissed."

"I am Liam, hang on I will show you." I grabbed my phone and texted Charlie, asking her to send me the screenshot she took so I could show the guys. It only took her a few minutes to send the message back and I opened it, turned my phone and showed them. Chester immediately buckled over laughing his head off. "Shut up asshole it's not funny."

"It kind of is."

"Is it Shane? Would you find it amusing if it happened to you? Better still, would Kendall?"

"Point taken man, I just meant these thirsty hoes will try anything."

"I swear, I wish Charlie was here and not pregnant."

Mark cracked up laughing as I turned to look at him. "So she could crucify her like she did Claire on the regional tour?"

"Fuck yeah! That shit was hot!"

"I want to tell you to fuck off right now Chester, but I also want to agree with that comment." He laughed and decided to not take it any further, realising I just gave him a free pass from another punch in the arm.

"So what did Midget do? Blow a head gasket?" I told Liam surprisingly not this time. In fact she did the opposite and laughed. The guys didn't seem to believe me at first and asked if I was being serious.

"Absolutely. . . . right before she called her a thirsty hoe." They all cracked up as we knew that was definitely the evil midget in her. "She took a screenshot and sent it to Marcus. I asked her to make sure he has her fired."

"Makes you wonder when slags like her will realise they might be good for an hour, but even then it's not worth it."

I looked at Chester and smirked at his comment. "Is that the voice of experience? Say, Lizzie for example?"

"Exactly her! No one has time for a bunny boiler on their hands."

"I just don't want a cheap knock off Chester, not when I have the real thing in Charlie at home."

"You don't have to explain bro, we fully get it. I mean shit, look at us a couple of years ago. When we all first got together. We hit the jackpot none of us thought we ever would, and half of it comes down to those girls." I fist bumped Shane when he finished, he knew the score.

"Except Chrissy. She pulled the short straw with that fuckface to look after."

"Fuck off, she loves my monkey nuts. Who wouldn't!" Shane turned to Chester and asked him what the deal was anyway. None of us had ever really seen the guy caught up like this. "I don't know mate. But what I do know is, I look forward to seeing her and her company. I want her around me. Can you explain what it was with Kendall? Or Mace or Charlie?"

"Nah man, sometimes you just know it is right." I told Chester as I patted his back and he said correct. We finished a blunt and then headed back out to the studio ready to record. I was thankful there was no sign of Melissa, but I made a note to follow up on it later with Charlie or Marcus.

Getting in the booth with Chris, we concentrated on getting these vocals locked down. After about a dozen takes I was thankful when the producer called it for the night. My throat was raw as hell and I could feel the pain starting to sting the back of my tonsils every time I swallowed. It was also getting late and I had promised to call Charlie, I wanted to call her.

The guys and I got packed up as fast as we could and said we would see everyone in the morning. We got an uber to the hotel and I saw a message from Marcus come through, confirming Melissa had been fired and a replacement would be ready for filming tomorrow, but we would have to push it back to the afternoon.

Once we arrived I asked the guys to give me half an hour before coming around. I wanted to speak to my girl, which they understood as they too wanted to make some calls. I fell on the bed in my hotel room and checked the time. When it said ten and it started ringing, I hoped I would catch her still awake, but I wasn't sure. After five rings, I heard her sleepy voice. "I tell you my fiance is out of town and you leave it this late to call me?"

"Sorry, I guess you were expecting your other boyfriend?"

"Absolutely! I figured you would have some thirsty hoe waiting in your hotel also?"

I cracked up laughing as I begged her not to remind me. Once I stopped chuckling Charlie asked how the rest of the afternoon and night had gone. "Really good. We got all the vocals and instrumentals down. It's just filming of the video clip tomorrow and Friday morning. Then home!"

"Did Marcus contact you and let you know she's been fired?"

"Yes babe, thank you for sorting that." She reminded me we are a team and she would always be my biggest fan, but I had known that from the moment I met her. "I know you do, that's why I love you my Robin."

"So . . . . what are you doing?" I chuckled as I heard the cheekiness in her voice and I answered that I was laying on the bed, before asking if she was tucked up for the night. "Your daughter stole your pillow."

"You mean her mother has?"

"Same, same. I like that it smells of you when you're not here."

"So that means you are wearing my favourite outfit also." Curiously, she asked what outfit I was referring to. "You in a cute pair of panties and one of my t-shirt's on. I seriously love that shit." Charlie and I got lost in our conversation when I heard a knock at the door. "Hang on baby, someone's at the door." When she said Chester I laughed and said more than likely.

I headed into the lounge and checked the door and sure enough it was the guys back, so I let them all in. "Alright beautiful, I am going to let my two babies get some sleep and have a blunt with the guys before I do the same. Love you, please make sure the alarms are on."

"Already set them Brax, and the doors are all locked and checked. I will be fine, remember I lived on my own for a long time before you."

"I know, but now you're mine to keep safe, just like our pebbles. Speak to you in the morning." We hung up and the boys and I headed out to have a smoke. I let them know Melissa had been fired and we all seemed a little bit more at ease in the fact any potential trouble had been removed.

After a couple of blunts, we called it a night and headed to bed. Waking up to my alarm the next morning, I quickly turned it off and grabbed my phone, getting out of bed to fetch a coffee. I was waiting for the kettle to boil when I saw a message from Marcus confirming the replacement for the film clip had been hired and would be available by lunchtime today.

I decided to call Charlie and let her know. "Hi you've called Charlie. I am sorry I can't take your call right now, but if you leave your name, number and a brief message I'll call you back as soon as possible. Thank you."

"Hey cutie! Guessing you are already busy at work, just wanted to ring and say good morning. Marcus confirmed a replacement has been hired. I'll fill you in when you call back, love you!" I grabbed my coffee and a blunt and went and sat on the veranda waking up before it was time to get ready.

A little over an hour later when the boys and I met out the front to get our ride down to the studio, I had just got in when my phone buzzed with a text from Charlie. "Sorry I missed your call! I have been in and out of meetings since seven this morning. I love you, have a great day but I know you will!" I smiled to myself, loving how even just the simplest of messages from her could change my mood instantly.

We arrived at the studio and as we walked in I was surprised to see Marcus there. "What the fuck are you doing here?" I asked, slightly amused at the sudden visit.

"Hey mate! Figured I should show my face after the shit you had to put up with yesterday. Sorry about that."

"Not your fault, bro. Thanks for handling it though."

"Well let's just hope the replacement I found is a lot more professional." Chester had to add probably not if Marcus picked her. "Could have been worse, I could have let you." We heard Marcus phone ring and he excused himself to take it. "Sorry about that, boys. It was Melissa's replacement letting me know she had arrived. I will be right back so I can introduce you all."

"No worries mate." Marcus headed out and we all took a seat and grabbed a drink as we waited. I heard the door go behind me and I saw the guys look up, the shock on their face immediate. I flung my head around in my seat and when I saw who was with Marcus I flew out of my chair. "Charlie! What are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

I raced over to her and threw my arms around her waist. I bent my knees so I could kiss her as she reached out and touched my cheek. "Hi babe, we missed you."

"Fuck, am I glad to see you. Marcus was just getting Melissa's replacement so at least with you here, there will be no more problems. Where is she anyway, Marcus?"

"Meet your new model for filming." He pointed to Charlie who looked at me, smiled and waved.

"You are going to do the film clip with me?"

"Sure. I mean, if you want me to?"

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