International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Seventy Five - Brax POV

I had spent most of the day filming the video clip for our new song with the guys from Canada, and most of that involved having my beautiful girl wrapped around me. If someone had asked me if I would be in a place where everything I loved most was in one spot, I would have told them that's the dream right?

But today, my dream became reality. I had my music which had been the biggest part of my life for as long as I could remember, I had the only woman I ever truly loved standing side by side with me doing it, and to couple that off she was carrying my child.

I had spent the day thinking what a lucky son of a bitch I was. So when we had finished for the day, I had immediately told Charlie we were heading back to the hotel so I could take her out for the night. I desperately wanted to spend time along with her, but I had some things I wanted to talk to her about also.

While Charlie was finishing getting ready, I told her to text me when she wanted to leave so I could meet her out the front. I headed down the road to have a quick spliff with the boys before we left. Never one to not have all the information, the moment I arrived I had Chester barking on at me. "Can I ask you a question, bro?" Without looking sideways I said it depended what it was. "The shoot today . . . .Was it just me who noticed how much these are filling out?"

I watched him indicate to his chest, implying Charlie's breasts are changing with her pregnancy. "You fuck head! You really think I would have this conversation with you?"

"Bro, not cool. I just meant the way she is going, she will be a walking advertisement for Devondale farmers soon." The others laughed as I put him in a headlock and told him to stop now. "You wanted that shit immortalised in the clip so you can look back on it. I know how you work. Wank bank material!"

"What the fuck are you going on about?"

"It is the same with the night before the regional tour. You put her in your bed so you got her, now you are filming, so you can look back on it in years to come." I turned the headlock on him as he laughed harder at me and jabbed me in the ribs.

"Your head is fucked bro!" I agreed when Mark said that and pushed Chester away from me.

"Unlucky assghole, Charlie just texted. I am going now."

"Or is that coming?"

"Fuck off Chester!" I flipped him off over my shoulder as they laughed and I headed back down the road to meet my cutie. When I saw her out the front, I couldn't help but drop my eyes immediately to her bump. I knew we were not trying to get pregnant at the time, but I can't even lie, this is the best thing to ever happen. And I love every minute of it.

Whatever it is, something has changed in me since seeing the changes to her body, carrying my baby. I have been thinking more about marrying her and I want to set the plans down. I want to know when she sees us getting married, so it is perfect for her, because if it was up to me, I would have done it yesterday. I was so ready.

I reached Charlie, wrapped my arm around her waist, my other hand gripped into her hair and pulled her into a deep kiss. She had worn her hair out like I loved and had a long sleeve, sweetheart cut black dress on with red roses printed over it. The way it wrapped and gathered on her hip showed her bump off perfectly but gave her comfort also. "Hi beautiful."

"Hi yourself." She looked up and smiled at me as her fingers crept across my neck.

"You look breathtaking."

"Thanks baby, but take this you need it. You smell like weed." She passed me a piece of chewing gum and a small bottle of aftershave she had put in her bag.

"Really? I can't smell it."

"I smell everything at the moment. Believe me." I smirked at her and couldn't help myself.

"So can you smell my arousal then?"

Charlie laughed hard at me as I wiggled my eyebrows at her. "Stop it! You promised to feed me and seduce me. I don't see any seducing caveman."

"Baby, let's be honest. Your idea of seducing is when I throw you over my shoulder. But you are right, I will romance you a little tonight."

"Just a little?"

"Well, I still know you love your caveman. You can have him when we get back."

"By the tway, you look delicious babe. I am pretty sure I forgot to say that."

"Stop it! Don't turn the tables or we are not going anywhere."

"I wasn't. I was just saying I appreciate you babe." I smiled and asked if she was ready to go and Charlie nodded. I wrapped my arm around her waist and spoke to the valet to organise a car for us. After a short wait, I helped Charlie into the car as we headed off to the restaurant I booked. Pulling in, I walked around to help her out and when she looked up and saw the name of the restaurant I was rewarded with that chuckle I love so much, and knew I had managed to tickle her humour. "Are you serious?" I looked at her and smirked as she giggled even harder. "Sea-duction! Nice play on the word babe."

"I thought it was pretty good too. Well that's the seduction part done, can we go back to the hotel now?"

"You crack me up. Come feed me first?" I tapped her on the butt as we headed into the restaurant and the waitress took us through to our seats. After we placed our orders and waited for them to come out, Charlie reached across and took my hand. "Thank you for this babe, it is nice to go out. Just the two of us."

"It is babe, but I also wanted to thank you for what you did today. It meant the world to me to be able to do that clip with you by my side."

"Me too, Brax."

"I also wanted to talk to you about something, which is why I needed to get away from the boys tonight."

"Sure babe, what's up?" The waitress brought out our meals and I stopped and waited for her to leave before I continued speaking. We both got stuck into our meals as we discussed why I bought her here.

"How's your meal babe? Sorry, I didn't think it through very well when I saw the name. You aren't supposed to have a lot of seafood."

"Babe, it's fine. This is lovely. Here, try some?" She put some on her fork and leaned across the table and held it out for me. I moved forward and as I went to take it, she pulled the fork away from me a little bit. I smirked at her as I leaned in again, this time letting me take the food. I wrapped my lips around her utensil, pulling it into my mouth as I stared deep into her eyes.

Not leaning back yet, I chewed the food and swallowed it before I grabbed the top of her dress and pulled her into me. I kissed Charlie's mouth deeply, my mouth engulfing hers as I tasted my beautiful girl all over my lips. "Mmm it was good, not nearly as tasty as you."

"Mmm . . . you're so bad, Brax. So tell me, what did you want to talk about?" Charlie asked as she sat back and I took her hand in mine.

"I want to talk about our wedding."

"Okay, what about it?"

"When do you want to get married, Charlie? Because if it was me, we would be already. I want it to be perfect for you though, and everything you ever dreamed our wedding to be. We only get one shot at this, because I promise you, neither of us will be doing that day again. Unless of course we decide to renew our vowels later on."

She looked over at me and I saw the love in her eyes and the emotions as the tears started to pool. I reached over and caught one with my thumb just as it started to fall. "So when do you want to marry me, Charlie?"

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