International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Seventy Six - Charlie’s POV

Brax had just asked me when I wanted to get married, and I decided to take the chance to tease him. A chance at some payback over the 'Sea-duction' joke. "Umm . . . . I am not really sure how to say this, babe."

"What is it? You can tell me anything, except if you are trying to break up with me. Then don't tell me that."

"Aww babe, no! Never. It's just that . . . .I don't know about the marriage thing anymore."

Brax's eyes nearly shot out of his head as he sat forward. "What? You want to call off our engagement?"

"Well . . . .no. . . ."

"Charlie! What are you talking about?"

"Well, it's just . . . . do we really need to get married? It doesn't change anything right? We are perfectly fine the way we are?"

"Charlie, I want us to be a proper . . . ." Before he could finish, I started cackling, unable to hold it back any longer. "Dammit! You evil midget! This was payback wasn't it?"

"This of it as 'Sea-duction' baby."

"Evil!" He reached across the table, grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him. Brax deliberately kissed me deeply before whispering "Sleep with one eye open tonight."

I chuckled again before he asked if I was going to be serious with him now? "Sure, how about we fix the bill up and go for a walk along the beach? It is only eight o'clock. We can talk while we get some fresh air?"

"Sounds perfect, I have a spliff in my pocket with my name on it."

"Of course you do. Thank you for dinner, it was perfect." We fixed up the bill and Brax held the door open for me as I stepped out first, with him soon behind me. He took my hand in his as we checked for cars and crossed the road to walk down to the beach. Once we got to the sand, we took our shoes off and started carrying them, walking down towards the shore line and heading left towards the direction of our hotel. "You know with everything that has gone on, I kind of wish we were already married, Brax."

We kept walking as he squeezed my hand and looked sideways. "Really?"

"It would have been nice before Pebbles was here. But it doesn't change anything."

"You know that little girl of ours is going to be spoilt rotten."

"She's going to have the most amazing family, just like we do."

"The last tour was insane, wasn't it? Or was it just me that never thought we would all come back and finally have jumped off the bus?" I agreed with him that I never thought I would see that day. "Are you a bit disappointed we fell pregnant before we got the chance to marry?"

"Not even a little, Brax. I mean sure, it would have been nice. But now, when I picture our wedding, I picture our baby there too."

"You want to wait until she has arrived?"

"I want to do what is right for us babe. It isn't just about me, it's about you as well. As you said earlier, we aren't doing this again. This to me is life. And I don't want to do life without you, Brax."

"I think I would love to look back one day and be able to show our daughter photos of her at our wedding. If she looks like her mother, she will steal the show, just like you always do every time you enter a room." I stopped and turned to Brax as he reached up and stroked my cheek. "You are everything, you know that right?"

"I remember the first day I ever looked into your eyes, I felt my whole world flip upside down. I still get that moment with you every day. I know I am an asshole at times, but I want to be your asshole."

"You were the only girl who could ever make me pause fifa." I laughed because it honestly was one of the most loving things he could say to me.

"Or you can stand talking to after the Mancs lose."

"Don't you start with me woman, technically we won this morning." When I said all they won was a one way ticket out of the Mickey Mouse cup he started trying to tickle me. "Hey! The league cup thank you very much."

"Actually, I think it is Caribao cup now. I mean really, copying Red Bull races much?"

"You're impossible sometimes. I bet you were all smiles when you won it in 2012."

"And that is why I love you, you are the only one who puts up with my impossible."

"You're the only one who can match my banter."

"Are we going to dement our child with our fucked up heads, Brax?" He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer, I reached up to hug his neck as he laughed at my last comment.

"It is highly likely beautiful. If Chester doesn't do it first."

"You know, I get the feeling he is going to get so protective of her."

"What? Like a Rottweiler protecting its pup?" My jaw dropped open as I slapped Brax across the chest and he threw his head back letting out a heart chuckle.

"You did not imply he is a guard dog Brax, or our child is a puppy?" All Brax said was if the shoe fits and shrugged his shoulders. "I happen to think he would be more a British Bulldog, personally."

"Do I tell you enough how much I love you? Because I really fucking do, I can't say it enough."

"I love you too." He hugged me only briefly when he shot back up and said he had an idea. "And what's that?"

"Dance with me in the moonlight?"

I asked if he meant here, and he said right in this spot. "But we don't have any music?"

"Hi, I am a recording artist." He waved at me mockingly while I rolled my eyes at Brax and shook my head.

"But you never sing to me?"

"Well it seems like the perfect time to change that. And I want to sing to you." I smiled and said ok, as he pulled me closer to him, one arm wrapped around my waist as the other gripped my hand in his. "So we will plan our wedding after pebbles arrives?"

"I would like that, Brax." He whispered me too as he held me. I buried my head in his neck as he started swaying me, singing softly into my ear. I was spellbound by his voice, the sound of the ocean crashing behind us. I felt like the riptide could come and collect us both now and wash us away to an eternity together. Brax continued to sing into my ear as our bodies moved slowly together, our arms holding on to one another as if nothing else in this world mattered.

When Brax felt me shiver from the cool ocean air, he took his jacket off and put it around my shoulders, wrapping me in his arms as we made our way back up to our hotel. We got to our suite and decided to settle in bed and watch a bit of television. "What do you feel like watching, Batman?"

He shouted comedy back so I flicked the channels. As I was doing so I saw the repeat of the game this morning and it highlighted the fact United had been knocked out the cup. I got an idea and when Brax came and joined me in bed going straight to his phone I put it on. When he heard the commentators he looked up before he glared at me. "Really Charlotte?"

"What?" I could hardly contain my amusement, especially since he had gone straight to my full name.

"This is your idea of comedy? He said with a bit of snark to his question. This caused me to laugh out a little harder before trying to hold it back again. "You think you're so funny don't you?"

"Aww, baby."

"No, Midget! Don't you try and sweet talk me."

"I wasn't Brax, I was calling you a baby. As in a big sook."

"Hey!" Brax launched off the bed, pinning me to it as he started tickling me like crazy.

"If I pee on you, it's your own fault!"

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