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Chapter Seventy Seven - Brax POV

It had been two months since we shot that film clip together and tomorrow night was the launch of the video. I was nervous as fuck as this video meant more to me than any I had done before. The day had gone quickly and Charlie and I were out for a walk in our neighbourhood. Each afternoon when I got home we would go for a walk down to the park and playground, stretch our legs properly in the fresh air before heading back home.

Charlie felt it was helping reduce the swelling in her feet and ankles, plus it was a good time for us both to clear our heads and just be with each other. I stood mesmerised by her and our little pebbles. The sun reflected off her golden hair, casting her in the light as the goddess she is. As she looked down and gripped her stomach carefully, I realised our baby girl must have been moving as I saw the smile on Charlie's face.

I couldn't miss a moment like this and pulled my phone out, taking a photo of her as she gripped her bump. At seven months pregnant, she was looking breathtaking. "Hey! No phones allowed during this time. You know the rules, Brax!"

"I swear I did not text or message anyone on social media either. All I did was take a photo of my girls." Her hands found their way to her hips as she told me to prove it. I turned my phone to display the picture in all its glory.

"Ugh . . . . delete it. I look like a beached whale." When I told her not to go there with me she waved me off. "Whatever, you are biased."

"No. I am in love, and I love every change going on. You have never looked more beautiful." When she laughed at me and said I was criminal sometimes, I shrugged my shoulders. "Well what do you want me to do? Throw you over my shoulder and drag you to our room to work it off?"

"You dick!"

"You want it, I know you do."

"The only way that thing will be getting wet once Pebbles comes is if you are in the shower."

"Don't make threats like that Charlotte Maree. I will draw up a pre-nup with very specific. . . ." I stepped closer to her, took her hips in my hand giving her flesh as a squeeze between my fingers as I pulled her closer. "Very detailed . . . ." I moved in and kissed her neck, and I felt her hands grip the top of my arms tight. "Highly graphic sexual favours in the clauses." I bit her ear lobe before sucking it between my lips to soothe the sting.

"Asshole." I laughed as she pulled back from me. I knew her sex drive had been heightened during this pregnancy, and I loved utilising every minute of it.

"Come on Robin, let's get home. I am starving! Also don't forget I have to go to Melbourne tomorrow night with the boys for the video launch and live performance." When she said she remembered, because she was looking forward to the peace and quiet, I knew immediately what she was referring to. Ever since Chrissy had gone back to Canada, Chester had been painful. Nothing short of agonisingly frustrating.

"I have never known a grown man to whinge so much, Brax." She hadn't heard the half of it, he was ten times worse down at the studio. "I think what has made it worse is Marcus took the five weeks leave and went back with Tessa."

"Yeah, but he knew we had this launch coming up beautiful. It's unfortunate and I feel for the guy, but come on. Chrissy has only been gone for two weeks."

"It's kind of cute though, let's be honest." I just stared at her and smirked. "Hey! Don't be a wanker. You lasted a night on the Gold Coast."

"Not valid, Charlie. You came with Marcus as a surprise."

"Shh, you are just nitpicking now."

"Get your ass up that hill woman."

"Carry me?" She tried batting her eyelashes at me as I chuckled.

"Fuck no." She slapped me playfully across the chest as I took her hand in mine and we walked slowly back up the hill, watching the sunset over the hill as we got closer to our home. Reaching the top, we saw Liam and Mace's car, Shane and Kendall's and Charlie stopped in her tracks and glared at me. "Woah! I know that look. This is not on me. I didn't know they would be here when we got back."

"You would want to hope not, because I was definitely going to put out for you tonight since you are heading out of town tomorrow."

"Fuck yes! I wanted you . . . . hang on! What do you mean you were going to? You still will be Charlotte."

"Well, that depends now doesn't it. Since we have a house full."

"No I am not having it. You put the idea in my head, and now it is puffed up full of ideas." I noticed her look down before her eyes shot back up at me and widened.

"Brax!" Charlie tried to slap me again as I grabbed her wrist and turned her into me. Her back flush against my chest, I wrapped my arms around her waist as I started shuffling us both down the hill. "I know what you are trying to do, Brax."

"Yes. I am rubbing my hard on against your butt."

"You're impossible." I looked up and saw everyone in front of us, waiting at the door impatiently and I prayed to god they didn't say anything to land me in it. Of course I invited them over, but now I knew I was going to get laid I wished I hadn't. We got to the bottom of the driveway and of course that big mouth asshole goes and throws me in a shit pile.

"You're a wanker, bro! You invite us over then leave us waiting outside in this heat?"

Once Chester finished speaking, Charlie grabbed my hands and took them off her as she pushed away and turned to meet my gaze. When I noticed her foot start tapping so did everyone else and they knew this was a sign I had been caught out.

"Oh, I know that look. You didn't tell Charlie we were coming over, did you?" Charlie turned to smirk at Mace before plastering a grin on her face and patting my cheek before walking off to the front door.

"Technically, I did not lie! I didn't know they would be here when we got back!" I yelled after Charlie as Chester cracked up, highlighting I was in the deep end. "Yeah, thanks to your big mouth! Now I will have blue balls tonight, asshole."

"Well I am fine." She said smirking ear to ear at me.

"If you're happy and you know it, it's your meds." Everyone buckled over laughing at Chester, except I had to desperately try and hold it together otherwise I had no way out of this situation. Charlie gave him the finger and headed inside as everyone followed. I went into the kitchen to grab a beer before sitting down, when Mace said let's just order some dinner in.

When Charlie said she didn't mind cooking, it was Kendall that told her to go sit down. "Relax, we will just get takeaway. Sit down already woman." When Charlie finally did as Kendall asked, I darted across the lounge and dove on the couch next to her. Picking her tiny legs up, I placed them across my lap and started rubbing the bottom of her feet, knowing how sore they had been getting by the end of the day.

Mark threw one of the cushions at me calling me a suck hole as I gave him the finger. "Oh I know that is exactly what he is doing Mark. I will use it to my benefit though. I am not above doing that." Mark reached across the table to high five Charlie, as I pushed him back in his seat.

Once the food arrived, the girls were dishing it out when Chester went and grabbed the chop bowl. "Pass me the bong please, so I can hit this bitch like Chris Brown before I eat."

"Chester! You sick fuck!" Shane burst out laughing when it was Kendall the first to express her disgust and not Charlie this time.

When Charlie shook her head and told Chester he was so wrong, he was quick to return the volley. "Says the woman eating hard bread in her salad."

"What the hell is wrong with Croutons?"

"Oh gee, let me think Midget . . . .Guy who's about to invent croutons, eating his salad, thinking . . . . damn I wish my salad hurt to eat." When Shane agreed with Chester and said he was right, if you thought about it we all cracked up as Kendall told him not to hurt himself thinking as she patted his pretty cheek, her words not mine.

We all had something to eat and punched a few cones, well except Charlie as we sat around and chilled, pretty much just talking shit, buzzed and relaxed. I was pleasantly stoned and I had my cutie's legs up over my lap as I rubbed her feet with one hand. My other hand had wondered up to her stomach, moving across her top as I felt our baby girl move with me, or kick about from time to time.

"Hey, I just had a thought." When Mace said that's a first as Liam spoke up we all laughed. When I saw him though, I knew this was going to be good, he looked high as a kite. "If a toy from toy story died, the kids wouldn't know, right? But the other toys would have to watch the kids play with their corpses."

I buckled over laughing and nearly dropped Charlie's legs when Mark said "You just outdid the cherrios one my brother."

I saw Charlie look around and suddenly ask where Chester was, realising it was too quiet without his input. "He's been gone for a while now." Kendall pointed out.

"Probably taking a dump after he ate all that food." Kendall slapped Shane as Charlie squealed.

"That's disgusting Shane! At least Chester uses the toilet, unlike you shit pants." When he leaned forward and called her evil midget while giving her the middle finger even Charlie laughed. "Alright, let me go see what he is up to." As Charlie went to get up, I insisted she stay and I would go look. "I need the bathroom, Brax. Your daughter is laying on my bladder."

"Want me to get up in your womb instead?"

"Brax!" Charlie slapped my cap off my head, and I watched her hand come down, grabbing it with perfect precision and pulling her to me for a kiss.

I saw the guys trying to choke back a laugh as I helped her up and watched her rub her hips slightly as she walked off. Within seconds I heard Charlie roar in laughter as we all got up and raced to see what was so amusing. The moment we stepped into the dining room, we all joined in her hysteria.

The dickhead had gone through our fridge and pulled out the beers. On one side he had bundled the Heineken's together, secured safely with a face mask and on the other end of the table sat one lone bottle of Corona.

"Fucking hell bro!" I laughed as I shook my head at this fool.

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