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Chapter Seventy Eight - Brax POV

At around Eleven that night it suddenly dawned on me why Charlie was still up and hadn't gone to bed yet. It was also around the time I decided everyone needed to get out of my house. "Okay everyone, go home."

"Yeah, you're a funny fucker." I looked at Chester seriously and told him to go home again. "Fucking rude, bro."

"Actually I am keen to head anyway. I am so fucking tired today." Mace turned and questioned if Liam was serious, highlighting he spent five hours today sitting around doing nothing but playstation.

"You prick! I was playing too and you didn't mention it when we spoke?" Liam apologised to Shane and said he would call him tomorrow.

"That's great. Now go home." Chester laughed at me and asked if I was trying to bury one before we flew out tomorrow. "I don't care what you think, go home."

Charlie giggled and slapped me. "Brax! Stop being so rude." I glared at her and she just smirked right back at me. I let my hand that was rubbing her stomach roam a little lower, giving her the hint to behave.

"Why are you in such a hurry to fuck us off bro?" I didn't even look at Chester as I answered him. Obviously I went with the excuse that being it was Saturday, football was on tonight. Charlie looked at me about to say something before I gave her the eye. She knew damn well that Liverpool didn't play for another hour and Manchester didn't kick off until after their game. She had clicked on to exactly what I was doing.

"Well that is boring, and actually makes sense."

"I told you before Chester, unlike you, we don't just fuck. We actually do other things together."

"Whatever! I can't deal with your domesticated ass, bro. Grown up Brax is a buzz kill. Come on Mark, let's go get fucked up and drink all Shane and Kendall's liquor."

"You watch your mouth Chester! And if you two are coming back to Shane and my house you stay downstairs. I am going to bed like a normal person does at this house!"

We gave everyone a hug and saw them out, watched as they drove off before I shut the door and locked the house up. I turned around and saw Charlie back on the couch. "What do you think you are doing?"

"I am just going to wait up for the game, babe. No point in going to bed for an hour."

I cocked my head slightly as I replied to her. "Really? No point, none whatsoever?" When she said none she could think of I stepped closer to her. "Do you want to know what I think?"

"What's that?"

"You're beautiful; in my eyes you are more beautiful because of our baby. Something about going through this with you has made you even more sexier to me, more feminine and right now I am going to make love to you." I walked over to her and kissed her, my tongue entered her mouth, my hands slowly massaged her back, and then her full breasts.

Charlie returned my kisses, her tongue entered my mouth, as she surrendered. All of a sudden her juices flowed, she wanted sex, I could feel the shift in her demeanour. As she relaxed and gave in, I knew I could do anything I wanted with her, or to her. Charlie studied me closely, showing me nothing but pure unbridled love. I was all fingers and thumbs as I unbuttoned the front of her dress. Opening her bra I stepped back to admire her body.

She was breathtaking, ripe with her pregnancy. Her bodily odours sent wonderful messages to my brain. I sucked one ample breast into my mouth, running my tongue around and lapping her milky nipple until she was moaning wildly. Since we got pregnant her breasts have become so sensitive it drives her wild when I play with them, especially my mouth.

I sucked enthusiastically. My mind was full of wonder. She pulled my head down to her breast. "They've been neglected." Charlie whispered. As I sucked, I ran my hands down over her backside; my fingers teasing her gorgeous butt.

"I'm going to fuck you." I whispered into her neck. "I'm going to take my time, I want to fuck you in every way imaginable, until you tell me you can't take any more." I took her hand and led her through to our bedroom before I laid her on the bed and kissed down from her heavy breasts, licking her ripened stomach, tonguing her belly button, then kissing and licking on until my tongue circled her centre.

She moaned, grabbed the hair on the back of my head grinding her core hard into my mouth. I slipped my tongue in and out of her wet and warm hole, my hands stroking her ass cheeks. Her nub seemed to expand and I took it in my teeth, nipping and sucking as she struggled and bucked, her moans of pleasure became louder. "That's so good, Brax!"

She screamed out loud. Her screams startled me. Charlie and I had always been quite vocal when it came to our intimate time together, but pregnancy, I found was next level. Everything I did to her seemed to be tenfold and she reacted more to me than I had ever known her to. She grabbed my face and pushed it into her, grinding it around so that I was covered in her pleasure. I couldn't get enough of her!

Taking myself in my hand I stood back. "Kiss it baby, please. Let me feel your mouth." I watched as she lifted her head and wrapped her mouth around my head, sucking down on it. . . . hard."Fuck! . . . .Shit, Charlie! No. . . . get off." I pulled back as she tried to continue. "Turn around now or I am not going to be able to fuck you."

Charlie rolled over on her knees, pointing her beautiful backside in the air. I leaned on her back, raw and animalistic. I fucked her vigorously, using my two hands to massage her mounds on her chest. A low moan of delight escaped from Charlie's lips causing me to roll her over so I could suck and bite on her nipples. I slipped out of her, still sucking on her ample tits. I just couldn't get enough. "Come here cutie. Sit on my lap. I want to play with them." Charlie came and sat on my lap and wriggled down on my erection. With her bouncing on my lap I got just what I wanted as my hands found their way to her chest. "Baby . . . I can't get enough, you drive me wild!"

"I know Brax, me too." She threw her head back as she gripped my neck, grinding down on my lap. Her long blonde locks swayed as she rode me and grabbed her breasts pressed against me. My hands made their way down to her hips, fingers splayed as the woman I loved took my cock and claimed it as hers.

I couldn't control my emotions, I wanted more of her, she was all mine. I rolled her on to her back and spread her legs wider as I pulled her to the edge of the bed. "Brax, stop teasing." I stood up and slid back inside her as she threw her head back. "Yes, Brax!"

Her legs came up on my shoulders as I grabbed hold of them and she started to push into me with each thrust. She had to feel me building to climax, just as I could her. I cried out as my strokes became erratic "Fuck . . . Charlie!"

"I know Brax, come with me please." I stilled as I spilled inside Charlie and I felt her clamp down around me, As I gradually lost my stiffness and went limp, she let me slide out as I fell on the bed beside her. Charlie cradled me to her breasts, and I couldn't help but give her still hardened nipple a little bite.

I lay there breathing heavily, my leg wrapped across the top of both of hers as I cuddled into her side. My head was still buried in her breast while I rubbed her stomach. Charlie dragged her nails down my spine, causing goosebumps to break out across my skin. I noticed her left hand move across to the bedside table and when she picked up the television remote I knew she was checking how long before kick off.

I looked up for a minute and my thoughts were confirmed as I saw the pre-show on, with fifteen minutes before kick off. "So what are you going to do if Southampton beat you and break your forty one game undefeated streak tonight?"

"Shut up Brax! Why would you say that after I just let you get laid first? I hope Wolves destroy you later and show Ole up for the fraud he is!" I burst out laughing as she smacked me over the head with her pillow.

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