International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Seventy Nine - Chester’s POV

We had just got to the airport to catch our flight to Melbourne and Brax was being a pain in the ass, to the point I felt obliged to give him shit. "Shouldn't you be happy at the moment?"

"Why would I be a happy man?"

"Well you kicked us out last night so Charlie could juggle your nuts with her mouth." The rest of the boys laughed as Brax started to say he had told me why. "Yeah, to watch football. Which coincidentally I checked and Liverpool didn't kick off for at least an hour after you kicked us out, and Manchester played afterwards."

Mark looked at me and asked "Did you actually look that shit up man, just to call him out?"

"Nah, I saw mates who follow it, rambling on in my newsfeed on instagram this morning." Brax laughed and slapped me as he said he thought I was legit for a moment. "And I thought you were serious when you kicked us out. So again, why are you so miserable since you got to bang your evil midget and watch football?"

Before Brax could answer, Shane did for him. "The Mancs dropped points again, and Midget's team is now twenty two points clear on top of the league."

When Brax turned to Shane and told him to shut up before adding he was an asshole I cracked up laughing highlighting there was no way Midget would let him live this down. "I know! Which is why I should be happy about leaving town right now. . . ."

"But, you're whipped."

"Can we just get on this fucking plane already. I am not sitting next to you either and listening to this crap all flight. If I wanted to be nagged I would have stayed at home."

"Yeah well if I had my way, I would be in Canada right this minute, balls deep in Chrissy. . . ." When Shane added 'mouth' they all laughed. "Hey! You shut up or I will bring Kendall into this." When Liam smirked I told him Mace too.

We finally shut up and boarded our flight which thankfully wasn't long at all. We barely got on, had a feed and disembarked. The moment we got in the terminal I was on the phone to my man organising to meet us at the hotel to get a smoke in. The other guys appreciated it as we had a big night with the performance tonight and the unveiling of the new music video. I knew my boy would be keen as fuck once that time came.

We organised a ride to the hotel and I pulled my phone out to check any messages while we had been in the air. I saw Chrissy had messaged me and I quickly shot her a text back to let her know we had landed and to check what time she would be home so I could call her.

When we went to Canada, I honestly just expected to run our usual riots and return and carry on as normal. It wasn't a large tour for us compared to what we were used to. Instead I came back without my testicles, which had been firmly tucked in that gorgeous redhead's handbag since the moment I met her.

I know the boys would always see me as the proverbial playboy but the moment I met Chrissy, there was just something about her that I didn't want to let go of. Not that I would ever admit it to Brax, but it suddenly made sense to me exactly what it was he saw in Charlie and why he was so whipped from the onset.

And the reason I won't tell him is, I would never live it down. I know all the shit I had given them over the years, so I knew they were both waiting for that perfect shot to get back at me. I definitely would not be the one to hand that to them on a silver platter.

We pulled up at the hotel and got all our shit out the car, before checking in. We decided to quickly dump our bags and it gave us a chance to freshen up and check in with our girls. Afterwards we would meet back up to grab a smoke and a few drinks before we had to head down to the studios for tonight's live show.

When I flopped on my bed and pulled my phone out I saw Chrissy had replied and said she was already home. I couldn't wait to call her and before I even second guessed I had hit the green button. I heard the international connection tone and a short while later I heard that sexy voice come over the speaker. "Hi Mister."

"Hey beautiful. I missed that voice."

"So I noticed, you couldn't wait to call?"

"I really couldn't. I won't lie, I kind of miss you already."

"Kind of hey?"

"Don't bust my balls baby, just stroke them." I heard her giggle and couldn't help but smile knowing I did that.

"You always find a way to flip a beautiful moment don't you? What will I do with you?"

"Love me?" Shit! Before I could even filter my own mouth it had come out and I heard the line go quiet, both of us unsure what to say next.

Fuck, Chester! Why!

"Is . . . Is that what you want?"

Damn it! Yes! No! I mean, yes! If it won't scare you off! Jesus christ if the guys could hear me right now, they would swear to god I was a teenage girl.

I was drawn out of my head when I heard Chrissy say my name again. "Sorry baby, I am here." Of course she wasn't letting it go and said I didn't answer her. I fumbled on my words for a few seconds before she rescued me.

"Tell me please . . . What did you mean?"

"I meant that . . . . yeah, Chrissy I would love to know what we have is something special, that we both want it. I haven't stopped thinking about you since you left. Baby, you've consumed my head since I met you."

Holy Shit! Now I knew exactly how Brax felt!

I should feel like an asshole for all the shit I gave him over it, but I don't. I would do it all over again. "Thank you for sharing that with me, Chester."

"Are you shitting me, woman? I just poured my heart out to you and . . . ." Before I could finish my rant I heard her burst out in a fit of giggles and I realised she was just fucking with me, like I did to her all the time. "You little tease! Not cool."

"Sorry, but it was a little bit funny. And in answer to you, yes Chester you are special to me also. I don't want to lose what we have either. And I miss you just as much."

"Oh thank god. I was starting to think I was the bitch in the relationship."

"Oh you are . . . ." I heard her giggle at me again and I wanted to dispute it, but could I really?

"Wait until you come back, or I come over there. You'll be my dirty little girl again in no time, then we will see who plays what role in this relationship."

"Calm yourself down. You don't have time to spank the monkey, haven't you got a live show soon? Don't tell me I have been waiting up to see you for nothing?"

"Really? You stayed up this late to watch me?" When she said of course my heart wanted to burst out of my chest. "Fuck you're adorable. You know that right?" Chrissy and I talked for a few more minutes before I had to say goodbye to her and get ready to meet the guys.

Once I got to Brax's suite I saw the rest of them there waiting. "Mrs Palmer get you off to the sound of Chrissy's voice, bro?"

"No more than midget playing poker while you listen." The rest of the boys cracked up laughing until Shane said we were disgusting and he would never speak about Kendall like that. That earned a solid 'bullshit' from Brax and I in unison. When Brax asked him if licking sherbet ran a bell, I was fast to add his nut sacks to the equation.

"Is it wrong that I am enjoying this more than I should be? Don't get me wrong, I miss Mace, but how long has it been since we just had this . . . . us boys?"

I agreed with Liam's sentiment, it felt like a lifetime. "It is good bro, but it does kind of suck all the same without the girls here."

"Yeah, I feel that brother." I leaned over and Mark and I fist pumped. If anyone understood how I felt it was him with April now back in Canada also. We quickly shared a few spliffs before we had to head down to the cars to get to the studios. When we arrived we headed in and got fitted ready for television with the stage crap they make us wear . . . mics, earpieces you name it. Then came the pep talks from the producers, like we had never done this shit before.

We finally took a seat and the interview went well before they unveiled the video clip. As it was playing on the screen for the first time in full, I looked over to my boy and I saw in his eyes the exact same feeling I was having myself just hours before talking to Chrissy. It was also the realisation I needed that while music will always play a huge part in my life, that girl now deserves more of it.

We answered a few more questions before heading off to the back of the stage where they started to remove the mics for us, and all the cords. "Aww look at you being all loved up. Mentioning your girl on national television. Our little is a big boy, guys." I pushed Brax away from him as I told the prick to shut up. "Midget is going to be such a proud mummy watching you on television back at home. Just you wait until she sees big boy Chester."

"I'll give you big boy, you smart ass." I put Brax in a head lock as we mucked around wrestling with each other when Brax tried to step back. The next minute we had both fallen over going down the first two steps and then rolling off the side of the stage. I was still laughing when I went to get up, but the moment I heard Brax's scream of agony and saw him rolling around on the ground to the side of me I quickly pulled up. "Bro! Bro . . .are you alright?"

I quickly scrambled over to him and knelt beside Brax trying to stop him from rolling. I saw him gripping at his lower leg, and when I looked down I knew this shit was bad. "LIAM! Call an ambulance NOW! Guys get out the front and show them where to go. HURRY!" The boys looked and saw what I was staring at and quickly raced off. "Brax, just hold still alright. We are getting you help."

"FUCK . . . . Bro! AGHHHHH Chester!" I could see the pain he was feeling was ripping him apart, the veins on his neck popped as he desperately tried to suck in air, his face red and his teeth gritted to the point I wouldn't have been surprised if they snapped. I tried to comfort him, promising him help was on the way. "CHESTER! Make it stop, please bro. Make it stop."

I watched as he struggled to breathe through the pain and the panic that washed over him. I did the one thing I knew would calm Brax and fast. Pulling out my phone I quickly started dialing as my hands shook, his screams rattling my bones. "Midget! Brax . . . he's injured badly. We are getting an ambulance for him, but he's going into shock. I need you to talk to him, keep him calm please. I'm sorry, I know. I. . . ."

"Aghhhh FUCK! Chester pleaseeee!" The moment she heard Brax scream the questions disappeared as she told me to put him on the phone. I tried to hand it to him as he rolled in agony.

"Brax, take the phone Bro. It's Midget." He managed to roll on his side as I placed the phone over his ear. "Charlie, make it stop. Please, baby."

"Shhh babe, I am right here ok. Monkey is getting you help alright. Just listen to my voice while you wait. . . . I need you to focus on breathing babe."

When he started to sob into the phone, I felt my own throat tighten and constrict, fuck I couldn't even help it when I choked up. "Baby please make it stop. I need you Charlie. ARGHHHH!"

"BRAX! Listen to me baby, please. I am right here. You can hear my voice can't you? I'm with you Brax, I promise."

"Charlie . . . please."

Fuck! Hearing him sob like this was killing me! I can't imagine how Charlie is feeling.

"Shhh it's ok baby, I know. I promise help is on the way."

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