International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Eight - Charlie’s POV

Marcus had headed off and after a quick shower I noticed Brax had crashed on the bed. Within ten minutes he was fast asleep as I headed into the bathroom to shower and freshen up. When I came out I noticed Brax was now lightly snoring, that lulling sound he makes every night that I find my comfort in. I pulled the thick fur throw over him, giving him a soft kiss before I pulled the thick charcoal curtains closed.

After making my way to the kitchen for a coffee I noticed Liam, Kendall and Shane all sitting in the lounge trying to get a reading on how the entertainment system worked. It was expansive and covered the whole wall, with multiple speakers throughout the room. That being said, this Shane's speciality, he would be all over it.

Leaning on the stone top kitchen island, I suddenly remembered what my man child had packed. "Brax packed his playstation if you want it? He refused to leave without it." Shane was keen and barely let me finish my sentence. He also asked where Brax was. Liam seemed surprised when I said asleep, remembering he had slept the entire flight, or so we said. "Yeah, I think he took too many sleeping tablets and knocked himself out."

"Hope you locked your room otherwise Chester will get at him." I chuckled and told Liam it was locked before Kendall asked how mad Brax really was. I had feign ignorance, buying myself time to think of a response.

"Oh he hasn't spoken about it. He slept most of the flight too." Shane and Liam looked at each other and seconds later they both threw their heads back laughing. Kendall and I looked at each other, a wave of confusion washed over our faces as we waited for them to explain.

Shane said he was definitely pissed before Liam added. "True. He only ever goes this quiet when he is having a full on rage." I shrugged it off, trying to remain placid since Brax already had a plan.

"I'm sure he will be over it soon enough."

"Who will be over what?" I heard Marcus come through the heavy timber door, before quickly closing it, a barrier to the bitter cold night that hid behind it. I must have looked like a clown on side show alley, my jaw hanging when I saw the pile of pizza boxes he was carrying.

"Fuck! How much food did you get?" When Marcus said enough for everyone I highlighted plus a small army. He asked where the rest were as he looked around the expansive lounge room curiously. I pointed to our room off the lounge and said Brax had fallen asleep. Shane said the rest of the band were upstairs, sorting out rooms and getting a shower.

"Well how about you guys go get everyone for dinner. And look what I've got." He waves a bag of weed in the air as Liam jumps up, not that I was surprised in the least. I saw Liam pull a stool out at the Kitchen Island, not wasting any time to skin up. I am sure everyone wouldn't mind a smoke before dinner.

I took our room key out and unlocked it quietly, before shutting the door and switching the lamp on. I lay carefully on the bed next to Brax and rested my chin in the crook of his neck. As I rubbed up against his skin, I felt the coarse hair of his stubble tickle my nose, my lips placing tender kisses as I went. "Baby, wake up." Brax mumbled slightly and cuddled back into me. "If you wake up, I'll do whatever you want me to do."

"I'm awake." I chuckled into his neck knowing that would work. Brax's hand reached behind him and rested on my thigh, his thumb rubbing against my jeans. I brought my hand around his chest and grabbed hold of it tightly as I pushed closer to him. "Hmm Hi cutie."

"Hi baby." Brax turned his body to face me as I moved closer, our lips sliding over one another, the moisture of my own saturating his dried lips from too much sleep. I lay my head back next to him on the pillow, stroking his face tenderly as he tried to pry his weary eyes open. "Do you want me to bring you some dinner in here, baby? You can have something to eat and go straight back to sleep."

"Nah. Give me a second and I will get up." As our bodies lay pressed together, the perfect yin and yang moulded effortlessly together I told him Liam was skinning up now if he wanted a smoke before dinner. "Sounds perfect baby, and a coffee maybe."

"Come on then, let me make you one." I got up as Brax slowly and reluctantly moved in bed. He blinked, closing his eyes, and blinked again. Streaks of the lamp penetrated his vision as he rubbed his eyes furiously like a man blinded. Finally sitting up, he dragged his feet off the bed, cracking his knuckles in the process. Brax stretched his arms above his head, yawning heavily as his feet dangled above the off-white carpet. I moved in between his legs as he rested his head against my stomach for a moment, and I helped him put a jumper on.

Taking his hand we headed back out to the lounge and saw Liam, Shane and Kendall getting ready to go out for a smoke. Shane must have thought he looked rough and asked if he was okay before Liam asked if he took too much melatonin. "Yeah bro. Such a good fucking sleep though. I regret nothing."

"Share next time you prick." When Brax said swaps for swaps and pointed to the blunts in Liam's hand there was no question and he chucked him one laughing. "Sold bro."

The moment we stepped outside for a smoke, the freeze of the night slapped me in the face so hard my skin felt raw and sore to the touch. It wasn't a pleasant coldness. It was the kind that made you walk all the faster and brace your head against the wind. No matter how warm the blood in your veins, your face got frozen just the same. A blanket of white that almost felt criminal disturb the perfection of covering.

It was weather we were not used to, so I quickly raced back inside and grabbed a blanket and another jacket before I took a seat on Brax's lap and wrapped us up. "Why are you shivering? I thought you loved the cold? You have the air conditioning on minus ten degrees all the time at home."

Between chattering teeth Shane highlighted his disgust as Brax concurred. "It is easier to get warm, then it is to cool down. Trying to escape the heat is hectic." As we sparked up I felt the harshness of the smoke and cold air hit my lungs, followed by a clouded heavy mist as I exhaled. We heard the footsteps coming down the internal stairs and a few minutes later Chester, Mark and Marcus appeared. After seeing the pizza boxes on the bench Monkey headed over and grabbed a slice stuffing more than half of it in his mouth straight up.

Coming through the door, he pulled his jacket up higher around his neck before taking the seat next to us. "Are you talking to me yet?" Brax looked at him confused pointing to himself. "You're ignoring me."

"Pretty sure I was just sleeping, bro." Chester pressed on and said it was before that. Brax was desperate to keep the charade up, and I was getting more intrigued to know what his plan was.

Monkey realised he wasn't going to get the answers he was seeking and decided to try a different tactic and jumped up offering to get everyone another blunt. He raced inside and up the stairs before coming back down with another thick coat to chuck on and headed to the bench to roll up. "So you really pissed at him bro?"

Brax shook his head in amusement as he spoke to the rest of the band. "Not really man, I just want to get a little payback on him." When Shane said he deserved it Brax told him to keep watching, he hadn't seen anything yet.

"Well he was right about one thing." Shane pressed on as Brax enquired as to what that was. "He said you were taking your missus' side so you didn't get blue balls."

"Shane! You apologise to Charlie right now or you will be the one with blue balls." I chuckled as Kendall slapped him and Shane turned and said sorry.

"You will be." He gave me a side hug as we smirked at each other, and when he started to rub his knuckles on the top of my scalp much to Brax's amusement, I used the lack of height to my advantage and pinched his waist.

"Oww you evil midget from hell. Did you just pinch me?" It wasn't long before we were smoking the other blunts and I had started to feel peckish. I told Brax I was heading in to get some food and checked if he would like some also.

"I'll come with you baby." I asked if anyone wanted me to skin up some joints while I was inside and to no surprise they all said yes. Brax and I headed in as I checked the selection of pizza, Brax went straight to the meat lovers, hanging a slice up in the air as he started scoffing it like a man starved. I finally settled on a piece of supreme being more delicate in my eating habits then he was. Between pinching bites of pizza I started rolling the joints when Brax leaned over the counter to check it out. "When did you learn to roll that good?" Smirking I told him I have always rolled that good. "So how come you never roll then?"

"Because you never asked. You always just chuck me a premade blunt to use." When he told me the joint was probably bigger than his Playstation controller I chuckled and agreed it would be. He raced over to the lounge scooping it up off the table and asked me to hold up the joint and the remote. When he took his phone out I asked what he was doing but Brax just held his finger up to me, indicating to wait and see.

After typing furiously he finally turned it so I could see. There was the photo of me holding up the joint to the playstation controller and sure enough it was longer. It was the caption he added to the photo that made me laugh. "If she can roll like this, she's wife material."

Within minutes I heard the rest of the guys shouting from outside. "YO Midget! Bring that shit here now." I looked to Shane confused for a minute before Brax held it up to show him. I realised in that moment Brax must have sent the photo to them. "You evil spawn from hell. You've been holding out on us! Why have you never rolled them before?"

"As I told Brax, you never asked, and always passed me blunt skins." We soon joined the other's outside and as I sat on Brax lap I became aware of his light snoring a few joints later. The combination of the weed, melatonin and the long travel. Sleep was like a drug to him right now, his body dragging him into the shadowy world of dreams. "Guys, I am going to take him to bed, he's already starting to snore."

They all said goodnight as I tried to get Brax to wake up long enough to walk through to bed. I barely got him on our bed before he wanted to close his eyes again. After more exertion than I had anticipated I managed to get him down to his boxers and comfortable in bed, before I hopped in beside him.

I was fast asleep when I was woken to noise inside our room, and as I crept my fingers across the sheet, I soon found Brax's side empty. I sat up quickly and switched the lamp on to see Brax looking like a deer in headlights, pulling his track pants on. "Sneaking out to your other girlfriend?"

He finished pulling them on and came and sat down on my side apologising for waking me. Curious I asked why he was getting dressed at three in the morning? "I am coming back to bed, I promise. I just have something to do first. Want to help?" Raising my eyebrow I told Brax it depended what he was up to. "Put something warm on beautiful and come with me, but be very quiet. We are getting our payback then we can have a blunt and go back to bed."

I thought about it for a moment before questioning what he meant by payback. Then it registered. "Oh, you mean Chester?" He nodded as he grabbed a jacket and passed me one. We headed out through the kitchen as I watched him grab a few things out of a bag hidden in the cupboard. Brax whispered to me what the idea was and after getting over my own amusement I agreed, following him upstairs. Using just the light from our mobile phone screens we carefully snuck down the hallway to Chester's room and inside without waking him.

It took us nearly half an hour to complete the task, but it was worth the patience to make sure we got it right. Once we had finished, we quietly shut the door before sneaking back downstairs and outside to have a blunt. Not wanting to be caught awake and having to answer questions we smoked it quickly before locking back up and getting undressed and back into bed.

Brax cuddled into my back and his arms were tightly wrapped around my waist when I felt his warm breath on my neck. "Hey baby, I have a question . . ."

"You know, you suck at cuddling babe." Even in the dark of night Brax would have known the shock was plastered on my face as I shot up right slightly pointing out I couldn't believe he said that. "You honestly do. You can barely go five minutes of cuddling without wanting to talk. I love you baby, but shhh. I want to cuddle, I want to lay in complete silence, holding you, no talking, no distractions and definitely no thinking. If I fall asleep again that is great, if not I am content just like this."

Brax held me tighter and after a few minutes instead of speaking I started wiggling my butt against him. Finally unable to take the silence I pushed into him harder, feeling the ache of his raging hard on pressed against me. "So, do you want to waste that, or do you want to get naked with me instead?"

Brax rolled over on top of me, pressing his hips down as his hands pegged mine either side of my head. "Evil midget." He mumbled between hard kisses against my parched lips. "I tell you I want to cuddle you, enjoy holding you, and what do you do? You get me all worked up on purpose. What am I going to do with?"

I lifted my head off the soft pillow so my lips brushed against his as I spoke. "You should fuck me, baby." The growl Brax released was feral as he smashed his lips to my own and we took the chance to share an intimate moment without any interruptions.

Some hours later we drifted to sleep, sated and relaxed when both head a wailing from upstairs and sat upright. Scrambling to chuck some clothes on, Brax reached for the stainless steel door handle, swinging it open as we filed out. As we got to the top of the stairs and Brax nearly careered into Liam he asked what the fuck that noise was. When Liam said it sounded like Chester, we had to try very hard to keep the act up.

As we got closer to his room, we heard Chester yelling out for help and Liam knocked on the door. "Bro, what the hell is wrong?"

"It's unlocked, get me the fuck out of here NOW!" Liam opened the door, grave concern plastered to his face, replaced with hysteria at the sight that greeted him. As he fell to the floor, I can't ever remember hearing laughter like it, and it was contagious as Brax and I enjoyed the spoils of our handiwork. Liam roared with laughter as he shouted to the rest of the band to come and check the scene.

It didn't take long to hear the rest of the group come racing in, and their reactions certainly didn't disappoint as they joined in Liam's amusement. When Mark started taking photos and videoing it, I had tears rolling down my cheeks that glowed red. "Stop fucking laughing and get me out now!"

This only served to fuel the fire, as we all buckled over. Chester was unable to do anything other than accept our merriment in his current predicament. Being saran wrapped to the bed and unable to move will do that to you.

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