International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Eighty - Charlie’s POV

My heart was aching hearing Brax in so much pain, but I had to remind myself I didn't have the luxury of breaking on him. He needed me more than ever and I wasn't going to let him down. "Baby, you still with me?"

I heard him groan before he finally replied. "I'm here babe . . .Goddammit! I want to rip my leg off. It hurts so bad. . . ."

"How are you going to kick pebbles up the backside when she mucks up then?" I heard him groan in pain again as he tried not to laugh. I heard Chester yell out that the paramedics were running down now. "See, not too much longer, just hold on for a few more minutes alright?"

"Charlie! Don't leave, please don't leave me. . ."

"Baby, I won't! I promise, I am right here with you, but I am just going to talk to money for a minute while they check you out. That's all Brax." I heard him start panicking again, begging me not to and I had to try and quickly blink back the tears forming. " Babe, please, it's just so the medics can check you out. I promise, I won't go anywhere. I am looking at flights right this minute, I am coming to you, Brax."

I heard him scream out in pain again before Chester's voice came over the speaker. "Midget, you still there?"

"I'm here! Chester what happened to him? What's wrong?"

"Babe, I am so fucking sorry. You don't know how sorry I am!"

"Sorry? What do you mean, sorry?" I couldn't make sense of Chester now either as he started to sob down the phone. "Chester, it's alright. I need you to calm down and stay strong for both of you, until I can get there. I love you Monkey, and right now I am worried about you both, I need you to tell me what is going on?"

"I love you too Midget, I just fuck! What have I done?"

Before I could answer him I heard Brax shout out. "Don't tell Charlie you love her, you prick!" I managed to sob back a laugh, hearing his voice, the unimaginable pain he was experiencing obvious in his strained voice. I asked Chester if he was alright when I heard Brax go quiet and he said they had given him the green whistle while they assessed him.

"Chester, you need to tell me what happened. I am trying to book flights here to get to him. How bad is it?" Chester asked if I had seen the interview and of course I had.

"Well he was giving me shit about Chrissy all day, anyway we were mucking around like we normally do. . ." I questioned by mucking around did he mean fighting like they always did? "Yeah, wrestling, whatever you want to call it. Anyway we slipped off the stage and went down the first flight of stairs. When I got up I heard Brax's screams and I saw his . . . ."

Chester started to panic again and I heard his heavy breathing on the phone. "Chester, stop! Blaming yourself for an accident isn't going to help either of you right now. But for the love of god, I need you to tell me what is wrong with him!"

"His ankle is fucked up Charlie."

"It's broken?"

"Badly babe, I have never seen an ankle on that angle. The paramedics are stabilising him saying he needs to go to hospital for surgery." I made him promise me he would ride with Brax, and not let him go on his own. "I won't babe, I promise. Just get here please, he needs you."

"Let me know where they are taking him. I can get a flight in an hour and a half, so he will likely be in surgery when I get there."

"Call me back as soon as you have the flight booked, I will make sure one of the guys organises a car to pick you up. I am getting in the ambulance with him now, just hold on and I will ask where they are taking him." I waited while I heard Chester talking to the paramedics, before he came back on the phone. "Charlie, they are taking him to St Vincent's on Grey Street."

I told him I would meet them there and keep in touch as he hung up. When Chester started saying goodbye all I could hear was Brax yelling out to him not to let me go. Before I realised, I crumbled on the couch in tears. Hearing him in so much pain, and not being able to do anything had literally broken me. But I didn't have the luxury of collapsing, I needed to be strong for him. He was all that mattered right now.

I allowed myself a few minutes to get past the initial shock, before pulling my shit together and getting packed while I ordered a car to the airport. One the way I shot off a quick message to Marcus to let him know even though he was away. He would kill me if I didn't tell him and then I messaged both of Brax's parents, and mine.

I got checked in for my flight before I rang the girls to let them know and Mace said she would race to the office tomorrow and get my spare house key from the draw. I appreciated her keeping an eye out on it while we were gone. I also promised to update her and the other girls as soon as I had more information.

While waiting at my boarding gate, I tried calling Chester several times and didn't get an answer. I tried Mark's phone instead since he is usually the most responsible out of the lot. "Midget, are you alright?"

"Chester wasn't answering and he promised to let me know what was going on. Are they alright?"

"Chester and Shane have just gone to get a drink, he left his phone here. Brax is in surgery." I loved that Mark always tried to smooth things over, I didn't have the heart to tell him I had been trying for an hour.

"What is it Mark? What are they saying? I am boarding my flight soon." He said that it wasn't as bad as originally thought, but they still had to pin his ankle.

"Send me your flight details before you leave and I will look it up online and make sure someone is waiting for you when you arrive." I thanked Mark and promised to see them soon. "See you soon, call me if you need anything alright?"

"I will and you too. I'll be there as soon as I can. I love you all."

"We love you too midget, just be safe alright?" I hung up and boarded my flight. While one of the shortest flight routes in Australia, it was the longest flight of my life. I had never felt such cabin fever in my life and the moment we landed I was practically racing through the terminal to get out. Well as fast as a pregnant midget can move.

It didn't take long for me to find the car Mark organised and I shot him a text message to let him know I was on my way. I tried to call Chester again as I was getting worried now he wasn't answering and that he too had been more injured then he let on.

The worst part about Melbourne? The long drive from Tullamarine Airport! By the time we were pulling up to the hospital my patience was non-existent. I quickly paid the driver and thanked him and as I was getting my bag out of the car I heard Liam and Shane shout out to me.

The boys raced over and grabbed my bag as we hugged each other and I asked how Brax was. Liam explained he was alright. "He's back on the ward, the surgery went fine. He's going to be alright babe."

Before I could stop, I burst into tears and Shane grabbed me giving me a hug. "Shh it's ok babe, he's fine. We promise. Come on, let's take you to see him?" Liam carried my bag as Shane kept his arm around my shoulder helping me inside to the elevator, and up to Brax's room.

As we walked down the corridor I asked if the Surgery had fixed his ankles and Liam nodded. "Yeah, he was in there for about three hours. Like I said he's not long come back to the ward. They had to put two pins in his ankle, but he'll be fine babe."

"Here we are." Shane opened the door for me and held it as I walked inside. The moment I saw Brax and Chester, I was ready to strangle them both.

"Braxton?" I saw them both quickly spin around with Chester still sucking on Brax's gas mask which was pumping pain relief through it. The pair of these fuckers were both high as a kite!

"Cutie! You came!"

"Hey, it's Pregnant Midget of Tour!"

"Are you pair of fuckers high right now? While I was TRYING TO CALL YOU!"

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