International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Eighty One - Charlie’s POV

When the pair of them both spoke up I gave serious thought to shanking them. Instead I glared at them both, before taking my bag off Liam and wheeling it out of the room behind me. "BABY MUMMA?"

The moment I heard Brax shout that I knew I had made the right decision to leave. "Mate, shut the fuck up." I agreed with Mark, but I knew those two idiots wouldn't be listening. I walked down the corridor not really sure where I was going. I just knew I was mad as hell and had to get out of there. "Charlie! Wait up, please." I stopped and turned around to see Mark running after me. "Here, take this." I looked at his extended hand and saw him holding out Brax's room key for me with the hotel details. "Go get settled. Let me sort this pair out and I will come back to the hotel and find you, alright?"

"Thanks Mark."

"I'm really sorry Charlie. I tried to tell them it wasn't a good idea, but by that stage Brax was already fried from the surgery."

"You don't need to explain to me, Mark. I know what those two baboons are like together. This isn't your fault. Thank you for keeping me updated." I gripped Mark's arm as I leaned up and he bent down to help me. Giving him a kiss on the cheek I wrapped my arm around his neck, hugging him tight.

"Go get yourself and pebbles sorted. I will get this lot settled, grab us a pizza to share and head back to see you." I told Mark that sounded good and thanked him again as I made my way out of the hospital. Thankfully there was a taxi rank right out the front of the hospital so I was soon on my way to the hotel. Once I got there, I went to reception and explained what had happened. Thankfully they were extremely helpful and pointed me in the right direction and which floor to get off on.

Once I got in the room, I put my bag down and lay back on the bed. My hips were killing me now from all the travel and those ridiculously uncomfortable plane seats. On top of all that, I get to the hospital and find them off their guts! "AGH LITTLE FUCKING PRICKS!"

I screamed out of pure frustrations before breaking down into tears of relief that he was alright. "Fucking hormones! Ok Pebbles, don't give Mummy a hard time please. Your dad's doing plenty enough of that for both of you." I rubbed my stomach gently as I got my frustrations out before shaking it off and pulling my shit together. I got into the shower and changed ready for bed. I was tired and hungry so I was hoping it didn't take Mark long to sort those twats out.

When I came back out, I saw three missed calls from Brax, which led me to believe the guys had left and it had suddenly dawned on him just how pissed I was. Not ready to call him, I sent a text message back instead. "What do you want, Braxton?"

It didn't take him long to reply, I knew it wouldn't. He was the type to keep his phone glued to him until I responded. "I love you."

"Goodnight, Brax." He would know by my tone and lack of response I was not happy, even if it was a text message. So when my phone started to ring, I saw it was Brax and truthfully I was surprised. "What do you want? I am in bed, your daughter and I are both tired, we had a long few hours of travel to get to her imbecile father. Only to arrive and find him fucking around on the pain relief . . . .with Chester!"

Before I could hold it back, the verbal diarrhoea commenced, not that Brax would notice in the state he was in. "Hi cutie!"

Ridiculous! He was so gassed up! I'm surprised he hadn't passed out already, he sounded like he had been on a week long bender. "Don't you 'Hi cutie' me!"

"I love you."

"Was that all? I want to go to bed."

"I love you baby, both of you."

"Ugh! You impossible asshole! We love you too. Go to sleep, but don't think for one second we aren't having words tomorrow."

"I can't sleep without you."

"Well try! Goodnight, Braxton." I finally got him off the phone when I felt baby girl move and looked down at my stomach. "I tell you what princess, your father is going to be the death of me! And if not him, your damn uncle!"

As I was saying this, I heard a knock on the door and my phone buzzed. I saw a message from Mark, letting me know it was him. I got up and waddled over to the door, opening it to him. My mouth started to water the moment I smelt the pizza he was carrying. "You're my hero, Mark."

"Glad you're as hungry as I am. I was starting to think we would never get Chester out of there."

"Well, Brax has already phoned looking for a bed buddy. Perhaps you should have left the fools together to sleep it off."

Mark and I sat down and ate some food while he filled me in on what happened today. "I have to say, you don't seem too shocked?"

"Nothing would shock me with those two. Hell, I think given the chance they would marry off any future kids we had to each other. Just so they could tell people they really were related."

"And I wouldn't be shocked in the least." I chuckled as I reached across and took Mark's hand.

"Thanks so much for today, Mark. I can honestly say, I would be lost without you sometimes."

"I keep telling you babe, you're family." Mark and I chatted while we ate and I asked how things were going with April. I felt for him when he said they didn't get to talk as much as they would like, but I understood. We lived such busy lives, by the time you got home you just wanted some peace and quiet, and sleep.

"I miss the days of quiet. I live with Brax now. Oh hell who am I kidding, I live with Chester too."

Mark laughed before his face turned serious and I knew what he was about to say. "Look, don't think I am making excuses for them, I promise you I'm not. I am sorry you turned up to find them both in that state, but I can honestly say the way they were before hand . . . I wouldn't have wanted you to see that, Charlie. It rocked me and I don't think it is something I will ever forget."

"I suppose you are right, Mark. I was just so mad at him, you know? I was freaking out that whole time and then I walked in and he's just pissing around like it was nothing?" I couldn't control the tears that fell again as Mark pulled me in for a hug.

"I know babe, but believe me, what you heard on the phone, that wasn't the worst of it. I don't want you to have that memory either alright? Give them hell, like I know you will. Just remember we all love you too and are glad you are here for him."

"Thanks Mark. I can't promise, but I'll try. I wanted to shank him earlier." I looked up at him as I tried to sniffle back a tear, and Mark through his head back laughing. Did he think I was joking?

"I have no doubt you did, Midget!" Not long after, I saw Mark out and I headed back into the bedroom. Seeing Brax's suitcase, I opened it and grabbed one of his shirts out. I quickly took my own off and replaced it with his shirt before I crawled into bed.

The exhaustion didn't take long to kick in and I was out to it before my head even hit the pillow. I was woken the next morning to my phone buzzing on the bedside table and I was fast in answering it. When I heard Mark's voice, I was quick to reply and say good morning. "We can head back up to the hospital in an hour, if you will be ready?"

"Thanks Mark, I will be ready." I raced around getting sorted and sure enough, an hour later I heard the knock at the door. I grabbed my bag and headed out to meet them. The moment I opened the door and stepped out, Chester was on my ass, like a fly on shit.

"I'm so sorry, Midget."

"You shh! I am still mad. Not about the accident, I get that as I just said was an accident. But you promised to keep me updated and you both acted like a pair of tits last night. Remember I am low on caffeine these days. Do not test my patience today." I walked past him down the hallways as I heard the others try to stifle their laughter.

We got outside and made our way to the hospital. As we headed inside, I started to get anxious to see him. When I opened the door, I did not expect the words that came out of my mouth to be the first ones I spoke. But when I saw him sitting up in the hospital bed, with his Manchester United jersey on, drip hooked up to his arm, face puffy from the abundance of medications they had pumped into him and his hair all over the place, I just blurted it out. "If I wasn't so pissed at you right now, wearing that shirt would be painful enough for you."

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