International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Eighty Two - Brax POV

The moment my cutie walked in the room I could see she was still pissed with me and no smooth talking under the sun was going to get me out of this one. So I had to go with a different angle. "Hi Baby, I feel like shit today. You're a sight for sore eyes."

"Your eyes are probably so sore because you were high as a fucking kite last night."

"I can't really remember, baby." When I saw her raise her eyebrow I knew no angle was going to fix this one, so it was better to bite the bullet. "Alright baby, I am sorry! Seriously, if you had been here you would have given it to him too. The fucker, just wouldn't shut up!" When Mark added that part was true, I was appreciative of the small piece of back up. "He was so wound up about the accident and he wouldn't stop stressing so I shoved the mask on his face."

"You know he promised to call me and keep me updated?"

"I. . . ."

"You know I was stuck waiting an hour and a half to get on my flight, then another hour and a half flying time. Then an hour drive from the airport. . . .but hey, I am so fucking glad Chester got high with you. All the while not taking ONE of my calls. Thankfully Mark had more brains than the pair of you put together."

"Fuck! I am so sorry babe."

"Finally! A genuine apology. At least that sounded sincere, unlike the rest of the bullshit that has come out of your mouth today. Now, how are you feeling?" She finally walked over and sat on the side of my bed as I reached out to stroke her stomach, trying to say hello to our baby girl.

"A little sore still babe, but much better than I did feel."

"I am glad. Also Liverpool won this morning."


"Yes. And if you think I am going to stop at that, you are sorely mistaken. It was our under twenty three years that played."

"This is my punishment, isn't it?"

"This is nothing yet. Now say hello properly to your daughter. You panicked her also." I moved forward and gave her stomach a flurry of soft kisses as she ran her hand through my hair. When she felt me try to snake my hand up the inside of her thigh, she smacked me on the back of the head much to the amusement of the guys.

"Fuck! Charlie!"

"Problem, Brax?" She stared at me, a very stern warning.

"No, cutie."

When Chester asked if they could come in yet as he wanted to sit down, Charlie answered without turning to look at him. "Speak when spoken to today, Chester." We heard Shane, Liam and Mark chuckle and when I tried to shoot Chester a sympathetic look, Charlie leaned across in my line of vision forcing me to look at her instead.

"So what did you end up doing last night?"

"Well I finally went and rested for our daughter's safe. Her father scared the living shit out of us, then proceeded to piss us off, leaving us tired, annoyed and hungry. But while you and Chester were getting high, Mark was so kind enough to take my calls and text me and update me. He even brought your daughter and I dinner on his way back last night. What do you have to say, Braxton?"

I turned to look at Mark as I thanked him and said I owed him one. "It's live mate. Just don't fucking be that obnoxious again, the pair of you."

When I said to Mark I was sure we had been worse than that before, I heard Charlie suck her teeth. "Believe me when I tell you Brax, that is not a conversation you want to be bringing up in your defence right now, because I was on the verge of cutting you myself last night."

"You'd have allowed Pebbles to grow up without her father?" The moment Charlie straightened up and glared at me I heard Mark ushering the rest out of the room.

"And on that note, come on guys. Let's go get a coffee and come back in a bit. None of us want to witness his murder."

"Thank you, Mark." She turned around and watched as the guys headed off for a while. I saw Mark pull the door to and give her a wink before he walked off. Oh he knows I am about to get reamed. When she turned back to me, I decided to stay quiet and let her say what she needed to, because I honestly deserved it. When she moved up to sit closer to me, I put my hand back on her stomach as she ran her fingers through my hair. "I love you, but I really don't like you at the moment."

"I know baby, and I deserve that."

"I was so worried. I didn't even know what was wrong with you. I had to try and navigate myself through the situation and I was completely blind." When I saw the tears start to fall, I shuffled myself up and pulled her across my lap. "Brax, your ankle. Be careful."

"Fuck it, you need this more. Besides, it is fine." I held her to me as she sobbed into my chest. With one hand wrapped around her waist, I softly stroked her stomach, feeling the occasional movement from our baby. I used my other hand to stroke her hair back off her face, holding her close to my heart.

Neither of us said anything for several minutes. I just held and comforted her, truth be told it was comforting me also just to have her here. "You got me through last night cutie. Your voice soothed me in the most fucked up situation I have ever been in. I am so sorry you had to see me like that when you arrived. It wasn't fair on you or our baby girl."

"I understand why you were like that Brax, I was just so pissed initially with Chester, because he promised to let me know. But then I had a good chat with Mark last night." I kissed her forehead and expressed how glad I was Mark was there for her. "Me too. He explained the state Chester was in and I can, while I don't know I agree with it, understand why you gave it to him."

"Even still . . . ."

"I know, and never again, Brax! From now on I am ordering those marijuana suppositories you can get online and shoving one up each of your assholes to prevent a repeat. It is more tolerable than that shit mess last night."

"I want to argue with that cutie, but I won't."

"That's a smart choice."

I brushed her hair back as she looked up at me. "Can I push my luck?" I saw her eyebrows raise and she sat back slightly.

"What Braxton?"

"I just need your kisses baby." She glared at me and questioned the need? "Desperately need them. I am a starving man."

"Well if you weren't a dickhead last night, you wouldn't have gone to bed hungry would you?"

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