International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Eighty Three - Brax POV

"You know you are literally killing me, cutie?"

"You hate the word literally, and you just used it."

"Now you see my point." So what did she do? Laughed in my face. This little thing just burst out laughing at me, so I took my chance to seize my prey. I grabbed her head and shoved her face to mine as we started making out like crazy. Our hands were fumbling, desperate, needy, I couldn't get enough of this woman of mine.

I started kissing her neck and feeling her breasts and ass. She rubbed her hands across my chest and eventually softly brushed it across my now tight pants, bursting at the seam. I finally had a little bit of luck on my side when she let me slide my hand up between her thighs, and I couldn't believe what I felt.

She was damper than I had ever felt her before. The inside of her thighs were so slippery and wet, I almost couldn't help sliding my hand up to her hot core. I had never felt Charlie this hot before and any notion of where we were or the fact the guys could come back at any second flew out the window. I just knew we needed this.

I edged my hand higher until it got to the top of her panties, then gently peeled the waistband away from her skin, sliding my hand inside to feel her. Pressing my fingers harder to her skin, I slipped them further, trailing for the holy grail. I had never in my life felt her this slippery and wet, and I couldn't believe how much it was turning me on.

All the frustration, anxiety and now the prolonged arousal had us both about to explode in a fiery passion. I rubbed her centre and she shuddered and moaned in my ear. My two fingers easily slid to the knuckle right into her slippery hole.

I turned my hand palm up and started making the come hither motion in order to stimulate her g-spot. At that point she was gripping me tighter and I took the chance to get her to turn in my lap, so she was now knelt across the top of my thighs facing me.

Firstly this gave me better access to her, but secondly if the guys came back in they wouldn't see shit. They would absolutely assume and know, but they wouldn't see what was mine. As I opened her up with my fingers again by pushing her panties aside, I could see inside too, and she leaned into me panting and moaning. She was extremely worked up and as I knew she had been most of our pregnancy. It didn't take long before she was moaning without abandon into my skin.

Her juices were freely flowing out of her, soaking my hand and legs. She was so tender down there, and I loved the feel of her. She was warm and wet as Charlie convulsed around my probing fingers. She wrapped her arms around me and practically squeezed the life out of me as her climax hit her hard. Her legs were shaking fiercely but I suddenly became aware of how wet my lap was. Charlie realised not long after me and I saw the look of fear on my face reflected in her own. "Fuck! Did your water just break?"

"Oh my god, Brax!"

"Baby, stay calm. I am going to hit the buzzer alright, I will get the doctors in. It will be fine, I promise."

"Brax! They will know what we did."

I knew the look on her face, but now wasn't the time. "I love cutie, but that is the least of our worries. You and pebbles are the priority alright?" She nodded as I quickly hit the buzzer, several times when they didn't turn up as fast as I would have liked.

Finally the nurse came running in. "Mr Carson will you . . . . what's wrong? You both look panicked?"

"I think my fiance's water has broken."

The nurse was very calming as she asked Charlie her name and said they would arrange to have a look. "Are you in any pain or discomfort right now, or just prior to it?"

"No, none at all." When the nurse asked about cramping or spasms, I saw her go bright red. "Ahh . . . .define spasm?" The nurse looked at us confused. I loved mine and Charlie's sex life, there was nothing reserved in her about it. But when it came to talking about it? She always went as red as a beetroot.

"She had an orgasm. Her legs were shaking much more than they normally do." Charlie buried her head in my chest, but not before giving me a quick slap.

"Oh don't worry love, I have been in this job long enough to see it all. When you have stood there for three hours holding a broomstick handle up, that is stuck up a twenty six year old's backside because he got dared to do it when he was drunk, then you start to question your sanity."

In unison, Charlie and I both asked if his name was Chester?We chuckled and the nurse looked at us again with a comical look on her face. "How about I get the doctor and we can take you down to the examination room and see what is going on alright? Are you comfortable to stay here for the moment?" Charlie thanked her and said yes, before asking if I would be able to come down with her. "I will bring Mr Carson a seat back with me to wheel him down."

We sat nervously waiting for the nurse to return and when she did she had two orderly's assist me into the chair while she wheeled it down, not before checking Charlie was fine to walk. On our way we ran into the guys coming back to see us and Liam asked where we were off to?

I saw Mark look at Charlie and it took him only seconds to realise. "Is Pebbles coming?"

"We don't know, maybe. They are taking us down to the examination room now."

When Chester said they were coming, Charlie and I looked at each other, but before we could say anything the nurse spoke up for us. "Only as far as the waiting room. If the baby is on the way we need a sterile environment. That means mum and dad only."

Shane said that was fine, and thanked her as we soon got down there and the guys took a seat and waited as we were taken into an examination room. Charlie was given a gown to change into and the nurse soon returned, lowering the bed to help her get up. The midwife came through and explained the doctor just had a quick call so she would be conducting the examination. By that stage the doctor would be through to liaise with us.

Charlie lay back and I sat by her head, holding her hand as the midwife conducted the checks and asked Charlie a few questions. "Ahh . . . interesting." Charlie shot up on her elbows as she asked what was wrong? "Nothing is wrong dear, but may I ask what you were doing when this happened?"

Before Charlie could even think about getting embarrassed, the nurse spoke for her. "Her partner gave her an orgasm."

"Alright now, that makes sense."

"What? What is it? What's wrong?" Charlie looked at the midwife then to the nurse, before back again.

"Your water is still intact my dear. What you experienced was a female ejaculation."

"OH MY GOD! I SQUIRTED!" At the exact same moment she yelled it, I burst out laughing, I heard the guys in the waiting room roar in hysterics with me. "FUCK! Why did I scream that out?" I fell sideways as I started to cry in amusement.

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