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Chapter Eighty Four - Brax POV

I was in tears from laughing so hard and I was certain if I couldn't stop soon I was going to bust or rib, or two. Every time I thought I had calmed down enough, I would hear one of the guys start roaring in hysteria and lose my shit all over again. "Shut the hell up Brax!"

"Oh god, I'm sorry cutie but . . . ." And I was chuckling my head off again. I tried in vain to stop once more when Charlie turned to the nurse and asked her to kick me out.

"Go fuck yourself Braxton! Shit! I am sorry . . . ." Her hands flew to her mouth as she turned back to the midwife apologising.

"I have heard much worse dear. How about we get you both back upstairs and I will have the nurse here check on discharge papers for Mr Carson. I would recommend bed rest for you, note the use of the word rest." I couldn't help it and started chuckling hard again before apologising to the midwife. "Dear, I wouldn't apologise to me, it is she that is going to beat your arse."

"See! Even the midwife understands!" Charlie squealed at me as she pointed. They helped to get her sorted before she slowly got off the bed.

"Wanna push me babe?"

"You really don't want to be asking me that especially after you just laughed at me. I will push you down a flight of stairs."

Still finding it amusing she slapped me when I choked back a laugh. "Fuck, I love your temper baby. Want to have angry sex later?"

When Charlie screamed my name, the nurse stepped in. "Alright kids, break it up. You still have the chimpanzee's out in the waiting room to deal with."

"Oh fuck, Monkey is going to have a field day with this babe." I laughed as Charlie stopped and pointed her finger firmly in my face.

"You encourage him even once Brax, and I swear to god . . . ."

"I love you!" I grinned up at her grabbing her finger. Charlie snatched it back and sucked her teeth at me. I saw the eye roll too as she turned and started walking out with the nurse who held the door open for us. I saw the guys all standing there, heads down, bodies vibrating with trapped amusement begging to be released, but knowing the moment they do all hell will break loose.

I couldn't help it, I was the first cave and I fell forward in my chair as I started roaring in hysteria all over again. I felt Charlie flip my hat off my head as she stormed off. "Eat a dick, Brax!" I saw the guys wait until she was out of ear shot before they finally released their laughter.

"Been nice knowing you bro, she's going to fuck kill you." Mark was right, he usually is.

"I can't help it man! I fucking tried to stop laughing, so many times."

The nurse spoke up for me, but only briefly. "In his defence, he did try, not that it made much difference. Also, I am quite sure your fiance just left the hospital."

"Fuck!" Being stuck in a situation in this chair, and not discharged yet Mark could see I was trapped and offered to go for me. "Thanks bro!" I shouted as he raced down the corridor, turned left and I heard the sliding front doors go a second later.

"You should probably think about staying in hospital another night, bro."

"Why the fuck would I do that Liam?"

"Because if you go back to the hotel with her tonight, she is going to put you straight back in here." Even I had to laugh with the boys when Chester said that.

"I know I shouldn't be finding this so funny, but I can't stop. I need to get out of here." The nurse escorted me back up to the room and the guys waited with me while she organised the doctor to come and do a final check, organise my discharge papers and relevant medications. "Why hasn't Mark and Midget come back yet? Can someone call him, my phone is in the draw and I can't reach it." Liam pulled out his phone and rang Mark. I heard them speaking but I couldn't make out much of what Mark was saying or the conversation until Liam said goodbye. "Why are we meeting back at the hotel Liam?"

"Mark sent you a message when they left. She insisted she wasn't coming back in so Mark jumped in the cab with Charlie instead of her. . . ."

"Being her normal stubborn ass and storming off on her own?" When Chester pulled me up and told me to settle the fuck down I shook my head. "Sorry! I get it ok, we all laughed at her, I probably should have stopped sooner, I know that. But heading off, on her own heavily pregnant, in a city we don't even live! Sorry but that's my fucking child too. I am not comfortable with that!" I saw all the guys looking at me, unsure, nervous to speak. "What?"

"Agh . . . bro, I probably wouldn't say that to her."

"And why not Shane?"

I watched as he tried to find the right words when I challenged him. "It comes off as a . . . how do I say this?"

"Shane's trying to say you sound like a baboon, bro." Of course Liam laughed when Chester said that.

"Fucking wanker! You started this by being a pain in the arse. If you had shut up for once I wouldn't have had to get you high."

Shane and Liam both cracked up now saying this was just as good. "See, there you go again. Being a baboon. If you stopped for a moment, I would explain."

"Go on then if you think you are such a genius with women. . . ."

"You go in saying that shit and she will put you straight back in hospital, and rightly so. She is still a grown ass woman, Brax. Yes she is pregnant, but she's not incapacitated. You can't be speaking to her like a child, she will whoop your ass all over that hotel suite, and bro I'll light a blunt and watch her do it."

"I mean, it will probably be more entertaining than anything on television, right?" Chester turned to nod a yes in response to Shane's question as they both laughed.

I flipped them both the middle finger as Liam sat down in the chair next to me. "Try going in and explaining to her how angry she was with you. The panic she was in last night when she got stuck on the flight and couldn't reach you. She just did the same thing to you today by taking off, knowing you couldn't leave and had no intention of letting you know what she was doing if Mark didn't go after her."

"Yes, do what Hippie boy said! Reverse psychology the hell out of that evil midget. Do it man, don't be scared!"

"You better be right, I am not taking another slap upside the head from her."

"Nah, you are already brain dead enough cockhead." I looked at Chester and told him to continue being a little bitch, my ankle will heal.

A little while later I was finally all discharged and the guys had hired a chair for me to make it easier to get around for the moment. We headed out to the taxi rank and got in a maxi headed towards the hotel. "For real, can we get some decent food when we get back. I feel like I am wasting away."

"Thought you had a filling breakfast, bro?" I punched Chester in the arm, but of course he just laughed at me. Liam agreed he could go food also. "I was just fucking with him, of course we are getting food."

We got back to the hotel and I quickly shot Mark a message to let him know we were back. He didn't take long to reply and let me know he was in my suite with Charlie. The guys got the cab sorted and wheeled me through and straight for the lift. Liam pushed me down towards the door and when we got there Shane knocked. It didn't take Mark long to come and let us through.

As Charlie stared at us in the doorway, Liam asked where I wanted to sit. "I think I will just go lay down in bed, mate. I am a bit pissed off at the minute, so I wouldn't be good company." I saw Chester's mouth twitch and he quickly tried to hide the smirk when he realised what I was doing.

When Chester said no problems and offered to help, Charlie stood up. "It's fine Chester, I can do it."

"All good, don't get up for me, Charlie. It will be easier for one of the boys at the moment anyway." Chester walked around and took the handles on the chair and started pushing me down to the room. Once inside we both had to hold back our chuckles so she didn't hear. "Man, we are so fucked if she finds out!"

"True. I mean yeah it is a little curel, but it is also a valid point. And she does do it all the time without thinking."

"You're right. I will let it go for a little bit but then explain to her we are both assholes, but I love her asshole, so she needs to just bend over."

Chester cracked up as he helped me slide up onto the bed. "Yeah, alright bro. Let me know how that works out for you."

"Don't suppose you want to order some food now?"

"Fuck yeah I do!" We fist bumped as he asked what I felt like.

"Mexican mate! I want my ass to burn so I can finally do a shit. My stomach feels like it is going to explode from all that medication they pumped me full of."

"Gassy as fuck, right?"

"Yeah, see you know!"

"Better get that shit out before you get a blow job from Midget. You fart during that and I'll see you at your funeral." I pushed him away laughing as he patted my back before heading out to the lounge room.

I heard him shout out to the other's that he was ordering food, and I didn't have to wonder how long it would be before Charlie came in, when seconds after he left she opened the door, walked in and shut it.

"So, you are pissed off hey?"

She sat on the bed next to me, eyes glued to mine. "It doesn't matter now, Charlie. Besides I am tired and hungry."

"You're a fucking funny guy, aren't you Brax? Now because you have had enough, it's no longer amusing?"

"Okay, so you want to play that angle? Let's look at you then, shall we?"

"Go on then." She gestures to me to continue as she crosses her arms over the top of her stomach.

"You went off your nut at me for causing you stress and worry last night, and rightly so, I accepted that. Yet you go and do the same thing to me today, by taking off, on your own and not even having the courtesy to tell me where you were going? Thankful I have good mates who look out for both of us."

I sat back and watched her think about it for a few minutes. "Fuck you, stop speaking sense. . . . we are both assholes huh?"

"We are. But babe, I love you. I honestly do worry when you wander off on your own like that. Especially now that I have you both to worry about." I reached out and put my hand on her stomach rubbing it softly.

"Alright. And I worry when you and Chester get yourself into that state. There is no reasoning with either of you."

"Okay, little mumma. I promise to keep that in mind also. You gonna kiss me, now?"

"I am going to kiss you now." I pulled her closer to me by her shirt as our lips met and we embraced one another. Just as my tongue found its way into her mouth, I heard the door open.

"Yo! Food is five minutes away. . . . you pair of bitches! I knew you wouldn't stay mad long." We both chuckled as she shook her head and I wrapped my hand around her neck, kissing her forehead. "Hey midget! I got you a present earlier when we were waiting for Brax to be discharged."

"Really? And what's that Chester?"

I saw him throw something through the air and when it landed on the bed next to her I fell sideways laughing. There next to her was a pink plastic kids water pistol. "A fucking squirt gun!" I managed to say between the chuckles.

"I swear I will fucking strangle you one of these days, Chester!"

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