International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Eighty Five - Brax POV

We had been back home for a few weeks and Charlie was thirty three weeks along. She was getting more agitated by the day and uncomfortable. For me, well I loved seeing her like this. She had always been something unworldly to me, but this was next level. Given I was still in the boot with my ankle and Charlie was heavily pregnant we had been very much home bound the last few weeks, which meant the guys had been spending much more time in the studio I had downstairs here.

Marcus was due back from Canada this morning so he was going to have a few hours sleep before we all caught up tonight. We had decided to have it here as it was easier for me trying to get about, and Charlie wouldn't have to worry about us getting home if she was ready to go to bed.

I had been awake for about half an hour and just lay in bed watching my two girls sleeping soundly. When I reached out and gently rubbed her stomach, I felt her hand come up over mine. I moved closer and she lifted her arm up, wrapping it around my back as I lay in her side resting my head on her shoulder. I felt our baby girl start to move so I gently pushed down on Charlie's stomach, seeing if I could get baby Pebbles to give me a kick back. "Quit tormenting your daughter."

"I like feeling her move."

"I know you do, but once she moves she's going straight to my bladder and you know what that means?"

"Wait! Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Yes Brax, that's exactly what I am saying." She answered me as she pushed me over on my back. I watched as she ripped my boxers shorts down, and I was captivated as she slid her panties off and straddled me. We started out with her right on top of me, riding me before she started to slowly move down until after a few minutes she was sliding along my dick in our favourite position at the moment, where I could still feel her chest rub against me over her stomach, without putting too much pressure on her.

I didn't know about Charlie but having her slide up and down me like this, drove me crazy. Seeing her on display, her belly full of my baby, her engorged breasts so plump and juicy and the pure desire painted all over her face.

Our hands started to explore more, but the stare we had on each other was electric. When she tried to kiss me but couldn't quite make it because of her stomach, I leaned up to meet her as our lips locked in ecstasy. Surprisingly this was the first time we had kissed all morning, but we both made it worthwhile.

I wanted to get on top, so I gave her a big hug and rolled us over, placing her gently on the bed. She was surprised but cool with it when I stepped off the bed, being careful to get my balance first in the boot, moved her legs to the edge, and apart to accommodate me. Now I am a sucker for a lot of things, but seeing my girl naked on our bed with her hair all messed up and feeling her insides just drives me wild. I leaned down to give her an amazing kiss and we made out with each other tenderly.

She wrapped her legs around my ass and started to push me into her. I got the hint and started to slowly pump in and out, holding myself up on my arms as I pulled her ass up off the bed slightly into me. I kept on kissing Charlie, our bodies just kept moving all over, making her breasts rub against me. We fucked like this for a sweet eternity, playing with each other and making sure our needs were met.

I then did a trick I read about, one where you can get all the way in and really get her off. I hadn't tried it yet, so I was wondering if it would work. Given how exceptionally aroused she had been the last few weeks, I figured it was the perfect time.

I started to fuck her with short quick pumps. Supposedly this relaxes her making it easier to open up further. I did the trick, just boning her but only barely with the head, which felt amazing too. I did that for about two minutes, which seemed like hours to me, probably days to her as she started to beg me.

After the tease, I braced up and rammed it in as far as I could. My cock went into the hilt and I could feel her go crazy over it. She started moaning wildly and hearing her do that, made me try to go deeper. "Oh god Brax! What are you doing to me?"

I saw her go limp and her eyes rolled back, but then I felt her get all warm and tight around me. As she started to come, her walls gripped my cock and started to vibrate all over. I rode her out, following her commands to go faster and deeper. She screamed so loudly, I was afraid even our neighbours would hear and would wonder what was up.

"BRAXXXX!" Feeling her vibrate all over me was enough to push me over the edge. I pulled out and straddled her hips, landing my cock on her stomach as she lifted her head up to me, ready to watch. I started pumping myself furiously over her. I felt that familiar twitch and aimed myself down towards her skin.

"Aghh fuck! . . .. Fuck Charlie!" Looking at my cutie's face, watching me finish myself off, waiting for me was the final straw. I shot and watched as I started to paint the tight skin over her stomach, and down over her breasts. Charlie's head rolled back and I saw a single rope of me paint across her neck. The feeling literally knocked me backwards.

I fell to the side of the bed, a few more loose shots landing on her, our bed and my legs. By the time I stopped, I was on my back covered in our love and swear and just ready to die right there from the feeling.

Charlie was such a sexual creature at times like this, when it was just us. So she started to lick me clean where I went a little wild. When she came to my groin, she took me in her mouth and let her tongue lick me clean. I could have nutted again right there, but I was too spent to get to that point. She crawled up and collapsed next to me as I rolled on my side, wrapping my arm and a leg over her. I started to fall into a light sleep from it all, as we both just lay there spent, but mostly satisfied.

Charlie got me up again, but this time not with her mouth unfortunately, and told me that she was going to shower from my 'accident'. I could still smell myself so I decided to join her.

We got showered and dressed, before getting everything ready downstairs for tonight, when we realised we hadn't got the fucking meat for the barbeque. After a brief battle of words, with Charlie insisting she was fine to drive, and me wanting to get a taxi, I finally chucked her the keys and we got in the car.

After pulling up at the butchers, I went in and ordered while Charlie said she was heading across the road to grab an iced tea. When I saw her walking back, I took the chance to grab a photo while she was distracted. I wanted as many photos of my babies as I could get to remember these moments.

And she looked like a goddess right now. A white full brimmed sun hat on with a knee length beige shirt dress and strappy sandals. Her hand resting safely over our precious cargo and her drink in hand.

We got back to the house and between us we managed to get everything sorted, of course it took much longer than it normally would. The guys were all heading over at four thirty so they could carry the heavier stuff out for us, plus Liam and Shane had insisted on doing the barbeque as they didn't want either of us standing for too long.

To be honest, I was surprised I hadn't heard from any of them all day, especially Chester as I had half expected him to turn up early wanting to get stoned already. When they finally all rocked up at the agreed time, Charlie had left the door unlocked to make it easier so I text them to let them know to come straight through rather than either of us trying to hobble up the stairs.

I heard the door go and Chester yell out. "Yo Brax!"

"Downstairs fuck face!"

"Alright, Midget fucker!" As they headed down I heard Liam ask Chester if we planned on doing that every time he arrived?

"They will, until Charlie clouts them both." Mace was right, and to be honest, I was surprised she hadn't already. We heard them get down the stairs and Charlie headed out of the kitchen to come and say hello with me. As they came into view we saw why Chester had been radio silence.

"Holy shit! Chrissy!" As Charlie grabbed her for a hug I started to laugh, as it all made sense now.

"Now I know why you didn't call me all day, bro! Naughty little monkey was jumping on the bed!"

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