International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Eighty Six - Charlie’s POV

The guys had all arrived at ours and I couldn't believe it when I came into the lounge. There stood Chester, like the cat who caught the mouse, happier than I had seen him in weeks, with Chrissy standing right beside him. After saying hello to everyone and Chrissy asking how the pregnancy was going, we headed outside to sit down.

The guys were all fussy in the booth over a new recording they did today, when I heard the front door go again, followed by Marcus' voice. "Charlie? Brax?"

"Down here Marcus, sorry but fuck those stairs at the moment." I heard him laugh and say don't worry he was coming down. I heard him walk down and in a few seconds we saw him . . . . and Tessa walked out to us. "Holy shit! Tessa."

"Wow! Look at you girl, I swear it wasn't that long ago I saw you."

"Tell me about it! What is going on here? Did I miss the memo you were all coming back with Marcus?" Marcus explained it was a surprise. When he heard of Chester's antics he figured Chrissy was definitely needed to pull Monkey's head in. "Well this is true, he did assist Brax in breaking his ankle."

"Shut it you little squirt, or is that big squirt?" When Brax and the boys laughed I turned to Chester and warned him. "Whatever, shut up Midget! I love you too!"

"You will be banned from my daughter Chester, if you carry on."

"Our daughter, Charlie."

"You will be on that ban list also if you continue to laugh!" After catching up for a while and the drinks flowing freely the guys were all looking thick as thieves and up to something. When Brax got up and hobbled inside on his boot, I watched Liam and Shane grab the shot glasses and a bottle of fireball, while Monkey grabbed a can of Lemonade and put it down. "What's this for?"

"We are playing, Pissed the game. But before you say you can't because it is a drinking game, we already agreed you can shoot that lemonade instead."

"Or I can just watch?"

"Nope the decision has already been made, cutie." I turned and looked at Brax and asked who died and made him boss?

Before I could answer I heard Marcus laugh. "You seem awfully cocky Brax, for someone who just a few weeks ago was on the verge of getting a divorce."

"She gave me ammunition back." Marcus laughed and Brax came over and sat next to me, pulling my chair closer as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "You alright?"

"Fine for the moment. I had a nap this afternoon for a bit babe."

"Alright, just let me know when you are ready for bed and I will make sure they keep the noise down." I told him it was alright and he looked at me quizzically.

"It feels like our group is whole again, do you know what I mean?"

"I get it babe. It is moments like these, I remember how damn lucky we are. We have an amazing family around us."

"We do. Which reminds me, do you think we should tell them we decided on a name?"

"YES!" Brax and I swung our heads around to Chester who was glaring at us both.

Brax cracked up laughing as he leaned over and kissed my temple. "I think you just shot yourself in the foot baby."

"Yea but in my defence, I figured he would be too distracted tonight with Chrissy being here, to give us anymore attention."

Kendall cracked up as she slapped Monkey and told him he just got called out. "I know exactly what my little hottie said to me, and I also heard what you said to Brax." Liam and the rest had missed it so he turned and asked Chester what was said. "They have decided on a name for our niece."

"Ooo! You have to tell us, please! Then we can start spoiling her and get her special things with her name on it."

Kendall was quick to get excited also when Mace said that. "Yes! I am absolutely with Mace on this."

"Agree! We definitely do have to get the little princess something special." When Chrissy and Tessa joined in also the boys all turned and said thanks a lot Midget!

"What did I do?"

"Now all the girls' ovaries are going to be bursting and we will have to double wrap." That earned him another slap not that he cared as he chuckled and my jaw dropped.

"Not my problem. I am shooting blanks at the target range for the moment."

"Brax! You pig!" He laughed and started trying to cover my face in kisses as I giggled. "Get off you creep."

"Right, let's play this game." Chester pulled out one of the cards as Brax kissed up to my ear and whispered I was bloody lucky Monkey had the attention span of a siff.

I gave him a quick kiss and agreed, but typical Brax had to try and push it further as I put my hands on his chest, giggling as I pushed him away. "Excuse me! When you two are finished tongue fucking, can we start?" We both rolled our eyes at Chester and told him to get on with it. "Drink if you piss in the shower, More fluid for your next crime against Sanitation."

"Who doesn't pee in the shower?" I asked as Brax turned to me and said what the hell, we shower together most days.

"And you thought you weren't a fan of golden showers, bro." I gagged when Chester said it, as the boys laughed. Everyone took a drink, which we knew already. I mean seriously, who doesn't pee in the shower?

Chrissy drew next and read out her card. "Drink if you've ever had a threesome. You and your two hands don't count."

"That rules Chester and Mrs Palmer out." When Chester said but not you dad and winked at him, Marcus threw his empty cup at him. Mark, Liam, Marcus and Chester all drank. I noticed the eyebrow raise from Mace when Liam drank. I can't lie, I was definitely side eyeing Brax to see what he would do.

"Drink if your ass is a big ol ass, or a small flat ass. No middle ground here." Everyone kind of sat there looking around the table when Shane finished reading it.

Finally Chester spoke up. "All the girls need to drink." First Brax, then Shane, Liam, Mark and Marcus all agreed before Tessa asked what the hell? Were they ganging up on us now?

"I agree with Tessa, I really don't know how to take this one."

Brax turned to me and tried to slide his hand down the back of my chair before I stopped him. "You definitely have a juicy fat ass baby. Drink up already, and stop questioning what I have spent hours observing."

We all laughed when Shane said he was stealing that argument and held Kendall's drink to her mouth telling her to take it. The guys all followed suit and forced us to drink as we watched on amused. Kendall drew next and quickly read it out. "Drink if you've ever had worms. Don't worry, lots of people were street beggars at one stage." When Mace verbalised her shock at the question poor Kendall went bright red. "Oh my god, No! No I swear it's the card, look." Shane saved poor Kendall and let her know we were aware as he hugged her into him.

Taking the focus from Kendall who had her face buried in Shane's chest, Marcus handed Chester a drink. "You still have worms now Chester. You can never sit still."

No one drank as half of them probably couldn't even remember last week, let along their childhood. The other's started to light up a few blunts and pass them around as Brax took up a card. "Drink if you've ever made breakfast for a one night stand. Was it eggs? Were they fertilised? Fucking boom!"

No one drinks and I burst out laughing to everyone's amusement. "Savage fucks! Can't even offer a feed!"

Chester looked at me and asked if I was serious? "You are one to talk, little miss I legged it without finding out his name because he was a dud root." When Liam laughed and said he remembered that, it was the night we played never have I ever on the Regional Tour. "Yep, and the first night Brax tried to move in and bang her."

"Shut up fuck face!" Brax and Chester flipped each other off as they laughed. This went on for a few more rounds and Chester got hit hard with a slurry of hard truths and I noticed he was getting increasingly wasted by the second. When I saw his eyes start to squint, I couldn't help but be the evil shit I was and packed him a joint and chucked it over telling him to catch.

"Ooo, thanks baby." Before he could even get the word finished, Brax threw his cup at him. "Hey! Don't wet my joint you fucking caveman prick!"

"As if I wasted a drink on you fool, it was empty. And you . . . " He turned around and stared straight at me.

"What did I do?"

"You make him a joint and not me? What do I pay you for, woman?" I started giggling as I got up and sat across Brax's lap like he loves. He pulled my chair closer so he could put his broken ankle up relieving the pressure of the weight on it. I found it amusing to watch his inner conflict, trying to decide what he wanted to rub first. . . . my legs as he always had, or my bump. I eventually grabbed his hand and placed it on his daughter before I leaned into his neck.

"He's gone, look at his eyes. Few puffs on that and he will be on the floor." Brax cracked up as he whispered back his love for my evil side. The guys all decided to take a break for a few and have a joint while I went inside to get some more fireball for them to use next round. I put the kettle on and decided to make myself a tea when I heard footsteps and looked around.

"Need a hand, babe?" I smiled at Brax and said I was fine, and showed him I was just making a quick cup of tea. "Chester is off his trolley."

"I told you he would be, didn't I?" When Brax asked how green I put in it I had to giggle again. "I think the question you meant to ask there was, did I remember to put any spin in it?"

When he realised I had given him a straight blunt, he came closer. "Fuck I love you, that's hilarious babe." I felt Brax's hands on my hips, and it didn't take long before I felt one of them move up my side, pull my hair out of the way and his lips suction to my neck.

"Mmm, Brax."

"Yes baby?" His hands reached around to the front of my stomach, as my hand made its way up behind his neck and into the nape of his hair, playing with it gently. I was rewarded when Brax pushed his hips into my butt and ran his hands down my stomach until his fingers were resting splayed across my hips.

Soon his groin was grinding against my butt, creating a beautiful friction. "You feel so good, baby."

"It is probably for the same reason you just thought it would be clever to walk over here in your boot, without your crutches."

I felt his warm breath on my neck as he pressed closer. "Mmm and why's that?"

He gripped me tight as he started increasing his speed against my butt, nipping at my neck now. I could feel my knees weaken, thirsty for my man and high off the arousal he was showing me. "Because you're stoned baby."

Brax laughed into my skin before bringing his hand up and turning my face to his. "You're right, you do feel more sensitised when you are high, but baby . . . I always feel this way with you. I will never get enough."

"Even when I look like an extra in the movie Aliens, my insides spewing out on a hospital bed as your kid stretches me wide open?"

Brax laughed but I saw the grimace on his face. "That's actually fucking gross the yway you explained that."

"I know, but it is also probably true."

"Please don't kill that moment for me too."

"Okay, but I will bet you one hundred dollars if you look down there, you will faint."

"I will not!"

"I'll take that bet." He shook and agreed as I saw the kettle had clicked off and I poured the water into my cup. As I worked around Brax who was still wrapped around me trying to rub himself up on my butt we heard Chester's voice.

"Don't make that midget squirt there Brax. No one has cream in tea anymore."

Without turning I heard Brax laugh as I said "Eat a dick, Monkey."

"You will Midget!" Brax laughed before he picked up my tea and carried it outside as we sat down so the game could start again.

I was getting sleep and curled up as best I could these days in Brax's lap, when I heard Tessa ask a question. "If your name starts with a vowel then drink up you legend, fuck those consonants." Chester shook his head confused and asked her what she just said. "Does your name start with a consonant or a vowel, Chester?"

"No." The moment he said it, I lost it and nearly fell off Brax's lap from laughing so hard. The penny finally dropped for everyone else who started to crack up also. "What? What's so funny?"

"Chester, you just said no man. . . ." I had to stop as I giggled again thinking about it. "The question Tessa asked you was, does your name start with a consonant or a vowel?"

"It starts with a C?" That was me done, and I had to quickly swing my legs off Brax lap trying to cross them so I didn't pee myself from hysteria. Finally Chester realised what he had done. "Fuck off! I am off my face right now you evil midget."

The guys carried on playing the game, but after laughing so hard at Chester and having to make a quick pit stop at the toilet, I had soon sat back down with Brax and curled into him falling asleep. Every so often I would Brax stroke my legs or rub my stomach as he moved to make sure we were both comfortable. I must have fallen into a deep sleep when I felt Brax trying to move me to get up. "What's up, Batman?"

"Someone just rang the doorbell, cutie." Before I could move Mark said he would go, the stairs would be easier for him at the moment. We both thanked him as I snuggled back down into Brax, not taking too much notice of it. I was so tired and I just wanted to get back to sleep.

I heard Mark come back down and then I heard her voice. "Charlie?"

"Tina! What are you doing here babe?" The moment I saw her face I knew she had been crying, and I tried to get up as quickly as I could. Brax helped me as I made my way to Tina and put my arms around her.

"Come on babe, you look like you need a drink?" She nodded and hugged me back as we made our way inside.

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