International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Eighty Seven - Charlie’s POV

Tina had turned up on our doorstep, looking completely lost and devastated, the pain etched over her face, so as quickly as I could these days, I had gotten up and headed inside with her for some privacy. I could see Brax looking in to see if we were ok and I just nodded to let him know we would be fine. I saw him turn back around and tell the guys to carry on so we could have some privacy. After a few minutes of hugging Tina, we finally pulled apart. "You know it is really hard to hug you properly these days."

"Tell me about it babe. What's wrong, talk to me?"

"He's been cheating on me, Charlie."

"What! Alex? Are you sure?"

"I saw them babes, I walked straight up to him when he had his tongue down her throat."

"Holy shit! I am going to fucking kill him!" Tina choked back a laugh before the tears started to fall again and she asked what the hell she was going to do. "You are going to get drunk and stoned with us right now. And you are going to stay here for as long as you need. And there is no discussion on the matter."

"I love you girl, but you and Brax are about to have a baby."

"Tina, you are staying. You are my best friend and you were the one that helped me through a similar situation. There is no argument on this, it is happening."

"I love you." I told her I loved her too and asked if she had everything she needed? "Just a small bag of essentials in the car."

"Help yourself to anything of mine you need and I will organise the guys to go with you in the morning to get the rest of your stuff." Tina went to say something but I continued quickly. "Mumma bear has spoken. Now let me go get some food. Go grab one of the spare bedrooms babe and claim it as yours, I just don't recommend the one downstairs. Chester usually has that so you know it is nasty in there." She laughed and thanked me as I asked if she had eaten and Tina shook her head. "I'll order some food for us all while you get sorted."

"Thanks Charlie. I will just freshen up my face and get changed and be down."

"I'll have a joint ready for you." Tina headed up to get sorted and I went into the kitchen and ordered some pizza. As I was on the phone Brax came in and leaned across the kitchen bench. Moving closer so our faces were only inches apart I leaned in the rest of the way to kiss him, as he pulled my top down having a look. "Quit it you pest!"

He let it go before stroking my cheek. Giving me a quick kiss Brax sat back. "What are you doing?"

"Ordering some Pizza."

"You're going to be a great mum. Always putting everyone else first." I chuckled as I told him to shut up. "Is Tina alright?"

"It's her business to tell, baby. She will be ok, but she is going to stay with us for a little while if that's alright?"

"You don't even need to ask, cutie. Of course."

"Do you think you could see if Chester, Mark, Liam and Shane might be able to help tomorrow morning so she can get her stuff from Alex's house?" Brax put his finger up to my lips and told me to say no more he would sort it now. "Thank you. I will just finish this order and be out." Brax headed back outside and I assume he was asking the guys as I saw them all nod and Chester lifted his head up looking at me, and giving me the thumbs up. I blew him a kiss saying thank you, as I finished the order and headed outside. Brax automatically opened his arms for me to come and sit with him, and of course, I did.

"All good, sweetcheeks?"

"Yeah, thanks Monkey. Tina is going to be staying with us for a little while. She is just getting sorted now and will be back out shortly."

"Just let us know what time you need us, Midget."

"Thanks Shane, I appreciate it."

"Does this mean we earned the right to know our niece's name now?" Brax and I both cracked up as Chester said it. "Yeah, I didn't forget you fuckers. I was just buying my time. Now you can't say no."

"You do realise that is technically extortion right? And it is illegal."

"Only if you can prove it, Midget."

Mace said this time she agreed with Chester, and it was time we told them. "Tell what? Oh, and Hi everyone." Everyone said hey and welcome Tina, moving over so she had room to come and sit down near me.

"Here chick." Chester passed her the bong with a cone already packed. "You look like you need this more than I do right now."

"Like you wouldn't believe, thank you."

"Well once you get that down you, enjoy this too." Mark chucked her a blunt and Brax and I smiled at the guys trying to help Tina through this, knowing how important she was to me. Thankfully it also distracted Chester again, buying us some more time. The guys and girls were helping Tina to forget what happened tonight, and I was starting to nod off in Brax's lap again. I felt him lean down and kiss my lips softly. I opened my eyes and stared back at him as I ran my hand up cheek. When he realised I was still awake, he moved back and started to kiss me again.

Kissing across my right cheek as he gripped the left, he made his way to my ear and whispered "It should be illegal to be this in love with you." I pulled my head to the side and looked at him, not expecting those to be the words he was going to say. Usually when he was in this state, he was just horney, not romantic. I smiled at him before I asked what had gotten into him. "Can you do something for me?"

"Maybe, it depends what it is?"

"You remember that first regional tour and we snuck off on everyone and went to that other park to have a smoke together?"

"I remember. Please don't ask me to repeat what happened that night when we got back to the hotel. This beach ball could create a problem." I said as I rubbed my stomach.

"This beach ball. . . .as you called it. . . ." He ran his hand across my stomach as I sat across his lap looking up into his face. I ran my hand across his cheek as he continued "Is everything I ever wanted with you. And no, that wasn't what I was going to ask. Do you remember what I told you my two fantasies were that night?"

I thought about it, but it didn't take me long. "I remember."

"Well one is already my living dream everyday, because my biggest fantasy was you."

"I remember you saying."

"Well, given your sex drive lately with the pregnancy hormones, have I got a chance of getting that second fantasy from you?" I looked at him and asked if he really still wanted that? "Aww god Charlie, I really do."

"Brax, all you had to do was ask. Of course." He captured my lips the moment I said yes and it didn't take long to feel his tongue dancing with mine. I was lost in his kiss until I heard Tina speak.

"Ugh, are they always this sickly sweet?"

"I heard that Tina!" I said smirking at her as I pulled away from Brax.

"Well, I am sure your hearing is fine, it was your ability to communicate with your tongue down Brax's throat I was talking about."

Chester laughed and told Tina this was constant. "Hell I have her specific moans pegged out now depending on whether he's being a caveman or loving." Brax and the boys cracked up laughing as Chrissy slapped him and I told him he was sick.

"Now that you came up for air anyway. I believe when I came back down you were about to tell us what our Niece's name will be?"

Mark shot up in his chair shooting his finger at Tina as she said this. "Tina, you can stay. Unlike Monkey nuts, you stay true to the cause. What's the name guys?"

Everyone turned on Brax and I as we both smirked at them. I looked up at Brax and he shrugged his shoulders at me. "You can tell them, Batman."

"Really?" I nodded yes to him and he gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. "We have decided to call baby girl Molly."

"YES! I knew you loved it, Midget, when I told you!"

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