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Chapter Eighty Eight - Brax POV

Tina had been living with Charlie and I for the last two weeks and we were now thirty five weeks pregnant. This meant we didn't have to wait much longer until baby Molly joined us. The boys had been around nearly every day this week. Charlie had been working from the office downstairs as she had some things she wanted to finalise before she was on maternity leave. I had told her would work upstairs so we didn't disturb her.

This also gave me the perfect cover for Tina to keep her distracted this week. The boys and I had organised with the voucher from Richard and Carole to have the nursery ready for her. I had a pretty good idea of what Charlie wanted from the various pictures and ideas she had shown me. I knew she wanted to keep it very neutral and accessorise it accordingly with colour, that if we did have any more children we didn't have to redo the nursery each time, just change the decor.

We had sent Chester and Liam downstairs on operation to distract and annoy Charlie as I had Tina come up and check the last touches. Now we waited in the nursery. Chester and Liam had sent themselves a target to see how quickly they could annoy her because she came up the stairs ranting at me to get them to fuck off. It took less than five minutes, which I have to say I was extremely impressed with my boys and their efficiency to the task. "BRAX! Where are you?"

"Up here baby, what's wrong?"

"Where is here? Can you sort these two out? They are pissing me off and I need to get this work done, Brax! Control your children, please." I chuckled and said I was sorry but made no effort to move, so when she called out a few minutes later I wasn't surprised. "Brax! Where are you?"

"I'm down here, babe."

"Have you gone back to bed, you lazy shit?" I could hear her walking down the hallways towards our room, but I was in the room directly across from it and I made my way to the doorframe to greet her. "What the fuck are you doing in there?"


"What did you do, Brax? Your face gives you away, you know that right?"

"Alright . . . . look. I might have done something okay?"

"Brax! What did you do! That room is supposed to be for the nursery!"

"I know baby, so I made it a nursery."

"You did what?" I saw her eyes bug out of her head as she pushed the door behind me and I helped her open it. She saw the others all inside the room as they shouted out surprise. I chuckled when I saw her hands fly to her mouth.

Charlie stepped in and took the room in before her eyes. I had them come in and lay new timber slat flooring the same as the rest of the house, and went for a pale grey on the walls, not being a fan of white myself especially with children in the house soon. A white crib sat on one wall with pale pink blankets the girls had sorted, one with Molly's name embroidered to it. The other side had a cupboard with a built in change table, and a dresser table next to it for Charlie to put out the things she needed. In the corner I had a grey teepee added with matching grey recliner cushion and an assortment of white and pink star pillows. A carousel of clouds hung from above it, and in keeping it consistent I had let the girls convince me to add some metallic decorations to the wall behind it in silver and pink hot air balloons, clouds and a moon.

"Oh my god! I don't know if I am going to burst out into tears or pee my pants."

I saw Chester sneak up behind her and lean into her ear. "No more squirting from you missy."

"CHESTER!" Of course he just burst out laughing as she tried to slap him. Grabbing her wrist carefully he pulled Charlie back and wrapped his arms around her shoulders giving her a hug as he asked what she thought. "Holy shit! You guys did this for Molly?"

"Of course babe, that little girl is going to be the glue that holds this family together." Charlie turned to look at Mace, eyes filled with tears now as she told her to shut up before she cried. Of course the gang just laughed at her as Shane yelled out a group hug.

"Definitely a group hug! I love you guys!" We all came in when Charlie said that and hugged as she tried to contain her emotions taking the room in.

"So how did we do, cutie?"

"It's perfect. But you guys are our family, you know us better than anyone else. There was no way you could go wrong."

"Right, well this was fun kids, and I love you Charlie, but I need to get ready. I have a date tonight."

Charlie's head turned to Tina in shock when she spoke, I am guessing this was news to her also. "You dirty stop out! How am I not hearing about this before now?"

"No time babes, sorry. Gotta run." As Tina tore off at the room Charlie squealed after her, the rest of us looked amused.

"Yeah, I might head too guys and get sorted. Let you both enjoy this moment together."

"Thank you so much Mark, I love you."

"Love you too Midget." He gave us both a hug before he headed out and once we heard the front door shut, Charlie turned to us all, pointing out towards where they both just ran.

"Okay, so that was weird, right?"

"Yeah. But they are probably just porking each other or something."

"Chester!" He looked at her and shrugged saying it could be true. "No way! Mark has April. He is not a cheat, and Tina has just gone through that. She wouldn't hurt another woman in that way."

Shane started shaking his head and said no and asked if Charlie had heard. "Heard what?"

"Shit! Sorry babe, I meant to tell you when I came home last week, but you were already asleep. April and Mark decided to call it a day. A couple of reasons, the main being the distance and heavy work schedules, but also . . . ."

"He doesn't have a vagina." And insert Charlie squealing Chester again as she slapped him. "Well it is the bottom line. But they are still good friends and have talked since. Mark is taking it fine. Probably because he is already all up in Tina."

"Can I send him home now please, Brax? I don't want to hear this."

I chuckled at her and said sure. "Although I was going to say does everyone want to stay for dinner and a smoke since you are here already and helped me out this week?"

"How about we just head down the road to the new burger joint to make it easier? Then we can all shoot off home from there. I wouldn't mind getting an early night to be honest, those paint fumes have made me higher than half that green we smoke." Kendall looked to Shane and asked if he was ok. "I'm fine baby, just getting a bit of a headache so fresh air would be good."

"Chrissy and I were just saying the same. You're ready to get into your pyjamas and bed aren't you babe."

"Like you wouldn't believe. Must be something in the air lately, I feel like all my energy has been zapped."

Charlie chuckled as we all turned to look at her. "I remember that feeling well. Around the time we first found out we were pregnant."

"CHARLIE!" When Chester yelled at her this time I lost it and had to remind her not to give the poor guy a heart attack. "Shit! Did I say that allowed? I'm sorry guys, this fucking baby brain. I speak before I think."

"No, that's just you in general sweetcheeks." She laughed at Chester, not before calling him an asshole first.

Not long after we all got into our cars and headed off down to get dinner. By the time we got back Tina had already left so Charlie and I set the alarm and headed off to our bedroom for an early night.

"I am just going to grab a shower after all that painting babe. Won't be long."

"Alright, Batman." I was surprised when Charlie didn't follow me into the shower, but I didn't think much of it. I just figured she was ready to put her feet up.

After getting showered and dried, I brushed my teeth and hung my towel around my shoulders as I headed back into our bathroom. As I was drying my hair with the towel, I finally looked up. "Fuck, Charlie!"

"Hi." There was my cutie sat on her knees on the bed, wearing nothing more than a matching white lingerie set, her hair let down falling wildly over her shoulders and down her back. Her plump breasts popped out the top of her bra, that beautiful baby bump standing out proud as she stared back at me intently. I noticed pretty quickly she was looking quite flushed and that is when it hit me.

"Are you?"

"Come see for yourself." The moment she said that, I felt myself tent under my sweatpants and I didn't waste any time in walking towards her on the bed. I slowly climbed up, laying down on my stomach in front of her, my head close to her sweet spot as she continued to kneel in front of me. I took the chance to look up at her for a minute and saw her staring straight back at me. I reached out and carefully hooked my fingers under her panties.

Sliding a finger inside I felt her legs shift to give me better access. My finger ran down the length of her already wet slit. Finally I found what I was looking for. A vibrator tucked between her legs, buried deep inside her and when I felt the button on the end, I was quick to press it to increase the speed, not once but twice. I had longed for this fantasy with her. "Awww . . . . fuck, Brax!"

"It's time to play, cutie."

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