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Chapter Eighty Nine - Charlie’s POV

When Brax finally realised what I had done, and that the vibrator he had bought me in the hopes of fulfilling this fantasy one day was inside me, I could see the immediate shift in his composure. As he looked up at me, I wondered what he was going to say. "You want me to fuck you, don't you?" All I could do was gasp an unconvincing rebuff as he brought his broad and handsome face close to mine, sharp eyes twinkling with lust and confidence looked into mine. "Come with me, cutie." Before I could question him, Brax had pulled me up off the bed and picked me up.

"Brax, what are you doing?"

"Shh, this is Brax's playtime now, cutie." When he placed me down in the kitchen I didn't know what to expect. When I saw him start stalking towards me, I backed up until I felt the kitchen units to my bottom, I was trapped. I closed my eyes and prepared my lips but he didn't kiss me, his hands just rested on my breasts. Slowly, he pressed his palms against my breasts through the lacy bra and my nipples grew hard in the cups of my bra.

For a moment he just held me like that, then he slowly rotated his hips, I trembled with excitement. In an easy but swift movement, his hands were on my naked belly then under my bra. I gasped with the sensation of his large rough hands pressed against my nipples. I let out a deep groan and rolled my pelvis forward when he enclosed my cherry sized stiffness between his thumb and forefinger.

I opened my eyes to look into his stillness, the beads of excited perspiration trickled from my every pore. His cool and dry fingers teased my hapless hard nipples until every tiny bud of them was erect. I felt that I had been dropped again from a great height, as in one flowing movement. He stopped the wonderful torture and slipped over my nakedness, pulled the bra away from aching stiff breasts. I leaned back as his lips found my taught little buttons and lashed them with his tongue.

What sensations his fingers had achieved were nothing compared to the new passions radiating from my hard . . . . very hard nipples. How could one man know so much about my pleasure? I wanted him desperately right this minute, I wanted his naked, manly flesh on mine. I pulled at the drawstring on his track pants, loosening them quickly. When my nails scratched up his stomach before digging into his chest he roared at me. "Fuck! That's so damn sexy."

I fell into him as my knees buckled a bit at the vibrator still inside me, our lips meeting in a gasping, rasping kiss, as his hands found my ass. My breasts felt so soft when crushed against his hard muscular chest. In a rapid gathering movement behind me, he pulled my panties up into my crack, exposing my asscheeks, now naked but for the thin panties. His hands entered the back of them, and instinctively, I pressed into them.

Cupping and squeezing my asscheeks, he made me grind my pussy into his groin, as he brought his knee up between my legs, making it easier for me with my stomach to grind against him. He had the advantage also of pushing his leg up against the vibrator inside of me.

I felt a glow of pride, feeling his stiffness there and knowing I was still able to do that to him. His fingers tickled the sensitive inner crack between the buttocks then moved his hand lower, found my most sensitive of holes and teased it putting pressure on the vibrator to go further and then back out again. "Please . . .stop teasing me Brax, please."

I wanted to draw my thighs together to somehow relieve the achy clammy feeling between my legs. But his mouth went to my nipples again and I had to spread my legs to brace myself against the unit. I felt the cool air to my stomach as I was now exposed fully for him to take. His hand pressed to my stomach then slipped down and into the tight elastic of my panties. I arched backwards and spread wider as he ran his fingertips, through the pubic hair down, onto my moist, yearning lips.

Slowly rubbing, the lips yielded to his fingers. One found my emerging clit at the same time as his mouth teased and devoured my nipples. I felt him start to rub vigorously. Just a few minutes of his expert hands and mouth sent my body into blissful convulsions . . . exploding into waves of almost painful release. "Mmm yes! . . . Yes, Brax!"

"Go baby, I've got you. Come for me." He did not stop until I sank down on him, panting with the effort of so many waves of pleasure. Our mouths met, tongues darted and lashed like fighting snakes. With my hands I felt every rippling muscle in his back as I pressed myself hard into him. My naked legs rubbed against his track pants, my core pressed against him.

"Aww fuck me Brax, please! Take me now!" I knew how much he loved making me beg, so I couldn't help myself when I all but ripped at his track pants and pushed them to the floor. He was naked in my arms, his hard shaft pressed into my belly with a burning desire.

In one swift and firm action he had me face down over the kitchen table, one foot on the floor and with the other, knelt on the chair, being careful to make sure my stomach wasn't squashed on to the table. I cried out in joy as my panties were pulled to one side and he quickly pulled the vibrator out. His cock pressed into me, I was so wet that despite his size I took his whole length on the first penetration. "Aww fuck yes! Brax!"

"Fuck Charlie yes! Damn it. . . . yes! I remembered too . . . Sometimes you just want it rammed in there . . . isn't that what you said?" He managed to mumble between heavy thrusts, each word emphasised with a strong stroke.

"Yes!" With each deep thrust, I felt his balls bump against me. He pressed his hand into the small of my back carefully, making sure my baby bump underneath wasn't pressed against anything, but I knew he was trying to arch my ass more towards him, meeting every powerful shafting.

I felt myself start to tremor, soon my body was shaking in a glorious orgasm. The intensity of my orgasm seemed to multiply into an all embracing body-quak as he pushed his thumb carefully into my butt and fucked it in time with him. "Holy shit Brax! Oh God! . . . . Oh god . . . Yes!" I was sobbing for breath and shouting out obscenities when his body went very taut against me. I felt his cock swell then pulse as he paid me the final compliment and filled my depths. I slumped my face onto the cold table, panting like a sprinter as my head made its way back into my body.

He had not shrunk much when he pulled out. Slowly I pulled myself from the table and onto a chair. I looked at the massive glistening rod standing between his legs. I stood, walked over to the washing basket waiting to go upstairs and pulled one of his shirts on. I walked into the lounge and Brax was fast to follow me. He watched as I poured him a very large whisky and he downed it in one. "Get my shirt off, Charlie."

His voice was that of 'he who should be obeyed' and it was driving me wild. I slowly peeled his shirt off and stood naked in our lounge, my heart pounding, my blood racing as my man eyed me up like his prey. I went to him, my mouth dry, feeling as if I were about to be devoured.

His mouth found the most sensitive parts of my stomach, and his tongue drove me wild. I opened my thighs as his fingers slipped over my clit, making it swell to a new hardness. I reached for him and he was still wet and coated with my juices.

As I slowly rubbed it, he grew hard against my palm. It felt so big in my hot hand. He looked into my eyes and smiled lustily as his hands gripped my bottom and pulled me to him. I spread my thighs to sit astride his lap, holding him to my entrance then sinking, impaling myself on his wonderful tool.

He pressed deep into me, filling me again. His mouth found each nipple, and in turn brought them to their extended hardness. Almost involuntarily, I rode up and down him, growing every time I sat down. God, how I loved riding this man!

The noises of our lovemaking filled the room. I did not know which was more deliciously disgusting; his lips and tongue lapping at my nipples, the slurping noises as he filled and emptied me, or my growls and moans mixed with obscenities I wouldn't normally say. Either way my man was driving my body wild tonight.

Suddenly he rolled us over as he knelt up, pulling my hips on to his legs. He plunged in and out of me, hard and fast. My body lifted into his pushing up to meet his harder thrusts. My climax swept through me like a bush fire, causing my body to go rigid and my mouth to gulp great chunks of air. It was as if I'd entered another dimension where the only sensation was sexual pleasure.

I was lost in a haze of exquisite sensations that swept through my body from head to toe. It was timeless and I wanted it to go on forever. Suddenly, as this wonderful feeling started to die away, I felt him leaving me and I cried out in anguish. "Braxxxx no!"

"Shhh, Shit babe! Shhh!" I suddenly shot up, my eyes open and saw lights coming down our driveway. My hand immediately flew to my mouth as I looked at him horrified, realising we got carried away and Tina was now home.

"Brax!" I whisper shouted at him.

"Babe, shhh! Just sit here very still and quiet, it's too dark and if she doesn't turn the light on, she won't see us.

"Oh my god, Brax! What if she does?"

"I'll cover you baby, I promise."

"Holy shit! I want to die, this is my worst nightmare." I buried my head in my hands as Brax rubbed my arms, still sitting up watching her movement.

"Babe, just be really quiet and calm ok, she's about to walk in." I lay there completely freaking out as Brax carefully lay over the top of me, being careful not to lay on me fully and crush my stomach. When I heard the door lock go I gasped and he was quick to place his hand over my mouth as he whispered in my ear. "Baby trust me, just be really quiet for a few seconds."

I heard the door open then shut and lock before I heard a whole lot of shuffling . . . . holy shit! Is that kissing sounds? "I think we are safe, looks like they have already gone to bed."

"Mmm good, then they won't hear what I am about to do to you Mark."

We heard a whole lot of moaning and then shuffling and after a few minutes, I felt Brax sit up and I followed him. We both looked at each other as best we could in the dark before whispering. "I didn't hear things, that was Mark's voice right?"

"It was Batman, and Tina definitely said Mark!"

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