International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Nine - Brax’s POV

I walked over to Chester, firmly secured in place to the bed with saran wrap and sat down next to him saying hello. His nervous laugh didn't go unnoticed. "Alright dude, give. I'm sorry." I bet he was. . .now. I almost wanted to laugh myself when he said he was busting for a piss.

"That's unlucky." That skittish chortle returned as he tried to apologise again. "You really sound sorry when you say it while laughing." He tried to lift his head while asking what I wanted him to say. "How about sorry Brax, I'm an asshole."

"I'm a loveable one, right?" The look on this clown's face as he found a way to turn a joke in the midst of this. Blankly, I replied it was debatable, much to Charlie's delight.

"So, it looks like we are a standstill bro. Are you going to admit you are an asshole?" Conceding he repeated the words to me as I patted him on the face. "Good man. Now I want you to have a think about what you've done, and we will be back soon to let you out."

"Bro! Serious now, I need to piss." Charlie giggled and told him he better cross his legs then, knowing full well he had no chance of being able to move, we wrapped him up that tight.

I stood from the bed and leaned down to whisper in Chester's ear. "And just for the record, she doesn't need those balls, if you get what I'm putting down."

Chester roared with laughter as he replied "Tight!" I stuck an unlit joint in his mouth just to really fuck with him and walked out, shutting the door.

"Behave bro and remember, think about what you've done." We headed downstairs as the rest of the band looked at the photos and continued to laugh, and I made a beeline straight for the coffee. I felt Charlie come up behind me, wrapping her tiny arms around my waist. I took her hands in mine and brought them up to my mouth, kissing her fingertips softly as I felt her head rest between my shoulder blades. "You alright cutie?" She mumbled into my back she was fine, as we stood there cuddling, waiting for the coffee to boil.

The boys came in praising our epic effort in executing the plan as I laughed and told them it came to me in my dream yesterday afternoon. "How long are you going to make him suffer?" I told Mark I planned on enjoying a coffee and joint in peace first.

We sat down and enjoyed our morning wake up and after half an hour I decided to end his suffering. The rest followed me up, we barely opened the door when Chester wailed "Serious NOW DUDE! If you do not let me out I am going to piss this bed."

"I thought you liked pissing yourself because it keeps you warm? Swear I remember you saying that once."

"Come on man, I've got the ht now, no more I promise." Charlie said it could be amusing to watch him piss himself when Chester added "Aww come on Midget! Don't do me like that baby."

I started to move back, closing the door. "Out, everyone. He needs another ten minutes in quiet time."

Chester's nervous disposition increased as he chuckled wearily. "Fuck man, I am under duress here, it was an accident. I didn't mean to say baby, I call every chick that."

"Except Charlie. Bye fool, you earned yourself extra time." I closed the door and I heard him grumble to himself that he would just piss the bed.

"You know if he pisses that bed we lose our deposit right? And I will be making you pay for it." I rolled my eyes at Marcus being the sensible one as I opened the door again to let the prick out.

Charlie went to get me a pair of scissors from the kitchen to make it easier and the moment Chester was free he pushed me backwards off the bed as he bolted for the bathroom. We headed back downstairs laughing our heads off as we waited for him to join us. "When the fuck did you even do that bro?"

"When I knew you wouldn't wake up." This fool, nearly three years we had been together. I knew exactly when to strike. Ever the bitch when he wants to be he called us horrible when we are supposed to be his longest relationship. Liam was quick to point out if he put out more we might be more loving.

"Don't cry princess, Mace will be here in a few days so you can get her to heat your balls up." Liam asked Chester to come over so he could show him something. "What is it?"

"The reason why she can use her mouth or use protection." Chester looked as Liam said "Otherwise you end up looking like this gimp." When he showed him the photo we took while he wrapped to the bed everyone started howling again.

Chester tackled Liam as they fucked around wrestling on the couch much to our amusement. I noticed Charlie had gone back to the kitchen so I walked over leaning on the bench. "Are you making more coffee?" When she said yes I asked for one also.

Charlie and I headed to our room and got showered and changed for the day. Marcus had let us know we were going down to the studio today to meet the other band we would be travelling with and to get a bit of practice in. I'd asked Charlie to come with me. I enjoyed having my girl there when I play, it gives me focus and clarity when she is around.

The both of us got rugged up and ready to head out into the bitter snow storm that blistered around us, and my cutie looked adorable. The moment I stepped outside though I was regretting it. When I scrunched my face, Charlie was quick to ask what that look was for. "Fuck this is too cold."

"It's not that cold babe, honestly." I rolled my eyes at her before taking her hand as we went to the bus to head off. It didn't take long to arrive after a short drive through Toronto. Marcus was inside with the other groups manager discussing optics I assumed, so I figured it was best we go and introduce ourselves.

We headed over and Chester was fucking around with Charlie, trying to get under her skin like he normally does, when I told him to pull his head in. "Hey man, Chris right? It's good to finally meet you."

A guy with a seventies still curly mop top and dirty moustache, black as the night sky we arrived at last night took my hand in a firm shake. Typical punk rocker in skinny black ripped jeans and buttoned shirt he was welcoming in greeting us all. "Great to meet you Brax. This is April and Brett, the rest of our band."

Brett, similar in appearance to Chris, you could be excused for believing them brothers, the only difference being Brett had a definite height advantage and welcomed us to Canada as he went around the group shaking hands. April was talking with the girls, a petite thing with a blonde pixie bob, but don't be fooled, I had heard her vocals and she packed a punch.

Chester had thanked them for the welcome gift and invited them around for a smoke anytime. "How about we go for a smoke now, Ooo how about we just smoke the night away?" Charlie and I looked at each other and smirked, quick to acknowledge who Chester would make a beeline too. When they reached across and fist bumped, our suspicion was confirmed.

"Are you guys shitting me? Nick and I were barely talking for twenty minutes and you're already organising a piss up?" I laughed when Marcus spoke up and clouted Chester behind the head. Nick was Glaze's manager, a well groomed executive in his middle thirties and from what I had seen he had a reputation that precedes him.

Everyone broke off into their little groups and Chris, who was sitting across from Charlie and I leaned forward. We had spoken a few times since the Tour was announced and bounced ideas off each other a few times. I had known of Chris' work for a while and he was an extremely talented writer, but more so his ear for tone was unreal. The beats he puts together were out of this world. "You remember that idea we were bouncing around last week mate?"

"Yeah, did you have a chance to look into it and give it some thought?" I told Chris I had looked over it thoroughly and we needed to do it. "Legit?"

"Let's do it, mate."

"Fuck yeah! Then let's get the hell out of here and get these drinks flowing. We have a reason to celebrate now!" I took Charlie's hand as she looked at me confused, waiting for an explanation. I helped her put her coat back on as I winked at her, a sly grin on my face. Just as she went to speak, Marcus cut her off.

"Come back to our guys, I have given Nick the address. We'll order some food and sort drinks on the way back." When Brett said he had a bag full of smoke, we all said chuck it in. The two menaces fist bumped again as we all looked on at the developing bromance. He might leave Charlie alone now.

As we got on the bus and I sat down, Charlie was quick to take my face between her eyes, forcing me to make eye contact. "So what's this idea you and Chris came up with Mister?"

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