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Chapter Ninety - Brax POV

After nearly getting caught ourselves, Charlie and I had to wait quietly before we could sneak back up to our bedroom. The moment we did, I fell on it dying of laughter. "Brax! Did that seriously just happen?"

"Which part?" I chuckled at her. "The part where we nearly got caught fucking or where we sprung Tina and Mark? Holy shit! I need to tell Chester."

"Stop being such a gossip!"

"You know what babe, I do have to say this. For someone pretty open when it comes to having sex, you really seem to hate the idea of people knowing we have sex."

"I do not!" I cracked up laughing at her indignant face when she said it.

"Really? So you didn't just say it was your worst nightmare? I am pretty sure they know we have sex. Firstly they have heard us, and secondly you have my baby inside you."

"Shut up, Brax." She pushed me away as I chuckled again. "I just don't like the idea of our friends seeing us have sex."

"Liam has." I laughed at her again.

"Shut the fuck up, Brax!" She picked my pillow up and belted me over the head with it before heading to the bathroom. I followed her not long after so I could brush my teeth and get ready for bed. "Brax, get out! I am trying to pee!"

"So? Don't let me stop you. I have seen everything down there anyway, and ate out on it regularly." I can't help tormenting her sometimes. It makes me laugh how easily embarrassed she is.

"I swear to god you are impossible sometimes!"

"I still have a hard on, just thought you should know." When she laughed and told me to stop it, I turned to look at her as she wiped herself and stood up from the toilet. "Well, what's the alternative? You can listen to Mark and Tina instead?" I still couldn't help but say it without laughing. The fact Chester had just shit stirred Charlie about it earlier today and then we had caught them had killed me.

"Fine! Just hurry up." After heading back to bed we finished what we had started in the lounge room before I raced out to the kitchen and grabbed the vibrator we had left on the floor and jumped back into bed. I was laying on my back splayed across our bed with Charlie's head resting on my arm as we both tried to suck in some much needed breaths.

"I have an idea." She tilted her head up at me and asked what it was. "We should get up early and catch him trying to sneak out in the morning."

"You are assuming she is going to let him spend the night?" The way in which she said it so matter of fact cracked me up.

"Brutal babe! Worth the try though, don't you think?" When Charlie told me to set the alarm I rolled over to the bedside table and sorted it before switching the light off. As I cuddled down into Charlie's back, I leaned over first and planted a flutter of kisses across her stomach. "Goodnight Molly, daddy loves you."

"You are seriously cute sometimes."

Nooo, masculine."

"Okay Caveman. I love you." I whispered back the same as I curled up behind Charlie, wrapping my arm around her stomach, holding my little girl tightly as I rested my head on her neck. Waking up to the alarm, I felt Charlie move in my arms and I kissed her neck delicately as she reached around to my neck, stroking her nails across it.

"Morning cutie."

"Morning baby . . . . I need to pee." I chuckled back at her and I wasn't surprised. "It's your daughter's fault."

"I have a feeling that is a phrase I will get used to hearing a lot of." We got up and Charlie headed through to the bathroom before chucking a jumper on and coming out to lay on the couch. I made myself a coffee and her a cup of tea before I came and sat behind her. She lay back in my lap as we scrolled our phones and played the waiting game.

I was watching her start to fall asleep in my lap and I kept staring at her bump, finding myself drawn to it like a magnet. It still hit me now when I realised that was my baby inside her. All I ever wanted was this girl, and now she was so close to giving me a daughter. I reached around her and angled my phone down as she opened her eyes. Her head shot up as she looked at me curiously before asking what I was doing. "I took a photo of Molly."

I showed her the photo and she smiled up at me. Her hand reached up to my neck to pull me closer. When I saw her eyes full of love, she pressed on my neck firmer, pulling me down to kiss her, slow at first, but it didn't take long for our kiss to turn into long mouthwatering strokes. I ran my hands over her beautiful stomach as our tongues explored each other lovingly. We were drawn out of our kisses when we heard what we had been waiting for . . . . Tina's door to open.

We sat on the couch that faced the front door and waited until we saw them both heading towards it. Mark with his shoes in hand to try and be quiet. When they got to the door we watched as Mark turned to Tina, pulling her into him and kissing her. I couldn't hold back a second longer when I heard Charlie start to giggle. "Sure you don't want a coffee before you go mate?"

"You fucking wankers!" When we burst out laughing he shook his head as he straightened up again, still holding on to Tina's waist. "You scared the living shit out of me."

"Smile!" I quickly lifted my phone and took a photo of a stunned Mark and Tina as Midget burst out laughing in my lap.

"Don't you dare! You fucker!" When I laughed and said too late Mark shook his head and called me a prick.

"Don't worry bro, I only sent it to Chester . . . . and Liam, and Shane, and Mace, and Kendall, and Chrissy. . . . Oh and Marcus and Tessa." Of course my cutie burst out laughing at their faces.

"Get me that coffee already, you asshole." Mark threw his shoes on the floor near the door as they headed over. I gave Charlie a quick kiss on the forehead and got up to get everyone a cuppa. As I was in the kitchen I heard Charlie start the spanish inquisition.

"So, something you want to tell us?"

"You know guys, if you had of been less obvious about it yesterday, Chester wouldn't have picked up on the fact you two were fucking!" I heard Mark swear under his breath when I said that.

"Fuck that guy!" I cracked up at Tina's response, having heard it many times before from Charlie. I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket and pulled it out to see Chester was calling.

I headed into our pantry to make it look like I was getting sugar and coffee, but also so the others couldn't hear me. "Be quick, they are just in the next room."

"He's still there?"

"Yeah, bro. Just making him a coffee now."

"We will see you in ten minutes." I cracked up as the call disconnected and pocketed my phone. I made the coffees and a tea for Charlie and after bringing them out to the lounge room, Mark and I stepped out the front to have a blunt while the girls talked.

"So?" I looked over at him as I lit up the blunt. When he didn't answer I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Ha shut up man, what do you want me to say? She's great company, we both have just gone through a break up. We got talking, and we both had needs. Let's just see what happens. No pressure right?"

"No pressure bro, but I do have one question?"

"What's that?"

"Why the fuck didn't you just take her back to your house?" I cracked up laughing which caused me to cough on the smoke as I passed it to Mark. "We would have been none the wiser if you had just done that mate."

"Awww man, shut up. I know alright. I was trying to be polite and not assume. I said I would get the uber to drop her home on the way through . . . ."

"Then it became 'Do you want to come in for a drink' right?"

"Something like that." I raised my brow at him again and he just laughed and took a toke. We finished the blunt and headed back inside and were having a chat when the front door flung open and in walked Chester, with Liam, Shane, Chrissy, Mace and Kendall in tow.

"Hey fuckers!" He said as he pointed his fingers at Mark and Tina, winking at them. Charlie and I nearly fell off the couch laughing all over again.

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