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Chapter Ninety One - Charlie’s POV

A week ago we had caught Tina and Mark and everyone had taken the piss out of them at each chance we got. I was thirty six weeks pregnant tomorrow and I won't lie, fuck me, I was over this shit! What kind of idiot gets pregnant and then times it so she is giving birth during an Australia forty degree celsius summer? Charlie does! I swear to god our electricity bill was going to be ridiculous by the time it came in.

Between the air conditioning running constantly on twenty degrees for my sake, while most of the time the others walked around in a jumper inside the house before stripping off to go outside again, the band had to practice here because Brax wouldn't leave me. I had repeatedly told him I was fine, but he had firmly dug his heels in like the stubborn git he can be and was not having a bar of it.

It was early morning and the sun hadn't even fully risen and where was I? In the kitchen because Molly decided we needed to have some boysenberry ice cream. I was stuffing my face straight out of the tub when Mark walked in. "Molly wanted ice cream for breakfast?"

"Correct." I answered as I shoved another spoonful in. He walked over and flicked the kettle on then grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. Mark sat at the kitchen counter across from me as he took a sip and I continued to hoover my ice cream. I know most people would be wondering who the fuck he thought he was coming into someone's home and making yourself so comfortable. But we had always told our friends to treat our home as theirs, and for all our antics they had always respected our place, as we had theirs. So I had no issue in opening my door to any of them.

However, I drew the line at sharing my ice cream. So when Mark tried to reach over and take the spoon to have some, I smacked him on the knuckles with it. "Awwww. . . . . hahaha what the fuck, Midget! That hurt!"

"It was supposed to. Don't touch my baby girl's ice cream."

"One spoonful won't kill you."

"But you will end up dead." He turned when he heard Brax entered and asked if that was the voice of experience?

"Correct, bro. Hey baby." He came over and kissed my neck as he wrapped his arms around my stomach.

"Why are you up so early?" I ate another big spoonful of ice cream before I turned to him. He looked at me for a minute before he moved in and slid his tongue into my mouth. He kissed me deeply for a few seconds before pulling back just as fast.

"That's the only way I can get ice cream in this house now, bro." Mark and Brax laughed before they fist bumped and as he pulled his hand back, I smacked him on the knuckles also. "Aww you fucking evil midget of death! That hurts."

When Mark told Brax he had said the same, I sucked my teeth. "And like I told you, it is supposed to! Also seriously? You did all that for a tiny taste of ice cream?"

"Nah baby, just a taste of you." He smacked me on the ass as I waved the spoon at him and mumbled that it was a lucky save. I asked him again why he was up? "I rolled over and couldn't find you, so i came to check you were alright when you didn't return."

"Got hungry." I shoved another spoonful in my mouth as he smacked my ass and grabbed a handful, before going over to the kettle. Bringing a cup back for Mark and himself, he stood behind me. Mark and him chatted while Brax rubbed my belly and I found myself leaning further on to the bench as I ate my ice cream. When my butt started to push into him more I felt his hands move around to my back and start rubbing over my hips and sore muscles. "Awww god that feels good, do it harder."

Mark's head shot up and he cracked up laughing in my face. Before I could register he snapped a photo with his phone. He looked down at it and now had his wrinkles forming under his eyes from cracking up. "That's fucking gold!"

He turned his phone around and it looked like Brax was fucking me from behind. . . . while I stuffed ice cream in my face. "Send me that please. I want it as my screensaver." I pushed my ass out on Brax more as I called him wanker. "How could I not babe? You have a mouth full of cream and you look like you're about to be filled with mine."

"You're fucked!" I rolled my eyes as Mark and Brax cracked up. Ignoring them I went back to eating as Mark asked what the fuck that was anyway? "He was rubbing my lower back and hips as they have been really sore lately. I told him to do it harder, that was all."

"Midget, are you being an asshole right now and trying to make me feel guilty for making a joke out of it?"

"Do you feel like an asshole Mark?" He cracked up and told me to shut up as I smiled at him and he went back to his phone taking a sip of his coffee. God love him, Brax continued to work on my back and hips for me to the point I was now stuffed full of ice cream, feeling a bit more relaxed and ready for a nap. "Alright, I am going to sleep now."

"Really? You literally just got up, grazed, got a massage and now you are going to nap?"

"I might even stop to pee too before I got back to bed. Are you coming?"

"Am I allowed to? Or are you offering?" When Mark and him chuckled I glared at them both. "See you in a bit bro, make yourself at home. You know the score, chop bowl is in the studio downstairs, with the bong."

"Safe man. I might go rip a cone then head back to bed myself. What time are the other's heading over?"

"Eleven. Chester had to push it back as he had an appointment first up this morning. He wasn't sure how long he would be." It didn't take Brax long to catch me up and join me in bed. "Are you ok baby?"

"Yeah, of course. Why do you ask?"

"I just. . . I noticed it seems. . . .I am trying to say this without sounding insensitive."

"Then just say it babe, I will let you know if you sound offensive or not." I grinned at him cheekily to help ease the tension I could see on his face.

"I'm just worried about you. You seem to be struggling a lot this last week."

"Thank you for noticing babe, I appreciate that. That could never be insensitive. It's nice that you see the little things too, it reminds me how loved I am." I gave him a soft kiss as he stroked my arm. "The honest answer, I feel like my stomach wants to pop. The skin is so sore and tight, it feels really stretched."

I watched as he leaned over to my bedside draws and grabbed out a bottle of body lotion. He gestured for me to lay on my back, and he sat across my thighs, straddling them. I watched as he pushed my shirt up to just under my breasts. He opened the bottle of lotion and put a bit on his hands before he started rubbing my stomach carefully, letting the cream soothe my sore skin and his hands massage my stomach as well. "Keep talking baby, I am listening. I just wanted to make you as comfortable as possible, too."

"I know, and that's why I appreciate you." He continued to rub my stomach for me while I tried to explain to him. "It's weird because I feel like every day now I get bigger, but it isn't just her growing. I can feel her starting to get herself ready too, if that makes sense?"

"As in turning? I remember them mentioning that."

"Well, yes . . . . ultimately turning, but making her way down too. My hips are a lot sorer, just in general. Sometimes moving can be a real struggle. The moment I feel a pee coming I have to start moving straight away because it can take a while to get up out of the chair."

"So I will carry you?"

I smiled as I held my giggle in and replied to him. "Are you going to find a solution for all my whines?"

"I will try my best to do whatever I can to ease the burden on you." Brax leaned over me supporting his weight on his arms and kissed me. As he went to sit back up, I held his neck and kissed him a bit deeper. "Mmm . . . not that I am complaining, but what was that for?"

He sat back and put some more cream on his hands and went back to rubbing my hips and stomach for me. "Hormones Brax. Enjoy the good ones when they come, don't question them."

"Yeah, my knuckles already met the alternative this morning."

"Come lay with me? I want to fall asleep with you now."

"Okay, mummy midget."

"Hey!" He grinned at me as he lay down and pulled the blankets up over us. I smiled as he reached over and put the air conditioning back on for me before I felt him wrap into my back, resting his head between my shoulder blades as he wrapped his arm around my stomach. Brax's arm he was laying on extended above his head, and ran the length of my body, curling in above my head as I felt him start stroking my hair. I reached down and started to run my fingers along his arm and soon found myself fast asleep.

In truth, I hadn't slept this good for the last few days, just that little bit of care from Brax had made the world of difference, so I hadn't a clue how long I had been out for it when I woke up feeling the need for the bathroom.

I sat up and felt Brax's arm still over me and lifted it gently to get up. Turning to head to the bathroom, I burst into laughter when I saw Chester had snuck in and was spooning into Brax. I had to put my hand over my mouth to stifle the laugh as I went to the bathroom and came back grabbing my phone. I took a photo first before I pressed it onto the video and shouted. . . . "BRAX! What the fuck are you doing?"

I saw his eyes shoot open and glance around the room. Sensing the dead weight wrapped around him and seeing me standing in front of him, he looked down and freaked out. He threw Chester's arm off him as he started kicking him until he fell on the floor. Brax jumped out of the other side of the bed towards me. It was only when he heard the laughing Monkey on the other side and saw me in tears of hysterics he realised what had happened. "Fuck! You wanker!"

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