International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Ninety Two - Brax POV

So apparently Charlie likes to take the piss out of me, even after I was nice to her earlier. Okay, game on evil midget! "Aww baby, where are you going?"

"Eat a dick, Midget!" I heard Chester laughing behind me.

"I didn't do it, it was Chester."

"Did you film it?" When she didn't answer but I heard Chester still cackling I turned around to them both. "Eat a dick!" I shut the door and walked out of the room on the two shit stirrers, pissing themselves laughing. I headed down to the kitchen and made a coffee when I got an idea. I soon heard Chester and Charlie walking back still sounding like hyenas, thick as thieves until she looked up and saw what I was doing.

"AGHH! You're dead to me, Brax!"

As I continued, and took another spoonful I saw the smoke coming out of her ears. "Who's laughing now?" I asked as I ate a good size helping of her precious ice cream.

"Not cool bro! You can't steal your daughter's food."

"Exactly! It isn't for me!" I saw her stomp her foot as I continued to eat it.

"I can see why Molly likes it so much." I took another giant spoonful and ate it as Charlie started to twitch even more, her anger starting to boil over. "Mmm it's so good."

"I hope you choke on it, wanker!" Of course being the shit I am, I stood there and ate the whole bowl while she death stared at me before I headed up and got dressed so we could get down to the studio. Of course, not before I smacked her on the ass for good measure.

Once I got back all the boys were ready to go so we headed downstairs and got stuck into it. We had been working for a few hours and were in a zone so I hadn't noticed anything but what I was focused on. Charlie came in the door waving the house phone at me. "Brax! Marcus is on the phone."

"Why didn't he just ring my mobile?"

"He did . . . four times."

"Shit! Sorry. . . . I was in a zone. . . no sorry, it was on silent, my bad." She passed me the phone and said she was going to make some lunch for everyone and would be back soon. "You'll make a great house wife yet baby."

"Asshole!" I chuckled as she flipped me off and headed off.

"Hey Marcus, what's up?"

"You have to go to Melbourne next week."

"I can't do that, sorry. Charlie will be thirty seven weeks pregnant. I am not leaving town."

"Same day flights, in and out." I flatly said no again. "They already booked you in for a television interview."

"Fuck off, Marcus! Are you serious? I already had this conversation with you, man!"

"I know Brax, and believe me if I had been involved from the onset I would have flatly said no. I only found this out myself when I tried to call you." I asked when they wanted me to go and when he said next Thursday I stood up out of my chair and started to pace across the acoustic flooring of my studio.

"Bro, I need to speak to Charlie and call you back. I can't have this conversation without involving her."

"I'm really sorry, mate. Like I said I will make sure it is the same day. Whatever it takes."

"Yeah, alright. I will call you back." I hung up and saw the guys all staring at me. When Liam asked what did I do, my brows knitted as I shook my head. "What do you mean, what did I do?"

"You have that look on your face that says Midget is about to ream you."

"She probably is, Shane." Chester asked how bad it was. "The fucking studio booked me in for a television interview next Thursday . . . . in Melbourne! They didn't even consult with Marcus first!"

"Fuck!" Yeah, that about sums it up Chester, the same thought I initially had. "Anyway of getting out of it?"

"The best Marcus has been able to do is get same day flights, in and out."

"Do you want me to come and babysit the pregnant midget of tour?" When Mark laughed he added. "Or Mark could, since he will probably be here banging Tina anyway." As Mark flipped him off, I thanked them both and told them to hit the bong. I had to go break the news to Charlie.

I headed upstairs and found her in the kitchen making some lunch for us all. She looked up and smiled when she saw me coming up. That is until our eyes met and she put the utensils down, wiped her hands on the towel and came around to meet me. I sat down at the kitchen counter and Charlie walked over to me, running her hand across my cheek as she gripped my shoulder. "What's wrong baby? Is everything ok?"

"Marcus' phone call babe." She looked at me and stepped closer as I rubbed her hips. "He just found out today the studio booked me in for a television appearance next Thursday . . . . in Melbourne."

I couldn't quite make out her expression but mostly she seemed to be more worried and upset about me. "Babe, we always knew this was a risk. I will be alright. How long do you have to go for?" When I said Marcus had managed to convince them to fly in and out the same day she smiled and said that was good, but I noticed it didn't really meet her eyes.

"I don't want to risk leaving you at the moment, Charlotte."

"I understand that baby, I promise that Molly and I will be fine. Tina is here and before you know it, you will be back home with us. It's just a few hours."

"I thought you might have ripped me a new asshole, you know."

"Maybe Marcus." She winked at me as I smirked and pulled her in for a hug. Her tiny arms wrapped around my neck as she kissed the side of my face.

"I love you. Thank you for always supporting me and making life that little bit easier."

"And your girls love you." Charlie pulled me into her and I kissed her sweet lips, her hands holding my neck tighter. I felt her tongue press against my lips until I opened and gave her the access she wanted. Tilting my head to the side as I deepened the kiss, I felt her starting to rub herself against me. My hand immediately roamed down her body, settling on her beautiful backside that I grabbed a handful of. "Mmm, we should stop Brax."

"We should, but no." I kissed her harder and with a renewed passion as our hands explored each other, desperately wishing we were alone to explore this moment further. "Let's go away this weekend, the two of us? Have some time to ourselves before Molly gets here?"

"I would love that baby, but we are a bit restricted on where we can go at the minute."

"It doesn't matter cutie, as long as we are together. We can just get in the car and drive down or up the coast. An hour, two hours, it doesn't matter. Just find a quiet little town for the weekend."

"Sounds perfect. I've got some hormones I need you to take care of before you go."

"Really? And just how might I do that?"

"Don't be stupid bro, she wants you to fuck her." Charlie rolled her eyes and glared at me as I turned to Chester who had just spoken from the top of the stairs.

"Don't fuck with me man, you timed that one on purpose."

Fuck yeah, I did!" All I could do was laugh at that honest asshole, what more could I say?

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