International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Ninety Three - Charlie’s POV

So there we were, sitting in Brax's car, windows down, stereo up, overnight bags in the boot, Brax's hand in my lap rubbing my stomach as I had my hand up behind his neck stroking it. Heading down the coast until we find somewhere we want to stop for the weekend to have some quiet time. I knew this was in part because he was feeling guilty he had to go away on Thursday for work, but I honestly didn't understand why he felt like that.

This was his job, this was what he did, and I had never once begrudged him his successes because I knew how hard he worked for them. Sure, the timing wasn't ideal but with people like Marucs in his corner to fly the flag for Brax, they had made sure to minimise his time away and get him in and out the same day as promised.

Tina was still staying with us which also meant when she was home and not at Mark's house, he was staying at ours also. Plus the rest of the gang had promised to come over so he had nothing to worry about.

All that aside though, I couldn't say I was disappointed to have this time to get away with him and spend it with just the two of us. I was ridiculously in love with this man and our whole world was about to change soon. We would be responsible for a little human, it would no longer just be about us. And I wanted one last time, not the band and our friends and family, but just Brax and I.

We finally found a town we liked the look of, and stopped to get out of the car for a little bit. We found a cafe to grab a drink form and get a feel for the vibe. We chose to sit outside and take in some of the views. "Do you think we could live somewhere like this, Brax?"

"I think we would get terrified of the quiet babe."

"True, neither of us really know what that is." I looked up and saw the stunning mountain setting behind him and pulled my phone out. "Stand there babe, let me take a photo?"

He stood there as I got the view I wanted. I saw him being a dork just as I took the photo. When I checked it sure enough he had managed to stick his tongue out just in time. When I called him a twat he laughed and placed his hands together bowing at me. "You gronk! You do know Namaste means my soul recognises yours, not I got high on acid at a music festival once or twice?

Brax cracked up and I looked at him confused for a moment. "God, I haven't heard you say gronk in so long." I smiled and rested my head in my hand as I asked if he remembered the first time I said it? "To Chester. When he came running into your office and tried to hide under your desk to get away from Lizzie."

"To get away from Lizzie?" I raised my eyebrow at him.

"Well, that and he later admitted he was trying to get a look up your skirt too."

"Sounds more legitimate." Brax smiled as he said we had a pretty good run the last few years. "We have babe. We have some amazing memories and some incredible friends with us, or that we met along the way."

"And then the cluster fuck in Canada?"

"Not all bad, but hardly expected to see Calvin there."

"I still wish you had let me mess his face up more." I smiled at him and reached for his hand telling him there was no need, we already won. Look at where we were now. "Although when I think of Calvin, I still can't help but laugh at that cop's face when you tried to say you were the one that punched Calvin." I threw my head back laughing remembering it like yesterday as I said it was the first thing that came to my head at the time. "Baby, he would have been sporting siome sore ribs if you gave him an uppercut. Let's be honest, you are that short."

"You never complain?" I smirked at Brax.

"Why would I? It's like my own walking blow job, I can just slip it straight in." I called him a wanker and rolled my eyes as he chuckled.

"Laugh all you want, what about you and plastic barbie who tongue fucked you to high heaven the night you tried to take me out on our first date?"

"Fuck, don't remind me of that cutie! If that chick had any more work done, I would have had to call Mattel to come and box her up and put a warning label on the box for kids." And he thinks I am brutal! Brax cracked up as he reminded me of when I put my knee in the Federal Cop's nuts on the Regional Tour.

"Don't laugh! He shouldn't have touched you!"

"I do love your feisty side, Charlie. I can't help but wind you up on purpose sometimes."

"I know you do, you little shit!" We sat in silence for a few minutes before Brax asked what my favourite memory of Liam was. "That's easy. When we caught him talking to his reflection in the mirror." Brax agreed and added the toy story incident in also, before I pointed out Molly could never watch it now.

I asked Brax what his favourite memory of Shane was. "When we caught him and Kendall butt naked on the couch, and she didn't realise Chester was awake watching them."

"That poor girl, he is so wrong! Mine was when he said if she told him about her sherbet addiction Shane would have let her lick it off his balls." After Brax finished laughing, he said Mark. "I will never forget what he did for me that night you were in surgery. He's like the brother every girl wants."

"I hear that babe. The day I walked out on you in Canada, I would have fucked that up badly if it wasn't for him."

"He's an amazing guy. I am glad after things ended with April, him and Tina have some happiness. Whatever that is since neither of them are saying."

"It's sex baby." I choked and told him to stop it as he moved on and said Marcus.

"Oh absolutely when he punched Calvin!" Brax agreed, there was no way he wouldn't. "Chester?"

"The snapchat fail was pretty epic. Then when he schooled that reporter about it."

"I loved when he grilled you over your feelings for me."

"The shaving cream, that was good cutie!"

"When he spent nearly twenty four hours using every chance possible to call us fuckers." Brax laughed and said when the cop threatened to shove the baton up his ass, or Marcus' face when he ripped that chick's top off and signed her tits. "That psycho Claire he bought back!"

When I said the porn hub constant wanks before Chrissy Brax lost it. "Pregnant midget of tour. It still kills me every time he says it." When I said I didn't miss him listening into us, Brax lost it again as we both said at the same time 'You're a good girl baby."

We finished up our drinks and drove down the road a little further until we found a nice motel to get checked in. As I was standing on the balcony watching the sunset I felt Brax come out behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on my shoulder.

I felt his lips softly kiss my neck as his hands rubbed my stomach and hips. I reached one arm up, cupping his neck as I pulled his face into me more. When his hands carefully cupped my breasts, I turned my face to his and took his lips in mine, quickly using my tongue to open his mouth up, searching out and finding his. I felt his hand come up to my neck, gripping me possessively as our kiss turned feverish. "Thank you for giving me everything I ever wanted and needed, Charlie."

"Brax?" He stroked my face as he softly said yes. "Take me to bed, I want to be whole with you."

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