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Chapter Ninety Four - Brax POV

After an amazing weekend away with Charlie the rest of the week had gone relatively quiet. I was now getting ready to head to Melbourne tomorrow for this bloody television interview, and to say I wasn’t happy about it was an understatement.

As I locked up the house and got ready for bed, I saw Charlie waiting for me and my breath hitched. There was my heavily pregnant fiance, waiting for me in nothing more than a tiny pair of lace panties and a gorgeous lace teddy falling over her ample breasts and stomach. Every time I truly looked at this woman I was taken back. I still could barely believe she was mine. I had never known anything like her.

Every ounce of my being throbbed for her, in places, I myself sometimes didn’t even know existed. “Brax, do you want to take care of my needs?” Knowing she had the upper hand, she began taking off the teddy as I approached. Her belly popped out, while her breasts, cradled in a similar white bra, came into view. She spread her legs as I stood between them and she started working on my clothes. Soon enough, she had my shirt off and undid my pants allowing them to drop to the floor, along with my boxers. I stepped out of them as she removed her bra and lay back on the bed. I tugged her panties down and discarded them among our pile of clothes. The beauty of what was before me, struck like a lightning bolt.

The exceptional side of her huge areolas were striking against her skin. Her tits drooped to the sides but were full enough to defy gravity with her large nipples pointing skyward. Her belly looked incredible, but it was so different at the same time. It jetted out from her tiny body and was capped by her bellybutton, straining against the forces behind it. After that little button, her belly suddenly sucked back, leaving her pubic mound flat, reflecting what was once a tone, tight stomach.

Her pubic hair was light and showed a few weeks of growth. I had offered to help her many times, but she wouldn’t let me. Despite that, it didn’t hide her beautiful lips that showed a glint of wetness on them with a little creamy button peaking from her clit’s hood. “You like?” She asked as she spread before me on the bed, seeing my intense stare.

“How couldn’t I?” I responded as I soaked up my woman. Large tits capped with bursting nipples, giant belly exhibiting my shot that got by and impregnated her, beautiful pussy ready to be loved by my tongue, and ass crying to be cradled. With that, she gasped a nipple in each hand and started to play with them very softly while closing her eyes and letting out a sigh of ecstasy.

I knelt on the floor as I started kissing her inner thigh. I worked my way up until my cheek pressed against her centre, then turned my attention to the other leg doing the same thing. She was wiggling and moaning softly as I teased my way around where she wanted me. “Please don’t tease Brax!” With that I lowered my face into her and sucked a long lip into my mouth. “Yes, baby!”

She sighed as she felt her lip enter my mouth. Releasing it, I sucked the other into my mouth as she started grinding down onto my face. They were long and delicious and they felt like they were filling my mouth perfectly. With her still in my mouth, my tongue darted out and I let it slide inside her.

Charlie gasped as she felt my tongue enter her and the muscles contracted around my tongue, pulling it in further. Focusing my attention on her hole, my tongue repeatedly reached in as far as possible, curling and drawing back out a mixture of my saliva and her juices. My thumb reached for her little button while my other hand rested against the bottom of her belly.

The second my thumb made contact, Charlie gasped and her thighs squeezed around my head. She became silent as her body stiffened with the only movement being her muscles repeatedly contracting around my tongue. “BRAX!” She groaned as she finally drew in a breath of air and released her grip on my head.

“Damn! I forget how amazing you feel sometimes, cutie.” Normally I would look up during this point to enjoy the afterglow on the face of her, but all I could see was the underside of her belly heaving up and down with her strained breaths. My cock twitched at the sight, so full of lust.

On either side of the protruding belly, I saw a pair of hands extended motioning me up. Giving her clit a quick french kiss causing Charlie to shudder, I stood up and took her hands, helping to pull her towards me. Our mouths met and tongues explored as our hands roamed each others’ bodies.

I worked my way down her neck to her tits and inhaled her nipple. Despite having it fully engulfed in my mouth, I could still see how large the areola around it had become. As I sucked, I could feel a little liquid enter my mouth. It was warm, tangy and did not remind me of milk. “Och! Careful Brax. My nipples are so sore.” I was thankful because I really didn’t like that taste at all, but I didn’t want to be inconsiderate to her. With less aggressiveness I gave her breasts the attention they needed, being mindful of her nipples. Holding my head she commanded my attention. “I want you now.”

Charlie leaned down to kiss me as I shuffled her to the end of the bed and stood up. I positioned myself against her opening, and started to press forward. My head entered her as she spread her legs further giving me free access. “God yes, Brax!”

I held my position initially to enjoy the feeling of her wrapped around me, like I always did. Her muscles initially contracted as I entered, but they began to relax as her tunnel embraced the feeling of me filling her up. In this position I was able to enjoy the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her, see her clinging around my intrusion and withdrawal. Her juices clung to me, making me shimmer in the light.

I reached up with one hand to massage her breast while my other hand found her clit and started rubbing her button in slow circular motions. “Fuck me Brax, more!”

Initially I was concerned about hurting her, especially knowing how much she had been struggling lately, but the feeling of her around me and her demands quickly quashed that. I began taking fast little strokes, knowing the depth wouldn’t hurt her. I also knew this rubbed her just the right way to get her off and soon it caused the bed to squeak as her tits bounced with each thrust. “Awww yes! I love your cock, Brax!”

I couldn’t believe my ears as her screams increased in volume. “Fuck, your mouth is driving me wild tonight, Charlie!” To steady myself and provide additional leverage, I grabbed the tops of her thighs and pulled her carefully into me with each thrust. She groaned and grunted with each push as her hands searched for something on the bed to clinch. The pillows, sheets, handfuls and crumpled them in her fists. That’s when I knew, while not as hard as she liked to be fucked, I had hit the spot she needed me to.

After several minutes sweat dripped from my brow as her screams for my cock intensified and I knew I was done. “I’m coming, Charlie. Fuck!” I shouted through clenched teeth.

“Give me it baby, please.” My first load shot up my shaft as I stayed inside her stroking furiously. She squealed and I felt her contracting around me, as I stood pressed into her while the third, fourth and fifth spurt of my love juice raced through her. I continued to twitch through our orgasms, as her muscles tried to milk more from me than I had to offer.

I slumped carefully on her stomach, caressing her heaving tits as I caught my breath. I slipped out of her as she let out a heavy sigh. “I needed that so bad.”

“I needed that too baby.” We curled into each other and after that it didn’t take long to drift off to sleep. By the time Charlie woke in the morning I had already got showered and dressed and was downstairs having a coffee before I had to leave. When she walked down in those panties from last night and my shirt, I almost didn’t want to leave at all. I just wanted to head straight back to bed with her. “You look better than my breakfast. Want to come feed me it?”

I wiggled my eyebrows at her as she laughed and came over giving me a kiss before making a cup of tea. We enjoyed a drink and when I heard the front door go, I tapped her on the butt and told her to go and put some pants on. I went to the door and saw Chrissy and Chester on the other side. “Yo! What are you doing here, bro?”

“I said we would come and babysit pregnant midget of tour didn’t I? I keep my word, bro.”

“Thanks, man.” I hugged Chester before I went to Chrissy and welcomed them both inside.

“Want me to drive you to the airport to meet Marcus? Chrissy is happy to stay here with Charlie?”

“That would be a massive help, thanks bro.” I soon had everything into Chester’s car and I gave Charlie and Molly a kiss, promising them I would be back before they knew it. “Please take care baby, and call me if you need anything.”

“I promise, I will. We love you.” I gave her another kiss and got in the car where Chester dropped me off and said to call him tonight and he would be here. Marcus met me in the airport and we made our way efficiently through check in and to our boarding gate.

The flight from Sydney to Melbourne wasn’t long and when we disembarked we made the long drive from Tullamarine to the Network Studios.

After an afternoon of getting prepped and sorted for the interview it went fantastic. I was overwhelmed by the response from everyone. I had not long got off stage and was waiting in the dressing room as I had agreed to sing one of my songs live at the end of the show. I felt my phone ring in my pocket and pulled it out to see Chester. “Hey bro, all good? I am just in between the show.”

“Charlie’s water broke. We are on our way to the hospital, get home now, Brax!”

“Fuck! Don’t be joking with me man, I am about to freak out!”

“I swear I am not. Brax, get home!” Fuck! I knew something like this was going to happen, this is why I didn’t want to leave.

“Chester, do not leave her side. Promise me, bro. Please do not leave her until I get there.”

“I won’t mate, I promise. I am not going anywhere.” I told him to go with her to the hospital, whatever happened do not let them take her on her own. “I got this, bro. I’ve got you. Besides it will be good practice for us.”


Fuck! I guess this is where the real journey begins.

*** The End ***

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