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Never Let Go — Trapped✔

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"Do you know that you look erotic, Mrs. Bradford? Do you know how bewitching you look? Here, it is just me looking at you and praising you. But outside? Hundreds of men. So, now take this blazer and wear it without any noise." ♤■♤■♤ Ever forced by a billionaire to marry him? No? Ask, Caitlyn King! Who would have thought that the mighty Caitlyn King, who was the queen of her own small world, would be blackmailed?! That by an unknown man in a simple auction. Turns out that unknown man, is not only someone to mess with! He is Theodore Bradford, cutting the chase, he is THE BLACK PANTHER of the market. Nobody knew how he looked like. But what would happen when he would come out of nowhere and order Caitlyn to marry him in the time of three days. What would Caitlyn do now? Would she leave her long love of life for him? Join her in her adventure of life, full of rebellions, sexual tension, and the most prominent feeling to her, anger. What would she do when her own mind would contradict with her own traitor heart? ♤■♤ THIS IS THE BOOK 1 OF SERIES NEVER LET GO :~ TRAPPED Warning ⚠️ :- The book is marked mature already. Then also, I'm warning you, the book contains abusive content, sexual content, rape and other triggerative contents. So, if you are not comfortable, please do not read further. ♧The book is a dark romance, ♧Completed! New and better version coming up soon!

Romance / Erotica
Author Vanshika
4.5 55 reviews
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I yawned as the bright rays hit my face, disturbing my beauty sleep. I squirmed in my bed and covered my face with blanket and dozed off again.

I screamed in annoyance as I heard my phone ring. I groaned loudly, cursing the caller. I threw the blanket aside and looked for my long forgotten phone. This is the one thing which I hate most in the world. Who even invented phones!

If there would have no phones, then there would have no calls and no alarms! No clock! Then, the life would have been perfect and relaxing.

I looked for the caller ID to find Jake cwas calling me! At seven in the morning and that too on Sunday! Fuck him..

“What the hell is your problem, Jake?” I snapped, picking up the call in rage.

“Shut up and listen to me carefully. I’m in office right now and there is a letter in your name.” He spoke through the line, in a tensed and serious voice.

“Isn’t that our office, Jake? So, ofcourse if somebody wants to send me a letter they would send out that fucking address only! Now, I’m cutting the call.” I shouted whilst grabbing my pillow and strangling it while thinking it as Jake’s neck.

“No, you are not getting it. I want you in the office in thirty minutes. Fast, no arguments.” He ordered and cut the phone, not even giving me a chance to argue.

I whimpered frustratedly and picked up myself from the bed and took a quick shower while grabbing my towel. Picking up my jeans and blouse with cardigan, I threw them on myself and strode out of my room.

“Caitlyn, you are up already?”

I pouted as my cook questioned when I was picking my keys.

“Office calls,” I complained and waved at her, simultaneously leaving the house. I jumped in my car and drove to the office while yawning all the way.

I killed the engine after reaching the high, glass building. I parked car outside on the road only to open the locks of the back door. I entered inside and strode to Jake’s cabin, stomping all the way in anger.

As soon as I barged in, I yelled thunderously, making him fall out of his chair,

“Why did you call me on Sunday?”

“Cait, here, read this letter.”

“Hold your horses! What the fuck were you even doing in the morning here?” I questioned giving him a stink eye.

Seriously, who comes to office on the Sunday and that too in early morning?!

I snatched the letter from him and brisked it open furiously. This was the main cause of all problems. My eyes squinted as there was no address or phone no. on the letter. No name, just someone’s initials.

Start preparing for our marriage, Caitlyn.


Do we call six words a letter? For god’s sake, im already going to marry in two months and here someone is proposing me or more likely ordering me to marry him! What is going in this world these days?

People have really gone mad!

“This might be a joke, Jake. You know, there are thousand people who propose me any next day!” I whined while folding my legs as I sat down.

He raised his eyebrow and twisted him lips, unsatisfied with my answer.

“Yes, you are correct but all the people propose you! They don’t write a note and order you to start preparing for marriage! This is more deeper than we are taking it.” He muttered, in his own world of detectives and suspicions.

“See, this is joke played by someone. Trust me, no one would even dare to send me such a letter.” I acclaimed, huffing at the end.

Really, who would try to send a letter to the daughter of Patrick King, ordering to marry hm?

“Better be that way,” He spoke, still not satisfied.

I yawned again and looked at the paper again when my eye caught the sight of a printed animal. There was a small panther, printed to the corner of the paper.

I sighed and looked away, folding it neatly.

What a day!

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