Never Let Go

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"Who am I to you and who you are to me?" "You are my husband and I'm your wife." "Good." he further questioned, "Are you not afraid of me anymore?" "I-I'm still afraid of you." "Do you love your parents,wife?" "Yes,I do." He chuckled and bent his head and without any sign licked my lips with his tongue. I shivered in disgust. "Lick your lips, Caitlyn." I hesitated. I could not do that. But I had to. ⚫⚫⚫ Meet Theodore Bradford, he is not a simple man. He is not your playboy. He is what he is. He is rude, cunning, cold and much more. In looks, everyone may wish to have him as thier partner but they don't wish the same in real life. And the reason is as simple as a piece of cake, and that is, he is known as 'Black Panther' of the world. Be careful what you wish for. Caitlyn King, maybe not King now. She has become a Bradford. Famous businesswoman of New York.And she now knows very well, that once when she thought she will get divorced, she thought wrong. Because Theodore Bradford does not give hand to take it back. Even if it is in revenge. True to his words always. Nobody can outsmart him, for he is always ten steps ahead. This book contains mature, violent scenes which may not be appropriate for some audiences, so if you do not read books with rape, mature, violence scenes, kindly do not read this book. ALL COPYRIGHT RESERVED by vanshika231

Romance / Erotica
Author Vanshika
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I was travelling from Hungary to New York when my father called me to tell that we would have to shift to New York for the benefit of our company. My mood was already ruined.

I stepped into New York, I was getting my luggage and passing through the road to my car. The road was somewhat muddy due to the rain.

When the driver and my bodyguard were putting my luggage one car came in a high speed and flew the mud from the road to my dress and hands. Poor soul. He is really going to die from hand.

The driver stopped the car and came towards me in an apologetic manner.

"Sorry mam, we are getting late that's why it happened. Really sorry mam.",he said.

"It's okay. But really late or anything you should drive carefully --" I was speaking when the man in the car spoke "Give her some money and leave her. Don't listen her bullshit. We are getting late."

Wooaa, what kind of man is he instead of apologising he is showing his money.

I will teach him a lesson. I went to his side and knocked his window one time.

"You mister, who do you think you are? Instead of apologising you are throwing your money at my face. Don't you dare do that. Do you even know who I am? I don't need your stupid mon- "

I was speaking when he shouted at the driver to drive.

Driver glancing at me last time apologetically drove away the car.

The Fuck.

What a day!

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