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Chapter 1 [Gift for fiancè]

You just want attention, you don’t want my heart. May be you just hate the thought of me with someone....

I whimpered, keeping my hands on my ears as I heard the blaring sound of my phone. Fuck, sleepblockers. I groaned in annoyance before shutting it off. I yawned and pushed my face into the pillow again. As much as I loved the song, I loved my sleep more.

You just want attention you don’t want my hea—

I screamed in frustration before snapping my head upwards and glaring at it. I picked it up without checking the caller ID and waited for the person to speak something.

“What did I tell you about not sleeping till late in the morning, my dear daughter?” I pushed the urge to scream way when I heard the sinister voice of my dearest mother who seemed to be in her teaching mode.

And her teaching mode only taught how to become a woman, a good woman, a good wife which I was soon going to be. She had already fried the cells of my head in her chicken gravy and I did not want to do anything with her morning dramas.

I nodded into phone, granting a small hmm. I heard her hissing and next second I heard her shout for dad.

“Patrick! Wake your daughter up in five minutes.” She ordered, most probably throwing the phone at my father’s feet.

I smiled and snuggled into the blanket.

“Let her sleep. Moreover, my daughter works till late night.” He defended, making me remind myself to thank him later for the showing the kindness that my mother barely received from god.

“Your daughter is going to be someone’s wife in some days and you are still spoiling her.” Mom yelled, making me pull away the phone my ear shell.

I winced and shook my head as I heard a loud thwack and before I knew, the shrill voice my mother pierced my ears.

Well, she has a habit of standing up on bed and stomping on it when she gets overly irritated and today happened to be one of those unlucky day.

I heard my dad gasp loudly and whisper to me,

“Bye, princess. Your mom needs me, take your beauty sleep.”

I nodded sleepily muttering ‘love you’ and the line went dead. Such a bad daughter I am, couldn’t even ask for my mother’s well being.

I smiled, snuggling into the sheets. One hour more shouldn’t hurt, right?

I blinked out of my daze and nodded at my driver who had stopped the car just before my office’s building. I muttered a ‘thanks’ as he opened the door for me. I adjusted the collar of my shirt and picked up my office bag.

“Have a good day, Alex.” I waved, entering the building hastily.

I was late and the only person whom I feared slightly was my secretary, Jake. The reason was this was our company and we both were the owners and this gave him all the rights in the world to command me.

I was the only one who had come up with the idea of merger company. Strangely and stealthily, he pushed me into the well of becoming ceo while he argued to stay as my secretary.

If I would have known that becoming ceo and managing that position would be this hard, I would have never agreed for his request in the first place even though I wanted to do my own business, not my father’s.

Not to mention, he was my best friend and best friends are the most dangerous and violent.

“Oh! Here, here... atleast missy head got the time to report three hours late?” The unfamous voice of Jake greeted me as I entered his office.

I rolled my eyes, ignoring his taunt and flopped on the swirling chair. I propped on my elbows over my knees and looked at him, longingly with a mock gesture.

“Don’t stare at me, madam! Get going to your work and if you permit, I would like to remind you that we have one important meeting today with the Roberkos clients.”

“Atleast grab me some caffeine. You are such a mood spoiler, Jakey.” I muttered, scowling at him.

He scoffed and narrowed his eyes.

“In one day, just one day, you drink five cups of coffee,” He shook his head, “Thank me for I’m doing a favor upon you.”

“Yea, yeah, my favors will be like this only from now onwards and then you will come begging me for real favors.” I sneered, tilting my head at him.

He chuckled, making me feel each cell burn in my body.

“Can’t escape from work. I have work and you have work too so we better not waste our monday talking!”

I raised my hands and clicked my fingers sarcastically at his over ratedly old speech.

“Yes, Mr. Burachi.”

“Good, Ms. King.”

“Fuck off!”

“You too, babe!”

I stomped my foot and left his cabin, slamming the door behind me.

“Rose, get me some knives.” I muttered, dramatically flailing my hands in the air.

She laughed, resting her head back on the sofa.

“I wonder, why did I even send him inside your cabin!” She sighed, breathing heavily.

“Really! That man was full of madness. Scientifically proven lunatic. What did he even think before presenting such an ordeal in front of me?!” I closed my eyes, remembering the ridiculous man that came into my office.

Seemed he wanted to do a partnership with me. What he did not know was that Caitlyn King never does partnership in the arena of architecture.

We were a team of architects and designers. Our company offered everything from the scratch to personally made furniture. We were our own brand who guided, designed, helped, made and did everything related to house designing.

“I’m really sorry for being an ass of receptionist to you. I’m still learning this work.” She smiled apologetically, her forehead creased.

I sighed and dismissed her with a wave a my hand.

“Shut up! You help me so much, Rose. I rely on you for my lunch, what more can you do for me?!” I grinned, shrugging off.

She chuckled and raised her hands.

“I must go now. Excuse me, please.”


I exhaled in solitude and roamed my gaze in my office to find everything dull. My lips curved as I stared at the red, designer wall in my cabin which was painted by my loving fiancé himself.

Later, we did take help from painter but he did it himself in the starting. Ashton and I will be marrying in next two months and I was not even sure if I really wanted to marry.

I pouted, looking at the bracelet he gave me. I missed him so much but love? Was I in love with him?

I closed my eyes and relaxed back, rubbing my temple. This thought had been pressing over me from a long time. We had decided to marry and give a try for our parent’s sake but this was not the alone reason.

My parents trusted Ashton with me and Ashton loves me with his life.

I played with the bracelet and kissed it, bringing it closer to my heart.

“Ahh... I miss you so much, Ashton.”

I snapped out of my daze as my phone rung, disturbing the peaceful silence of my room. I looked at it with bitter eye and picked it up, exhaling heavily.

“Caitlyn King speaking.”

I frowned, waiting for the person to speak. I pulled phone away from my ear and again looked at the unknown number. I blinked and put it on loudspeaker.




I hissed and cut the call.

“Damn people.”

I picked up my bag and phone before sliding out of my seat and pulling at the lapels of my coat. I ruffled my hair and made my way outside. Fuck the work and world. I was gonna be a bride soon and I had whole right in the world to enjoy the last days of my bachelor hood.

“Get my car ready. We’re going to the watch shop in the Caprice street.” I muttered, drawing my gaze at my driver.

“Yes, Ms. King.”

I tapped my foot till my audi arrived. I nodded at the guards and sat inside, throwing my bag on the seat.

“How much time to Caprice Street?” I asked, looking at the Alex expectantly.

He grinned and showed his two fingers.

I sighed and relaxed back.

“Did you hear the news of the year?” Alex spoke, taking the right turn.

I frowned, shaking my head as he watched me through the rear view mirror.

“The black panther of textile is in New York with his family.”

I stilled, gasping in shock.

“The Theodore Bradford? In New York?”

“Ahm hmm.” He nodded, stopping the car in front of the famous Nilger Shop.

“What brings him here? I hope he is not with the intention of ruining any company.” I hissed, stepping out.

He laughed and followed me.

“Reporters say that he is here for his bride.”

I choked on my breathe and my steps halted. I turned back swiftly, my mouth hung open.

“Someone is marrying him willingly?”

“Unfortunately,” He shrugged, nodding towards the shop.

I shook my head and walked inside the cubicle.

“Which insane woman is she?”

“I don’t know but why would you call someone you don’t know insane?!” He chuckled, calling someone.

“Nobody in her sane mind would want to marry that dangerous person!” I shrugged, rolling my eyes.

I ignored his remarks further and looked at the assistant with a hard face.

“Good evening ma’am. How may I help you?” She asked, offering a smile.

“Show me the best watch of your shop.” I spoke smoothly, glancing at the pieces shown.

“Silver or gold, ma’am?”

“Silver with gold touch.” I muttered, loud enough for her to understand.

She nodded and opened the glass shelf before pulling out a tray.

“Here ma’am. I hope you get what you desire.”

I looked at Alex who raised his hands, stepping back.

“I’m not helping you.” He murmured.

“Oh com’on, help me like a friend should.” I whined and pulled his hand, picking up the first watch with intricate designs.

I put it around his wrist and pouted, gauging its feature.

“How does it look?“I looked at him expectantly.

“Your would be husband will run away after watching this girlish watch.” He cringed, looking at his hand in distaste.

I narrowed my eyes.

“It is not girlish! And what do you mean by girlish? Be a feminist.” I rebuked, glaring at him.

“I am a feminist but atleast don’t torture men to wear girlish things in the name of feminism.” He bit out, snorting and snatching his hand away from me.

“Does it look that bad?”

“Yeah, not suitable for a man.”

I clicked my tongue and looked at the attendant.

“Is it really for men?” I asked, showing her the watch.

“You want for men?” She furrowed her eyebrows.

“Yes,” I hissed, digging glares at her.

Did she just waste my time?

“I’m extremely sorry. This is new design for women with broad straps. I shall bring you for men.”

I sighed inwardly and nodded. I focused on my own watch, matching it with the one that I just tried on Alex’s hand.

“Here you go, ma’am.”

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