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Chapter 2 [The Stranger]

I huffed and leaned back into my seat, fixing my stare at each member in the board room. I glanced at Jake and raised my eyebrow humorlessly.

“We won the road on floral ring road. A major part of West New York is under us now and for this, we must hold a party.” He smirked, his fingers threading through his locks.

I tilted my head and gave him an icy look to shut him up but he discarded it like his clothes and turned to silent spectators.

“Why not,” I exclaimed, turning to others, “I announce that Mr. Burachi will be hosting a party at my place this weekend. Everyone is invited.”

My smirk did not fall but Jake’s lips do turned upside down.

“Hey! Mr. Burachi is me! How can you do that?” He argued, scowling.

I shrugged.

“Like you were trying to do. Now, spend your money. Remember, at my place.”

I stood up, everyone doing the same.

“Meeting adjourned on a good note. Invites will be sent.” As everyone vacated the room, I turned to Jake.

“Ashton will be returning tomorrow.” I rubbed my hands nervously and wiped off the sweat on my dress.

“And you’re nervous because?”

“Because we will be officially getting engaged this week?” I murmured, unsured.

“I asked why are you getting nervous then?” He raised his eyebrows, leaning back on the table.

“I’m not nervous!”

“Yes, you are.” He spoke, staring at me challengingly.

“I’m not!” I defended.


“Ohkay I am a little bit.”

“And I am asking why?”

“It is nothing, leave it.” I pouted, picking up my phone.

As I took two steps in the direction of exit, he pulled me back.

“Tell me,” He chided, keeping his hold firm on my wrist.

“It is just that... he is leaving army just because of me and I do not feel good about it.” I sighed, confessing the thing that had been bugging for so long.

Even though I did not love Ashton, I cared for him. But this did not set right with me. He was agreeing to leave his passion, his job in army as a pilot just because of me. Just because of my fears.

“I don’t know what to say, Cait,” He stared at the floor blankly, his eyebrows bunched and forehead creased, “You are wrong to ask him to quit his job for you. You must accept him in every way. Ashton, that stupid man loves you so damn muc—” I cut him off.

“I can accept everything but I don’t want him to die too like my first boyfriend.” This quitened him as he closed his eyes.

“Ask your heart.”

“I am selfish but I can’t help it. My heart does not settle with the thought that he is leaving his job for me but when I think of otherwise, I become restless. Anything is possible in his job and I don’t want to loose him.”

“Then let everything flow like it is.”

We were interrupted by a knock.

I cleared my throat and muttered ‘come in’.

“I gotta go. I have meeting in thirty minutes.” Jake spoke, wearing his coat.

I smiled, kissing his cheek as he kissed mine.

“Oh and all the best for the auction.” He wished, waving me bye.

“Thank you!” I shouted, turning to Mr. Smith who had just entered.

“What brings you here, Mr. Smith?”

He was the vice head of interior department and a very annoying, pig face person who everytime managed to kill my mood.

“The floral ring road.”

“What about it?” I frowned, nodding at him to take a seat.

“The land is useless and I have a buyer who wants to buy it.” He opened some papers, presenting before me.

“Are you hearing yourself? We bought that land just yesterday.” I spoke, narrowing my icy gaze at him.

“I thought you would be delighted after hearing me afterall I will be saving you from a big loss.” He titled his head, his corners of eyes slitting.

My jaw clenched and I ended up slamming my hand on the table harshly.

“Enough! Leave now,” I gritted out, looking away from his irritating self.

“That land is a waste! There is already a studio under construction there! We must sell this land.” His voice raised as he tried to enforce his decision upon me.

I picked up the intercom and simply dialed a number.

“Send guards in. Fast!”

“What are you trying to do?” He griped, throwing the chair away with one push of his leg.

I pressed my lips into a line and just waited.

“Caitlyn King! Answer me!” When I had enough, I craned my neck and looked at him sharply.

“Throwing you out of my office.” I implied , tilting my eyebrow.

“You can’t do tha—!” He bellowed, further fueling my anger.

"I am doing that." I exhaled as the door was pushed open by three guards.

“I don’t want to see this man ever again in this building,” I spoke, looking straight into the eyes of the Smith who had his hands fisted and nose flared, “Make sure he is thrown out very respectfully with all his belongings .”

“Yes, Miss King.” Archer nodded as he ambled towards a particular person, Nyle and Mason following his lead.

I strolled out, leaving them behind, trudging to my own cabin. I barely had taken six steps when I heard a shout.

“Stop! This is abuse.” His voice echoed through whole floor, distracting everybody.

I saw heads turning towards him while mine stiffened.

I exhaled and briskly turned towards that stinking pig. I took calm and calculating steps, until I reached him. My tongue rolled on its tongue and before I knew, I had challenged.

“Show yourself out very peacefully. I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to blacken your face.”

“What do you mean? I will yell and yell till I collect people in my favor.” He smirked, wriggling under the clutches of my guards.

I shook my head and swallowed my saliva.

“Shout. Scream.” I chuntered, folding my arms across my chest.

Silence greeted my with tranquility.

“Now!” My voice piqued the node, making his shoulders flinch, startled.

He looked away with a deadly expression in his eyes, more lethal than snake and more poisonous than its bite.

“Caitlyn King! You can’t do this to me! I won’t let you live peacefully! What do you think, huh? You can throw me out from here just like that?” He sibilated, his orbs burning within flames of his unbound anger.

I bit back the urge to pounce at him right away. Better keep my pawns off from a rat. He was not worth it. I craned my neck sideways to see that we had grabbed the attention of most of my people.

Their unknown questions and questioning gaze proved me how much of a tormentor I looked at the moment.

“I am throwing you out because I have the power. This is my firm, not yours. If I want, I can throw you out in a snap of my fingers which is by the way what I’m doing.” I titled my head, fixing my glare at him.

“What have I done, huh? You can’t fire me without any reason!” He spat, his voice like lava burning my ears.

“You have the guts to ask me for reason?” My jaw clenched as I raised my eyebrow at him slightly, “Floral ring land comes in the way of studio of Patrakis and they very well know that every customer would have to pass from my land to reach them.”

“If I construct a building there, the owners of floral ring road would have to pay us high tax for every customer going towards their studio. Otherwise, no person would be able to reach them till I allow,” I hissed, pointing my finger at him, “Now you tell me how much money did he bribe you for?”

I sighed satisfied as I head gasps.

“Wha–what are y–you speaking?” He stammered, his brows turning fearful.

I stepped closer and whispered, enough for just him to hear.

“I don’t despise liars but if the lie is spoken against me... and is harmful, I don’t let them go off the hook very easily. Listen once and clear, I ruin their whole existence, so better watch out next time.”

I eyed the trail of sweat glistening on his forehead to neck.

“Train him out, I said!” I yelled, unable to bear any more of his spiteful existence.

“Continue with work.” I murmured quietly and walked off.

I smiled at Mrs. Paterson as she greeted me. We both were here for the auction of my dream house. She, with her husband and I, alone.

“How are you, dear Caitlyn?”

“Perfect. How are you both?”

“We are good too. Come let’s take our seats, auction is about to start.” She muttered, making me nod.

We took our respective seats.

My eyes sparkled with a newborn spirit as I looked at the bungalow from my lashes. Magnificent. That was the word that had escaped my lips when I had first seen it. This had always been my favorite place since childhood.

It took twelve years for them to completely construct it. It was really a fabulous piece of architecture. No one could even try to build a beauty like this. It was everything a person wanted, a touch from royal past to this scientific world was given to it.

It was extremely captivating and eye catchy.

“Welcome to all our bidders of the day. Five more minutes, and the auction will be started. The auction will start from 1 million USDs. Hold your hands and let’s wait to see the owner of this beauty.” The host’s voice echoed, grabbing everyone’s attention.

I stiffened as I felt someone beside me. I looked up to meet the trained eyes of waiter. I picked up a glass of juice and thanked him before focusing back to my work.

Soon, the bid started while I waited for it to reach its edge.

“Ten million dollars, one.”

“Ten million dollars, t—” I interrupted.

“Eleven million dollars,” I bid, fixing my stare at a blue coat man who was my opponent.

I looked away, glancing at him for the last time.

“Twelve million dollars,” The same man in blue blazer and spectacles, countered.

My jaw clenched as I fought the urge to strangle his throat.

“Fifteen million dollars.” If he wanted to compete then, he was welcomed.

“Eighteen million.” Everyone gasped as they heard his end of bid.

I sighed inwardly while every fibre in my body burnt with anguish. He was going too far for my liking. Why was he so hell bent to buy that house?

Jesus! Help me! I could not go far from twenty million dollars. Atleast not now when I suffered loss of two percent in my business.

“Twenty million dollars” I stated hoping that he would fall for it.

“One.” The host’s voice reached everywhere.

“Two.” I leaned back into seat and exhaled, satisfied

“And the last is—” Just as I was about to smile, another male voice came from behind, making my jaw slack.

“Thirty million dollars.”

I turned my head and looked at a man. Tall, sinfully handsome and dangerously hot man. My eyes remained wide open as he entrapped me with his aura.

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