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Chapter 8 [Hell broke]

I sighed, hugging myself as I sat in front of my laptop, trying to connect to my best friends. I leaned back as they picked up the call in one go. All I needed was to go with the flow, marry that psycho and destroy the proofs.

I needed to get my father’s property papers back and then divorce him. This was my plan, even though it sounded dumb. I had no other option.

Either watch my brother go to prison or watch Ashton hate me for being coward.

“Caitlyn!” A sweet, thrilling voice reached my ears. I looked up from my lap to laptop screen.

Samantha, my best friend, who was in Spain grinned at me, waving her hands perfectly. She was an actress. I chuckled and waved back with that of half zeal than hers.

“Cait,” The annoyed voice of Jake made me roll my eyes as he was still in bed. His shirt unbuttoned and hairs messy.

“Jake, you could’ve atleast made some efforts to look presentable.” Samantha snorted, her arms behind her head.

I fell silent as I probed on how to speak what I wanted to.

“Oh and,” Jake looked up from the pillow, his forehead frowned, “Ashton was calling me yesterday but I had meetings back to back and then I was tired at night.”

I gulped, glancing away. I felt like I was caught on a crime scene.

“Yeah, tired enough to have fun with your wife.” Samantha wiggled her eyebrows mischievously, making Jake glare at her immensely.

“Sandra is sleeping beside me, so, shut up you witch.” He bit out, glancing at her right side.

He took a sigh of relief after making sure that his wife was sleeping. His son must be sleeping too.

“Jake, you should take off.” I muttered softly, biting my lip.

“Oh com’on, after two months you are going to marry. Then your honeymoon and after that Sandra would be in six months pregnant. Do you think I can take an off?” He exhaled dramatically, shaking his head.

My face flushed deep red in fear as I crossed my fingers.

“I have to tell something.” I whispered hastily, shutting them efficiently.

Samantha frowned, her cheek muscle twitching while Jake just looked at me through the screen.

“Wait, let me guess. You guys screwed and you’re pregnant?” Samantha laughed, her cheekbones high and shining.

“Sam!!!” I hissed, digging holes through screen with my glare.

She shrugged, “Don’t shout at me. You seemed serious as if you saw a ghost.”

I sighed roughly and looked away.

“Sam, let her speak.” Jake murmured, his focus on me.

My ears and face heated up as I prepared myself to lie. I picked up courage and again exhaled.

“I have decided that I will be marrying after two days.”

My voice drained away till I completed the sentence. After a moment, they both seemed to come out of their shock.

“Cait, are you really okay with that?” Jake asked, sitting up.

I nodded.

“If you’re good then why do you seem scared?” Samantha frowned, making me curse her at the back of my mind.

“I’m not marrying Ashton.” I licked my dry lips, checking my watch.

I had to go to church.

“Excuse me?”


They both frowned and spoke at the same time, their postures strained. I decided to ignore it and continued.

“I’m marrying someone else and before both you yell at me or laugh, this is true. I am marrying Theodore Bradford day after tomorrow.” I exhaled heavily as soon as I completed.

It was hard but it was done. All I wanted to do now was, to cut this phone call.

Silence prevailed.

“Why?” Jake snapped, his knuckles white with the force he clenched his hands.

I swallowed hard.

“I love him.” I shrugged, trapping tendril on my face in my fingers and placing it behind my ear.

“Bullshit. Tell me what is going on before I speak some else in you.” He yelled, his eyes narrowed.

I flinched, my hands shaking. I should have never befriended him. Samantha was better than him.

“Start speaking before I reach at your parent’s or better your brother’s place.” The female on screen bellowed.

Or not.

I shouldn’t have befriended anyone of hem.

“It is the truth.” I muttered adamantly, chewing my lower lip.

“I’m coming at your place.” Jake suddenly hissed, getting up from bed with his phone in hand.

My eyes widened as I myself stood up from the couch.

“Hey! No need! I’m telling! I’m telling.” I begged but he did not pay a flying fuck to my face. “Jake, I’m telling. Please!”

He was much more than a friend to me. He was as worst as Drayton, my elder brother.

“Start speaking,” He spoke coldly, going to other room to not disturb his wife.

I wondered how was Samantha acting so calmly.

“I’m coming to New York tomorrow itself and then I will fuck something in your brain.” She released a long breathe, her eyes wide and slightly red.

I should not wonder anything because it becomes true.

“He blackmailed me, okay?” I paused, “He has dad’s house papers which he is using.”

“And you’re as dumb as pole to marry him just for one house? I’m sure uncle loves you more that house.” Jake bit out, making me squirm uncomfortably.

Why did they had to be so intimidating?

“He is using Drayton. He has something that he is using against me. The club in which Drayton goes is involved in illegal activities and Dray is premium member of theirs. Even though he is clean but if the club goes under arrest, Drayton goes too.” I muttered softly, enunciating each and every word clearly.

“We can do something,” Samantha furrowed her eyebrows.

“What does this man want from you?” Jake steepled his fingers, deep in thought.

“We can’t do anything. He is dangerous. He can ruin us if he wants.” I whispered, shrugging my shoulder defeatedly.

“Who the fuck is he?” Samantha asked, her lips pulled up in annoyance.

“Theodore Bradford. The black panther of textile.” I muttered dryly while a notification pooped up.

I opened the message and my eyes squinted shut.

Miss King

Waiting for you at Bradford corporations. You have two hours. We need to finalize your bridal dress.

Theodore Bradford

My heart stilled as I read again and again, call on hold. My eyes narrowed and I deleted the messages alongwith his number.

“What happened, Cait?”

I huffed and pulled up my hairs into a bun. I would not tell them about this meet.

“I have an important meeting online. I will talk to you both later.”

They both looked at me in disbelief, their mouth hung open.

“Is there anything more important than your life?” They spoke, fuming.

I didn’t have time.

I had no intentions to reach on time but I wanted to do works before I go there.

“I will talk later. I really gotta go.” I pulled up an apologizing face.

“I’m coming tomorrow.”

“I will meet you tonight.”

There they go.

I pulled up the car in front of my parent’s house, checking the time. I had to reach Bradford’s office in one hour. I took a deep breathe and jumped out. As much as I wanted to run away and come back tomorrow, I could tell them just one day before my marriage.

I squared my shoulders and passed the same garden of roses and lilies. I strode towards the large frame door and entered the warm surroundings of my childhood. I missed this house but I wanted to live alone too.


I turned to my right and an involuntary smile formed on my lips.

“Aunt?” I took her in hug, grinning.

Her timings were good too. When I was dying from hypertension, she had to pop up. As much as I loved my maternal aunt, I did not like her presence at the moment.

“Awe, baby. How much you have grown up! Your mother and me were just discussing about you. How have you been?” Her arms were still around my arms as she pulled back herself from the bone crushing hug.

I smiled strainly, licking my lips nervously.

“I am good. How are you, aunt?”

“I am good. I am good. Com’on get inside. Your mother will be so happy to see you.” She rushed as he dragged me behind her, my arm still in her rough grasp.

How was she so frail when her hold was solid?

I scoffed, as if I needed her to invite myself in my own parent’s house. For god’s sake! I was not a guest here, she was.

I winced as I tripped on my steps. I pulled up a fake grinning face when we reached my mom who was baking cake. I raised my eyebrows as I looked around whole kitchen. Maples, chocolate muffins, ponge cakes, christmas cake and what else was not there!

“Mom!” I groaned, frowning at the disturbed kitchen.

I gasped in disbelief as she did not look up, still busy with the thick chocoa batter for whatever she wanted to make.

“Mom!!” I screamed, pulling my hand out of my aunt Cece’s grasp.

She jumped at her place, looking up while the wooden spoon fell from her hand.

“Oh!” She sighed, “Caitlyn.”

She closed her eyes, her hands on her chest.

“Caitlyn?” She opened her eyes and stared at me blankly.

“You are really here?” She murmured, her eyes wide while she hastily crossed the slab.

I huffed and leaned forwards to hug her.

“Oh my baby! I’m so happy that you are here. I have been telling your dad to talk to you but he silenced me everytime.”

“Talk to me about what?” I frowned, my eyebrows drew together.

“To bring you back here in this house. You will get married in two months and after that you won’t get the chance. I missed you so much, my cutie pie.” She pulled my cheeks, kissing them twice.

I giggled, kissing her forehead.

“I also don’t want to marry.” I whispered lowly, my eyes moist out of nowhere.

I clutched her tigthly, leaning myself on her shoulders as I silently cried. She pulled at my shoulders, looking at my eyes. She wiped the tears, making me sit on kitchen chairs.

“What happened, Cait? I didn’t mean it that way. I want you to get married and live happily but I just missed you,” She glanced downwards, “I just wanted to spend these last two months with you. You know, go to shopping together and come back. It is dream of every mother!”

More tears fell from my eyes as I heard her. Her words triggered the needed nerves and pierced my heart. How would I tell her that I was about to marry in two days?

“Mom, that is why I wanted to talk about something.” I released a breathe that I did not know I was holding.


“Yes, where is dad?” I glanced around myself and saw Cece aunt busy on a call.

“In his study?”

“Come, I will tell there only.” I got up, straightening my dress.

“Caitlyn, what is it? You are giving me tension.” She asked as we passed through the stairs.

I just stayed silent and strode beside her. I knocked on the study door and entered alongwith my mom. My breathe hitched in my throat as dad looked up from his papers.

“Princess?” He chuckled, dropping the papers and getting up.

“Dad,” I mumbled softly as I reached behind his desk and hugged him tightly.

“One would say that you both are meeting after decades.” Mom muttered dryly, rolling her eyes.

We both laughed at her jealousy, shaking our head.

“Don’t you get jealous of me,” Dad laughed, kissing my forehead.

“Who says I am jealous! But she hugs you like you are the only person in her busy life. I endured the pain and gave her birth but still, father’s princess.” She scoffed, her eyes narrowed.

“Dad, I wanted to talk.” I took his hands in my hands, looking away.

“First sit and then we can talk.”

“Cait, what is it?” Mom chided, her eyebrows pulled together while she sat in front of us.

“Mom, dad...” I trailed off, not knowing where to start from, “I realized that I don’t want to marry Ashton.”

Silence, cold heavy silence covered us, pushing me downwards with its pressure.

“I don’t love him and moreover he is leaving his dream job just for me. I can not live with the guilt that I took his work from him.”


“No, mom. Let me complete first. Marriage is no joke and I want to marry the person I love. In the past one year I realized that I did not love him. I cared for him, true. I loved him but as a friend. Not more than that.”

“Bu—” Mom interrupted again while dad just listened to me.

“Mom, dad, I want to marry someone else. We both love each other. I wanted to tell this earlier too but I was unsure myself but today I am not anymore. I wanted to tell you both and I did.” I exhaled while my heart thumped wildly.

My mom’s posture stiffened as she grew silent.

“Who is he?” My dad’s cold voice cut through the air, making me gulp.

“The–Theodore Brad–Bradford...”

I closed my eyes, waiting for the slap. I knew they would kill me after this.

“Pardon?” His chilled voice burnt my ears, making me shudder.


“Shut up! Are you a fool? Or do you take me for a fool?” He griped, standing up abruptly.

Mom and me too stood up. Mom still didn’t know what was happening.

“Dad, we love each other! You need to understand m—”

“Don’t talk shit with me, Caitlyn. Do you know who the fuck he is!” He bellowed, jerking my hand away as I tried to reach for his hands.

I cringed as he called me Caitlyn. I took a step back, in case I was about to be slapped.

“Speak, girl. Why do you want me to go crazy in this age? I don’t understand your brain. Is it in drain or in its paper only?” He yelled, jabbing his finger on my forehead softly.

I flinched as his voice reached volumes.

Okay, he did not have to be so much cruel to his only daughter. I understood his concerns but..

“You will marry Ashton and no one else.” He spoke suddenly, making me whip my neck in his direction with the speed of light.


“Don’t call me your dad. I am not changing my decision.” He walked to his desk, rubbing his forehead.

“Caitlyn, who is he?” I had totally forgotten about my mom until she broke her silence.

“A business man, mom. The most successful and rich bachelor of the world.” I whispered, not meeting her eyes.

“Why don’t you tell her the complete details? Tell her the most cruel, ill mannered, most feared person of the world. Tell her.” My dad bellowed, making me flinch.

“Dad, he is sweet to me. You dotn know him yet. Once you meet him, you will realize he is not what tabloids show.”

“You!.. shut up! Don’t open your mouth if you want me to think wisely.” He hissed and I zipped my mouth shut.

“Caitlyn, is he not a good man?” My mom asked, turning me toward her.

“Are you crazy? Are you even asking her about that? She comes and tells us that she wants to marry another man and you are asking her how the fucking man is?” My dad yelled at my mom.

“Quiet, Patrick. Enough of your non sense. She is my daughter too.”

Yes fight, fight. But don’t dump your anger on me.

My conscious pumped into the air as mom seemed to melt down by my innocent face and puppy eyes.

“Yeah an that is why you are asking her about that shitty man.” He scowled, his eyes narrowed.

I glanced amidst them, my lips pasted with each other.

“Don’t you decide about that man! If she loves him, there must be something and you’re always hard on your children that they cannot even talk to you. She says that she wanted to talk since past one year but she could not. Don’t terrify her anymore!” My mom too shouted, digging glares at him.

Yes, yes, please fight more. I know they will solve everything later in their room but at the present I wanted to keep myself safe from them.

I cleared my throat, agreeing with my mother partially. To be honest, my dad was the sweetest man. Never shouted at us leaving few times when we did some things wrong and today seemed to be that worst day.

“You seem that instead of her you are speaking for yourself. I am the most terrifying person? Wow!” He scoffed, wrinkles on his forehead creasing.

“Caitlyn, you tell me about Theodore.” My mother ignored my father, staring at me seriously.

Mother’s heart, beautiful and soft heart.

“Yes mom. He is the best person of the worl—”

“Best? My foot.” Dad interrupted, snorting.

“Patrick, stop.” Mom warned.

“So, we met one year back at a cafe when Ashton was away for his missi—”

“You betrayed that poor lad.” My dad bitterly bit out again, making me clench my hands.

“Dad, I did not do anything. I just fell in love with another person. Is that wrong? Or do I need to ask for every thing before doing? I am an adult! I can do whatever I want. You came up with the idea of marriage and I agreed but later on I realized that I wanted to marry someone else. You talk as if I’m your biggest enemy.”

“Lower your tone,”

I sighed, rubbing my hand across my face.

“Dad, you will have to understand me and support me. Why are you doing this? Talk to me and understand.” I spoke hoarsely, my throat dry and voice low pitched.

“Okay, bring the lad tomorrow and we will see.”

I heard a mom sigh I relief but any sense of peace was miles away from me.

“Dad, I’m ma–marrying him in t–two days.”

Make me faint god, make me faint. Please.

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