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Chapter 3 [The deal]

My eyes remained fixed on a certain specie. I gulped, feeling the cold air hit my body with furious rolls. I tried and tried and tried to look away but that did not happen. I looked at his whitish tanned skin which had me swooning over him.

His face was covered with a mask and black shades.

I felt an unfamiliar itch in my hand to pull that mask off and shades and look into his eyes. He was perfect, perfect to be called a male. His body muscular but not bulky.It looked like he just came out of a magazine.

His perfect mixture of tanned and fair skin glowed under the sun. His fingers long, hands resembling light gold touched everyone’s attention. His black shoes shone under the reflected sunlight, enhancing his aura.

To say he looked intimidating, was the least.

God, why was I engaged already? This was injustice!

“You can’t interrupt in between, Sir.” I flinched, coming out of my fairy land as host’s voice emptied buckets of cold water on me.

It took a complete minute to gauze what just happened. He... he.. chauvinistic son of a blue star.. took my dream house. I slumped back into the chair and looked away from him.

Why was he so keen on buying it?

Fucking thirty million dollars.

“Thirty million dollars,” I mumbled to myself, my lips curling into a cruel smirk.

“Thirty million.” I scoffed, sharply looking back at the goldy black shoes.

“He is my boss.” A voice rung into the air, making me crane my neck as fast as the speed of bullet.

That blue colored coat, spectacles intact crocodile.

Boss, my ass.

“Continuing with bidding. Thirty million one.”

I closed my eyes out of frustration, anger and lava boiling inside my heart.

“Thirty million two.”

It was just a house.

Yeah, my dream house.

“Thirty million three and sold.” As soon as the host’s voice echoed again, claps roared in numbers.

Everyone had their gazes set on the new bidder with mask. He pulled off his shades and threw it towards his assistant as he stalked towards the stage with long steps.


May he go bankrupt.

I should kidnap him and blackmail him.

I peeked a glance at him again, becoming the talk of town. I lost the bid because of him. I pushed past between the murmurs of the people and tried to listen to his voice. I stood on my toes, checking my phone for any calls.

A message popped from Jake.

‘We lost.’ I replied back, putting it back inside my jeans.

I was a tomboy who preferred jeans and shorts over long dresses. I sighed roughly and rubbed my face with my hands. Exhaling heavily, I made my way towards the stage. My eyebrows rose in curiosity as I saw the man speaking while the host stuttered visibly.

Who was he actually?

My competitor.

I tried looking at his face but failed as he had face turned other side. His mask was off too by then. I narrowed my eyes in suspicion as host paled and trails of sweat beads marred his forehead.

I was tempted to go near them, almost tempted, before I let go of the breathe that I was holding anticipatingly. I consciously looked around to check if someone was staring at me.

After getting the line clear, I opened the camera in my phone and shot his three pictures from different angles. He couldn’t escape from me.

“If he is the satan from hell, I am the sinner from devil’s home. I won’t let you go off the hook easily, Mr. Anonymous.” I whispered to myself, staring at him deeply.

I shook myself out of the daze and blinked twice and hard. I focused myself back on their talks. That blue blazered crocodile nodded at his boss before giving him a pen.


I flinched, nearly falling right on my face as I heard a questioning voice.

I turned around slowly before releasing a sigh of relief.

“Ms. David. How are you?”

“As you can see, I’m healthy. What about you?” She smiled, shrugging her right shoulder.

I chuckled, peeking a glance across her. They were still signing some papers. I needed to get out of here fast.

“Well, today does not seem to be my day. I lost my dream house.” I scoffed, running a take over glance at the house, covered with tiles from all over the world.

“Do you know who that sexy man is?” She asked, looking at that man with awe.

I rolled my eyes, refraining myself from retorting back. He was no where sexy. The man who defeated me could never be sexy.

“Excuse me, please. I have works planned today, I am sorry.” I excused myself while she just dismissed with a wave and smile.

I looked back at the stage to find no one there. No one beside the host. I fastly trotted over there, before slamming my hands softly on the table.

“Where is that mysterious man?” I interjected, looking at him sharply.

He looked at me in shock for a second before pointing his finger towards the back door. I muttered a thanks and ran fast. I had to reach him by hook or crook. Fuck, how could I miss him?! I had to be more careful.

My eyes widened as soon as I saw that man in blue blazer. He had his specs off and was talking to his boss. I walked towards them and halted three steps away them.

“Hello,” I mumbled awkwardly, offering a strained smile.

The assistant turned towards me with a blank and interrogating face. I gulped as I looked at his jaw, hard like granite, sharp as razor and pointed as needle. I got mesmerized by the way his jaw clenched and unclenched.

I blinked hard, trying to stop fangirling over him but failed miserably. My throat parched at the look of his pale red lips which had perfect amount of skin to be called plump but thin.

I cleared my throat and lost my breathe for the second time as he turned towards me. His steely, dangerously dark, grey eyes caught mine like a lion lurking behind shadows to find his prey.

Beautiful. His eyes were beautiful and magistic. His tanned fair skin contrasted his dark brown hairs, shining under the golden aura of sun. I fisted my hands as one look at his silky locks and I wanted to curl my fingers around them.

“What do you want?” He spoke, his voice melodious enough to make me forget about his beauty.

I looked at him slightly annoyed. Did he just call me a beggar? Did he really insult me on my face?

“Who are you?” I whispered softly, loud enough for him to get me.

I looked at him with narrowed, hunting eyes as he roamed his blank eyes across my face. He swept one glance over my body before nodding at his assistant to give us free space.

“Care to tell me, why would I tell you that?” He almost snorted, his word dipped with bittergourd juice and coated with black pepper. He folded his hands at his chest, making me cough.

His nose scrunched as he looked at me threateningly. I squared my shoulders, jutting my chin out to give myself a vote of bravery and sort of fearlessness.

I rolled my eyes, trying to play cool. I stared at the cemented floor before snapping my gaze upwards with a cold smile.

“Because you were fighting against me. I can bet that you only bid to defeat me. I want to know your intentions. Why did you buy that bunglow?” I interrogated, stepping one step near him.

I looked away from his deep, grey orbs before I could lose myself in them. They were captivating and dangerously hot. They were sharp as wire, his eyebrows trimmed to perfection.

Either, he was born perfect and beautiful or he paid a daily visit to parlor.

I chortled internally at my thoughts before shaking my head slightly.

“You seem partially interested in my personal life, Miss?” He muttered dryly, raising his eyebrow slyly.

I swallowed hard to stop myself from jumping right over him and showing him the kind of things I was interested in doing to him at the moment. I wanted nothing less than to punch him right straight in the eye.

“Afterall you interfered in mine, Mr.?” I shrugged, sweeping my cold, blank eyes over his tightly clenched jaw.

“After you,” He smirked, tilting his head.

“Caitlyn King.” I too titled my shoulder, pressing over the fact that he could not intimidate me even though I knew he was.

“Miss King. Sharp name for a vile woman.” He chuckled, mocking me on my face.

I drew my eyebrows together immediately, frowning at him.

“Excuse me?”

“Irony, you have got a sweet voice.”

“Excuse me?” I drawled in anger, again.

“Excused.” He uttered, turning towards his car.

I panicked and grabbed his hand that was about to open the door. I abruptly left his hand as I realized my mistake.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to talk to you.” I murmured, warming up in awkwardness.


“I want to buy that house. Even if it costs me more than what you bought it for.” I proposed what I wanted, looking him into the eyes.

“On a second note, I think, you won’t have to do this.” He nodded to himself first before speaking to me with his eyebrows tilted.

I furrowed my eyebrows, smiling strainly and in a questioning manner.

“I really want that house.” I ended up, huffing.

I released the breath that I was holding as I looked at him.

“As I already said, you don’t need to do any of those things since I bought this for my fiancée.” He spoke genuinely, giving me his whole attention.

“For your fiancée?”

“Yes, for you.”

My heart jumped to my throat, threatening to come out of my skin as I repeated his words in my mind,

“What the hell?” I had shouted before I could hear what I was speaking. “What the shit do you mean?”

He stepped closer to me, taking my hand in his. As a reflex, I jerked myself away from him and glared at him intensely.

“You are going to marry me, Caitlyn. I already sent you a note.”

I exhaled and inhaled sharply, raging, as I saw only red. That sticker or note to hell. That was not a fan thing.

My eyebrow shot up while my eyes widened with horror as I let his words sank in my nerves. For what felt like hours, my mind consumed the meaning behind his attitude.

He sent that note to me?

“You think every other female is dying to marry you?”

“We will settle over your thinking tomorrow at your house. I’ll be the uninvited guest tomorrow in your party, Miss King.” His eyes went back to being dark, solemn and predatory.

Like he wanted to skin me alive and fry me over a frying pan.

“I did not hear you, come back.” I scoffed sassily, keeping one of my hands on my hip as I craned my neck upwards.

“After three days, we will marry and I’ll personally make sure of that.”

“Are you mad? Neither I’m your fiancé nor am I goi—” He cut me off, rather forcefully as he came dangerously closer to me. I cautiously stepped aside, forcing in a shallow breathe.

“You will marry me either willingly or forcefully. I don’t mind the latter.” He whispered, bending down to my ear level.

Then, he stepped back to his original position, making me shiver due to the cold breeze hitting my body. I stared at him in a haze as he swiftly opened the door of his car and settled inside it, locking the door behind me.

I stepped aside as his driver started the car. I inhaled sharply and almost flinched when the window of car opened. I pierced my eyes back into the grey ones that stared at me deeply.

“By the way, I am Theodore Bradford.” With that, his car left my vision, living me in a whirlpool of thoughts.

What the fuck just happened?

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