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Chapter 12 [Fire & Ice]

It was getting late in night and after the heck of a marriage, I just didn’t want to think about anyone but rest whole day and night. I removed my dress and the ring along with the pendant. My gaze landed at the ring which he pridely kept around my fingers.

I hated it with every fibre of my body. If I were allowed, I would have thrown it in on his smug face and said ’fuck off but alas, that was not the case.

According to the story spun by me and only me, we were in love since past one year.

My gaze fluttered towards the heavy gown that laid dead on the floor. Its value lessened every more for me and I kicked it aside with my foot. I hated it. It took me my ego to admit that it was indeed pretty but useless.

Theodore Bradford in bridal dress

As soon as this thought appeared in my mind, the involuntarily image piqued up and I ended up chuckling.

I took a fast shower and strode out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around myself. I walked timidly into the new surroundings. My eyes widened as I took in the size of walk in closet. It was as big as my kitchen and half of the room.


Who would in his sane mind waste space on this?

I rolled my eyes and tried to get some clothings for myself. I rolled over the translucent cover and peaked inside the right side, blue colored almirah. Men suits.

I sighed and opened the left side drawers, again men. I jumped out of my skin as the door suddenly opened. My throat went dry out of fear while I cupped the wooden almirah beside me tightly.

Footsteps appeared and I exhaled in relief as I saw the familiar face of the man I was married to. Hell, I had forgotten that I would have to share his room with him. I didn’t even have a room for myself.

For the second time tonight my eyes widened as I looked down at myself. My hands tightly wrapped around the towel while I looked at him furiously.

“You should atleast knocked or waited till I wou—”

“Not my concern. You should have locked.” He muttered dryly, looking away from me as he worked with his blazer.

My hands clenched tightly as he removed his blazer and his fingers played with his tie.

“I locked the door.” I hissed digging glares at him.

He oh-so-slowly looked at me with his raised eyebrow and frowned.

“I forgot that I had to share my room with you. Didn’t think before unlocking bathroom, it’s okay.” And then, he looked away, opening the buttons of his shirt.

I exhaled harshly and dug my nails into the skin of my hand with the force that, I was sure, could cut my skin.

I quietly looked through the drawers but did not find anything. I let my ego down for a minute and turned to him.

“Where are my clothes?” I bit out, gritting my teeth.

“Ask nicely and I might tell you.” He replied without looking at me.

I swallowed but it did not help my dry throat as he removed his shirt. I looked mesmerized and hypnotized as his solid, muscular body filled my vision. He.. he was handsome.

I blinked hard and looked away, shaking my head internally.

What the hell were you doing, Caitlyn?!

“Please, give me my clothes.” I spoke monotonously and waited for him.

“Your tone is still not much convincing.” He muttered, removing his belt and keeping it inside.

My breathe hitched as he turned to me briskly and stepped into my direction. My eyelashes fluttered and I clutched the material around my body tightly. I felt much exposed as heat consumed me from head to toe.

Even with the towel, I felt naked for his eyes. I gulped hardly and stepped back as he came more near me. With one last step, he faltered my attempts and blocked my way, keeping his on the almirah behind me.

“Wh–what...?” I trailed off, my eyes getting heavy.

I remained immobile as he trapped me with the wood behind me.

“Now, again. Ask me politely and it should be convincing. Your last chance.” He bent down and whispered into my ears.

With that all the anger that had amazingly subsidized somewhere came back into amounts. I pushed at his with one for my hand and dug myself back into the almirah.

“Yo–you are not playing good with me, Mr. Bradford.”

“Mrs. Bradford, I don’t play fair with anyone.” He retorted back, his expressions mocking me.

My hands curled into fists as he remained near me like a brick wall. His eyes scanned me from head to toe before they stopped on my neck.

The new surname gave me goosebumps in a bad way, the way I did not like. The breathe that had stopped somewhere in my throat exhaled out slowly.

“Step away, Mr. Bradford. Your face is not so interesting to waste time at.” I bit out and looked away with my narrowed eyes.

“I don’t intend to mess with you too, my wife." He muttered and removed his hands from around me, making me sigh lowly.

My eyes trailed over his muscled frame again and I looked icily at him, “Why did you marry me?”

My voice a sensul, smooth callous whisper which was meant to thrive into his fibres and pluck out the useful ones. His eyes sliced into mine with glacial coldness and his one side of mouth curved upwards.

I stiffened as he let his arm loose and his knuckles touched my bare shoulder. I let out a ragged breathe, flames of fire licking at my face again. He trailed his white knuckle fists down the length of my arm which ended up just above my chest.

“To own you. To peel the covers off your skin and make my way inside. I have wanted from a very long time to bite your skin like a snake and leave my poison inside. Poison that would make you dance on my tunes.” His frozen words hit somewhere deep and unknown but I denied him the satisfaction of watching me writhing in fear.

“And, you’ll have to spend your whole life trying to accomplish it because I will never let you even see past my eyes.” My lips curled into a grin, sneering onto his face with the horrors of my world.

The type of grin that would make innocent ones run back to their hidden shelves and hide behind the sheets.

“As far as I feel, I have already accomplished and the prize is in front of me, fighting me the possession that I have over it.” His words burned me and my self resistance and hold beguiled.

My right hand shot out but he captured it midway. His actions were as fast as the shot bullet from a revolver. He reached across me and swirled me around, pressing my arm around my back and pressed his bare chest across my back.

“Don’t you ever dare!” His tone was just one step away from being as similar to that of a snake’s hiss.

I wriggled, forcing my shoulders against him but the minimal space that I was in defended him. He wooden almirah was cold against hand and visible chest. The coldness seeped into my cheek that was pressed.

“I’m not a prize! I’m not thing for you to speak as ‘it’.” I snapped, my irises probably turned into dark green with the amount of suppressed indignant anger in them.

“Oh trust me you’re not a prize. A prize is beautiful and wanted but you’re unwanted and ugly just like weeds in a garden of red.” He bit out, the pressure on my back increasing with his every word.

My arm and wrist ached while my vision started to become blurry. The hazy eyes and anger bubbling up offered me nothing good.

“You’re playing with thin ice, Mr. Bradford.” I sibilated lowly, my jaw clenched.

“It doesn’t matter when I have everything covered up in fire beneath that ice. Ice would have to melt.” He murmured in my ear, still pressed up against my back.

I scoffed, chuckling.

“You’re forgetting that ice is more deadly than fire. Fire ruins but ice would hurt you and leave you hurting for life.” I smirked and winced next second as he twisted my arm, knocking me off guards in pain.

“Don’t forget your place. You are in my house and under my control now.” His voice shook me to the core, making me come face to face with the reality.

That was it. I was married.

The reality seeped contagiously into my bones like the weeds that he stated and did make me do a reality check.

“You–you don’t control me!” My voice was no more a whisper or argument now. It was a defense statement to save myself from the hands of the panther behind me.

“Don’t I?” It was rhetorical question and the dark chuckle that melted from his lips sent a tremor of fear down my rigid spine.

My fate was sealed until I get what I wanted.

I let out a shaky breathe and flinched simultaneously as he jerked himself away.

“I’m going for a shower. Go and prepare our bed.”

I fisted my hands and blocked my ears. My eyes teared up as his footsteps faded while I leaned to the wall with my hands tightly clutched on my chest.

I shut my eyes and tried to sleep but it was no good. I was very perfectly aware of the another man who was still in shower while I laid in the small couch in the room.

He was a monster and I knew it.

I was a sinner but he was the god of them.

Sinfully, dangerously hot and handsome monster.

My conscience could not help but appreciate the real beauty he was. Everytime I closed my eyes, his face flashed in front of me. Those eyes daring me to defy him and watch the danger unveil completely in front of me.

Those lips threating and calling me useless everytime.

My body jerked when I heard the door getting open. I closed my eyes and covered my eyes with the blanket, pretending to sleep.

Silence prevailed for the next thirty seconds and my body relaxed. Maybe he slept? I scoffed under my breathe.

Ofcourse, he must have dozed off. Why in the world would would care for me?

I sucked on my inner cheek as the lights went off, leaving me alone with my thoughts. It wasn’t the first time I was sharing the room with a man but that man was earlier my friend and then my fiancé.

This man is your husband. Position upgraded.

My subconscious was brute and outspoken. It was cruel to myself. It was outright honest and I did not need that at the moment. Again, call it my subconscious mind which tempted me to look at what he was doing.

I very slowly and sluggishly lifted the cover from my face and tried not to create any sound. I stilled with my hand in air and air in throat as suddenly the picture of man standing before me filled my vision.

Before I could scream, speak and do anything, I was lifted in the air and in his arms. I gasped and clutched his neck tightly unconsciously as he strode towards bed with me in his arms.

“Wh–wha–what are you do–doing? Are you maniac?” I stumbled on my words as his rich scent hit my nostrils.

Not even a second later, my body was dribble dover the mattress and he left me there. He lifted his eyes and pinned me with his gaze while he walked to his side of bed. Apparently my side would be the one I was thrown onto.

“Sleep where you are.”


“No arguments anymore. I am exhausted and I want to rest.” He laid down straight and kept an arm on his forehead.

I gulped as his muscles flexed and bulged under dim light. He was really fucking me up without knowing or doing himself. I needed self control and brain control too.

“I could have slept on couch.” I mumbled defeatedly in a subtle voice while moving my gaze onto my lap.

“We married. It means we share everything. Bed too.” He muttered dryly and I let go of the resolve begrudgingly.

Fine, his way!

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