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Chapter 4 [Stark grey eyes]

My eyes rolled back in my head as I exercised, along with my mother to get myself fit before the wedding. Unsurprisingly, she had many dreams about my wedding and she wanted everything to be perfect.

Undoubtedly, she had more dreams than me about my marriage.

“Stretch your legs more, lazy girl.” She scolded, slapping the back of my head.

I whined but stopped as I saw her stern glare.

“Fuck, mom. You want to kill me seriously.” I let out a groan and spread my legs more and touched my right foot with the tip of my right hand fingers.

“Don’t swear.”

“Mom,” I hissed, rubbing my arm where she hit me a second ago.

“You need to loose two kgs more. Continue with me,”

“I’m sure Ashton won’t find any problem even if I gain ten pounds.” I rolled my eyes for the thousandth time today, relaxing back.

“Yeah, he would marry you even if you look like a bull.” She snorted, making me take a deep breathe to calm my nerves.

I couldn’t quite say where my anger came from. Both of parents had the same temper and unfortunately it ran in our family. It was incurable.

“I’m going home, mum.” I informed, picking up the bag.

“God! These children of today. In our times, we used to help our parents but look at you!” She shook her head, eyes full of pity and anger.

I inhaled slowly and exhaled heavily.

“Mom, it is getting over now. Please, come. We should get going.” I grasped her arm, pulling her up.

She swatted my arm off.

“No! I still need to loose five.” She huffed, continuing exercising.

I narrowed my eyes, amusedly while slumping down on the floor.

“So this was about you and not me? Are you trying to impress dad?” I chortled, keeping my hand at my lips.

“Caitlyn,” She chuntered, looking at me dead in the eye.

“Ok ok. Just so you know, dad loves you the way you are, mom. He doesn’t care about your weight.” I bit my lip, yawning.

“You don’t understand, baby. Have you ever seen him?”

“What?” I saw my dad everyday.

“He goes to gym every week and he looks handsome even in his fifties. There are thousands of woman around him every—”

“Please stop, mom. He is handsome but he would never cheat on you!” I bellowed quietly, glaring at her.

For fuck’s sake, we were talking about my dad.

“I know that but I just want to look more fit. Nothing else.” She shrugged, sweat dripping from her forehead.

“I’m going back, mom. Do you wanna come?” I sighed, standing up.

“No, you go.”

“Bye, love you.” I waved, walking towards the door.

“Love you too.”

I halted and turned back, pointing my finger at her.

“If you do over workout, I’ll tell dad, you got me, mom?” I threatened, looking at her sharply.

“Fuck off,”

“I was serious, mom. I will keep a check on your timings.” I left, shouting with my eyes in front.

I could practically hear her cursing me.

Well, I was her daughter afterall.

I moaned, rubbing my neck as I opened the lock of my penthouse. I had strained my neck by overlooking at computer screen and I needed a balm.

I made my way inside my room and threw my things on the bed. As soon as I plopped on the bed, lights turned on by themselves. I screamed, wrapping my arms around myself as a man came in front of me out of nowhere.

“Hell, Ashton!” I sighed, relieved.

It was him and not some burglar.

He was here?

“You here, babe?” I squealed, jumping into his arms.

He laughed, hugging me back to his chest. This ended up the second thoughts that I was having in my mind about our marriage. I felt way more safer with him. He was the one who could make me forget all my problems, wasn’t it love only?

Or whatever it was.

Feeling happy and giddy when I meet him? Wasn’t it love only? What more definition could be there to describe love?

He respected me, cared for me and never forced his decisions upon myself. I loved the man he was, even though as a friend. Till yet.

“Caitlyn, hurry up and change. I brought burgers and cake for us.” He uttered as I laid down on bed lazily.

My ears perked up but I remained as lazy as rhino. I was tired as heck.

“Mom says, I’ll grow like hippo till wedding.” I pouted, shrugging my shoulder.

“I wouldn’t have it another way.” He smirked, grasping my arm and pulling me upwards.

I laughed, throwing my head back.

“Now I know I am marrying a right person.”

“Better,” He brought the packet out from his bag and lifted it in front of me.

I moaned, sniffing its delicious smell.

“I’m coming really fast,” I chuckled, jumping on my legs and running towards the bathroom.

“Am waiting,”

“Oh and,” I paused on my steps, turning back to look at him, “I will take two burgers.”

He raised his eyebrow, seemingly thoughtful for a second before he chuckled.

“I’ve three for you. Fresh up before I end up having yours too.”

I threw a fly kiss over my shoulder, grinning.

“Ey! I’m coming in five minutes.” I yelled, locking the door.


“Just one bite more, Ashton.” I blinked sweetly and innocently up at him, eyeing his burger.

It was his third one too but, he was my fiance and we could share food atleast.

“Almost one third of this one, you only ate, Cait. I’m not giving you.” He narrowed his eyes, biting down a big piece.

“I thought you were my fiance!” I accused, huffing as I crossed my arms.

“As a fiancé, I have very tempting ideas to share this piece in my mouth.” He smirked, glancing at my lips.

I gasped, understanding his meaning.

“Eww... Fuck you! You twat.” I scrunched my nose as he laughed, resting his head back on the bedrest. I hit at his arm, scowling.

“You really imagined that?” He pressed his lips together, staring at my face. I groaned, my face heating in embarrassment.

“Stop it,” I hissed, slamming my face on my hands.

He went silent for a minute, making me glance up at him. I gasped lowly as I saw him looking at me seriously. I raised my eyebrow at him, gauging his expressions.

“What?” I murmured unsurely as he kept staring at me.

“I was serious about the offer from my mouth.”

“ASHTON!!” Before I had the time to show him what my hands could do, he jumped out of my bed.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. You looked purely horrified.” He clutched his stomach, taking deep breaths to calm himself while I glared at him heatedly.

“No more dirty jokes, Ash.” I warned, looking dead set serious into his eyes.

“Yes, ma’am.” He saluted, coming beside me.

I snuggled into him as he wrapped his arm around my waist. I yawned, closing my eyes as we laid on our bed.

“You’re staying here today, right?”

“Yes, I missed you so much.” He ran his hands through my hair, his hot breathe falling of my neck.

I felt my cheeks warming up while I drew patterns at his chest.

“I missed you too.” I forced my eyes to stay open, trying to have a talk with him.

I yawned, rubbing my eyes.

“Do you really want to leave your job due to my insecurities, Ashton?” I mumbled into his chest, swallowing hard.

“It is not about your insecurities, Caitlyn.” He held onto me tightly.

“I know what you have suffered and I don’t want you to suffer anymore. I love my country but it is impossible for me to live my life without you.” He pulled himself away and looked into my orbs deeply.

I blinked, his blue irises luring me. He bent down and brushed his lips with mine before kissing me hard. I clutched his hairs in my hand, roaming my hand across his back.

His woody scent, warm lips took everything off my mind as I melted under his touch. His hands sliced through my hair and to my neck as he kissed me deeper. His tongue claiming every nook of my mouth.

“I love you,” He breathe out, still kissing me while I kissed him back.

You will marry me either willingly or forcefully. I don’t mind the latter.

My eyes flapped open widely as those grey eyes hunted me back. Those stark light grey eyes like that of a predator.

I pushed Aston away roughly, breathing heavily. I could feel the cold trails of sweat of dread drawing closer to my temple. I licked my lips and sighed.

“What happened? Are you ok?” Aston spoke, removing himself from above me as he looked tensely at me.

“Just needed oxygen.” I spoke tersely, avoiding looking at him.

“Is that all?”


“You can share with me, you know.” He laid back, pulling me towards his chest.

“I know.” I exhaled heavily, closing my eyes as he caressed my cheek with his thumb.


I munched on the pasta while Ashton preferred sipping on coffee as the breakfast. We were sitting in the lawn, enjoying fresh and cool morning air, having breakfast alongside.

“Ash...uggmr.. before I forget,” I gulped down the food in my mouth before looking at him, “We have a party tonight.”

“You have practically reminded me five times about that, sweetheart.” He rolled his eyes, glancing at me as if I possessed some viral disease.

“Well,” I drawled sweetly and he started getting up, knowing where this was going, “Since, your highness forgot about the last party that we held, I thought to remind you about this one as many times as I could.”

He scowled, stalking his way to his car.

“And, I apologized thousand times, my queen.” He sat in his car, kissing my cheek.

“Anyways, you gotta come. Don’t disappoint me this time.”

“Sure babe.” He kissed my cheek again before closing the door and driving away.

I sighed, looking at the time in my watch.

No office today.

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