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Chapter 5 [The guest]

I huffed, clipping the last strand of hair that was coming out of my bun. I had wore a chiffon, satin dress with long curves. As much as I had hated saying it was kissing my curves, it was not.

It was designed perfectly, loose but beautiful. It had to be the best one in my collection.

Since, I did not have a collection. It was my mother’s collection, period, her collection that she bought for me.

I whistled coolly, spraying rose pitch perfume. Now, I was perfect. Even though I was not much of a fan of heels, I could have my way with them prettily good.

“Caitlyn, you’re ready already?” I heard Rose, my receptionist, murmur from behind me as she walked into my room, knocking twice.

Well, we were more of friends rather than boss and employee.

I smirked.

“You’re as well. Is it for your hideous boyfriend?” I teased, biting my lip.

She blushed, stifling her smile.

“Oh please!” She rolled her eyes.

“So... shall we go?” I exhaled, looking at her.

“Yeah. Jake is already here.”

“Wait,” I groaned, “Is Ashton here?”

She coughed before clicking her tongue.

“Has been impressing your dad since past hour.” She chuckled as we strode out.

“Oh, he doesn’t need to. My dad is already impressed. If it would have been in his hands, he would have me married on the day Ashton proposed me.” I snorted, rolling my shoulders to relax the dull ache.

“Mr. King,” She laughed.

“You go, I gotta make a call to my hideous boyfriend." She bit her lip, kissing my cheek as she strode away.

I picked up my dress and stepped down the stairs, grabbing attention of everyone. I smiled, stepping down. Jake came beside me, his wife and son on his right. I looked at my left to see Ashton wrapping his arm around me.

I grinned, kissing his cheek.

A waiter passed me the mic, greeting me.

“Hello, everyone.” I spoke loudly and everyone turned their faces towards me, clapping loudly.

“First of all, I, Caitlyn King, would like to welcome you all to this party. I am glad that you all could make it at such a short notice.” Sounds of cheers erupted in the air as the lights dimmed and spotlight came on us.

“Life without family and friends is a waste and we are glad that we have a hard working group of people who work for us and take our company to heights.” Jake spoke gracefully, his aura broad.

“Absolutely, Jake. I too feel grateful towards all of them. Without them, it would have been impossible to reach where we are today. To reach the title of best interior designer company of America, it fills me with pride and esteem joy.” I sighed, content, looking at my parents for a second.

The pride in their eyes, the happy gleam was everything that I wanted.

“Therfore, we are here to announce yet another project of ours. This time a big one and ours.” Jake continued, glancing at me.

We both held each other’s hands, raising in the air.

“The King group of architecture,” He paused midway, nodding at me to continue.

I licked my lips before taking a deep breathe.

“Is going to open a studio on floral ring road in the major west New York.” As soon as I finished, everything roared to life and music blared loudly. We thanked everyone who came forward to wish us success.

“Congratulations!!” Roberto, one of my dad’s friend uttered, hugging me.

My eyebrows raised up altogether, surprised.

“Uncle! How have you been?” I exclaimed, hugging him back.

“As fantastic as always. What about you, cutie pie?”

“I am amazing as well,”

“So, excited to get married?” He raised his eyebrow, stopping a waiter to take wine.

We clanked our glasses before gulping in one shot.

“Very much, he loves me so much.” I grinned, glancing back at Ashton who was busy talking to some guests.

My eyes trailed towards his solid chest which was covered with the expensive tux. He looked like a walking model even though he was an army official.

“I’m still here, my niece.” Uncle chuckled deeply, forcing me to look away from Ashton.

I looked away, embarrassed for a minute before shrugging casually. I could look at him.

“When will you go back?” I raised an eyebrow, leaning on the support.

“Last this week.”

I grinned.


“Miss King,” A timid, sweet voice cut me off, making me frown.


I looked at uncle apologetically but he shook his head, going away with his new cup of vodka. I sighed and looked at the woman, annoyed.

“There is one guest for you.” She murmured, her hands behind her back.

I exhaled, nodding hastily.


“Upstairs, in your study room.” She spoke hesistantly, her eyes prancing a look at the stairs.

My mind went off a second before I slammed my hand on wall beside me.

“How can you let someone walk into my study without my permission?” I yelled, making her flinch and cower away.

I bit my upper lip, rubbing my hand across my face and massaging the temple to ease the growing headache due to music.

“Ma–ma’am, he was very persistent. When we denied him, he threatened us. He was very pow—” I cut her off sharply, pointing my finger at the exit.

“Last chance. Next time if something like this happens, you all will be answerable,” I hissed, “Get out of my sight before I say something which I might regret.”

I exhaled and moved towards my study fastly.

I groaned loudly, ready to jump off when a hand enclosed around my arm. I sharply turned in rage to chop off the arm of the fucker but it was Ashton. He raised his hands, stepping back as he saw my glowering face.

“Oh, it’s you!” I chuckled, shaking my head as I tried to calm my mind off.

“Were you expecting someone else?” He narrowed his eyes as he suspected, making me hit at his arm playfully.

“Yeah, one of my admirer.”

“Oh please! I would fucking kill that person.” He rolled his eyes, protectively wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Really?” I raised my shoulder, following him as he lead me to the dance floor.

“Yes. Now, would you grace me with the pleasure of a dance with this beautiful lady beside me?” He dramatically bowed, making me giggle.

I peaked a glance nervously sideways to look that we were gaining attention. I blushed, placing my hand in his.

“But, I have to meet so—”

“After this dance, beautiful lady.” His mellifluous voice rung into my ears and before I knew, he had me flushed into him.

“You are very stubborn, handsome man.” I pouted and laughed, shaking my head as I coyly wrapped my arms around his neck.

I sighed and waved along with him to the tunes of music. I gulped and stared back into his eyes. His eyes were beautiful, eyebrows fanning over below his eyes. His lip pulled up into a grin which looked very similar to the one on my face.

I inhaled deeply, his scent overwhelming my senses.

“Ashton,” I called hoarsely, my arms wrapped around his shoulders and neck.

He raised his eyebrow, his gaze fixed on me while he left me and pulled at my hand, making me flush into him. I gasped, clutching at his shoulders with my hands.

“Yes?” He smirked, drawing patterns at my bare back with the tip of his fingers.

I squirmed, my gaze fluttering as I tried to focused on my words.


“You?” He drawled, his eyes searching into mine.

I inhaled sharply and exhaled almost exaggeratedly deep, “I love your eyes. They are transparent. No facade.”

His lips twitched slightly, “Only my eyes?”

I tried to ignore the hand drawing patterns on skin but failed miserably.

“Yo–your voice too.”

“Just my voice?” He furrowed his eyebrows, leaning near my face slowly.

I bit my lip to stop myself from smiling and whispered out, “Yes.”

“Really?” He murmured, brushing his lips with me.

“Hmm,” I smirked, moving my hand into his locks as he captured my lips into a deep, bone-shaking kiss.

His woody scent, rich cologne and perfect body lured me more and more into the web trap laid by him as our tongue fought for dominance. He sucked onto my upper lip, pulling back his tongue while I shuddered.

I gasped, taking deep breaths as we both pulled away. I blushed deep red as I heard hootings and clappings from behind us. I looked at him and chuckled, my ears burning with passion and desire.

“Day by day, I’m dying more to marry you, Caitlyn.” He whispered as he leaned his forehead onto mine.

I let out a deep, shaky and ragged breathe.

My breathe hitched and eyes squinted as I felt someone’s gaze boring into my back and burning holes. I smoothly pulled away from Ashton and looked around consciously. I frowned, roaming my gaze all around.

I shook my head and exhaled. There were numerous people, appreciating our relationship. It could be anyone or no one in particular.

“Ash, I need to meet someone.” I mumbled softly, my heartbeats still high on adrenaline.

“Go and come back soon.” He kissed my cheek, his eyes still lusty.

I nodded and left him on the dance floor. I struggled with my long, flowing dress as I walked upstairs. As soon as I reached my study, I pushed the ďoor open.

My jaw clenched unmistakably as I looked at the man sitting on my chair, behind the desk. His face turned towards the glass window, looking outside.

How dare he?!

I flinched as the door shut behind me. The thick and uneasy silence in room did nothing to calm my nerves. I walked forward, trying to look at his face from a distance but failed. He could be a thief or worse a serial murderer, I had to be safe.

“Who are you?” I thundered, slapping my hands on the brown, oak table.

I took a deep breathe as he remained unaffected.

“I asked who the fuck are you?” I yelled, clenching my fists.

“Is this how you greet your guests, Miss King?” The man spoke for behind the chair, making my eyes go wide.

My heart clenched in fear and irritation as I recognized his voice. His words were too fresh for me to forget. I glared at his back as he looked out of the window, sitting at my chair in my study.

“What are you doing here, Mr. Bradford?” My voice came out subtle and quiet, piercing through the silent room.

He swiveled the chair, his gaze being deep into mine. I felt my turning cold and sweaty while my legs felt as if they were pricked by thousand needles. He blinked, glancing at my dress before looking into my eyes intimidately.

Com’on Caitlyn, he is just a human. Doesn’t matter if he is The Blank Panther of the textile.

Yeah, right. Only if it was that easy.

He was the most dangerous, powerful man in whole world. The most richest bachelor in whole world.

And the problem was, he wanted me to marry a psycho like him.

Not even in my dreams.

“I see, you were having fun a minute ago. Is this how you make your guests wait?” His cold, bitter voice thinned the air, making me grit my teeth.

I had no reason to be afraid of him. My whole family, friends were here and he could not harm me atleast now.

“I did not invite you here and you had no right to threaten my security. To where I can see, you lack the basic manners of not being uninvited guest.” I bit out, glaring at him.

His face remained blank, but his eyebrow twitched. He was a plumed ice-crystal who was essentric enough to believe that I would marry him.

“Oh I do. Sit down. Now.”

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