Unexpected Love

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Letting Go

It had been a few days of silence from Sarah, leaving Sterling frustrated.

"Good morning," she sang as she walked into the dining room for breakfast.

"Good morning, dear," Brick smiled.

She sat down next to Sterling with a small, emotionless smile, "...Sterling."

"Good morning, Sarah," Sterling huffed, irritated with her continued cold attitude.

After breakfast they each went off to do their own work for the day with Sarah working out back in the garden. When she finished she grabbed a basket, pulling down the laundry as she walked down the line. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her leg.

She gasped as she looked down at the blood dripping from her calf. She lifted her dress to find a gash in her lower leg. She looked around for what could have done it, her eyes resting on a broken jar that must have fallen off the porch. "Lovely.." she muttered as she fell to the ground, her head becoming dizzy.

She tried to call out for Martha but her voice didn't seem to want to come. She closed her eyes for a moment, attempting to calm her mind.

Brick walked out to the back porch to see how the garden was faring, when he saw Sarah lying on the ground, struggling to keep herself upright.

"Sarah!" he gasped as he ran to her, calling for Martha as he reached Sarah. Martha ran out, shock spreading on her face as she saw the scene before her.

"Go find Sterling, he should still be in the barn," Brick hollered as he helped Sarah sit up.

Sarah closed her eyes, the loss of blood and excitement of the moment making her dizzy again. "I'm alright, Brick..." she said quietly, still trying to push the shuffle from her mind.

Brick picked her up and brought her inside just as Sterling ran in.

"What happened? Is she okay?!" he hollered as he ran up to them. He took Sarah from Brick's arms, pulling her close to him as he carried her into the sitting room. She rested her head on his shoulder, "I'm fine," she whispered.

He set her down on the couch, pulling up the hem of her dress a bit to see her leg. Sarah laid back on the couch, "See... just a scratch."

Brick walked in with alcohol and some clean bandages. They cleaned her wound, making her wince in pain when the alcohol splashed over it. Sterling carefully wrapped her leg, sending sparks through her as his fingers brushed against her skin.

When they were done Sterling sat beside her on the couch, leaning back against the armrest and holding her close to him. "You gave me a scare there, Sarah," he whispered, brushing the hair from her face.

Sarah rested her head on his chest, "I'm sorry."

Sterling kissed the top of her head, "Sorry for what? You didn't cut your leg on purpose now did you?" he teased.

Sarah gave a tired smile, "I'm sorry that I've been so angry at you."

Sterling chuckled, "I'm sorry too. I should have just told her to go away."

Sarah gave a small chuckle, "Yeah, you should have."

Sterling smirked, "Would you just take the apology, woman?"

Sarah closed her eyes, "Don't call me woman..." She drifted off to sleep in his arms, glad to have her man back.

A few hours later Sarah woke, her eyes fluttering open as she looked up to see Sterling asleep as well, his arms still wrapped around her. She sat up gently, careful not to wake him as she got up from the couch. She stood carefully, afraid to make herself dizzy again. When she decided it was fine to move she walked slowly to the dining room and into the kitchen.

"OHHHH! Sarah, thank goodness you're alright," Martha hollered as she embraced her friend. Sarah hugged her back, "It's just a cut."

Martha scoffed, "A massive cut that bled EVERYWHERE. I thought for sure you would faint."

Sarah chuckled, "Do we have any sweet tea?"

Martha smirked, "Of course, we always have sweet tea."

Sarah took a sip before looking down at herself. Her dress was ripped and the hem was covered in blood. "Don't I look a mess... I'm going to head up to change. Thank you for the tea."

Sarah walked up the stairs, her sweet tea in hand. She walked into the bedroom and opened her drawer, setting a folded dress on the bed. She stood in front of the mirror, looking at the disheveled mess she was. She let her hair down, combing her fingers through it to tame it a bit. She splashed some water on her face and walked back in to the room to change.

Just then Sterling walked in, "What are you doing?"

Sarah laughed, "Changing." She stretched her arms out and turned to the side, "I'm a mess."

Sterling walked toward her, pushing the hair away from her face as he leaned down to kiss her gently. Sarah smiled up at him before turning around. She moved her hair to the side, “Help me with the top button again? It always seems to catch.”

Sterling smiled and undid the button, and then the next, until he had done all of them. When her dress slipped to the floor he pulled her back in his arms, their bodies responding to each other. He kissed her again gently as she unclasped the buttons on his shirt. He shrugged his shirt off, revealing his strong form. His whole body was muscled and hard from working hard every day on the ranch. Sarah ran her hands across his chest, feeling his smooth skin under hers.

They made love, passionately. Sarah had never felt a sensation like that before and she loved being so close to him.

Afterwards they laid in their bed, holding each other. Sterling ran his fingers up and down her arm, leaving a warm sensation traveling through her skin.

“I should probably get to work,” he groaned.

“Hmm..” she smiled, “Probably. Or we could just stay here all day. Call it our honeymoon.”

Sterling laughed and then pulled the covers over them. He rolled on top of her and kissed her cheeks and nose and mouth. “I like that idea much better.”

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