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a story of simple girl and ips officer who is very hot and handsome. all the girls are just mad behind him but his eyes only catches the one he wanted. he wasn't ready for marriage not at all consider himself eligible for marriage but couldn't control himself when he saw her innocence. she was very innocent, rich much and perfect is a perfect word to describe her but marriage is the last option she select for herself. she is just 20 and have so many dreams to achieve. would she be able to achieve or her parents will get her marry to the groom they selected.

Romance / Drama
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A beautiful girl was making tea for her family while leaning on the kitchen counter she was chopping the veggies because it is her responsibility to make breakfast for her family. She is very good cook as well as student and recently graduated from the top college of delhi. Once she was done with the breakfast she went out and started to arrange the dining table.

She is from upper middle class family and her father was a government employee, her father always taught her one thing money doesn't matter but reputation does.

She call everyone to have her breakfast and her mother & father came from their room. They kissed her head when she wished them morning. She was their princess maybe that's why they named her nandini.

She smiled and her smiled got wider when someone kissed her cheek from behind and wisher her morning. She turned and found her adopted sister navya. Yes mr. Ashish and mrs. Pragati avasthi are very proud & honoured parents of navya & nandini. Though navya was adopted but couple was more then happy to adopt her because navya was very dear to avasthi family from her childhood. Her parents was best friend of mr. Avasthi from college time.

" Good morning navya...... " Nandini also kissed her cheek and they got settled on dining table.

Nandini and navya started to serve their parents and then take there place. They were happily talking and chit chatting suddenly news paper which was laying on the table got mr. Avasthi's attention. He finished his breakfast and open the news paper.

" Ohh my god now days there are lots of case happening with girls molestation. Girls should know how to fight or else the animals out would create a fear among all the parents. " Mr. Avasthi said in anguished voice and anxiety was present in his tone.

" You know my nandini and navya are graduated now. So don't you think we must started to search a groom for them. " Mrs. Avasthi said and nandini and navya just exchange the looks.

" Yes nandini you have completed your graduation now you should think about marriage. You know i have got so many proposals for you both. " Mr. Avasthi exaggerated and navya whined while nodding in no but nandini look disturbed as she can't say no to her father as she never did.

" Papa just believe on us. Give us a little time and when i feel i am all ready for this big step. I would tell you for sure. "Nandini said and mr & mrs. Avasthi nodded and both left for their respective works. Mr. Avasthi was banker and mrs. Avasthi was a professor in college.

When they felt nandini & navya started to pick the utensils from the table and started to clean the table. They were not real sisters yet soul sisters.

" Nandini come see this. Again a wife was molested by his husband for dowry and then he burnt her alive." Navya said while reading the newspaper and nandini was feeling disgusted and after washing all the utensils she snatched the paper from zoya.

She flipped two pages and found a headline. " Our very honoured ips officer manik malhotra finally killed zafar supari and tell all the terrorists what a soldier can do. He is the tiger of mumbai. " Nandini got a beautiful smile and she crease his name on the newspaper.

" whenever i read any encounter news or terrorist attack news. I always found his name. Mr. Manik malhotra the king of mumbai. He is the head of the special encounter force and i have heard that he is hot as hell. " Navya said a little dreamily and nandini blushed unknowingly.

" Navya this is not the time to talk about manik sir. He is doing his duty with sincerity but what we are doing. we are girls navya but we are not strong enough we have to groom ourselves for our future so that our parents won't take tension about us. " Nandini suggested and stoop up where navya was hell confused what she is upto.

" Nandini i am getting your point but i am not getting indirectly where you're implying?? " Navya asked and nandini show her something which made her eyes widened.

" This is the form of dehradun military academy where we are gonna stay for 6 months to groom ourself for our future. " Nandini show her forms while smirking slightly but navya face was scared as hell.

" Nandini no please, i am not gonna do this if you want to die then please go happily but i am like a flower i can't stay like a throne. Their trainings are very tough they would be killing us for no reasons. " Navya said fumbling with her words imagining herself doing those tasks intolerable levels of hardship.

Nandini give her a slight smirk and filled the online form from the laptop and navya had to accept as she knew nandini is born with Persistency as well as innocence so she will go not for herself but for nandini. After all she love nandini very much.



They are royals & very rich.

" Mr manik malhotra had caught the 500kg rdx with terrorists, they were going to attack on india but before that mr. Manik malhotra encounter specialist assailed on them and destroyed them with their illegal weapons. " Mr. Ashok malhotra read out proudly looking at his son who was eating silently as if nothing happened.

" Dad i am an IPS OFFICER and it's the part of my duty." Manik said while sipping his juice but mukti has snatched it making his nose flared in anger. " What is this mukti?? Won't you let me have my breakfast peacefully?? " A angry manik yelled on his little sister who was right now looking at him with a pout.

" My brother is a great man how dare you not appreciating him for his works. Ask sorry or else i won't talk to you. " Angry mukti said and manik smile while kissing her forehead. " Ok meri ma sorry. Your bhai is great man. " Mukti kissed his cheek and went away.

" Manik i am very proud to call you as my son. we got a very less time to make our family happy but looking at their proud face i felt like you have given me every happiness. " Ashok kiss his son forehead and he saluted him with honour.

" At your service journal ashok malhotra. " Arjun saluted and ashok did the same.

They were having a little holiday time when ashok got a message from commissioner that they had arranged function to honoured manik with madel and a bravery award. He patted her son's shoulder and they continued to have their chit chat.

" Just one week more then i had to go to dehradun again. " Ashok said and manik and mukti hugged him closely where amrita cried little.

" Are amrita you're still crying. I am an army officer from last 30 years but you everytime cried whenever i go. Darling we are army man and it's our duty. " Ashok kissed his wife cheek unaware of his naughty childrens but when they make teasing sounds both amrita and ashok made their eyes widened.

" Sorry getting an important call catch up with you later guys. " Saying this ashok left and amrita ran away before her devils could tease her. Both manik and mukti burst into laughter.


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