Chasing Bright

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Mission Series #1; Chasing Bright From the very beginning it was my mission. To chase my dream, to chase you. Mission: Chasing Bright

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"So lazy on your bed does breaking me makes me feel you good. "

I tried to reach the stars with my small hands. I made a small smile while reaching the most Brightest star that I seen.

"If someone left on your life? Would you choose to chase him or her?" Si Sable ang bumasag sa katahimik ng gabi. Nasa labas kami ng bahay, nakahiga sa kahuyan.

Umusog ako palapit sa kanila ni Adriana, pinaggigitnaan si Sable.

Napaisip ako sa tanong niya. But my minds stop to a certain topic. I don't know if I should say it. I'm hesitated.

"I don't know…" sumama sa malamig na hangin ang malamig na boses ni Adriana. She also looking at the sky.

"If it's worth it, why not?" There I said.

Sable look at me, "Like what? Like who?"

Sinabayan ko ang nagtatanong na mga mata niya. I found her eyes exhausted. No emotion, just pure sadness. She looks so lost.

Humarap sa amin ang nakatagilid na si Adriana. Nagsabayan kami ng katanungan sa mga mata namin.

There's so many unanswered questions.

"You're still waiting for him?" Adriana asked me.

I nodded.

Sable chuckles.

"Why? You don't know him. Life wasn't all about love."

I smiled bitterly. I closed my eyes, trying to feel the rhythm of the night.

"It is, Sable." I said firmly, eyes still closed.

"The feels that love giving to us was powerful. It's amazing. It isn't?" Na-aamazed kong wika.

"Kung pagbibigyan ako ng kapalaran, I wouldn't lose the chance to chase him. Rapidly."

"You don't chase boys." Sabay pa na sambit nilang dalawa.

I smiled proudly at them. Even though I'm having a hard time to express my feelings.

"But I do chase my man." I said proudly while looking at star.

I was so confidently that when he arrived I'll fight for the love that I was waiting for, I chase for the man I've been waiting for.

Till the nights gets dark, he will be the brightest star on the sky. And the rhythm of the night will embraced us.

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