Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Phone Call

Phone Call

The phone had been ringing. I was riding a bike, and I stopped to check who it was. Once I halt the bike, there was a missed call. It’s from an unknown number. I’ve called back. Some guy picked up the call and said hello to me.

Who is it? He asked.

I’ve got a missed call from this phone. So I’ve called back. Can I know who that is? I asked him.

Oh, I’m sorry. My children have unknowingly dialled your number. It’s a wrong dial. Please don’t mind, he said.

I heard some girls laugh on the other side. I didn’t bother about it very much. Okay, I said, and I disconnected the call. I went to the office from there.

Karthik, you’ve got to deliver a lot of material today. Get your delivery order ready as per the order list on that pad, said Shyam sir.

I said, okay, so I took the documents and went to my cabin. As per the order, I checked if the material had packed.

Then I took a print out of all the delivery challan and went to Shyam sir for signature.

After he signed up, I kept the same folder in my bag.

Shall we start Karthik? He asked.

Sir, 10 minutes. I’m loading the material in the truck once we finished, we can drive, I responded, packing the material quickly.

Okay, he responded.

I am currently working in a company that supplies spare parts materials to a mining-related organisation. It is the same business that Madhu Sir asked me to give the interview.

I’ve never taken any leave from the last year. I used to dwell well with my colleagues, too. Shyam sir has helped me a lot in my work to improve myself.

He motivated me to learn new things, and he used to include me in all kinds of work. I kind of became a master in all facets of the company.

We both left and delivered all the deliveries for the day. It was 05:00 PM by the time we finished it all. Then both of us came to the office

I’ve seen a missed phone call. If I check the number, it’s the same number that I got a missed call in the morning. If it was a wrong dial in the morning, how would they call again to me? And I called them back to check.

Hello, who is this? Questioned a sweet voice. This time it’s a girl.

Who are you? Why are you giving a missed call? I asked.

Sorry, I don’t know about that. It got to be a wrong dial. Children playing with the phone, she said. I heard the same noise, someone laughing behind me, like in the morning. I felt fishy. I thought maybe someone I know was playing some pranks on me.

Don’t play with me, please. Tell me who the hell is this? I asked, seriously.

It’s a wrong dial, the girl said sarcastically.

Ok, then. Teach your children a few things. Don’t let them play all those prank calls to anybody. I said this call in frustration and disconnected.

After that, I started getting calls from that number again. By the time I was about to lift the phone got disconnected.

This time, I was sure that there was a known person who annoyed me and made me do all this. I was so mad that I had my tongue scolded and fired at them.

I called them back. Just after they answered my call, I started screaming without any hesitation.

Do you have any manners? Are you mad? You, stupid. Don’t you have work? Don’t try to test my patience with me. It’s better to stay calm. I shouted at them in great anger.

Hey, Karthik. It’s me, Varsha, Mumbai’s sister in law. Why are you shouting like that? I was trying to poke you dearly, she said and laughing.

Varsha is my law sister. The daughter of my mom’s brother. They settled in Mumbai. My Uncle works as an MNC manager in Mumbai. For them, Varsha is an only child. So she was a spoiled rich kid.

She’s a student in fashion design. Occasionally she’s going to pop up on TV and in magazine articles. Her life is full of fun with people of high class.

So I was shocked, how instantly she remembered me. We hardly talked to each other earlier. I never went to their house. I only met her when I used to go to my grandma’s house, and when she was there.

But I was curious where she got my number and why she’s calling me right now.

Hi Varsha. How are you doing? How are your parents? I wished her.

I’m all right, Karthik. Mom and Dad are all right, too. Last time I saw you when I came to Grand Mother’s house. You seem to be dumb. What happened to you? Is there any love failure? She asked.

I was shocked to hear that she questioned me like that.

No. Nothing as such. My mood was upset, so it was dull. Just look at my face, which girl will fall for this stupid face, I asked her.

Oh no. What’s wrong with you, Karthik. You’re a handsome man. Any girl’s going to fall for you just like that. She said, laughing.

Oh, stop that. Enough of fun. What else? How’s the course going on? You’ve been giving interviews regularly these days. I asked her, and I was trying to divert the topic.

Nothing, Karthik. We’re going to take part in some workshops and keep learning. You know, the fashion industry is all about the buzz created by the media. We need to promote ourselves, then. So there’s no choice but to be in contact with them, she said.

It’s true. If you’ve got a lot of exposure, it means you’re a big celebrity, I replied.

Okay, whatever. Just leave it. So what the heck are you up to? Where the hell are you working? She questioned.

I stay at home and work in a small company here, I replied.

Why don’t you come Mumbai? Life here is fantastic. She asked me.

Let’s see that. I can’t get out of Mom and come anywhere. I’m delighted here as of now. Now all of a sudden, I don’t want to move around and get busy with another new life. I explained to her.

Okay, Idiot. You’re telling me it’s a busy life. Yet you can’t imagine how much you’re going to earn. You can live a royal life, she said with a lot of excitement.

I should have a substantial qualification if I want to come and work in that competitive life. Nonetheless, in two years, I’m going to finish my Graduation, and I’m hoping to do my MBA. May be that once I have done, I might think about Mumbai. I clarified it to her.

Good, man. You’re doing proper planning, and MBA is beneficial and added value. Your education background is fundamental these days. If you’re not well qualified, people don’t even give their daughter to get married, she said, laughing.

Now, why are you talking about marriage? I said with a smile.

Hey! I just said casually. Don’t worry, she replied.

Okay, I’m going to save your number. So, I’m starting from the office to my house. I will talk to you later. Bye, I said, and I disconnected the call.

While I was starting to my office, Mom asked me to get a few things while returning. Thank god I remembered now. If not, my mom would have screwed me. She asked me to get 1 kg of Paneer and 1⁄2 kg of curd.

I stopped at a store on my way home and took the same one and brought it.

Karthik, did you get all I told you to bring in the morning? Or did you forget about that? She asked, just after I reached home.

I’ve bought everything, Mom. Get the package from the bike I said, and I went to the bathroom to refresh myself. After that, Mom took the packet and walked into the room.

Nice, boy. I figured you’d forget to come home as usual. She said sarcastically.

Hey, Mom. Too much of it. How did I forget about it? I’m never going to forget what you say, I answered, and I smiled.

Oh, Ha. Yes, sweetheart. I asked you to get 1⁄2 kg of paneer and 1/2 kg of curd. Who’s this extra 1/2 kg paneer for now? She asked, laughing.

I didn’t forget the items, but I missed the quantity she asked for. I bit my tongue because of my mistake, and I replied, Ha, mom. It’s easier to get 1 kg right. It’s going to stay for more time. You can use it 2 to 3 times. So I’ve got it. I’ll get the exact quantity that you asked for next time. Only wait and see my attention.

You’ve had enough of all those statements. Now come on. We’re going to have dinner. Mom said, laughing.

I went inside the kitchen, got some rice, my favourite dal made by my mom on my plate, and I sat in front of the TV.

I thought about Varsha while I was eating. So I just wanted to say this to my mom. I had a mouthful of food, and I tried to tell her that Varsha called me this morning.

You finish consuming the food in your mouth first. Then speak, mom said.

I swallowed the food in my mouth quickly and started to explain it to my mom.

Morning Varsha has called me from Mumbai. She’s been talking to me for a long time, I said.

Varsha, from Mumbai! Yeah, man. Why did she call you all of a sudden, she asked me.

Don’t know mom. I was also shocked to see her call. And she spoke very jovially, I replied.

Oh, well. So how are your uncle and aunt? What’s going on with this girl’s education, she asked.

They’re all right. These days, this girl is very busy. She’s in the fashion industry giving interviews, and all of them, I responded.

Okay. But you need to be alert. Don’t call the girl needlessly. They’re rich people, you know. They’re relatives, though. But money can affect anything and anybody else. So be within your boundaries. Mom warned me.

Okay, I said, and I concentrated on my dal. My favourite Geetanjali movie is coming on TV that day.

I waited until the film finished and I went to bed.

I got a call from Varsha morning at 08:00 AM I woke up and began to speak to her while having tea.

Good morning, Karthik. What are you doing? She asked.

Having Tea, I replied.

Idiot, guy. Didn’t you leave the habit of having tea without brushing? She asked in frustration.

Oh, no dear. I was addicted to this by my grandfather. As a remembrance, I continued to do this, I replied.

Yesterday, I told my parents that I called you. My dad asked me about you. I said he’s doing some kind of job. Dad was angrily asking me how you’re going to settle in your career if you drop out of school and do some small work, she said.

I want to follow my studies, too. Yet my situation is entirely different. This job is essential to me. I didn’t leave my education anyway. I work and study in parallel, I explained to Varsha.

I say, he said that walking on two boats at a time is dangerous and it is difficult to focus correctly, she said.

It’s all right. Uncle may be correct from his point of view. Yet think about the position of our family. My mom runs the whole home. Now, if I earn, it’s going to be helpful to her, too. Like other people, I can’t enjoy it. It’s going to worsen our condition and increase the burden on mom, I explained.

Okay. Well, whatever. These parents have all their issues. Just leave it. So you didn’t tell me the story of your love. When are you going to get started? She asked, laughing.

No. I don’t have any stories to tell. I answered.

Don’t bluff Karthik. I have seen you. You’ve been depressed and lost. Anyone can understand that this is because of Love’s loss, she said.

If someone is sad, can love be the only cause for this? Then can’t some other trouble make him feel lost? I asked her

Don’t get irritated, Karthik. I can’t find a problem for you to be depressed, so I thought that way, she said in a soft voice.

You just said I couldn’t study properly. It is my stress. I feel bad about my family’s condition, I told her.

Don’t worry, Karthik. You just finish your Graduation and come to Mumbai. Here you can enter the Business School and complete your MBA. Then you’ll get an excellent job according to your skillset, and you’ll have a better future ahead of you. She inspired me.

Let’s see. What is waiting for me, I said smiling.

Then she reached her college, so she said she would call in the evening and said bye. I got ready, too, and I got to the office.

I’ve been a little late to the office that day after I spoke to her. My boss has already entered the office, and he’s sitting in his cabin. I’ve got to cross his to get to my room.

Maybe this is the typical scene in which people come across one or the other time in their lives. Each time we get to the office early, the boss isn’t going to be there. Yet one day, we’re going to be a late boss in his cabin.

I don’t know why this phenomenon happens, but one thing is for sure that we’re screwed. The same thing happened to me that day.

What the hell is this Karthik? How can you get to the office late every day? If you’re late, I’ve got to pick up your delivery challans. All the stuff is getting late for the delivery because of you. Go quickly and plan all that is needed, he yelled at me.

Sorry about that, sir. I’m going to complete it quickly and get back to you, sir. I answered, and I hurried to my system

I checked all the required formats for the necessary material and loaded it into the truck. Then I went to the sir and gave him the full delivery of Challans. In the meantime, Shyam sir has entered the office.

Hey Karthik, you need to get to Hyderabad quickly now. There are some things to buy there. So you’ve got to go and get it. Take the money you need from the accounts team and start immediately, he said.

I thought it was going to be like a change. So I started to Hyderabad. One of my friends is doing medicine at Osmania University. He was actually from my place. But he went so far as to take medical coaching and did a lot of hard work. He got a medical seat.

It’s been years since I met him. I was thinking about meeting him and sharing my misery so that I could feel better than I did before. I got on the bus. I reached Hyderabad in a short time.

First of all, I went to the address given by Shyam sir and picked up the required material. Then I called a friend of mine, Varun.

He’s in the class. He said it would take another hour to come home. So he asked me to have some food, and he asked me to wait near his college.

Then I went to Paradise, renowned for its biryani, and I had a biryani. Then I reached his college slowly.

Hey Macha, How are you doing? It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. So what’s going on? He welcomed me with a lot of joy.

I’m all right. How are you doing? You’ve been telling everyone since childhood that you wanted to be a doctor. And look at you today. You’ve been pursuing your dream. I am delighted and proud of you, dear. I appreciated him.

Okay, thank you. Come on, let’s get to my room. Suddenly, you came and surprised me. If you were to tell me about it earlier, I would have planned some programs, right? He said it with a smile.

I don’t even know that I’m coming here. Immediately, my boss asked me to go, so I got here. And because of this, my wish to meet you has also been fulfilled. Okay, I’m pleased, I said.

We found a bakery while we were walking, And we went inside and had a puff and a cold drink. We began from there to Varun’s place again.

So, how is your study? I’ve heard that medicine is so tough. Is everything ok in college, or are you facing any kind of problems like ragging? I asked him.

With all my heart, I chose this course, and it was my dream. So I’ve never felt anything hard. About ragging, yes, our seniors are rocking in that respect. But as of now, nobody has stopped me. But all my friends who stay at the hostel are getting screwed. He replied, laughing.

Fine. Why don’t you come to our house when you’re back in town? I asked him

Earlier, when I was preparing for the entrance, I was so busy that I couldn’t spend time with my family. That’s why I was chosen to have a seat at the college I wanted. I’m fine now. Whenever I come home, I’m going to meet you for sure. We meet for the first time after a long time. We’ve got to party for sure today, he insisted.

Hey, don’t tell me you started boozing after you got here. I said it sarcastically.

Please don’t. Party doesn’t mean just boozing. We could go to the Bawarchi and have good biryani. Then we can go to the Sandhya Theatre and watch Ghajini’s super-hit movie, clarified the plan.

I said ok, and we started.

Karthik, by the way. You used to talk about your girlfriend earlier. But I’ve never heard anything about her in recent times. What happened to you? He asked.

Oh! I haven’t told you. She died of a brain tumour, I said with a dull voice and eyes full of tears.

Sorry, Karthik. I didn’t know that. He was consoling me.

It’s ok. God wants us to divide too quickly. It is fate and destiny that can not be changed. What can you do? I have expressed my grief.

Don’t think Karthik. Whatever happens, is going to happen for a reason. It’s all for your good. Be very optimistic. You’re going to find a girl that comes into your life and makes you happy for a lifetime. Be strong, man. She’s going to understand you like your former girlfriend, and you’re going to be satisfied. He was trying to ease me.

In the meantime, I got a call from Varsha.

See, I just said that, and you’ve got a call. So you’re going to find your soulmate soon, Varun said, laughing.

Hi Varsha, I picked up the call, and I answered it.

Hi Karthik, What happened to you? Why do you sound dull? Where are you now? She kept asking questions without any gap.

I have come to Hyderabad Varsha. I met a childhood friend of mine who’s staying here. I’m with him right now. I will leave tomorrow, I responded.

Ah, well. Who’s that friend? What he’s doing in Hyderabad, she went on to ask her questions.

Well, his name is Varun. We are both schoolmates. He’s doing his medicine here, I replied.

See, I told you. Varun is studying, and you’re doing a job. Why don’t you do your higher education for a better future? Now, whatever you’re earning is nominal. If you have a suitable qualification, you’ll have a better future with a good salary, she said.

You see, Varsha. I’m already in a bad mood. Just don’t tell me anything now. I’m going to talk to you later, I said, and I disconnected the call.

Who is that on the phone, Karthik? Varun asked.

Varsha, my sister in law, I replied.

Oh, that Mumbai girl? He asked.

Ya. These days, Varsha calling me often, I answered.

Oh. You’re frequently talking, Varun asked surprisingly.

Yeah, continues to say that why don’t you leave your job and apply for higher education. You’re going to have a better life. Bla Bla Bla and all of it, I explained.

Yeah, this isn’t a time pass. I think Varsha is taking care of you. Who knows what’s in her head. If she likes you, she wants you to be in a good position so that both of you can settle down and do a good job, he said.

Hey, no, no. There’s nothing like that. After the Neetu incident, I don’t think I’d let any other girl in my life. And when I went to my grandma’s house, she saw me. I was so depressed these days. So she was thinking of calling me to know what had happened. I think I answered him.

Idiot. She hasn’t even thought about you all these years. But all of a sudden, after seeing you in distress, she called. What does that mean to you?, Varun has asked.

What’s the reason there? Since I was his brother in law, she just wanted to know the cause and console me. Nothing more than that. And she’s a student in fashion design. She would probably find a lot of handsome guys better than me. Most specifically, I don’t have a strong financial position. How can she impressed me? I clarified it to him.

See all of us like the Taj Mahal. But we won’t stay in that. They’re going to choose an average house. Likewise, girls may see a lot of handsome guys, but they’re going to like average, cool guys like you and me. And if you’re talking about money, it’s not permanent. Don’t think about it, money comes and goes. He said.

Just leave that topic, Macha. It is not going to happen, and I’m not interested either, I replied.

I said ok, and both of us went to Bawarchi. We had a biryani there. It’s been fantastic. Then we went off to the Sandhya Theatre to watch Ghajini. What a film it was amazing.

I became a fan of Suriya after watching this. His acting was fantastic, The script was completely different, and the film was one of its kind.

We reached his room after the movie. Then we were talking for some time. We remembered all the memories of our school, the days when we didn’t do our homework, and got screwed by the teacher. We’ve laughed a lot. It’s been so many days that I laughed at that intensity.

It’s different happiness to meet our school friends and share all our joy altogether. Childhood friends are extraordinary and precious. We have parted ways because of our studies, but now we’re still going to be in touch.

All right, Karthik. Now you sleep. It’s already late, and you have to wake up early, Varun said.

Sure Varun. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my pain with you. After Neetu passed away, I could not be so close to anyone and express my sorrow in this way. You’ve always been a great friend of mine. Thank you so much for that. Now, after talking to you, I feel a little better and lighter. You’re so supportive. Good night. Wake me up in the morning, please. Need to catch up with the train, I said

Don’t be a formal Karthik. I’m your mate, and I’m going to stay the same. If I don’t support you in your hard times, it’s not a good idea to be with you in your happiest times. Good night. Sleep tight, he said, touching my shoulder

I had a sweet sleep that day after a long time. Thanks to a special friend of mine.

The morning I heard the noise of the alarm, which is so disturbing. I didn’t want to get up for a long time. My heart weighs less than before. But I’m supposed to get up. If I don’t, I’m going to miss the train and won’t be able to get home on time.

In the meantime, I heard a voice screaming, Wake up Karthik, it’s time for the train. It’s Varun. He was trying to wake me up.

I got up, and I brushed. I took a bath and got ready. Varun woke up with me, too, and came with me. He took me to a tea point where he feels we can taste the best tea in the area. We had tea, and it was fantastic, as he said.

Oh, Macha. From now on, any time I come to Hyderabad, we’re just going to have tea here only. It’s so great, I said to Varun.

Ok sure definitely, he said laughing.

Sure, Macha. I will be going now. I might just be a short time I’ve spent with you, but I’ve enjoyed it a lot. After a long time, I felt happy and pleasant. Next time, I’m going to take a week’s leave and come. You’re supposed to guide me through Hyderabad, I told him.

Okay, dear. You come, we’re going to rock the house. He said, and he called the auto.

Bhaiyya, Will you come to Secunderabad? asked Varun

Dho Sau Hoga Bhai, he said in Hyderabadi language.

Ded Sau lelo Bhaiyya, Varun tried to bargain the price.

Okay, I don’t know Hindi. But when Varun speaks in Hindi, I understood the difference between City guys and Village guys. He learned Hindi very quickly in a short time.

Ok bye Karthik, Varun hugged me.

I hugged him, said farewell, too, and got into the auto. After seeing Varun, I want to study well and get into the city life. I was so intrigued by his way of life. Then I recalled the words of Varsha.

I got on the train, but I was thinking about it. Then I saw the samosa and took it. I slept for a while after eating Samosa. When I was in a deep sleep, my phone rang. When I answered the call to know who it is, it is Varsha.

Hey Karthik, are you still sleeping here? Is someone going to sleep this much time? She asked me.

Nothing. No work, so slept. Tell me what is it? I asked.

What’s that noise in the background. Where are you now? She asked.

I’m on the train. I am coming from Hyderabad. I answered.

Oh. I thought you were going to leave yesterday night alone. So, how’s your childhood friend doing? What did you do last night? Have you been drinking all night? She asked.

He is doing great, He is almost rocking, And he doesn’t drink. Both of us went to watch a movie, I answered.

Ok. So that means, should I think that you drink? She questioned.

Hey, what are you asking? We both don’t drink. You know right about me, huh? I asked her.

Haha. Don’t worry. You were saying that Varun will not drink. So I just thought of asking that did you start drinking. I was a bit curious, she answered with a gentle smile.

Oh. I haven’t reached that point. I will never do that, too. So what’s going on! How’s life By the way, you don’t have a class. You’re very relaxed and talking to me? I asked her.

No. I’ve got to go. Dad said he’s going to drop me today. So I had breakfast, and I’m waiting for my dad. Oh, no, no. I forgot to tell you about that. We took a car recently. Mostly, I’m just going to my college in that, she explained.

You rich people can buy whatever you want, I replied with a smile.

Ok.Karthik. Let’s make a deal with it. You’re going to marry me, and then all my property will be yours. So both of us can use the car, she said unexpectedly.

For a moment, I was shocked. What’s that girl talking about? Is she in her senses, huh? I was thinking and keeping quiet. On the other hand, Varsha kept laughing loudly on the phone.

What Karthik? are you in a shock? Did your mind get confused, she asked, and she kept laughing loudly.

Then, what are you talking about, Varsha? Are you all alright? I asked her.

Don’t you like to marry me, Karthik? She asked innocently.

Not like that, But how can it be so frank and straightforward? What’s your status and what’s mine. I can never get to you. We can’t both be a good pair, I said.

What’s wrong in that, Karthik? You are the son of my aunt. How can’t I just marry you? If you’re talking about money, anyway, we have so much. She answered so simply.

Varsha, let’s leave this topic. If you keep poking me like that, I’m never going to talk to you, I said it clearly.

Ok leave it. You are so annoying, Karthik. No love story, no lover. When I myself am saying that I will marry you, you have to be utmost happy and jump in that happiness. But you are dull. I did not expect this. Very rarely we find people like you. She conveyed.

Not very rare, Varsha. Each boy is just going to be like this. Yet circumstances are changing him. I explained.

The train is moving without a break like Varsha. We have both been talking for a long time. After a while, I lost the signal, and the call was disconnected. Then I texted her, saying we should chat in the evening.

I was not able to sleep because of the shock she suddenly gave me. So I sat by the window and thinking. It’ll take me two hours to get to my place.

I got off the train at our station and headed for my house. I got ready to go to the office. I met Shyam Sir and handed the material over to him.

So did you enjoy yourself well? he asked

How am I going to enjoy it in half a day, sir? If you had given me two days, then I would have enjoyed it, I replied.

Ok, will not give you two days, but you can take four days, he said with a smile.

I smiled, too, and went back to my cabin. In the meantime, I got a message

Hey hero, what the heck are you doing. It’s Varsha.

I just got to the job. Ok, what about you? I replied to her.

I’m in college, man. It’s boring. If you were here, we’d be out somewhere, right? She responded.

You must be having your friends right. Why can’t you go outside with them? I asked.

Hey Karthik. It’s different from going with you, and with them. She said.

Yeah, different. If you’re going with your friends, you can share every expense and enjoy the movie with them. When you come out with me, you need to spend even for me, and I’m an annoying person, so you’re not going to enjoy me, I explained to her.

Why don’t you let the real Karthik come out? Why are you so reserved and conserved? She asked curiously.

The moment she asked me, I could remember Sameer, Nani, and Vijju. They were the ones who asked me the same thing and bought the behaviour of my lover boy outside.

Nothing is there to hide here. I’m just like this. I’m not going to change for anybody, I expressed.

Ok, dear. You be the same forever. I am just poking you. So what did you have for breakfast? she asked

These girls will never stop talking when they start talking. She’s always thinking about something or the other. What did you have to eat? What colour is your favourite? Fav’s book? Fav’s hero? Fav’s food? Fav holiday destination, huh? Etc. And so on.

They’re always eating our brains this way. They’re not even going to be satisfied after answering all the questions. If any of these matches, then start building relationships as if we were born for each other.

Even Varsha did the same thing the whole day; she didn’t let me have lunch. She ate my brain and asked all those questions.

I’ve already been tired of the journey, and I’ve been dealing with previous days work. There are thousands of Varsha messages on top of it. All of these have thrown me into a confused state.

I’ve already wasted half a day in all of these. At last, I gave a break to Varsha’s messages and had lunch. Then, in the afternoon, I finished all the work until the evening.

Varsha called me again in the evening. Varsha began to call me daily without fail. She doesn’t miss me calling for a day, It’s been a part of my daily routine, and It wasn’t the same situation then. She never spoke to me before, nor did she say hai to me, but now she never missed a chance to talk to me. I didn’t understand the sudden change in her actions.

I took her call and started talking to her. I’m a little busy, can I speak to you later, I conveyed it gently and disconnected the phone. I don’t know how she takes this, but I don’t have a choice but to say this.

I’m tired, and I had a lot of work to do. I can’t keep talking to her on a call so disconnected.

After that, I finished all my work quickly and started at home.

Hi Karthik. All of a sudden, you went to Hyderabad. What is the issue? Mom asked.

I went to pick up the material, mom. So couldn’t avoid it. And you know what, I met Varun yesterday. I stayed in his room only, I replied to her.

Oh, Varun, our TV guy. So how is he? She asked excitedly.

He is fine, mom, and He is doing his MBBS now. I answered.

Mom called the Varun TV guy for fun. I used to ask my mom to buy a TV at our house when I was a kid. Since our financial status wasn’t that good, she couldn’t afford it. Varun used to come to my house once in a while.

Then she asked him to help her steal a TV from the showroom as I annoyed her. Varun used to be afraid of it. He used to refuse and run away from our house. That’s why the name of Varun TV guy started coming in to the picture.

Oh. MBBS, See, he’s preparing his life well, and he’s becoming a doctor. But I don’t know what you’re going to end up doing. She said with a low voice.

Mom. Please don’t start again, and. Nonetheless, I’m starving. Come on, we’re going to have dinner, I said, and I called her out for dinner.

Then, while we were having dinner, the phone started ringing. I was scared if it was Varsha. But it was Varun, though.

Hey Bro! Until now, my mom and I have only been talking about you and the TV. She felt so happy that you were becoming a doctor, and at the same time, she felt sad that I had disappointed her. I’ve expressed it.

Really. Don’t worry, Bro. Mothers’ scoldings are like blessings. Someday you’re going to rock the world. Only give it a little time. He inspired me.

So, what time did you reach in the morning? There’s no phone call at all from your end. So I called, he told me.

Oh. I reached here by 9am. Then I got fresh and started to office. After that I got busy with my usual work. So couldn’t call you. Really sorry, I apologised.

So you got a call from your sweetheart? He asked, laughing.

Well, Idiot. You’re taking me for a ride to take advantage of my situation. I will kill you once I meet you. Anyway, I got a call in the morning that I spoke to her in the evening that I was busy so I couldn’t talk and disconnected the call, I whispered because I don’t want my mom to understand what I’m saying.

Wow. Varsha can’t stay without talking to you. It seems like it’s a good sign. I don’t know what magic you spelled out to her? He responded smiling.

Stupid, if you were next to me, you’d have a slap in the face. Enough for the day, we’re going to speak later. Please, sleep now. Bye, good night. I said, and I disconnected the call.

I finished my dinner, and then I went to bed. After the call disconnected in the evening, I did not receive a message. I don’t know what’s going on.

I was thinking of calling her, but it’s late, so I didn’t call her. Then I sent her a good night. But there’s no reaction from her. I waited a while and then I slept.

Any boy in this world will not be able to sleep when a girl who is continually talking to him suddenly stops talking. He’s trying to know the reason. In the same way, I was inquisitive to know why she stopped responding.

I called her at 08:00 AM.

Hai Hero, Until I call you, you only called me. What happened to you? All Okay? she asked

Nothing I just wanted to talk to you. So I called, I answered her.

Oh, you’re going to talk to me. You can’t live without me, man. Well, I’m fortunate. Varsha said, laughing.

No Varsha. Okay, I just called. There is no other intention; please don’t over-react in this way. I was controlling her.

Then, You calling me is like a blessing to me. Varsha replied.

Nothing like that. I want to ask you a question. Can you respond to me? I asked her.

Ha sure. Why not. Ask, Varsha replied.

After I disconnected the call yesterday, why didn’t you reply? I asked.

Oh. You called me early in the morning, thinking that I’m going to feel bad and stop talking to you? Are you afraid I’m going to leave you? No way I’m not leaving you at any cost. I don’t have any second thoughts at all. You said you were distracted, but I kept quiet about it. You flew, so I thought you will sleep early, and I thought you wouldn’t be disturbed. By the time you asked me I was asleep, so I didn’t reply, she explained.

Oh, that’s ok, I said, feeling glad.

But I’m pretty sure, Karthik. You ’re scared that I’m not going to talk to you, right? She asked.

There’s nothing like that. I’ve disconnected the call, not even listening to you. So I thought you must have felt bad, I replied.

Ok Ok. You may be hiding this day, but it will come out one day. I’m going to wait for that day. She said, smiling.

Fine, I’m going to take a bath and leave for office, I said and disconnected the call.

This way of talking and talking to Varsha had become my daily routine in life. She never missed a single day calling me. We’ve become very similar in a very short time. I began to like her joviality.

We spent almost six months in this relationship without fighting. After Neetu left me alone, it was Varsha who brought me back to life. After a long time, I feel alive. I’m so pleased about that.

I took a bath, got ready, and reached the office. There was a meeting in the office until the time I entered, Shyam sir called me to the meeting room.

Karthik, you’re going to Hyderabad in the next two days, and two others are going to Bombay for training. Get the ticket booking done and conveyed by Shyam Sir just after entering the meeting room.

Training in Hyderabad, huh? If I go to Hyderabad, I’m going to meet Varun. If I go to Mumbai, I’m going to meet Varsha. Somehow, I’ve got to manage to send one guy out of the two to Hyderabad so that I can go to Mumbai, I figured so. But I have no idea how to persuade the Shyam sir. Yet I agreed firmly to meet with Varsha. So I took that confidence, and I went and spoke to Shyam Sir.

Sir I will go to Mumbai. I have recently attended Hyderabad training. So I don’t have much to do. So you can send another guy over there. I told.

Yes. Really, how did I forget about this? I don’t know who made a list. I was just thinking about sending you to Mumbai. Okay. Get your tickets to Mumbai Hyderabad, he said.

He didn’t even ask me a question and told me to go to Mumbai. I was overwhelmed by his response. I went quickly and booked my tickets to Bombay..

I thought of telling this to Varsha. So I started calling her. But her phone was busy.

Then I started packing all the necessary things, including supplies, papers, etc. for training in the office.

Then I got a call from Varsha in between. So, with a lot of anxiety, I picked up as I wanted to convey to her that I am coming Bombay.

Hey Varsha. I’ve been trying to reach you for a long time. What happened to your phone can’t be reached? I asked her.

Oh really. You were trying to reach me, Karthik. Yeah, that’s cool. So you’re very interested to talk to me about it. In any case, you’re missing me? She asked smiling.

Silly girl. You’re just going to come up with something or the other-thing. Nothing like that, I wanted to convey something essential and exciting to you, I said.

Haa, tell me, she replied.

See, I’m heading to Mumbai for some office training. I’m going to start here the day after tomorrow, I told her.

Oh wow. Really. Good so I’m going to meet my hero in two days. I’m very curious about it Karthik. She replied with lots of happiness.

I thought the same thing, too. Once my training completed, we will meet, I said.

Where is your training? She questioned.

In Bandra, I replied.

Ok. But the place is new for you. So you stay there. I only come to see you. Okay, then we can roam, Varsha explained.

I replied, ok.

I’m so eager to meet you, Karthik, and I hope these two days will pass very quickly. She said.

Hello, ma’am. Be cool. I’m coming to Mumbai, right. I said.

The experience of seeing you in two days is so thrilling, she answered.

OK, Varsha. I’ve got a lot of stuff to pack up and a lot more work to do here. I will be doing all this right now. I’m going to call you in the evening. Bye. Bye. Take care, I said, and I disconnected the call.

I finished all the work, and I got home. I told Mom that I am going to Bombay.

Ok, Karthik. Nonetheless, you’re going all the way there, so go to your uncle’s house, too, and express my regards to them. She said.

I said, ok. These Indian sisters are just like that; they love their siblings a lot.

You’re going to meet them after a long time, and I don’t want you to go empty hands to them. I’m going to prepare some food. Please carry them with you. Mom said.

I’ve already got a lot of luggage to carry. But if I say no to my mom. She’s going to feel bad. So I have no choice but to say yes.

She said that your aunt likes the mango pickle made by me. I’m going to pack that, too.

Mom, No matter what you want, just prepared it and keep it packed. I’m going to carry that, I said to her.

Sure, I’ve got to do so many things now. I’ve got very little time, Mom said and hurried into the kitchen.

I started to pack my clothes.

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