Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Mumbai Trip

Mumbai Trip

The training class has started. The trainer is trying to get all of us involved in the discussion, but my thoughts went crazy. I’m just thinking about when the training will get over so that I can meet Varsha.

In the meantime, my phone started to vibrate. It was a message from Varsha.

Hey Hero, so did you reach Mumbai? She asked.

Ha Varsha. My bus got too late. It was supposed to reach 06:00 AM but reached 08:00 AM My training was at 9. So I quickly went to the hotel, got ready, and entered the hall. By that time, the trainer was already there, and he began the class after I got there. So I was in a hurry, and I couldn’t even give you a text. I replied that.

So enjoying right, huh? She asked with a smile.

No Varsha. I’ve got this obsession with drinking coffee every morning. Yet I skipped it today. So I have a headache. I replied.

So, what time is your lunch, and how long is the break? She asked.

It’s from 12:30 and for 30 minutes. They’ve just made all the arrangements here so we can save time. I replied.

Okay, then I’ll meet you at 12:30 at your venue. I’m just going to come and pick you out of there. Varsha said.

I said, all right. Because I’m so excited to meet Varsha, and on top of that she said she’d only come and meet me, I felt so happy.

Is there something I need to carry for you to eat during your training? She asked.

Not necessary. No. Trainers provided us with snacks. I replied to her.

Fine. At least you eat that properly. Varsha smiled.

Sure sure. So, did you tell your parents that you were coming to meet me? I asked her with a little curiosity.

How can I not? The moment I said you were coming, my parents felt so happy. My mom asked me to get you home right after your training. She’s preparing your favourite chapati and chicken curry. They’re very eager to meet you. She explained that.

Hey, why did you tell them? I wanted to surprise them. Shit, you made me miss the chance. I said it with a slightly sad expression.

Yeah, please don’t get angry. You’re hardly coming to my house. And, at least when you’re here, shouldn’t we treat you properly? So I just told them about it. And in our house, you have a special preference. She said.

Nothing like that. Since I spent my childhood in your house, they like me, I answered.

My mom used to go to the office during my childhood, and there is no one to take care of me. And I grew up in my Uncle’s house. Uncle and aunt likes me so much. They didn’t have children at that time. So I was pampered with more love and care.

They took care of me like a son of their own. Until I learned to do things on my own, I stayed with them. When I was self-reliant, my mom carried me back to her.

My parents still want you to stay in our home; you know that? she said

Oh, how could that be possible now? It can’t be that way.

Okay, Varsha. It’s time for a tea break that I go out. I will call you later. I texted Varsha. Bye.

Okay, enjoy your snacks, she said, and said bye.

I went outside and had some lovely tea and snacks and returned to training.

I don’t have any interest in the training going on and just waiting for it to come to an end so I can meet Varsha and go to her house. I don’t know why I’m so curious and excited about her.

I don’t want to sit here and waste my time that I’m not interested in this training. Instead, I can skip this, and I can reach Varsha. But my only fear is that if I miss this training class, Shyam Sir is going to kill me for investing money in our training, and we’re not taking it seriously.

So I don’t have a choice but to wait for it to finish. I asked my colleague to write notes so that I could go through it before going back.

I’ve recalled our childhood memories all the time in my training. During the summer vacation, all our cousins used to meet at the grandmother’s house. Even the Varsha family used to come. We all used to have a wonderful time to play and enjoy.

I still remember one day that I, Varsha, and one of our cousins went to some lake in the village. We started swimming and forgot all about it. No food, no exhaustion. We just played in the lake from morning till evening

On the other side, since we didn’t inform anyone in the house, Varsha’s father was so nervous that we were missing. They started searching all over the village, but they couldn’t find us.

At last, when we reached the house, he was so angry, and he started beating us. I can remember how much we were weeping. What a memory, Thinking about all this makes me laugh at how dumb we were in our childhood. We hardly ever used to think about anything. I wish those days would come back again.

My lunchtime has arrived in all of this. When trainers declared that it was time for lunch, it was me who got up and ran out first. But I haven’t found Varsha.

Then, I messaged her, where are you? No reply.

I even called her, but she didn’t pick up. Then I went out and stood near the gate searching for her.

Suddenly, someone put a hand on my shoulder. I turned back, but I didn’t find anyone. Then I turned around again.

Hey Karthik, she said, jumped on me all of a sudden. She’s a crazy girl. I’ve been scared.

So, Karthik, it’s so good to see you waiting for me like this, she said.

She has Long legs, short hair, black eyes, a slim body with a simple t-shirt and jeans. She was so cute. She seemed simple, but she was rich.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen her before. That’s the first time I’ve seen her, too, since we started talking. So I was feeling so different.

What is this, Varsha. Why are you doing all this? For a moment, I was afraid, I said with relief.

Oh, well, Even you get scared? she asked

Ha, then. When you jump like this on someone without their knowledge, what they’re going to do? I asked.

For this only if you feel like this, when will you grow up Karthik. She said, ruffling my hair.

So you’re always that energetic? I asked her.

Yes, dear, I am always. That I met you today, so today I am double energetic, Varsha said, winking her eyes.

You have changed a lot Karthik. I have seen you in our grandma’s house a long time back. Now you have become so smart and handsome. Looking nice., she complimented.

I am not that handsome, Varsha. Come on, don’t joke, I replied.

Okay, let’s not fight on this because it will never end. So what time will your training get end? She asked.

By 04:30 PM, it will get complete than I will be free. I answered

Okay, Then I’ll be here at 04:30 PM and we’ll go home. You stay there tonight, and I’ll drop here tomorrow morning. She explained.

I will come, but I will not stay during the night. I don’t want to trouble you guys. I said hesitatingly.

Acha. Can you come, or should I have to call my dad? She said, laughing.

Okay. Fine. I’m staying. Not require to bother Uncle for this little matter now. I’m going to stay, don’t worry, I agreed.

Okay, I think you’re going to be late. I’m leaving now. In the evening, I will reach you. Bye, Varsha pinched me to the waist, blinked her eyes at me, and started walking.

Generally, I don’t like girls doing all of those things. I want them to be quiet. But I kind of liked Varsha doing all that today. I’ve felt so different and so happy.

Then I went to class. I had a heavy lunch, and I think I felt very sleepy because of that traveling effect. I managed to be awake somehow. Anyway, I missed the morning session, thinking about Varsha. I didn’t want to miss the second session, too. So, I focused correctly.

Okay, guys, we will meet in tomorrow’s session, said the trainer. The moment I heard, I felt like I was jumping and dancing.

By that time, they were all tired. Most of the attendees were so bored, and they just had to get it done so that they could leave.

Once he asked everyone to leave, people began to move to the hotel with their training kits. I asked my colleague to go to the hotel, and I told him that I’m going to my Uncle’s house.

Everybody left, but I was waiting for Varsha at the entrance. Then I saw Varsha. She stopped the car in front of me, and opened the door and asked me to come in. I kept all my luggage in the back seat and sat down in the front seat. She was starting to drive the car.

So boy, how was your afternoon training session?

Please don’t ask me, Varsha. I have been struggling to control my sleep. On top of that, I struggled to act as I am concentrating in class, I answered with a low voice.

Sleep? are you sure? For you, too? She’s been shocked.

Ha, yes. I’m not that unusual. I’m an average person, too. And please, please stop calling me a hero. I have a lovely name given by my mother, I said.

What am I supposed to call a hero other than a hero? She kept pulling me up.

Varsha, please stop this, I said.

Oh, okay, okay, Karthik. Well, I’m just kidding. Is it fine, Hero? She said again, laughing at me.

I felt I was just wasting my time to tell all this to this crazy girl. Even after I say it, she’ll always be the same. So I was trying to start enjoying it.

Then we drove through the city, and she started showing me all the town’s renowned houses.

Hey Varsha! I just noticed there’s a plus sign on the window of your vehicle. Did you stop designing clothes and started doing medicine? I asked her.

No no. I did not. There is a lot of traffic issues near my house. Nearby there’s a medical college, and the police are not going to stop their vehicles with this symbol. So I did this symbol to escape them, she explained.

I was shocked and surprised. Wow, Varsha, you’re a brilliant girl. Okay, I said that.

We reached the house while we were talking like this. Seeing the car, my aunt came out to welcome me.

Hi Karthik. How are you? How is mom? She asked.

Why did you go to the hotel? You would have come straight to the house instead. She asked.

Yes, the bus was late. And I didn’t have any choice but to go to the hotel. I wanted to surprise you. But it’s been spoiled by this devil. I said, looking at Varsha.

Yesterday night, she told us. So Uncle bought you chicken because it was your favourite. But you haven’t come home. She said.

Where is Uncle? I asked.

He went to the office. Okay, you get fresh now, then we will have tea, Aunt said.

Okay, aunty, I responded and went inside carrying the luggage.

I got freshened up, and then I came outside. My aunt cooks well. It’s been a long time since I had her food. I’m so happy to stay with them.

Varsha bought some tea and gave it to me. We were all sitting outside, and we started talking.

Karthik, why didn’t you ask your mother to join you here, too. It would have been a change of mind for her, right? Aunt asked.

You know how stubborn my mom is. She never wants to get out of her place. I answered her.

Yes. But every time your mom works without a break. If this is the case, when does she enjoys her life? She commented.

I’ve tried so many times to get her out. Yet, she has set some boundaries for her, from which she is not ready to come out. And I gave up, I explained.

Okay, no issues. We’re only going to take some time and come and see your mom. She said.

We asked you to come to our house several times. But you guys haven’t turned up, I said.

You know about your Uncle’s work nature right. He never gets a holiday, nor can he apply for an extended vacation. So we’re tied up, too. Otherwise, don’t we feel like we’re visiting you guys? She responded.

I forgot to say that aunty. Mom has sent you some food items specially made by her. Especially your favourite mango pickle It’s all in that red bag, I showed it to her.

She’s not coming, but she’s sending all her love like this. When we got married, your Uncle doesn’t have a job. He was struggling in reality. You stayed at our place. So every time she came to see you, she used to get all the food for the house for at least six months. She’s struggled a lot in her life to take care of you. Don’t forget that, and please don’t cause any kind of a pain to her. Aunty became emotional

Don’t worry about it. I love her so much, too. I’m never going to hurt her. Instead, I try my best to support her and take care of her. I assured her.

We’ve been talking for a long time. After so many years, we met, so we shared all the memories of these years.

In the meantime, my Uncle has arrived. Hi Karthik, how are you? How’s your mom? He asked me.

I’m okay, and she’s all right, too. How are you, Uncle? I asked him.

I’m all right. So what’s going on? So all of a sudden in Mumbai? He asked the aunt for drinking water.

I had training on Electronic Calibration Uncle, I answered.

Good. So, what are you doing now? What about education? He asked curiously about it.

I have always prayed to God that this kind of question should not arise from anyone. My Uncle, in particular. Yet then, when I heard this, I was a little nervous

I work as an admin in a small company in my town. I responded. I also told him that I was doing my Grad in the second year.

If you’re an admin, what are you going to gain from learning electronic calibration? And how do you manage your education and work in parallel? He asked.

And after I’ve been an administrator, I need to perform some additional duties. Any company is making workers go through all sorts of trainings, I replied.

I don’t know if you’re sure about what you’re doing, Karthik. I’m not confident enough about your profession, though. When it comes to your future, I’m more concerned about that than anyone else, he said in a flat voice.

I haven’t been able to say a thing. Uncle likes people who study thoroughly and focus in their careers. He was expecting the same from me. Yet since I’ve been a loser, he’s not been able to take it.

You stop working and finish your Graduation first. You can also opt for PG later. It is essential to be qualified for a better future these days. If you work and study, where are you going to focus? And how are you going to focus on your studies? He asked.

I felt like I was sitting like prey in front of a lion. I haven’t been able to take the lecture. I said okay to whatever Uncle said, and I told him that I would leave work after Graduation and join PG.

He wasn’t so sure, and he looked at me strangely, leaving for the washroom. I was feeling relaxed.

Watching all of this, Varsha and my aunt began to laugh. That’s real. How are they going to understand my pain? They’re outsiders. They can only understand the situation once that comes to them.

Nonetheless, I wasn’t that angry, so I kept quiet and let them laugh.

After my Uncle got freshened up, my aunt started to serve food — what a good meal. After a long time, I’ve had it, but I love the taste. I would live my whole life eating that stuff. A small piece of chapati with chicken curry is like heaven. I can challenge the fact that I can never eat such delicious food anywhere in the world.

Aunty, where did you learn how to cook? You are awesome. There is some kind of magic in your hands. You use the same masala, but you make different dishes of different tastes. How is it possible? I love your food, I complimented.

I’ve learned it from my mom. I used to help her during my childhood, she said.

Oh, really, fantastic. Uncle is so lucky to have this every day. So are you teaching all of this to Varsha? I asked.

She’s a crazy girl. She’s never been looking at the kitchen. I told her a lot to learn cooking, but she has the least interest in it. Unless I say something, she says that she’s going to marry a guy who knows how to cook, the aunt replied, looking earnestly at Varsha.

I’ve just seen Varsha. Her eyes were wide and red. She glared at me with a lot of anger. I might have been aiming for a thousand scolding in that look. But I can make it clear that she’ll give it back to me tomorrow when we’re alone.

Well, anyways, aunty. All the girls are just like that these days. Guys are a lot better. They can cook very well, I explained.

Now let’s talk about something other than this, Varsha screamed.

Why are you so disturbed by that? We’re just talking to facts, Aunt replied.

It’s okay, let’s talk about something else. You show me how to cook, I’ll learn. I’m going to come back for ten days and learn from you. I told my aunt smiling.

She smiled and said, okay. Then we finished dinner and went to bed. I got up the next day and got ready for training. I said bye to Uncle and Aunty and left for training.

Bye Karthik, don’t forget to get your mother to me next time, the aunt said.

Okay, aunty. But before that, all of you should visit our house once. I replied.

Ha definitely. I’m going to ask your Uncle to apply for leave, and then we all plan and visit. You go safely. And once you get there, please call me and let me know, she said.

I said all right, and I started from there. Varsha has come to drop me. We both started in the car. She didn’t even say a word. She was so angry with me, and she looks adorable with that childish expression. I felt like I was laughing.

I know Varsha, who talks continuously without giving a gap. Yet then, seeing her very silent. I couldn’t stop it. I laughed out. She halts the car on one side of the road, then she started to fall on me and beat me. Then I laughed a lot more.

Is it essential for you to know if I know how to cook? Why did you ask my mom about that yesterday? She screamed.

Okay, I just asked like that. Aunty cooks very well. I thought it would be nice if you learn the same thing, I responded.

Why do you want the information about me? I don’t know that, and I’m not going to learn, too. She screamed.

Okay. I am fine. But you must learn it for your husband. I said.

No. I will not. My husband is going to cook, and I’m going to eat. How does that matter? She yelled at me.

If it’s me, what’s my situation going to be? I asked

What the heck are you saying? Have you lost it completely? She asked.

See, I’ve been thinking all night, and I’ve wanted to express the same thing to you.

What? She asked, seriously.

You’re fast and stylish. I’m slow, and normal. And I thought both of us would make a perfect match and live a balanced life. I like you so much Varsha. I love you. Well, I’m serious about this. Anyway, your parents like me a lot, too. So I can convince them, and there’s no problem. If you love me as well, please tell me. If you want to take the time to think and respond, I’m okay with that, too. Think wisely, and if you’re okay with me, then you can answer, I said.

It all paused for a moment. There was no response from Varsha’s end. She started driving a car rapidly and stopped at the training centre. I said bye, but she didn’t reply and left the place.

I went to my class, but I was thinking about Varsha. I texted her after class. Hi Varsha, Wassup?

There is no reply from her end.

I don’t think she likes me, and she felt terrible when I said it.

I can’t understand any girl at all, and we can’t expect any of their reactions. I didn’t make any mistakes. I like her, and I expressed the same thing to her. I don’t know how she took it.

She used to talk a lot, and all of a sudden, when I said I like her, she stopped talking to me. After my training, I thought of calling her and talking. And I went to the Training Hall.

I called in the break, but she didn’t answer the call. I tried again, but she didn’t give me an answer. I left a text message.

Varsha, I love you. I have thought through a lot and expressed the same to you. If you don’t like me, say that. But you should not stop talking to me. Even if you don’t accept my proposal, we can be as usual as before. At least after seeing this message, please reply to me.

So I left for the hotel and started packing. I took some rest and then had dinner. I got onto the bus, and I called Varsha one last time. She’s disconnected. Then I called again, and she cut the call back.

She sent a message, Why do you call me when I disconnect the call?

Why did you change and behaving like this all of a sudden? I replied.

I’m just like this. My personality is just like that. Is there a rule that I have to pick up your call? And how could you guys decide and conclude so quickly? If a girl is a little closer, how are you going to decide it is love? She asked.

I haven’t decided anything, Varsha. I just expressed my feelings and asked for your opinion. But you took it differently and started to blame me, I said.

Anyway, I should’ve been told you something a long time back. It was my mistake to hide from you, Varsha said.

What the heck did you hide? I asked.

I gave you one MMS long back. I don’t know if you’ve seen that or not. There’s a picture in that. He’s a boyfriend of mine. My parents saw him, too, and they’re okay with him. He needs to inform his parents, she said.

I was shocked. But anyway, I’ve been used to all these shocks. I thought no girl was living without a boyfriend these days. So I decided it was my mistake, and I have troubled her.

Sorry, Varsha, for causing you some trouble. Forget about what happened today, please. Let’s be friends like we were before. I replied to her with a heavy heart, all the best for your marriage.

Thanks, Karthik. So how is my selection? She messaged.

Your selection is always going to be good. I haven’t seen it. I will see your boyfriend directly in your marriage, I replied.

No Karthik. Check now. She forced me.

Then I don’t have any choice left. So, I just opened the image. Once again, I was stunned. I can’t even imagine that Varsha’s selection is so terrible. I didn’t understand how she could love him. I’ve lost it because It was my photo.

Hey Varsha, are you mad? Is it true? I asked her with lots of happiness.

What do you think? It’s Varsha. I can give you shocks, too. I loved you even before you proposed it to me. But I’ve been waiting for you to propose a day. It’s finally here, she explained.

Then, why didn’t you tell me in the morning? I asked.

Simply. If I react to your proposal immediately, what’s the kick in it? So I’ve got you waiting. She replied and laughed.

Hey, stupid. Since this morning, I’ve been so nervous thinking about you, I replied.

I was looking for that, and there’s another thing. I’ve let my parents know about it. They’re so pleased. But for our marriage, Dad has one condition. He wants you to finish your PG and settle down before the wedding in a good job. I accepted it on your behalf. Can you do this for our future? She asked.

Hey, stop giving all these shocks. Why have you just told them now? And it’s going to cost so much for PG. from where can I get the money? I asked.

I don’t know all those. You figure out how to do it, Varsha said.

Okay, let’s see. First, let me complete this Graduation, then I will plan for PG, I said.

I want to tell you something, Karthik, She said.

Ha Varsha tell me, I asked.

Varsha loves Karthik a lot, she said with a cute voice.

Oh really so lovely, say again, I asked her.

I Love you, Karthik, she said.

Love you too, dear, I replied.

Okay, text me when you reach home. Go safely. Happy journey, she texted.

Okay, dear. Good night, I replied, with lots of happiness.

Morning by the time I got home, my mom went to the office. I’ve called Varsha and spoke to her for a while. Then I got ready quickly and got to the office.

I wanted to pass on this good news to Varun. So once I got to the office, I called him.

Hey, Dude. How are you doing? You forgot about us, not even a call or a text, he said.

Nothing like that. I went to Mumbai. So I was a bit busy, I replied.

Mumbai! Really. Don’t tell me that you went to meet Varsha, he said with curiosity.

Kind of, but my office sponsored the trip. I said.

Please don’t confuse me with that. Why is your office funding your trip to Mumbai to meet Varsha? he asked.

In Mumbai, I had official training. So I attended it and also met Varsha, I explained.

Okay, now it’s clear, he said.

I wanted to tell you something, I said.

What is it? He asked.

I have proposed to Varsha, and she accepted it, too. Her parents are happy with this, also. But my Uncle’s got a condition. He wanted me to finish the PG, I explained.

Oh. Wow..! Great. Why do you say this with a flat voice? He questioned.

I don’t know, I replied.

See that day I just told you she loves you. If she doesn’t love you, why is she going to call you? And you proposed to her, and it was a happy ending, he said with relief.

Ya. I didn’t believe you either until I saw Varsha’s reaction. I was glad that she replied positively. But first, when I proposed she didn’t respond. I was so nervous about it. She didn’t pick up my call, and she didn’t answer my texts, either, I explained.

Then, what did you do? How did you get to know? He questioned.

I messaged her in the evening. Then she sent MMS claiming she’s in love with the person in the MMS. And you know what, that’s me in the MMS, I explained.

Wow. Creative girl. She revealed it so nicely, he said.

Yes, even I felt so. Varsha proposed so; differently, I replied.

Good. I saw you smiling, finally. You became so different after Neetu left. I’m glad you found a girl who takes care of you and makes you happy., Varun replied.

She accepted it. That’s all right, but there is a condition. I have to complete my Graduation, and I also have to finish my PG. Only then, marriage will happen. I explained.

Its okay, Karthik. Can’t you do that for your life partner that you love the most. It’s okay to work hard, and you’re going to succeed for sure. He motivated me.

What Varun had said was true. How long am I going to do this little job? I’ve got to settle down in my life so that I can take care of Mom and Varsha.

So if I work hard, I’m going to complete my PG and be able to marry Varsha.

Okay, Dude. I will start to focus on my education, I replied.

Good. All the best, Karthik. Everything is going to fall in line. Don’t think about it, he said.

Meanwhile, Shyam Sir just stepped into the office, and I told Varun that I was going to call back and disconnected. I have submitted all the details of the training to Shyam Sir. I have prepared a Travel Expense Statement and sent it to the Accounts for Settlement. Since we’ve been in training and travel for two days, there’s not a lot of work going on.

Varsha called me at lunch, talked to her for a while, went home, finished lunch, and came back to the office. There was a material delivery for the next day, so I picked it up and went home early in the evening.

By the time I got home, Mom was talking on the phone. Without bothering her, I got fresh and started watching TV.

How was your trip and training my son? She asked me after disconnecting the call

It was a wonderful trip mom, and I enjoyed it a lot there, I said.

If you went to training, you had to complete it and come back, but you came back with a wedding match, how? She asked.

For a moment, my mind was confused, and I didn’t understand what mom was talking about?

What are you talking about mom? Who is a match for a wedding? I asked.

Son, I am your mother, and you can’t play around with me, she said

What do you know? What happened? Who said? What did they say? I couldn’t control myself and thrown back to back questions on mom.

I was talking to your aunt till now, and she told me everything that happened at Mumbai, she replied.

Can’t aunt keep it secret for a while? I thought of surprising you, but my plan all went for a vain now. How can she do this to me? I said

Your aunt just said you love someone, but you revealed it is Varsha, she told

It’s an Oops moment to me, and I am a fool I only announced everything to mom without knowing that she doesn’t know about anything Varsha.

Without any hesitation, I have shared everything with my mother. Including the fact that Uncle accepted the proposal.

Hearing so, my mom felt thrilled considering the extension of relations to the next level. After so many days, I’ve seen my mother sleeping happily after speaking with Aunt.

Since everything is happening smoothly, we both were on cloud nine speaking to each other hours together over the phone. My visits to Mumbai became frequent over a while. Obviously, speaking in person is way different and the best experience when compared with all types of communication.

I was quite determinant enough to complete my Graduation, get a good rank in ICET, and get a seat in a right B school. For one year, I was occupied with work in the morning, prepping up for exams in the evening, and closing the day with my darling Varsha (talking over the phone). Out of all this busy schedule, I somehow managed to meet Varun, who is in Hyderabad.

Everyone was happy when I’ve got good marks in my Graduation. Now that I’ve completed the Graduation, but i have to appear ICET, so I started preparing for that.

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