Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Life Exam

Life Exam

Varun was trying to wake me up, pushing me from the bed to get ready for the exam. I’ve realised that it’s a dream.

Me with a courageous voice and just getting out of bed told Varun that I have prepared well for the exam and will top in it.

Hello sir, all your preparation will be of utter waste if you don’t reach the exam hall on time because the Invigilator will not allow you inside. We should hurry up considering our Hyderabad Traffic, Varun said

Ok. You are getting tensed than me. Chalo.. let’s go then, I said

I would be the first person to be happy when you settle in life, said Varun

I hugged him and thanked him. At that moment, he looked like a god gifted friend for me.

We had tea at our regular tea stall and started for the examination hall. Just in time, i’ve got a call from Varsha.

Hello my love, are you still sleeping or going to the entrance exam, asked Varsha

Started already, I answered

All the best, this exam is not an entrance test for your Post-graduation, it is also a kind of catalyst for our marriage. Please keep it in mind while writing the exam, she said

Ok dear, I replied

Just thought in my mind, what are all these bullshit conditions for Love and Marriage

wait Mom & Dad will speak to you it seems

All the best, Karthik. Focus on the exam, and you have to get good marks, and you have to top it. Before you get into the exam hall, eat something and go, aunt wished

Ok, aunty. I will eat and go to the exam, I replied

Wait, your uncle wants to speak to you; it seems. Let me hand over the phone to him, she said and handed over the phone to uncle

Hmm. Did you prepare well? I kept a lot of hopes on you, with the strict note uncle said

Sure, uncle. I will score good marks in the exam, I replied

Varsha retook the phone and said, Hey hero, I’ve planned a surprise for you.

What is it? I asked With so much of excitement

First, finish your exam, will let you know afterward, she replied

Varsha, I am getting tense now, before going to the exam hall, please tell me, I requested

Do not even have a pinch of tension about it. After knowing it, I am sure you will be thrilled. right now concentrate on your exam, she replied without revealing anything

Ok. Will call you after the exam bye, I hung up the phone

Varun and I started the exam centre, and Varun wished me All the Best and sent me to the exam hall.

I took a deep breath seeing the question paper. For a sec, I’ve felt I was writing an exam of my life instead of an exam, which gets me a post-grad degree.

The first question itself has shaken my balls to the core and assumed it’s gonna be tough if I deep dive into the question paper. Like every student, I rationalised myself with a courageous statement. I will write whatever I know, and the rest is on God. Sighing yes!!! God will help me, and I’ve started filling up the paper.

As I mentioned, yes, it’s an exam of my life. So I took a pinch of courage and started focussing only on the questions and chapters that I’ve prepared. The question paper consists of several multiple-choice questions. Every option that I choose will decide my destiny.

30 Mins left shouted the pot-bellied Invigilator, but I’ve heard it as last 30 mins to shape up your fate. I concentrated more and tried to answer all the questions and submitted the answer sheet to the Invigilator. But for 10 mins i couldn’t move out of the exam hall, because I’ve relaxed in such a way that I just won a war which I avenged to myself.

It is the toughest exam of my life, and never did I use my brain to its extreme conditions. I’ve said to myself, God has given brains to us human beings, but it’s all about how an individual uses it for his/her well being. In my case, I use it rarely, and when I do so, some miracles happen. Coming back to the exam point of view, I just got from the bench talking to myself, that I’ve done whatever I have to with all my capabilities. Let’s wait and watch how the exam results shape up. Varun is waiting outside for me with a tense look on his face.

With that tense look, he asked with utmost curiosity how did you write the exam, I’ve heard that question paper was quite tough.

Yeah! It’s tough, and I have to work out my mind to solve a few

Everything happens for good Bro. Tougher the paper lesser the competition. Let’s wait for the result, but the need of the hour right I attend my hunger calls. Chalo! let’s go and have some delicious biryani

Out of all these years of friendship, Varun taught me to crave for biryani whenever I get tensed or hungry. He took the paper from me and started to solve the questions one by one. I am pleased to find out that his answers were matching with mine. Even though he is studying medicine, he had that grip on all the subjects. At that very moment, I’ve taught Instead of Medicine if Varun prepares for civil by this time, he will be an IPS or IAS officer.

We reached our favourite Bawarchi Biryani point, we stopped our discussion about question paper and ordered two biryanis. Without hesitation, we gobbled the food and came out of the hotel. By the time we reached home, we were thoroughly exhausted and crashed on our beds.

Since my tummy is full, I fell asleep, and around 05:00 PM, I woke up. Still dozing, I just remembered about the conversation I had with Varsha about a surprise. Immediately, I took the phone and called her.

Somebody picked up the call on the other end. It took me a fraction of a second to realize that it’s not Varsha. With so much of ambiguity, I asked who is this and where is Varsha.

She said, Bro, this is Harini, Varsha’s friend. She just went to the washroom and asked me to attend the call.

Oh, but Varsha did not tell about you till now. How come?

I don’t know, bro, but tell me how did you write the exam?

How did you know about my exam? I asked her with a hesitant voice. She laughed and said that Varsha was eating up my brain like ice cream from the past week. She was like hitting a nerve all this week about you and your exam. I laughed at her cribbing and said, I’ve written the exam, but why the tension is lying there.


Just ask your friend, why is it so?

Harini and I have spoken for at least 20minutes, and we became very close as I can feel the brotherly bond instantaneously. I felt so happy when she was addressing me as a brother. By the time we are gossiping, Varsha came

The first thing she asked me was, how did I write my exam. By the time I was answering the question she had cut the topic and asked me to come to KFC - Hitech city store immediately

With a little bit of baffled voice, I asked her where were you and sarcastically saying if I reach Hitech city, can you arrive there by the time I reach.

She addressed me as mental and revealed the gamut of surprises and said I am already in Hyderabad.

It was undergoing mixed bag of feelings at that second, Happy, Shocked, questions all over my mind pondering me. I immediately jumped into analysis mode and started probing in. When did you come? How did you come? With a lot of curiosity and confusion, I questioned her, she said, I will answer all your questions, should I answer over the phone or will you be moving your ass and coming here.

I said, why not? I am starting right now.

She said she would be waiting for me and hung up the call.

I just jumped out of my bed and woke up Varun as well

With that adrenaline rush, I was pulling Varun from his bed, saying that Varsha came to Hyderabad, and she is waiting for us at KFC - Hitech city. Please get ready, and we have to go there.

Varun himself was thinking it as a 4d effect dream, but since I was grabbing his arm and pulling him out of bed. He woke up suddenly and with an annoying voice, he also said bro what are you saying, I just can’t believe it, man. Give me 10 mins I will get ready, and we shall start from here.

I said I would wait for 10 mins but make it quick.

As promised, he got ready in 10 mins and started to Hitech City to open those bag full of surprises what she brought from Mumbai. By the time we reached, I had seen some of her friends had accompanied Varsha, and they were already celebrating. With a troubled mind, Varun and I entered inside.

I’ve tried to call Varsha with whispering sound.

She ran towards me, and she said everybody is waiting for you. Please, come. Seeing Varun next to me, she also spoke to Varun and asked how he is.

Varun replied to her with a smiling face. She immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her friends, and introduced her friends Harini, Swetha, Nakul. Everybody greeted me with a handshake.

Hey Harini, You are the one who spoke with me over the phone, right? I asked her

She said, yes bro it was me and asked me about my exam and started jotting my life graph such as you will score good marks in the exam, then you will get an MBA seat in a right college followed by job and marriage with Varsha.

I liked the way she extrapolated my future from my current events, but as a practical man, I’ve told her it’s not that easy.

I just wanted to extend my wingspan better and motivate me, and she said if you can work hard, you can achieve all these things, brother.

I, too, agree with her about the same. Out of curiosity, I asked her what’s happening? Why did Varsha come to Hyderabad?

She came to you only. Don’t you get it?

While we were having these chats, Varun was observing things from a corner.

Varsha shouted, saying, Guys, we will get the cake in a few minutes. Get ready to wish Harini. With a little bit of a surprised look on my face, I’ve asked her. Varsha just jumped in and said, Hey Karthik, it is Harini birthday today.

Oh. I wished Harini and told her if you could have said to me in advance, I could have presented a beautiful gift for you.

Harini was busy saying thank you to everybody who wished her.

Hey Karthick, don’t worry about the gift you still have the option. Pay the bill, and that will be your gift to Harini. She will take this as her birthday present said Nakul with a quirky smile. I said I am okay with it.

I just pulled your leg man, and I don’t know if you will accept for that so easily said Nakul.

It is obvious to gift her a birthday present, so I’ve accepted it. But Nakul said, I will pay the bill this time, but next time is yours.

I said Done.

While all these quirky little chats are going on between Nakul and me, Varsha suddenly grabbed my hands and pulled me to a corner, which is far away from our gang.

I came from my home town only for you. To be on the safer side, I made all of them to believe that I came for Harini. And you here on the other hand - sitting and chit-chatting with all my friends. Do you think that I will stay here permanently?

You were busy with celebrations, and i cannot just pull you out of the party in front of all your friends. Varsha was like Ok! Since we were already in a no friend zone, what will you do. She asked this question with a naughty smile. I am like, what should I do? With a million-dollar question busting out of my little brain.

With a romantic look on her cute little face, she said or questioned me I don’t know and still figuring it out, but it goes like this. What happens if a boy and a girl meet?

With a childish tone, I said, they will sit and talk.

With a quizzical and smiley look, she said, Do you think that I have come to chit chat with you, which we do regularly over the calls. Don’t you want to take our relationship to the next level?

Hearing all this on the other side was acting as if I do not understand what she was saying and reverse questioned her. What do you mean by the next level?

She whispered in my ear, don’t you know what the meaning of the next level is? Then she kissed my cheek and said this is called next level. Oh. Now I realise it and I gave a subtle reaction and said to her since we have progressed, let’s take it to the second level. I told and gave a big smooch to her. With this big smooch, she tightly hugged me and whispered to kiss her continuously until she gives a hint to stop continuously. Due to this encouragement, I accepted her request and kept on kissing her.

While I am still in the process of exploring the beauty of kissing, she said, Ok Karthik, let’s go. I think everybody is waiting for us. She said she had completed the task of coming to Hyderabad.

Hearing that, I was in utter shock and asked her with so much excitement that, is it the reason for her Hyderabad trip. Discussing our discovery of purity and freshness in our relationship, we move to the event area. Everybody is waiting for us. Since we were in our world of Love chemistry, my dearest friend and a lone wolf - Varun figured out one place in a corner and started playing mobile games. Varsha asked everybody to gather for a cake cutting ceremony of Harini.

Thanks to the grand celebrations of Harini Bday, everybody became very close to me. After the party was over, everybody went to the airport to give a send-off to Varsha. Post that, everybody went to their respective places.

It was quite an exhaustive day for all of us. Reaching home, Varun crashed on his bed, but I was still feeling the pinch of her lipstick flavour on my lips. I’ve received a message from Varsha, It is Reached home and had a wonderful time with you. With a smile on my lips, I replied to her that even I also had a good time. I started expressing what I felt at the moment to her. I wanted both of us to stay together. You just came as a meteoroid disturbed me, and now I have to cope up with this situation.

Varsha replied We have to be patient at this point. Within three years, both of us will settle in our jobs, followed by our marriage.

I expressed that I am feeling a bit scary about MBA

A convincing yet motivating message came from Varsha, Fear is a tadpole out of all our human emotions and love as an emotion is purest, prettiest, and biggest out of all.

Both of us were exhausted, gave up our chats, and quickly fell asleep.

Ok, Varsha. Love You Bye. I’ve texted.

It was the same thing from her. Love you too, Karthik Bye.

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