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Result Day

Result Day

It’s, Krishnashtami today. I took a half-day leave and reached home. Every year, all my friends participate in Dahi Handi, which is part of the festive tradition. So we reached the ground where all the arrangements have done for Dahi Handi. Friends are reaching the spot one after the other with all the necessary things. Few of my friends brought sticks, and few were filling up the water drums, which used to splash the water during Dahi Handi. Some are arranging the sound system. As we were making all these arrangements, I’ve got a message.

The message says, Your ICET results will be announced at 06:00 PM today. Till that point, I was actively participating in all the arrangements and looking forward to Dahi Handi Competition, but this message has strained my nerves. I stopped everything that I was doing and sat in a corner place, thinking about 1000 possible negative things about the repercussions of my Result. It is a heavy thinking man! But worth considering because my future is dependent on this Result. To be honest, I was not nervous about the Result. I’ve had a mood shift because of the message, which popped on my phone suddenly. It 04:30 PM, Everybody is busy in arrangements and organising, don’t know who to share with. So I called my lone wolf - Varun. He was sleeping but he picked up the call. With that sleeping voice, he asked me what the reason is?

With a trembling voice, I told Varun that the Result would be out by 6:00 PM.

I like the way that Varun sees things. In a casual tone, he said, you are bound to know the outcome at any given point of time. It’s a good thing that the results are coming today, and there’s no longer any suspense for you. Today, let’s face the devil!

The words of Varun did not soothe me, as there was a sound mismatch. I have a cracking voice coming out of anxiety, and he uses a relaxed tone on the other hand. I told him the same thing. How can you be so casual when I get stressed out to the core?

He smiled a little and said, The outcome won’t change if you get nervous or if you’re relaxed or casual. I was like, of course, I know the equation, but there should still be a pinch of it.

Everything happens for good. You can’t change your destiny. Hide all your tensions. Varun Said. To make me calm, he changed the topic and started asking about the Dahi Handi preparations in our town.

I told him that I was at the ground looking after all the arrangements, but this message about my results changed my mood gears.

Varun said, there is so much of time, go and enjoy the festival and its arrangements with our friends.

I seemed convinced of what Varun was telling me and cut the call. But this tension is still haunting me. Gained up all my courage and told myself, let’s face the devil today at 6 PM, but the need of the hour is to indulge in all these arrangements and divert my mind. I thought I should not discuss this with Varsha until I receive the Result.

As said earlier, the need of the hour is to keep me busy. So I went towards a few of my friends who are arranging lights for the trees over there. Even though I tried to help them, I became a pain in the ass for them, as I was not into me completely. I ultimately felt that my mind was like a nomad. All my friends barred me for a couple of minutes; one of them just knocked on my head and told me to go and sit in one corner.

They’re all set for Dahi Handi, all my friends changing the dress for it, and they asked me to change it. But I was in the tension of the Result, so I said I will change it later. They answered your wish and went to perform a Pooja before starting a game.

The two teams are ready for the game, and the winner will receive a cup, certificates, and the 5000 Rupees Cash Prize. No one beat our squad until that time. Everyone is waiting to see the winner, and the announcer is announcing the beginning of the game. This statement reminds me of my results announcement. When time passes, the crowd on the ground also started to increase, my result anxiety also got high, I can’t leave the field and check the result, so I called Shyam Sir and asked him to check the result.

The game has started. So to thrill everyone, the DJ plays Tollywood hit songs, and the crowd cheers on their favourite team members. The water splashed on the face of a player who wants so reach out his hand to stop him from trying.

The time is 06.05 PM

Shyam sir called, looking at his call my pulse doubled,

What is the number of the rank, Sir? Did I qualify at least? I asked with a lot of tension

No Dear, the Result will be at 06.30 PM, they have posted to the website, he responded.

I need to bear this stress for more than 25 minutes, thanked Sir, and hang up the line.

Everyone is busy enjoying the game, but I was sitting in the corner and worrying about the result. I’ve been feeling pity for myself. I recalled what Varun had been saying, and I thought about entering the game, but if I wait more than 20 minutes, I can go and enjoy it to the core. I just waited and started enjoying the game. Twenty minutes passed, and the phone was ringing, Shyam sir again, now how many minutes should we need to wait for Sir? I asked

This time it’s not time dear, your Result has come, he said. Again my pulse is doubled, and at that moment, I can hear my heart beating.

What happened, Sir? Did I score well? I asked with a lot of curiosity

You idiot, you topped and you got 820 Rank, Shyam sir replied laughing

After listening to him, I didn’t believe and said that Sir don’t joke to me, did you check the correct number? Are you sure of that? I asked

I checked it, proper Dude, it’s true that you ranked good, congrats man he wished

I also thanked him and hung the line.

Yet, I didn’t believe it, but it’s just amazing to know its 820. I called Varun and shared the good news to him.

You have felt a lot of anxiety for this simple thing, see how your rank is going to ease it, he said. Go and enjoy the game with our mates, at least now.

Secured a good rank anyway, in that joy, I changed my dress and joined the game field. I played a game with a lot of energy, and this time again, our team won the game. Rank, Cup, and Money are all in our favour. I shared the happy news with all our mates, all of whom are in the field, and they also felt happy and congratulated me. We celebrated our winning and my success with the prize money.

With that happiness, I got home and shared with Mom, she also felt happy, but as I got a good rank, I’m going to leave for Hyderabad alone, so she’s sad about it.

Here, you have a decent job, is it necessary to go to Hyderabad to study? Even after you finish it, do you have any guarantee that you’re going to get a good job? We’ve both been debating this topic for days. Yet I struggled a lot to persuade her. But today my journey to Hyderabad has been confirmed, and she’s a little sad, I can see the pain in her eyes.

I’m going to be more than happy if you settle down in your life, but you have to focus well on your studies and make me proud, mom said.

I will study well mother, I replied

Did you call uncle and updated the news? She enquired

I touched my mothers’ feet and said I will call them now

Call them and share the good news. They’ll also feel happy to know your rank. She said, blessing me.

I called Varsha, maybe she is expecting my call, she picked it on the very first ring.

Hi, my love...! There’s no call from morning? Have you forgotten me at your Krishnastami Celebrations? She asked

I didn’t forget you, but you’re going to jump and make summer salt. If you listen to the news that I’m going to tell you, I’ve replied with a lot of joy.

What is it, Karthik? Is that the big news? Are you coming to Mumbai, huh? She asked.

No, there’s no other topic or what then Mumbai travel? Be patient and listen to it first, I said

Okay, my love, tell me, I’m ready to jump here, she said and smiled.

ICET results came today evening, I said

Oh man, you are saying it now? What happened? Have you earned a good rank? She asked.

Yeah, Varsha, this is an incredible number, it’s 820, I said.

Are you serious Karthik, I can’t believe that she said, so started screaming, Daddy. Daddy. And she reached out to her father.

Daddy, its Karthik on the phone, his results announced today, and he secured 820th rank, she told him with a lot of joy and handed the phone over to my uncle.

Right to the point, do you get a seat at the university for 820? He asked

I am still puzzled that I have an 820 rank and my uncle asks about a university seat, so I spoke to myself and replied to him.

I’m going to get a university seat now too, I answered.

If you get a university seat you’re going to have more campus selections by the way, when are the counselling dates? All the records you’ve kept ready for this? He asked

The dates are still to be confirmed, uncle, documents are kept ready, I replied

Congratulations, my son, as you secure a good rank, just as you must finish your course, he told me.

For this only I struggled a lot, now again course, at the time of its completion I don’t know what my condition would be, I thought it in my head, and I said okay.

He wished me all the best and handed the phone back to Varsha.

Hey, my love, you just killed it; after an examination, you said you didn’t do well, but it’s 820 men. I don’t know how you must be feeling, but I feel like floating on the moon. Quickly complete the counselling process and engage in the MBA, I also requested the transfer of NIFT to Hyderabad, by that time I also get the approval, she said.

Is that so? But why is that? Isn’t that good in Mumbai? I asked this curiously

Hmmm.. You know, you’re not here in Mumbai, she responded.

Seriously? Are you coming here for me? I asked.

Apart from you, who else do I know, moreover why should I come for someone else? She replied.

Okay, but once you come here, whether we focus on our studies or get lost in kisses, I don’t understand, I said.

Hello Baby, stop it all right now, first concentrate on your studies, stop thinking about kisses, you’re not going to get anything, she responded.

Huh, yeah. Okay, now I was thinking of kissing you in the happiness of the Result, but you said just studies, no kisses, no problem, it is okay, I said.

My dear Karthik, you’ve taken it wrong, I haven’t said that for now, she replied.

Hey...No Dear. We’re supposed to focus on studies now we shouldn’t have a kiss and all, I responded.

Hey. Leave it and forgive me for my mistakes, please kiss me for now. She asked

Now you got the right point, your request of transfer to Hyderabad is for me, and you behave as if you want nothing, I said

Hey Karthik, well, I asked you to leave it, you always talk about the same things which I ask you to leave, that I don’t like, are you kissing me now or not? She screamed

Before hanging up the phone, I kissed her and went inside. I didn’t want to give her further anxiety.

Mum waited until I had finished the call to serve the meal.

What did your uncle say? My mom asked

He’s happy, and he asked me to finish the course with a good score, I answered.

You made everybody happy, but if you could finish your course here at a nearby college, I’d be happy, too, can’t you do that for me, she said.

Nearby colleges aren’t that nice, I can get a degree here, but I’m not going to get talent, Hyderabad’s faculty would be excellent, and they’re going to train on Jobs, I said.

Don’t know Karthik, how you’re going to manage it alone. I don’t understand, she said worriedly.

I’m not going to stay alone, Varun is in Hyderabad, we both stay together, I said.

Hey, if there’s Varun, there’s no need to think about it, she answered with more relief.

With the result, they’re all happy, and I’m in shock with the number even though it’s comfortable for me, in two years MBA will be completed, can enter a good company, can move mom with me, then get married to Varsha. Me, Mom and Varsha, a lovely little family life, thinking all of this stuff I went to bed.

In the office, my rank was the topic for the next morning. Shyam sir wished me; personally. It added more happiness to me. After all these wishes, I understood the difference between winning and failure. If you win, everyone comes to you, and if you lose only dearer to you will remain. I liked the happiness of winning, and I’m determined to win all the time.

For all the office staff, I threw a party, everyone wished me for my future. They started missing me already. All these people are with me on this whole journey, particularly Shyam, Rahul and Madhu Sir have become stepping stones in my path, I will never forget the encouragement they have given me. I went with a Sweet package to Rahul Sir after lunch.

Rahul and Madhu sir both sat at the entrance talking about business things, I went in and wished them.

Hey Karthik, wassup Buddy, said Madhu Bro

Sir, my exam result came last night, and I got 820 ranks in that, I said

Great Dude, you know. It’s not easy to get 820 Rank. You’re going to get a seat in a reputed college, Rahul Bro Said

You continued your work without any breaks as you promised, and now you are going for your higher education, we are proud of you Karthik, Madhu Bro Said.

Now I understand why you suddenly left, and you must have had a strong and powerful purpose behind it, Madhu Bro, said.

Whatever happened, but now you’ve settled down and heading for higher education, we’re both happy to hear that, they said.

I will accomplish more goals if your blessings are there for me and I will be happy forever, Sir, I replied

We can just direct you, but you are facing practical difficulties, and if you can crack those that mean you have strong skills, no one can deter you until you have the ability with you, they said.

I just spent a little more time with them and went to meet all my friends who helped me to share all the joy with them.

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