Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Where are you, Bro? Its Harini’s call in the evening

Hello Harini, I came to Hyderabad yesterday, and joined the college today. I have just finished college Induction and resting in the room, I replied

Wow, Bro, so you got to Hyderabad, nice to know. shall we meet in the evening? Will you come? if you are coming I will call Nakul; also, She asked

Okay Harini, as I’m new to the city, let Varun come from college, after checking with him I’ll let you know, I answered

Sure Bro..! If Varun is coming, you’ll get him along as well, she said, hung up the call.

I called Varsha after Harini’s call and updated on the details of the college. She also shared the happy news about the acceptance of her transfer to Hyderabad. That in the next ten days she’s moving to Hyderabad. Knowing this, I wanted to jump with joy.

Meanwhile, Varun came, I just finished talking to Varsha and asked him to go to Hitech City. But he said there would be massive traffic at this point, so thinking about going that way is a bad idea, he said.

I called Harini and updated the same, she suggested us to come on Sunday.

Did Varsha call you? I asked her

No Karthik, she didn’t, Why? She asked

After talking to you, I called her, and she said she is coming to Hyderabad in ten days, I conveyed.

Wow Karthik, it’s an excellent news, you’ve got a seat here, and now she’s coming, it’s a double Dhamaka to both of you, she said, laughing.

No sister, you completely misunderstood us, I came here for studies, I’m going to concentrate on it, I said.

I will see Bro, how much you both focus on studies, I have seen many like you, she replied laughing.

Okay, sister, I’m going to disappoint you by focusing on the studies.

Next Sunday, Varun and I are coming to you, and this time the treat is on me, I said.

Sure, Bro, It is the time to celebrate, because Varsha will be here in ten days, she said.

Sure Sister, will celebrate it.

She said okay for it and hung up the phone.

The evening I called mom and updated about the college and Induction, and it’s a missing feeling to talk to mom over the phone, she’s alone and missing me too, but she’s happy about her sons’ growth. Varun and I went out after the call and finished our dinner.

I started going to college regularly without missing a single lecture, morning tea at the Shankaranna Tea Stall, evening phone with Varsha, and explaining the college information to my mom; this became my routine. As we decided, on Sunday, we went to Harini’s Place and shared the joy and the total bill I paid.

Days have passed, Harini and I became very close. If I had a sister, I thought she would be like her. Harini is a god-gifted sister to me, I told my mom about Harini, she also felt happy to know about her, they both talk every day and held me aside as all the sisters do.

The day has come, our gang went to receive Varsha, I just forgot about the world and hugged her immediately when I saw her in Hyderabad. I was eagerly waiting for her to come. And the feeling of joy that you can’t express when the person you’re waiting for comes right in front of you. They all started teasing us for that act.

We finished our dinner outside, dropped Varsha in her hostel.

From then on, another task has added to my timetable. Spending time with Varsha in the evening has become routine for me. We didn’t realise that we had finished six months, and whenever time permits, I used to go home and spend some time with my mom.

Since Varsha moved to Hyderabad, we started to spend a lot of time together, and we never missed a chance to hug and kiss each other. Life has become busy and romantic.

The Phone is ringing,

Thank god i kept it on a silent mode, i am in the class and I don’t understand why Varsha suddenly calling me now, I took the Professor’s permission and attended the line.

Hi Varsha, what happened that you called me now, I’m in class, I said.

Karthik, I got two corner tickets to the 2 PM Show let’s go, she said.

Now?! I’m in class, how can I come? if you tell me at the last minute, I said.

I don’t know anything dear, I’m going to wait at the theatre, you’re coming, that’s what she said, and hung up the phone without giving any time to say a word.

I tried to call her back, but she disconnected the call and sent me a message telling me to come quickly without wasting time.

I don’t know how she feels if I don’t go, so I lied to the lecturer and went to the theatre. There she was waiting for me, immediately after reaching her, I started scolding.

Have you lost your mind Varsha? how can I crack the exams? if I bunk classes like this, how can I get a job? I screamed

Hello Sir, why are you yelling at me as if I am telling you to skip classes every day, she said.

Not every day, but you would have told me this last evening, I would have prepared for it, I said.

Is it necessary to discuss it here now? Let’s go and enjoy the movie, she said.

Okay, let’s go. However, I bunked class, at least we can enjoy the film, I said, and we went into the theatre.

The theatre is empty, moreover corner seats. We’ve been sitting in those seats, and I started watching the film seriously.

Karthik, I’m here, too, if you’re so serious about the film, then what would be my situation? You need to take care of me also, she said

When we come to watch the movie, is it wrong to watch it, I asked innocently

Karthik, Understand, its empty theatre, moreover corner seats, do you watch a movie or you do something else, grow up kid, think romantically, she said with a husky voice

Oh Yeah, You think I need to grow up more, okay, let me see the first song of the movie because it’s good then I’ll show you how much I’ve grown up to you, I said.

Yeah. watch it, and I will wait, Varsha said

I finished the song, and without wasting any more time, I just started kissing her through out the film. So Varsha understood how much I grew up. Bunking classes, going to the movies and hanging out with friends became more frequent. She used to pay for all my expenses.

Everything was fine to date, but Varsha suddenly told me she is going to Mumbai, she didn’t inform me about it before, so I didn’t understand what happened all of a sudden.

Why the sudden trip? You didn’t tell me that you were going, I responded.

I’ve got some assignments, moreover, now college holidays, do I need to get permission from you for everything? You’re wondering, she questioned seriously.

I didn’t mean it Varsha, you usually share it all, so I asked, I replied.

I don’t like all such formalities, Karthik, and you don’t expect me to update you all, she said.

It’s all right, Varsha, don’t take it very seriously, just go safely and convey my regards to uncle and aunt, I said.

Okay, Karthik, I’m a little disappointed, I’m going to ping you once I get there, she said.

By asking all these, I must have upset her mood, and I kept leaving without saying a word back.

It’s been two days since she left for Mumbai, she doesn’t respond to my messages and phone calls. I figured there might be an emergency at home as she flew to Mumbai, and she must not have checked her mobile.

In the classroom, everyone is discussing to go to the movie in the evening, so one of my friends asked me, I agreed to go, because Varsha wasn’t in town.

I asked him to pick me up from the room.

He accepted and left, I also went to the room after the class had ended, before I reached the room, Varun was in bed.

Hey, Hi Varun, Don’t you have college today? I asked

Just arrived, man, one of my professors didn’t come today, so I came back early, he responded.

Hey.! If that’s the case, you could have told me before, I would have asked my friends to book tickets to you as well, I said.

Is it? But how can I get to know about your plan buddy, anyhow you go, for now, we will plan some other time, he said

Okay buddy, let’s go for lunch, I said

Around 05:30 PM, my friend came to pick me up. By the time we reached, everyone was waiting for us at the theatre. We parked our bike and walked into the theatre.

It’s 07:00 PM, my phone is ringing, I just checked it, and it is Varsha’s call. I came out of the hall with full excitement and picked up the phone.

Hi Varsha, where have you been? no message, no phone. Is everything all right at home? When will you be back? With a lot of pleasure, I asked so many questions.

I was busy with some assignments, so I didn’t pick up a call, everybody is all right here. What the heck are you doing? What is the sound behind, she asked.

Hey, I’m in a movie theatre with friends, can you hear that sound? With happiness, I asked.

Oh, are you in the movie? Okay, enjoy it, she said, and hung up the phone.

For a moment, I’ve been unable to understand what had happened, she called after almost four days, I’ve tried several times that she didn’t pick. Now she just called and hung up, which was surprising to me. Thought to speak to her later and get into the hall.

As soon as the film was over, I reached the room and called Varsha, and she didn’t pick up, I called her again, this time also she didn’t answer, I messaged her to lift the call.

Why did you send me a message so early, you would have gone to the next show as well, she responded.

After seeing the reply, I didn’t understand why is she so serious.

Yeah I will go, but you first pick my call, I replied casually

Huh. why should I lift the phone? She messaged

No phone for four days, no message, and now you’re angry on me? but why? I don’t understand, I replied.

Angry, huh? Why would I? No phone and no text for four days, even though you’re loving to go to the movies. Please keep going. Why would I get angry at you? She said.

It isn’t right, Varsha, and I’ve been calling you so many times for four days. At least once, you didn’t bother to answer. What’s the connection between it and the movie right now? I wasn’t interested in the film, but I went as friends pressured me to come. It doesn’t mean I’m enjoying myself here, I replied.

If I don’t pick your call, don’t you call me back? Will you just leave me like that, she asked.

I called you many times in these four days, after finding out a missed call, do you bother to call me back at least once? And now you’re questioning me.

Yes! I didn’t call you, but how can you enjoy it? If I am not there, she asked.

Hello Madam, I don’t enjoy it here. My friends have pushed me to come. If I were to enjoy it, I would have ignored your call, without attempting it. But you just disconnected it. I said, irritatingly.

I don’t understand why you’re arguing with me, calling after a four days, I replied.

I don’t like you going to the movies with others. If you want to go, it should just with me, Varsha said.

What’s wrong in it to go to the movies with friends? I am not going with any girls, I said.

You will go with me only, and I don’t like you going with others, she said.

Sure, baby, next time I’m not going, I just go with you, I said.

I’ve got a headache, bye, I’ll talk to you later, she said, and she didn’t give me a chance to say a word more, and she hung the call.

I’ve never seen this behaviour before, and I don’t know why this shift in her, she’s trying to dominate me in all things. But as I am loving her, I compromised myself and went to bed.

After two days, Varsha came back to Hyderabad, I went to meet her after my class, but she didn’t come out, and she asked me not to meet her. I assumed she must be tired from the journey, so I left to room disappointingly.

After dinner at about 10:00 PM, Varsha has messaged me that she wants to talk about something important.

I called her, but she disconnected the call and messaged, don’t call me, just speak in the message.

I said, okay.

You came back to Hyderabad after a week. And when I came to meet you in the evening, you didn’t feel like meeting me today? I asked.

Is the topic that important right now? I didn’t feel like I was meeting you, that’s why I didn’t come, it has done, right? Why are you questioning it again now? She replied,

She’s still in a serious mood, but why she’s so angry I don’t understand, if I ask her again, I don’t know how she responds, so I didn’t ask.

Okay, Varsha, tell me, you said, there’s something important you need to speak, I asked.

Can you get me a camera from Varun tomorrow? I’m going out with my friends, so to take pictures, this camera would be great, she said.

She didn’t tell me about the outing, and she didn’t even invite me, but I didn’t dare to ask her about it.

You can collect it from me tomorrow morning, I said.

She said, okay

What else Varsha, I asked her with a lot of curiosity

Nothing, feeling tired, going to bed, she said,

It’s all new to me, and she’s never behaved like this before. But it’s hard for me to digest. Somehow, I got the fear of wasting my effort to come here upon leaving my mother. She’s just dominating for no reason and controlling me. I had no choice but to wait for the day to understand the reason behind her new behaviour.

I called Varsha in the morning to check if I should go to her or she’ll come and pick.

I’m going to bathe now, once I finish it, I’m going to let you know before I start from here, I’m going to come and pick it from your place, she said.

I said all right, hung up the phone.

It was 08:00AM, and if I don’t go to college before 09:30 AM, we won’t be allowed to join the class. I’m still waiting, and it’s 08:45 AM now, and I haven’t received the call yet. I tried to call her, but it was continuously call waiting, and I got a call back at 9:10 AM.

Before offering me a breathing space, Varsha just broke out and started screaming at me. Can’t you wait a while? Why did you call me so many times? I told you I am going to inform you before I start.

See Varsha, I got college at 09:30 AM, if you have started at 08:00 AM, I would have handed over the camera, and I would have gone to college, if you asked me to come, I would have come and handed it over. But now it’s 09.10 AM, and you’re still not ready, moreover wasting time talking on the phone. If you start right now, it’ll cross 09:30 AM to get here in this traffic, I explained.

What do you mean by Karthik, you say I’m talking to someone else? Do you suspect me, she asked.

I didn’t mean it Varsha, if you took a camera, I would go to college, I said.

So, for you, college is more important than me, then you go to college. Yet again, Varsha began to fight with me.

Why Varsha? How could you talk to me like that? I came here for you. Why am I doing an MBA? Isn’t that for you? If I bunk classes, how can I complete it? Tell me, I asked her

I don’t want all of these, and I’m not coming, I don’t want any camera, you go and concentrate on your studies, she said.

Huh.. I controlled my anger and frustration.

Okay, Varsha, I’m going to wait until the second hour, come and pick it, I said.

I don’t need anyone’s’ deeds of mercy. Your class is essential to you right, go and sit in the college, I don’t want any camera, she said

Each time she expresses frustration at me for no fault of mine, I got pissed off.

You don’t want the camera, right? Okay, well, I’m going to college. Bye, I said with a lot of anger, and I hung up the phone.

She stopped talking to me as I hung the phone seriously. I kept quiet, too. After some time, I thought she’d realise and call back. And I began to focus on studies without thinking about anything.

After some time, I thought she’d call me, but she didn’t. I just couldn’t resist, so I only called her. As in all love stories, if the girl commits a mistake, the boy always says sorry first. So I called her and begged her to speak to me.

I called her by holding my ego away, and we patched back again.

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