Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Third Person

Third Person

We all gathered in the restaurant for Harini’s farewell as she is shifting to another city for her Post Graduation. Varsha is sitting in the corner without talking to anyone. We didn’t want to interrupt her, either.

Harini recalls all the memories which she has spent with us, and she is despondent about her moment to another city by leaving all of us.

Don’t miss me, guys, after I leave. In this short time, I was delighted with all of you. Now I had to leave for another city for my education, she said.

Hey Harini, don’t worry, you’re not leaving for any other country, you’re just about 200 km away from here. Just call us, and we’re going to get there in three hours. Don’t get stressed. Concentrate on your studies, I said.

Why is Varsha sitting so dull, I whispered to Harini

She’s sad for me. Because I’m leaving her.

Karthik, I need to say one thing, I’ve seen you keeping a distance from Varsha these days, you guys stopped meeting regularly, not talking as before, it’s not good for your relationship. Please understand why I say this. You’re going to feel bad about it in the future, she said.

What Harini said, I could not understand. Where Varsha and I love each other so much, why does she say this now, I am not understanding.

Nothing like that Harini, we’re both talking to each other every day. and we are happy too, If you still think so, ask Varsha, I said.

It’s not the thing to talk to, Varsha, and you’re probably going to understand it in the future. But whatever I said, keep that in your mind and see her regularly. Now I’m leaving her, too, you’ve got to be very careful, she said.

This comment by Harini is more confused than the previous one, but I said all right to it as if I understood it well. In the meantime, Nakul came and asked us, what are you speaking secretly? If you say, we are also going to listen.

You don’t have to think about it, shut the fuck up, and order the food. We’re dying of starvation, said Harini by calling Varsha.

Because Varun can’t understand what’s going on here, he’s looking at me with a great deal of uncertainty.

The ordered food served, while having food, we were sitting together and planning a trip to a new place of Harini. Varsha began to cry by holding Harini. It was like a sentimental scene in a Tollywood movie.

We’ve all gathered again to sending off at the bus stop the next day.

After Harini left, I thought Varsha would be sad, so I didn’t go to college to give her company.

I called Varsha and asked her what she is doing?

Hi Karthik, I am doing nothing, just laid on the bed, she replied

You must be feeling alone since Harini left yesterday, and I took a break from college for you. Let’s go out for a while, I said.

I’m not going to go anywhere Karthik, but without letting me know why you took your leave, she asked.

Because Harini isn’t there, you’ve got to feel alone, so I stayed back for you, I said.

Are you not going to check with me before any such plans? Are you going to decide everything by yourself? She yelled at me,

Not like that Varsha, am I supposed to take a permission to go out with you? I asked

What do you mean? You aren’t my husband, right? We’re not married yet to determine everything about myself. Just if anyone tries to control me, I don’t like it. I have all the control over my life. She said.

What the hell are you talking about, Varsha? I stayed back to take you out for some peace of mind. I said, we were going out and you are saying that I am controlling you, I questioned

Don’t ask me anything Karthik, I don’t like to come out now, she replied.

Okay, alright, don’t come. I am alone will go to a movie, I said

Karthik, I’ve already told you that without me you can’t go to a movie, how can you go now? She asked

I’m not going with anybody. I’m going on my own. Until now, I was just asking you to come, I said.

You alone can’t go either, If I tell I’m not coming, that means you shouldn’t go either, she responded.

What Varsha? You don’t come to the movie, and you are not allowing me either, I said

Don’t ask all these stupid questions, Karthik, you’re not going to do that. I got a headache, and I’ll talk to you later, she said, banging the line.

Day by day, the shocks of Varsha increased, and now I have no other choice, so I went back to the room. I took leave for her relief, and now I’ve lost it.

So I don’t have any work to do. I’m asleep for a while after lunch. Around 05:00 PM Varun came back from college with a door knocking sound that I woke up.

Buddy, haven’t you gone out? He asked

Only that’s up for my life mate, after taking leave, called her to go out for some relaxation, but she scolded me for not taking her permission to take her out.

From whom I suppose to take permission, Dude? Moreover, she said we are not married yet, and she doesn’t like it if someone dominates her. All the time, she dominates me, and now blaming that I am dominating her, I replied to Varun sadly.

What’s in there to over-react? I just asked you a question

What to say Mate, When I ask her to go to a movie, she doesn’t come, at least she doesn’t let me go alone, because she doesn’t go, that means I shouldn’t go. Why does she act like this, that I don’t understand. I replied with a lot of frustration.

Your love story is hilarious, Karthik, Varun said and began to laugh.

I was furious, and Varun laughs at me, and I stared at him very seriously.

To control my rage, man, your girlfriend is wholly tied you not to miss from her hands. She’s only controlling you, he said.

Just because I love her, I’m enduring her, otherwise, I’m not going to take, I said.

Okay, you have to close this matter as soon as you can. Otherwise, you will have to suffer more in the future, careful he alerted me.

Whatever Varun suggested to me was right, at any cost, today, I wanted to clear all my doubts about the actions of Varsha. Around 05:30 PM I called her, it’s call waiting, I waited for some more time and called her back around 06:00 PM again it’s busy.

Looking at her continuous call waiting, I got an uncontrollable rage at her. From the morning after our chat, she didn’t even bother to call me back. And now she’s talking to someone. I didn’t get that much anger at Varsha any time before. I decided to ask her today and tried to contact her again, It was ringing this time, but she didn’t respond, I called again and again, but there’s no use. I’m getting frustrated, I’m losing my patience, but I can’t do anything until the phone answered.

Finally, she lift the phone.

Hey, Karthik, are you going mad? Don’t you understand that if I don’t pick up a call, I might be in some other work? Why you’re calling me again and again and disturbing, she’s screaming at me.

What is it? Do you annoyed by my calls? Okay, I’ve been trying your call from around 05:30 PM, your phone has been busy for so long, is that more important than me? And I’ve been waiting for my turn, after ringing your cell, you didn’t even pick up for a ring, I suppose to call several times to speak to you.

Why are you behaving like that? Why are you avoiding me? Moreover, you’re telling me that I’m disturbing you and shouting at me, why? I asked her with a lot of anger.

What is this, Karthik? Do you suspect me? Do you Keep track of my phone calls? You’ve misunderstood me. I was just talking to a friend about some college things and you suspecting me, then how can I believe that, in the future, you can keep me happy. I came to the movie for relief, and you spoiled it, she said.

What did you just say, did I ruin your mood? You went to a movie for a relief, oh great! So why did I call you in the morning? Are you not going to get relief with me? Thus, what kind of importance are you giving me? You’re just implying that I doubt you. Yeah, well, you’re indicating that I’m disrupting your fun, you just enjoy it. I am the one who disturbs you, so I will leave from your life. I yelled at her for the first time.

Go now, and I don’t need your bloody Love. In fact, in my life, I don’t need anyone who doubts me. At least I’m going to get some peace in my life, she said.

Okay, any time if you miss me and understand that you made a mistake, you call me back, until I’m not going to show you my face, I said, and I hung up the call.

I disconnected the call in rage, yet later I cried out a lot for her, why did I do that? Thought to call back and say sorry, but if she loves me, she’s going to feel the same pain that I’m facing right now and call me back. I began to wait for her call in that hope. Yet time won’t wait for us, and six months have passed, and my first year is over, but she didn’t bother to call me.

Days have passed, it’s been six months since we both spoke to each other, without calling Varsha, I just called Harini.

Hello Sister, How are you? I asked her

Hey Bro, I’m all right, how about you? I think you have finished your first year, did you go home for the holidays? She asked

I passed it with good marks. I didn’t go, because I had some work to finish here, and once it finished, I would go home and spend some time with my mom, I said.

Good to know my brother, concentrate on your second year as well, then your purpose of coming to Hyderabad will be fulfilled, she answered.

Yes, Sis, even I am thinking the same, I need to focus more, I said

Hey, Harini, is Varsha calling you? She doesn’t talk to me about you, I replied.

Yeah, is it? Didn’t she talk about me? Hold my thing aside, honestly, how many days have passed since she didn’t speak to you, Harini asked.

I was surprised for a moment. How did she knows about it?

How did you know it, Harini? Do you know how she was torturing me? Every little thing she used to fight with me. She doesn’t like anything about me at all. She just started to dominate me. I figured, if I didn’t talk to her for a while, she would know, but my efforts were in vain, I said.

Shall I say one thing to you Karthik, you’ve made a colossal mistake and stopped talking to her? I told you one thing when I was moving out of Hyderabad, do you remember that? You should spend as much time with her as you can, so what did you do? Slowly, you held her aside, after a few days after my shift, she said.

Instead of helping, why is she telling me I made a mistake? What kind of mistakes did I make? I asked Harini

You just call Varsha right now, you’re going to understand what a mistake you made and where it led to. She said that

What happened to Varsha? Is she fine? Did she commit anything after I stopped talking to her, I asked Harini with a lot of tension

Poor Karthik, you’re an innocent fellow, but she’s not honest as you are, call her right now, you’re going to know what she did, she answered.

As Harini asked me to contact Varsha, I wanted to call her without wasting any more time.

Harini don’t think otherwise, after talking to Varsha, I’m going to talk to you, I said

You didn’t do that when I told you to do it, but now you are struggling. Okay but once you talk to her, don’t forget to call and inform, she said.

My anxiety doubled after speaking to Harini, and I called Varsha to talk to her right away. Yet, as usual, it is continually waiting. I couldn’t help myself, so I regularly called her, yet she didn’t pick up my call, my attempt went in vain.

I’ve been waiting for more than three hours at least. I’m thinking after checking the missed call, Varsha will call, but the call didn’t come. I kept away all my rage and ego, so I called her back again, and she lifted the call and asked me who this? I was disturbed after listening to it.

Hi Varsha, have you forgotten me? Have you deleted my number? I shockingly asked her

With a sigh, man. Is that you, huh? How did you suddenly remember me today? By this time, you might have forgotten about me, I thought, she said annoyingly.

What? Why would I forget you, Varsha? Why do I forget you for these small issues, how can you think about me like this, I asked

I don’t know all of those, why did you call me all of a sudden? And now we’re no longer in a relationship, I’ve been thinking about telling you this long time back, but I didn’t say it. Repeatedly some or other conflicts are coming between us, and now I’m pleased after moving from you, she said.

For a moment, after listening to all these from Varsha, I was in a shock.

You’ve just begun all these quarrels between us, Varsha, you’ve just started. I bared all those, I never said anything to you, I bore it quietly. But now you say you’re happy without me, how can you say that Varsha, I asked her with tearful eyes.

Who asked you to bear all of these, did I? we can’t be happy like this in the future. I can’t compromise my life with you, and I have different goals that you can’t satisfy. When you proposed to me, I wasn’t that smart to make a decision, and I accepted it like a fool. The way things are moving at the moment, I don’t want it to continue, she said.

What the heck is this rubbish? You spoke to your parents before you accepted my proposal, and now you’re saying this, were they idiots? You just asked and they approved. Now, what are you going to answer? I asked

Now, why are you dragging my parents in this? And see now also you are just fighting with me, arguing with me unnecessarily, which I don’t like in you. I will convey it to my parents, and you don’t bother about it. If you want to continue as a friend, without keeping anything in your mind, then only call me, otherwise don’t dare to call me again, she said

What happened to you, Varsha, why are you behaving like that? If we don’t talk for a couple of days, how can a lover become friends? I asked

It won’t workout Karthik, by forgetting everything we will be good friends. You won’t leave the topic, you will keep the discussion on all the time, which I don’t like to. Instead of enjoying our life, we will be fighting forever in the future, so we’ll stop it here and continue as friends, it will be good for our family and us as well.

How can you ask for these little things to lose our Love? Is it so weak to forget our Love for small issues? I asked her with a heavy heart

Karthik, why don’t you understand? I don’t want to continue this relationship further. We will be good friends. otherwise, how you are quiet all these days without talking to me, keep quiet like that, she replied

While listening to all this from her, my heartbeat stopped for a moment. Why does she hurt, what’s the reason behind it, I don’t know. Keeping all of these in mind, I started requesting Varsha.

Please, Varsha, I’m not going to let you feel bad at any moment, I’m not going to give you any discomfort, whatever you say I’m going to agree without saying no, but now you tell me that whatever you said was a lie, I asked.

I’m shouting like a fool, and how can you expect me to tell you it’s a lie? You’re an idiot. Why are you behaving like an immature person? when I say that I’m not going to love you, why are you irritating me? she screamed.

Right now, I’m in Mumbai. Once I get back to Hyderabad, I’m going to meet you and explain it clearly. By the time you keep quiet, please, don’t ask me any more questions, she said.

My mind can’t imagine what she’s going to say to me, but I don’t have no patience to wait.

Varsha, you told me all of these, whatever you want to say, tell me right now, I said,

See this attitude of yours, which I don’t like Karthik, and I told you that I’m going to come to Hyderabad and tell you, but you’re not listening, all right, I’m going to tell you, she said.

I said all right, and I started listening. Whatever shock Varsha gave up to now was indigestible to me, but now again, what kind of shock she’s going to give, I’m waiting.

We’re just friends, but we do not have any other relationship other than it. Coming to Love, it was the wrong decision that I made without knowledge. I thought it was a mistake, and now I’m fixing it by loving a guy who’s the perfect match for me. He loves me more than anyone else in the world. I met him at my college after I shifted Hyderabad, she told me

After hearing it, I almost got a heart attack, so far I’ve got a little hope that she’s going to forget all the conflicts and we will going to patch back together, but now she’s loving another guy. That’s why I’ve thrown out of her life, but my heart can’t digest reality. After listening, I collapsed, unable to say a single word, my mind stopped working, I don’t know why, but I disconnected the call.

There were a lot of things in my mind that I wanted to die for a second, and I couldn’t bear any more pain. I’ve forgotten all my past life, and dreaming a happy new future, who’s supposed to be a future of me, says that her destiny is another man.

I have no hope in my life. I sat in the corner and cried a lot. I can’t do anything more than weep. Now that my future is full of gloom. The intention of leaving my mom and coming to Hyderabad has now vanished. Now, what am I going to do? Everything is blank now. There’s only one thing in my mind. Now, she’s not there. I just wanted to put an end to my life.

I wanted to talk to Harini right now. Is she aware of the matter before? That’s why she just had to ask me to spend more time with Varsha. If I talk to her, all my questions will be answered, so I called her

Hi Karthik, did you speak to the Varsha? If yes, after knowing the truth, if my guess is correct, you must have made up your mind to kill yourself, but you’ve called me to ask me, why haven’t I told you that after knowing all the matter, you’re going to decide post the discussion? Am I right? she asked

But before taking any stupid decision, remember one thing, as Varsha said no to you, don’t disappoint your mother, who brought you into this world by keeping you in her womb for nine months, and until the date of her hard work, has taken care of you, and what you are today is only because of her.

After remembering all these things about your mother, you still want to die, please don’t waste a moment, kill yourself, she said.

Upon listening to Harini, I couldn’t control my tears, some girl said no to my Love, I wanted to kick my mother’s womb, and I wanted to hurt my mother. As a son, what I was thinking is wrong, in front of my mother’s Love, her Love is nothing.

By calming my tears, Harini, having already known it, didn’t you ever feel like telling this brother? Okay, you know me for a short time, but Varsha has been a friend of yours for so long, didn’t you ask her, why is she cheating on me? I asked her with a sore voice

Now, whatever pain you have, I can understand, but whatever happened to you, she’s not the right girl for you. I gave you a little hint when I came from Hyderabad, but you didn’t understand it. You maintained a distance from her and gave her more space. She wanted that, too, and she made you do that very smartly. When you stopped talking to her, it was convenient for her to spend time with him.

Then you told me why I wasn’t questioned Varsha? But we had a big war between us for that matter. I asked her why she was cheating on you? He left his mother and his city for you with many dreams, and you are cheating on him by making all the false promises. How can you cheat on an innocent man, I asked.

What did she reply to it? I asked

Harini, you’re a good friend of mine, that doesn’t mean you can direct me whom to love and whom not. Don’t decide for me to whom I’m supposed to marry, be within your boundaries. My life is my wish, and I’m going to marry whom I want to, Varsha responded very rudely, she said

When Varsha spoke to me like that, I was surprised for a moment. But later I realised that what she said was also right, who am I to decide for her? When she spoke to me like that, I didn’t want to continue a friendship with her. So I moved on. She said

Listening to this, I’m shocked to know that without my knowledge, so much has happened between them.

Didn’t you think of informing me of this, Harini? She refused to listen, but if you had explained to me, I wouldn’t have missed the chance to stop her, I would have asked her, I said

You’re a good person, Karthik, you’ve come here for her, but she’s forgotten all you’ve done, and she’s become blind in his Love, and she doesn’t care about you. If you marry her, you’re not going to be happy in the future. She’s got an unstable mindset, any moment she might shift, and she’ll abandon you again. That’s why I didn’t share anything with you. It is just for the benefit, too, God must have intended for your good, she said.

Alright Harini, I’ll talk to you later, I’m in total confusion now, I’ve lost my goal and my destination, my mind is not working currently, I said.

You just need to relax and erase everything from your brain. Be positive, and whatever has happened to you is only for your benefit. Don’t think much about it and take care. I only call you in the evening. Go and have something first, Harini said

I hung up the phone.

When I came down Varun waiting for me, what happened, Dude? It’s been more than two hours, where have you been? He asked

I couldn’t help myself after seeing him, so I hugged him tightly and broke out in the sob.

Upon coming out of the shock, What happened Karthik? Why are you crying, pal? He asked

I and Varsha broke up, Dude, she ditched me. She just unknowingly committed herself to me, and now she loves someone else in her institution, she told. I’ve been talking to her until now, I’ve burst into tears.

What..? What..? but Why? You said her parents also accepted, and with their permission only she started to love you, now how she can say it was a mistake, and she loved you unknowingly? He was in a surprise

Now she’s found a better option than me, and she thinks that he’s a better choice for her than me, so she ditched me, I said, wiping tears.

This crazy girl, you’ve come here for her all along, and she’s just saying you are not the right choice. Because of this kind of girls, all girls are accused of cheating, and we’re losing confidence in them, he said.

But how can a girl love another guy when she’s already in Love with you, he asked

Buddy, Leave it, God doesn’t want to see me happy for more days. He took Neetu away from me first, and now he flourished Varsha’s Love for another man. I’m going to finish the course and go back to my hometown, I said.

Karthik, now that you’re going back home by admitting your loss, you’re giving them a reason to say that they’re right to make their decision. But if you take this as a challenge and succeed in your life, then, looking at you, they should feel jealous of your success, he said.

After listening to her, I thought of committing suicide, but knowing my mom, I couldn’t do that, I said.

Idiot, don’t make any hasty decisions. It is the problem with you bloody lovers.

You’re not going to understand at any time that you didn’t fail in your Love, losing you that she failed in it. She was unable to understand you, she suffered a real guy like you. Then, what you want to prove by committing suicide is that you’ve failed in Love? Not, my dear, you have not failed. He said, Take the challenge and prove to her that what kind of wrong decision she made to lose you, with your success, don’t think like a fool.

Let’s go and have some food and come, he said

I am not feeling hungry, you go and complete, I said

Don’t act foolishly okay, I get the parcel for both of us, be here, he said and went

From then on, Varun took the utmost care of me. He used to come everywhere I go. If I’m not eating, he used to slap me and make me eat. Then I realised the value of a close friend. A friend doesn’t want to have a party all the time. After our parents, those are the people who take care of us all the time without expecting anything. At the time of my downs, Varun is with me.

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