Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Summer Internship

Summer Internship

Mobile Buzzing..!

It’s Varsha’s call. After more than three months, she is calling me.

Hai Karthik, How are you?

With no reaction and anticipation, Hi Varsha, I’m all right. How are you doing? How come you all of a sudden, remembered this poor chap, I said.

What is it? Karthik, did you start making fun, too? It’s good to know. You know, you’re my best friend. If I have a good thing or an issue, I just share it with you. Isn’t it? She said with a smile.

The cuteness of her voice, the joviality, and the crazy smile did not change in her. Just one thing has changed from lovers to friends, close friends. To digest, this is a painful thing for me, oh God, how can a man overcome the pain when his girlfriend calls him a good friend instead of a lover, thought this in my mind. How the uncle and aunt are, I asked.

Hello! I called you to talk about Surya, and you’re asking me about mom and dad. You haven’t changed at all, she said.

Hey, Don’t mind, It’s a casual question.

If the person you love is calling you and saying to you about her new love is more painful than death. What I should say to her is that she’s mad or dumb, she’s talking to her ex about her new boyfriend.

What happened? Karthik, why are you so silent? Talk something Dude, she said

What am I supposed to say, you mad girl? Shall I tell you how much I love you? Or how have I been upset at the memories of you? You betrayed me, and now talking to me about your new love is breaking my heart in pieces. Controlling all of these and replying to her, nothing much Varsha, a regular college, and sometimes going home and spending time with mom.

Next month, I have a 45-day summer internship project, and then I go home and stay there for a while. These days, who’s doing live projects and I don’t have any interest in that, I said.

Oh..! Good, So enjoying the life.

I’m happy with Surya, too. He’s taking excellent care of me, not like you, Karthik. He understands me well, arranges everything before I ask him, and makes me laugh all the time, she said.

Huh..! She’s telling me that I’m not like her current boyfriend. She’s been hurting me on the same wound. Isn’t she aware that I’m going to get hurt if she’s talking to me like that? I’m the fool that I’m talking to her and getting hurt. How can she understand it? Where she did not heard about pain in all her life.

Glad to know Varsha, you should be happy all the time, that’s what I’m hoping to have all the time, I replied

I know Karthik, all the time you’re my well-wisher. But now I need help. Just you can do that, she said.

I got confused totally, that now what she requires and all.

What kind of help? It’s Varsha. What could a poor chap like me do for you? I’m not that great personality to help you out, I said.

Oh, Karthik, Why do you think that way? You’re my best friend, you’re my brother in law. Who’s going to understand me better than you? Only you can do this help, she said.

I am the stuff that can’t be loved, but today I am her best friend, and I understand her better than anyone else. She is going to go to any limit if she need anything.

Okay. What is it? Tell me, I asked

These days, we both got close and make out many times. Whenever I go to Mumbai, he’s coming with me to live in a nearby hotel, and we’re both coming back. We’re not going to be able to remain separate, she said.

Sounds good, but what kind of support can I give here? I said

Why did this girl share this thing with me, I got angry, and I couldn’t control my anger and pain.

Poor Karthik, don’t change yet? We got very close and told you that we had sex too many times. And now we don’t want to waste more time. We want to get married as soon as possible, she said.

What are you talking about? Varsha. What is the connection between your marriage and the transition with me? I asked her irritated

Sigh. You’re still the same Karthik.

I mean to say you just need to speak to my father about my love and my marriage. Can’t you understand this? I tried to talk to Dad once, but I was afraid to tell him, that’s why I don’t dare speak to him. For both of my parents have a good impression on you, so if you tell them, they’re going to agree very quickly, she said.

Now I have decided this girl has become crazy and reckless. She asks her ex to speak to her parents, how can she ask me? She didn’t even bother about my feelings that how I feel about it. I was thinking of asking her to give me a little poison and kill me at once instead of killing me slowly day by day. but I did not ask.

Varsha, it’s not correct me talking to your parents about your marriage. They believe in you. If you tell them honestly, they’re going to be happy for you. If I express them, they’re going to take it differently. So I should not help you in this matter, I said.

Why do you think like that Karthik, you are one of our family members. If you tell they won’t feel otherwise, she said

I forgot a long time ago that I am also one of your family members. When you started to love someone else, after leaving me, your family member Karthik died, I am thinking it my mind.

Sorry, Varsha, it’s not right, I can’t help you in this matter, I said.

Seriously, I don’t have a mind, I am asking you to help me, who didn’t understand me before, and I am a fool that now I believed that you would understand me and help. Talking to you is a waste of my time, Varsha screamed at me and hung up the call

For a moment, I was in shock. She just called me. She only spoke about her love with all the unnecessary things. And now she blames me for not understanding her and hanging the phone.

What mistake did I commit? Is it wrong to love her like a mad? Or is it wrong to listen to all the crap she’s talking about her boyfriend, without slapping her? How can she know the value of true love? If she change boyfriends like changing a dress? I quiet in a surprise

Then Varun, hey buddy, What have you been talking on the phone for more than an hour? Who is that? He asked by holding my shoulder.

I turned back and explained to him that I was talking to Varsha. Upon listening to it, he just chuckled at me. And he started scolding me for entertaining all this. He’s correct from his point of view, but how can I ignore a girl who was a friend of mine. I told him I am sorry, and I promised him I won’t talk to her. He’s still angry at me.

What kind of girl is she? She doesn’t love you, but she needs you to help her get married. And you’re a fool who listens to everything she’s bluffing. You don’t have any self-respect fool. He began scolding again.

Hey, man, leave it now. I have already promised that I will not talk to Varsha. Don’t get mad, Dude, it won’t suit you, I said.

Don’t tell me all that stuff. Respond to your broken heart and eyes that conceal tears so as not to let them fall out. Varsha already ditched you right? Yet why are you still carrying the burden? Don’t you get a girl to love in this world? Why don’t you just let her go? He screamed at me

Well, my friend. Leave it. I’m telling you, I’m not going to talk to her again.

Days have passed, and I stopped talking to Varsha and started to focus on my studies. Now, Varun is happy with my attitude.

The university announced the project timetable. I chose the title of my project and packed my luggage to travel to my home town. After all, this has happened, I’m not interested in anything. If I’m talking about studies, I’m getting mad.

The reason behind leaving Mom alone and moving to Hyderabad is Varsha. But now that she’s not there in my life, why am I now more curious about studies? I don’t understand. Anyway, I started it, so I’m going to complete it. I have decided to submit a fake project. At least, for this reason, I could spend 45 days with my mother, and I started

My mother is relieved to see me at home. Looking at me, she realised I was upset and asked me, Are you fighting with Varsha? I was shocked to hear that, how did she know it? In fact, by looking at them, the mother can feel her children’s pain as they are a piece of her blood body.

But how did she get to know about it? I was shocked. Is this crazy girl called and told mom everything? But if she said, at the same moment, mom would have just called me and asked me, but she didn’t. I have so many questions in my mind for a moment.

No, mum....! I’ve just traveled, I’ve been tired in it, that’s why I look dull to you. You serve me hot rice and Dal, and it will relieve me from all the sluggishness once I’ve got it, I replied her to divert.

I want you both to be happy all the time. She said, and enters the kitchen, I joined the kitchen as well and started sharing stuff of my college, Varun, and Harini. I helped her cut the vegetables.

I told her that I have 45 days of internship, which I’m just going to be at home. She exclaimed in delight.

I had to tell her a lie to make her happy. When I explain what happened between us, she’ll be angry, and she’ll probably talk to the uncle, who’ll expose all the stuff to everyone, and Varsha’s going to see me as guilty of all those things, so I held quiet.

As I am at home, the dinner was special to her, as no one would be with her to share it every day. So, once I get a good job, I decided to take her with me, so she’ll be happy with her son.

Once dinner is over, we slept in front of our house to open the sky. In a distinct picture, I can see the full moon. We won’t be able to see this clear sky and pleasant atmosphere in cities. I have fallen asleep by counting stars.

I got up around 8:30 a.m, and mom left for the office by that time. I just came out of the house, brushing my teeth, and sat down on the wall in front of my house, where my three idiots and I used to sit.

I just imagined all those funny moments that we had in the past here, remembering Neetu, tears rolling in my eyes. I’m always missing her. By managing all my emotions, I just found that few boys are standing there and smiling at girls passing by. Time is so swift that we don’t even know how older we have become and how younger generations are following our steps. It’s a mixed feeling, I walked into the home, remembering old memories, smiling with teary eyes.

I called Nani and shared the scene I saw in the morning. We just remembered it all and laughed a lot. I’ve long forgotten to laugh like this, but remembering the memories with your friends will give you more relief, so God created friends for us. I went out to see my old colleagues in the office after the call.

I paused for a while on the way to office at Madhu and Rahul Bro’s Place

Hello, Brother, How are you? I Asked them both

Karthik, my boy, how are you? When did you come back? Do you have any holidays now? Rahul brother asked

No Holidays Brother, I replied that I needed to finish 45 days of internship

We’re both happy for your MBA, so you’ve got to achieve more and more heights, Rahul Bro Said.

Are you attending classes regularly or playing cricket on the ground? Madhu Bro making fun of me by asking this

They all started laughing at his joke. Since meeting everyone, I don’t feel like I’m going back to Hyderabad.

Have you met your boss, Shyam, Rahul Bro Asked

No Brother, I will go now, I replied

Let’s go, Karthik will have juice, Madhu Bro Said. We went to the nearby Juice Stall.

Rahul, when this guy was irresponsibly out of work and started playing cricket, I was thinking he was going to ruin his life, Madhu Bro said.

Even after he absconded for many days, I thought the same thing, Rahul Bro, answered.

It’s still a big mystery to me, where did you go at that time? Then, one day came back from nowhere, and asked for a new job, where were you? He asked

Now, why do you want to know all those brothers? Just leave it. Now it’s all settled. I told

If you don’t want to share, let it be, Rahul sir replied.

Yeah, sticking to the commitment, you kept that promise. Just by tapping my shoulder, both wished me the best of luck.

I’m here for over 45 days, I’m going to disturb you both, I said.

Don’t ever feel like that, and please come when you feel like coming, they said

But you said, you’ve got to do some project in these 45 days, then how come you’ll be here? Rahul Bro questioned me

What brother you’re talking about live projects these days, I’m going to get a beautiful and perfect project in Hyderabad if I pay 2500. I can submit it, I laughed.

So you’re submitting fake projects after doing all the hard work for your studies? Do you feel is it right to do that? Rahul Bro questioned again

Brother, we think this way, that’s why people see us as idiots. If I do a real project, they’ll think I’m incapable of managing it. You don’t get tensed. I’m going to take care of the project. I said

Then they both laughed and went back to their office, and I went to Shyam, sir.

As soon as I walked into the office, everyone who knew me started to come to me and talk about Hyderabad stuff. The new staff was watching me with curiosity on their faces.

What hero, how come you’re here all of a sudden today? Any holidays, huh? Shyam sir asked me.

No, sir, I have a summer internship for 45 days, so I came here for it, I replied.

How are you sir, I asked

You know it right about busy business life, he responded.

There were a lot of changes in the workplace, sir, the new staff even joined here, I said.

I can’t keep your position open after you’ve left. We need to employ other alternatives, said with a smile.

Not like that sir, I’m going to join back if you ask me to come, I said

He laughed and said, I know it, dear. You’re going to do it for serious, too. I said it for fun. Now, we’re all happy with whatever you’re doing with your efforts and hard work. You’ve got to get higher, and I should proudly say to all that, that’s my boy. That satisfaction is different, he said.

I’m not going to be here today, sir, without your support and encouragement, I said

Until you do your hard work, success will come to you. You won’t need the help of anyone. Your hard work will show you the way, he said.

We didn’t even realise that while we were talking to each other, it was lunchtime. We both went to the nearby hotel and had lunch.

Since meeting you now, I got some relaxation, sir, I’m going to be here for 45 days, if you have any work to be done, please let me know, sir, I’m going to come and finish, I said.

He said he is going to inform me, and dropped me to my house and he left.

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