Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Varsha's Parents

Varsha’s Parents

Hey Karthik, how are you? Me Utham, do you remember me, huh? Unexpectedly, I received a call from the Uncle of Varsha (her mother’s brother)

Utham and I are childhood friends, when I was in my grandma’s house, we both attended the same school, we used to play together, we were close by then.

Hey, Hi Utham, How are you, buddy? What a pleasant surprise, huh? How come you called me all of a sudden? How about all others at home? Is there any particular reason behind your call? I asked curiously

Yes, Dude, My marriage next week, to invite you and mom I called. You both need to come without fail. Indeed, he said.

Yeah, it’s a great news buddy. Yet booking the tickets is tough in this short notice. Okay, somehow I’m going to manage, but who is the lucky girl? When has it been arranged? I have asked so many questions without giving any break

I’m going to come and kill you if you don’t come. You also get mom along, understood? I have much more work to do. We’re going to meet in marriage, he said and hung up the phone.

I was very excited about the marriage of Utham. We’ve been the most mischievous gang. We used to swim in the lake and wells, I remembered all the childhood memories.

It’s the marriage of Utham, and I don’t have the chance to miss it. My mom said she wouldn’t come and asked me to attend.

I’m excited about Utham’s marriage on one side, but Varsha’s tension on the other side. When talking to her over the phone, I couldn’t control my emotions. Now I have to face her directly, what would be my position? I won’t be able to control it. If I don’t go to my uncle’s home, what are they going to think? There are a lot of things going on in the mind. I can’t stop going there, whatever happens, so I booked a ticket to Mumbai.

The time to start to Mumbai has come. I called Utham after boarding the train and updated the status.

He asked me about my mom, and I said she isn’t coming because of her work pressures.

He was disappointed, but he’s glad I’m going to attend.

He handed the phone over to his sister, my aunt, because she wanted to talk to me.

I’ve just gone into confusion, that what she’s going to talk about and all,

Karthik, has your berth confirmed? Have you got the food box? If you don’t get a taxi the night you call your uncle he’ll come and pick up, she said.

Yes, Aunt. Mom packed chapati and chicken fry. I’m going to manage to come straight to the function hall. I don’t want to interrupt mama, I said.

My eyes are full of tears as she asks for all my well-being. If they get to know the truth, how do they digest it, I’m questioning myself

If you can go home straight away, take some rest and come along with Uncle and Varsha in the morning, she said.

Whom I was trying to ignore, Aunt asked me to face them directly. I didn’t feel that it was good for me, but not to say no to the aunt, I said all right, and I hung up the phone.

Last time Varsha Hung the phone seriously, and now I’m going there, how she’s going to react? With all this in mind, can she create any scene there? Or else she’ll ask me to tell her parents the truth? I have so many questions in my mind. Do I have to bear all this pain in my life without any error of mine? I started listening to songs on the iPod, helplessly.

The train reached Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Station at approximately 11:00 PM. I got up with the station’s noise. I took a cab and started to the function hall directly. There’s a 1-hour ride from the station.

My pulse has doubled as I get close to my destination. I came here, but I don’t know how it’s going to make my situation up there? I didn’t realise the journey while thinking about this and reached the function hall.

Everyone was busy making the arrangements. I entered the hall. Utham came to me after seeing me entering the marriage hall and hugged. You idiot, I thought you’d come four days before and now you are coming, he said.

Even I was thinking about coming buddy, but I had to finish some project work, so I couldn’t. I replied

It’s all right, at last, you’ve come here. I’m pleased with it. I thought you won’t come? You’re very busy these days, no phones, he said.

I smiled and said nothing like that, keeping in mind, if they know the truth how they will respond

At the same time, Aunt came out and asked for our well-being, and told me to get fresh and have dinner.

I’m going to miss her love. I’m going to miss all her food. By controlling all my sorrow, and I have joined the people who are decorating the stage.

Morning 04:00 AM, the decoration is over. I’m already tired of the journey. Now I’ve got to give my body a little rest. Otherwise, I’m going to faint with this headache here in the morning.

The groom is talking to the bride sitting next to the stage on the phone.

To distract him from the call, I asked him, when should we go to get the vegetables’

I guess 07:00 AM. hey, go and ask mom or Sis, he said.

You’re also joining me right, I asked him with a smile.

You fool, it’s my marriage tomorrow, how can I get there?

Oh.. is it? I forgot it, Dude.

Go and sleep, man. She’s just going to be with you tomorrow. If you don’t talk to her for one day, it won’t hurt, let her sleep, too, I said.

Okay, man, I’m coming, you go and sleep, he said. I went and slept in the room with a lot of stress.

Its 06:30 AM,

Aunt came to wake me up with a hot tea and told me to have Tea and go for vegetables.

I had that excellent Tea made by the aunt, and I went to the market.

I got back to the hall at 9:00 AM. Most of the relatives entered the marriage hall and were packed. People started asking about mom, few of them said she’s not coming to functions, she’s been staying away from family for so long.

One of our aunts said that Utham is getting married, too, when’s your turn?

Let it happen first, we’re going to talk about my marriage in the evening, I said, and I left.

I went to the aunt and handed over the bill and left cash, and she said that any moment the uncle is going to get here, so go home and get ready and come back, she said.

By listening to it, my heartbeat doubled with tension, I said okay to the aunt.

Time is lovely, it never makes us realise how quickly it’s going on. We all sound like we went to school yesterday, but see he’s getting married. I’m happy for him. If everything went well with Varsha, we’d get married soon, but I don’t have that luck.

I was seeing Varsha seated in the crowd calming my tears.

I walked into the lunch hall and joined the team to escape from all these tensions.

My uncle called me in the meantime and asked me to join him as he wanted to speak with me.

I have no idea what he’s going to talk about, but I went with him without any expectations.

In the room my Aunt, Varsha, and some other guy are already seated, I can see the tension in their faces

I never saw that guy before, but I didn’t ask anything at all.

Karthik, you must be thinking about this guy, who is he? The reason to call you here is to make that clear, my uncle said.

Okay uncle, tell me, I said

He’s Surya, and he’s in love with Varsha, they wanted to get married. Varsha said to me that you already know about this matter. And we welcomed their love because you don’t have any issues with it. If you have any problems, just let us know now, you shouldn’t create any problems for them later. You also convey the same to your mother, and I don’t have time to tell everyone the same thing, he said.

Do they have such a wrong impression on me? Why would I create a problem for them? I don’t have anything to say, as they’ve already decided, so I just sat down on the corner table.

Hey, talk out, man? Why are you so calm? You are not bothering them, right? Tell me, how much money you need, I’m going to throw it at you, don’t ever come back to their lives, he said.

Money..! While listening to him, I lifted my head to him with tears in my eyes. They just hit me on my self-respect and killed me from within by offering money.

I never felt bad when we slept hungry in the night, I never felt bad for being a poor, but after listening to it, I wanted to ask my mother how she bared those damn rich fools who did not respect the poor. Now I understand why she stays away from these people.

My tears are rolling out of my eyes. I folded both of my hands and said, I’m not going to disturb anybody, I’m not going to give tense to anyone, be happy, I said, and I came out of the room

I packed my bag and began to get to the railway station, while Utham came to me.

What the hell happened, Dude? Where are you going with a bag? You didn’t even bother to let me know, he said.

Nothing my friend, I just got a call from college, that I need to submit my project, suppressing my tears, I said.

Okay, yeah, but why are you going without informing me about it? He told me

I’ve seen your marriage already, you’re going to have so many things, so I didn’t want to interrupt you. You be happy, I’m going to leave now, don’t overthink, I said.

Okay, well, you leave, but at least have food before you leave, he said.

No, Buddy, it’s already full, I can’t eat anymore, I said, and I boarded the cab.

I introduced to selfishness for the first time. My aunt has been behaving like she knows nothing until the moment. And I realised that she is one of the people in the entire plan as well.

I have learned one thing here. I have failed as a good human being. Surya must be more handsome than me, he must be rich, but he did not love as much as I did to Varsha. No matter what, the god won’t embrace me if I’m happy all of a sudden, so he fooled me again.

Now, what answer will I give to Mom, if I say anything about the abasement, will she be able to bear it? She shared the news of our marriage with all her mates. And now, if she knows the truth, what her reaction would be.

What am I supposed to answer to my friends? I had a belief in my uncle and aunt, but they cheated on me, too. Even now, my eyes have dried up without tears. I don’t know what to do right now? How to respond to this situation. I decided to move back from Hyderabad to my hometown.

It’s about 10:00 AM when I get home. I refreshed and rested for a while. I looked for food in the kitchen, but I didn’t find anything because she didn’t know that I was coming today and she didn’t prepare anything. I just had some fruits from the refrigerator.

To share the thing, I called Varun, and he didn’t pick a call. He had to be in the classroom. I called Harini, then.

Hello Karthik, how was your trip to Mumbai? How is your in-law’s, she asked me

Nothing significant happened Sis, I’m upset about it, so I thought of talking to you. I said in a shallow tone

What’s wrong, Karthik? Why are you so dull, huh? She asked me in a tense

I said that Varsha’s marriage had fixed. Her parents are going to get her married to a guy she loved

Why are you making fun of me, buddy, the news to be celebrated, and you’re sharing it so simple. she said

I did not understand Harini’s reaction. Without consoling me, why does she ask for a treat?

What’s this, Sis? Don’t you have any other time to pull my leg? You’re making fun of me, too, I said

Okay okay. Sorry. Tell me what happened there, she asked

You know she loved a man, and she asked me to speak to her parents about him. She’s got him to the marriage. My uncle told me to forget all about our past and not disturb them in the future. He also offered me a good amount to do that.

Oh, my god, Is this happened to you there? How are her parents going to behave like that with you? They’ve already given you a word, and now how do they do that? She screamed

I don’t have any patience to think about all these things, sister. I’m done with it all, right now. I’ll go back home once I finish my MBA and look for a job in my hometown, I said.

It’s Okay, Bro. She’s already gone, now don’t let your confidence come down. Dream big and get it. If you go back home, what you’re going to make of it, a big failure that will ruin you every day. So don’t think you’re going back to your home. One day, they should weep after seeing your wealth, she said

I can’t do anything by challenging them. If I go home, at least I can spend a little time with my mother, I said.

It is the only problem with you, Karthik, you’re not going to listen to anything. That time, too, you ignored everything I said and you let her go and crying now. This last time you listen to me, and one day they’ll come to you, she said.

Speak to Varun if possible, listen what he says and you decide, she said.

He’s going to say the same thing you’ve just said. He doesn’t know yet, I replied.

Okay, Karthik, after understanding your situation, I wanted to come and meet in person, but now my semester exams are going on. There are two more papers to do. I’ll come to you once it’s over. I’ve got one of my friends who is also close to your town, she said.

Well, sister, if you come home, that’s a good thing, even mom will be happy, I said

Did you tell this to mom? She asked

No, By the time I’m back, she’s not there, so I’m going to share it at night. I don’t know how she’s going to react. I’m worried and afraid now, I said.

How can a person digest it if our own people cheat us? Manage it carefully, she said.

Okay, I’m going to take care of that. Before you come here, you let me know, I said and cut the line.

Mom came, and she started to do her routine work without disturbing me. I’ve got up with the sound.

How was the trip Karthik? How was marriage? Have you met all there? She asked, without shock for my early return

The trip was good mom, and everyone missed you there, I answered while I was washing my face

I sat next to my mother and began to have Tea.

Okay, I’ve left them for so long, now I’ve just got you and my job, other than I’ve got nothing else, said mom.

That I know, you’re always right, mom, we need to stay away from all these relationships. Often we couldn’t bear the agony of our own people’s betrayal, and I said, and I covered my eyes so that my mom couldn’t see.

Turn on this side, what Karthik? Are you crying? Don’t you get any girl except Varsha? Why do you weep for her? You’re a diamond, my son, and she supposed to cry for losing you, my mother said wiping tears.

For a moment, I was shocked by how my mother got to know about it. Why am I going to cry for Varsha? I just remembered all our relations and my eyes were wet, I said.

What Karthik, you hiding from me? I know all that happened in Mumbai. Your aunt has already been called and updated me on Surya and Varsha. She also asked me to control you so that you wouldn’t disturb them in the future.

Just these rich people like this, Karthik. They have no feelings, and they just as quickly change their minds. She would have continued to love you if you had money. You only went to Hyderabad to study higher, and you’ll get paid 30 K max once you complete it. What will they say about your status in their relations? That’s why after she updated her new love, they accepted it, without wasting a second, she said with teary eyes.

After seeing tears in mom’s eyes, I couldn’t control myself, and I cried a lot by hugging her. Hiding behind these past several days, the tears have come out like lava.

Why would I bother them, mom, when they said no to me, why would I beg them to love me? But how can aunt tell you this? People are so selfish, and they’re going to change at the speed of light. You’ve seen all of these just because of me.

Are you getting it right now? Why do I stay away from all these people? We gave them the chance to make use of us. They kicked on our belief. But don’t worry, Karthik, be optimistic, something better is waiting for you, Mother said.

She just comforts me by doing all of this. But I can hear how much she’s crying inside. To offer her faith, I said I’m going to continue my studies as you would like, I replied

You should always be happy, my kid, I’m going to support you all the time, you just focus on studies, you’re going to have a good career, I know. You just make me proud, she asked

I wanted to do more hard work, at least for her, but I don’t know how much I can do it. The same thing Varun told me to get to the higher position to realise, whom they have missed. I understood one thing, if we don’t have money, our well-wishers won’t leave us. If we don’t have money, they show their affection as it is.

Alright, mother, I’m not going to give you any problems at any moment, if I give you any more problems, I’m going to kill myself on the same day. I said

Shut up, Don’t talk rubbish, go back to Hyderabad and focus on the studies, she said, going to the kitchen.

Mom, I forgot to share one thing, Harini coming our home after two days, I said.

Oh.. Is it? Does she come to our house, or does she have any relations here? She asked

She’s finished her exams, so she’s coming to the home of her mate, she’s going to happen here later, I said.

Okay, ask her to be here for two days, she said

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