Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Rockstar Movie

Rockstar Movie

’Main aaj itni badi hasti hu Heer,

star hu mai.

Itne saare paise hai mere paas.

famous hu.

par pata ek jalan he mere aandar.

Bechainy hai, main sirf tere sath hi set hu yaar,

Ithisi bath hain’

Today I am a big celebrity Heer.

I become a star,

I got a lot of money

I became very famous

But one thing hurts me all the time

I am restless, and I am happy only when you are along with me

This is it.

Rockstar, wow, what a fantastic movie. As Ranbir Kapoor says, this dialog couldn’t control my tears. He comes to his ex-girlfriend and describes his position and money. He says he’s got the whole wealth, but he’s not happy because she’s not with him.

I’ve seen this movie nearly ten times so far, and I have an unknown attachment to this movie, that’s why I like it how many times I’ve ever seen it.

Now I’m watching it again, while telephone rings, I just paused the movie and checked the call from Harini.

Hi Sis, what’s up? Have your exams done? When you’re coming home, I asked.

They’re all set, but I’m going to be in your city bus stop in ten minutes, come and pick me up, she said.

Is it? Why is it so unexpected visit, Sister? You didn’t even tell me about it before you start, I asked.

I didn’t say, she said, to give you a surprise.

Yeah, is that? If I weren’t in the city, you would have been surprised Okay, get down, I’m coming, I said, and I started to Bus stop

They’re waiting for me by the time I got there. Along with Harini, there’s another girl too. I didn’t see her before, but I thought she said that some of her hostel mates were in the nearby town, so she must be the same person, I parked the bike and walked towards them.

Hello Sissy, how are you doing? You’ve finally come home, I’m thrilled, I said.

Hey. I’m perfect brother, and she’s Keerthana, a friend of mine, Harini introduced that girl to me

I just nodded my head and said hello, and she waived her hand and smiled.

Okay, let’s go home, dear sister, we will discuss everything there, I said.

Then we started, I just showed all the famous temples around the town, and we got home.

They got fresh and walked into the house, as usual, mom went to work. I only prepared the meal. I cooked baby potato curry for them without peeling it. They’ve struggled a lot to complete it.

It’s a very nice curry, Keerthana said sarcastically.

That’s not a good thing, and I understood the inner meaning of your statement. I tried a lot to peel off, but it was tough, so I kept it that way. Please adjust for this moment, next time I’m going to treat you correctly, I said

She smiled.

Don’t worry; curry is delicious, if you peel it, it would have been nice, she said.

Will you please stop this curry discussion here now, Harini said with a smile

Karthik, did you tell mom about the Mumbai’s matter, she asked me

Is it necessary sister to discuss this topic here now, I said

Karthik, Don’t worry, I know your story inch by inch. Your sister just speaks about you all the time, Keerthana said.

Hmm. Sister, you made a great hit of my failure story in your hostel. I said and saw her in frustration.

Nothing like that Karthik, you know, this fool exaggerated it. I didn’t say anything more, but I used to feel sad about your hardships by sharing with this girl, she said.

Okay, sister, you have all the rights to talk about me, I replied

Huh, The love and affection of both of you overflowing, Keerthana said sarcastically.

Hey, we’re just like that, do you have a problem? Harini asked Keerthana

What problem am I going to have? Please continue, she answered.

Okay, leave it, what did your mother say? With more interest, Keerthana asked

As I came back from Mumbai, I got tension about how to convey it, but my mother just shocked me, I said.

What has happened? What sort of a shock? You didn’t tell me about it, Harini asked from the chair leaning towards me.

In Keerthana’s face, I can see the same excitement to know about the shock that mom gave.

Before I told her, my aunt conveyed her everything with a warning to control me so that I couldn’t interrupt Varsha, I said

Oh, did she warn your mom? Mom must have felt very bad after listening to it, asked Harini.

Yes, Harini, she felt awful, but she’s hiding her sorrow from me. Through controlling her sadness, she just inspired me, I answered with tearful eyes.

After watching me like that, their eyes were wet too.

Huh, yeah. I need to give an excellent treat to the guest, but why am I giving tears and an unpeeled Aloo curry, why? I asked myself, and I said no more tears, just study, and a job, I said.

Yes, That’s my Bro, you’re supposed to prove to the people who dumped you, what they’ve lost, greedy idiots, How come they can change that quickly? She scolded them.

Leave it, sister, we’re not going to get the answer to that question. Now watch this film, which I liked it, you’re going to like it too. It’s a tale of love lost, I said and began the movie

In the meantime, I went out and got them some cold drinks.

I went to pick mom in the evening.

Before going, I asked both of them not to speak to mom about Varsha.

I explained the Alu curry experience to mom and asked her to cook chicken in her way.

She agreed to do it. On the way home, we picked the chicken.

How are you, Harini? Is she a friend of yours? How are you, dear? My mother asked Keerthana as well

We are fine aunty, how are you doing? Both of them wondered smiling

Yeah, Not bad dear, Karthik came for a project, and he’s been here for a month. Maybe he’ll leave in a week, and I’ll have to stay here alone again, she said.

Don’t feel bad like that, aunt. He’s going to take care of you once he settle down, I have that confidence in him, Harini said.

I’m just worried about him; once he gets settled, I’m going to move with him wherever he gets a job.

Is she the same girl from the nearest place? My mom asked

Yes, aunt, She’s Keerthana, her house is 20 km from here. We came home last night, and in the morning we came here, she answered.

Alright, How’s our place? have you liked it? How’s our house? Mom asked

It’s very cool, and I liked it a lot, would you allow me to live here, Harini asked.

Yeah, stay back here, if you stay here, we’re going to be very happy, and can fill the gap in the house, Mom said.

I’m just a fortunate aunt to accept me to your family. So this is his secret, all the right things have come to him from you. He’s going to show the most significant love if he begins to like someone, Harini said.

What Keerthana? Why are you so quiet? My mom asked

Nothing Aunt, you people are talking, so I am just listening to it, she replied

What does your father do? Mom asked Keerthana, how many siblings do you have?

Father’s doing business, aunty. I got one brother. Now I’m staying in a hostel with Harini, she said

Okay good,

Just friends these days can support you in times of difficulty compared to your relatives. So be happy forever. Do you know Varun of his childhood friends? These are role models of friendship, both emerging from their schooling together and leading to all joy and sorrows. Friends should be like both of them, Mom said.

Yeah, I know Varun, he is a kind person, and doctor friend of us, said Harini

Karthik is living in Hyderabad with Varun. So every time Karthik comes to meet us, Varun also comes along, she said.

For many, you’re an inspiration aunt, doing the hard work for him alone. Didn’t you ever feel like to be with the rest of the family? Keerthana asked.

Why don’t I think dear, every time I feel the hurt, he has no one yet me and friends like you. How will he live alone if anything happens to me? So many times, I cried, keeping this in my mind. But to be alone, God gave us this life, so we have to live it. There is only one urge for me to get him to marry and play with his children, Mom said.

Mom, we’ve got plenty of time left to do this, you don’t need to worry that anything will happen to you, I’ll get married soon and give you my kids, you can play with them, I said

Like this, he never allows me to talk, and he has no anxiety about life, he takes it all very easy, mom said and entered the kitchen.

Karthik, Mom loves you a lot; all her struggle is just for you. If you have a lot of love at home, why are you searching outside, let them go. There’s someone must be waiting for you; she must take care of you and mom, said Harini.

Not just love, but I am everything to her, she just thinks about me, she left all her joy and began to fight for me from my childhood, after my father passed away. If I don’t take care of her, what her condition would be. And I wanted to come back for her, I said.

Don’t come back here, you won’t have a lot of opportunities, once you get a job in Hyderabad, take mom with you, Harini said.

Let’s see, let me finish the course first, I said

where Varun is? If he’s in the town, we can also visit him, she said.

No, he is not here sister, I replied

Did you tell him about it? She asked

Yes, I did. First, he couldn’t believe, but later he felt awful for mom and me, I responded

She said with frustration; No one will think that they cheated you like this, but very bad from their end.

Leave the topic, Harini. it’s unpleasant to talk about, I said

What’s more? Keerthana, When are you going to return to the hostel? I’ve asked her to divert the conversation

I’m travelling to my granny’s home tomorrow once Harini leaves. I’m going to stay there for ten days then I’m going to think about going back to the hostel because there are no classes, so I can spend some time at home, she responded.

Again, sorry for the morning’s lousy curry, I shocked you by serving it, I said.

I forget it long ago, it was good, that was not that bad to worry about, she said.

That’s why I told mom to cook chicken now, so lunch and dinner can be balanced. I said

In the meantime, mom asked us for dinner. After a long time, we had an exciting dinner together. We told them to stay back as it was late. I dropped them off at the bus stop in the morning. Harini was pleased to meet Mom. They both told me to leave the past and focus on the future. Then they left.

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