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Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Pappa called my sweet daughter. My princess! We call her chocolate.

It’s a gloomy Sunday. The weather is delightful.

As usual, I’m watching my all-time favourite Gitanjali movie (Tollywood Super Hit Film) on TV and Waiting for the hot pakoras made by the mother of Chocky.

Rain and Pakora..! Ah..! What a combination. All in all, it gives you a different kick, eating pakoras when it’s raining and watching your favourite movie.

Pappa, called Chocky. Whenever this movie plays on TV, why do you forget about the world and watch the film? Asked me

Come here, Chocky. Sit down next to me and watch the movie. It is my favourite one. The film shows how great love is.

Pappa! You love mom a lot, right? So will you treat me like that, too?

Both (you & your mom) of you are my life. My life is to make you happy and to see you happy.

By that time, Chocky’s mother had come out with hot pakoras in her hands. Huh, both of you have started again with your love stories, huh? Her mother screamed, glaring at me in frustration.

Ours is a marriage arranged, but I love her a lot. The moment I saw her, I knew it was over, and I don’t have to wait any longer for my soulmate. Our love can not be quantified. It rises day by day; hour by hour; second by second.

It was my mom who was with me as we went to see her. I just imagined a film scene in which a girl comes out with a heavy makeup of tea and snacks.

But she was very simple as if it were a regular day at her home. Simplicity has built admiration for her.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or anything else; we just wear the same colour dress. I thought it symbolises the fact that we were made for each other and that the relationship had been decided a long time before that day.

I was sitting with her mom, brother, and sister in law. We were just talking about the usual things. But my focus was on the door waiting for her to come and sit in front of me.

At the same time, her sister in law got some tea for me. I started to have it, and, I concentrated on the door as usual.

What are you doing? Her brother asked.

Working for a private company, and I have associated with the same company for two years, I replied.

What is your qualification?

I replied, MBA.

Would you live in Hyderabad after your marriage? Or your place of origin? He asked me with a smile.

I’m working there, so I’m going to remain in Hyderabad.

After her marriage, my sister wants to pursue her higher studies. Her younger brother said, with much hesitation.

No one in my house is allowed to restrict her from her studies. We’ll be more than happy to encourage her to pursue her dreams and support her. I replied.

I just want her to be the same as she is in your house. I hope her comfort and happiness reflect on our entire family’s happiness. I explained

What else can we expect from you when you’re ready to take such great care of our little girl, said her mother with a lot of relief.

All this is going on. The questions kept asking, and I kept answering them. Yet my heart is waiting to see my angel and speak to her. In the meantime, her sister-in-law got her inside

One girl caught my attention when we were just entering their house. She was so simple, and she did everything very quickly.

I had a strange thought for a moment. Why isn’t this girl my wife? I wished that was true. But I just dominated my heart by saying, Idiot! Don’t fall for every girl you see. Wait for your soul mate.

But I’m supposed to thank God. He might have known about my thoughts. He just matched both of them, and he just sent my princess to make my life magnificent. After seeing the same girl, I lost my heartbeat.

I recall every moment. The girl was in a white churidar, a very graceful face like an angel. Little innocence in her eyes, fear, and confusion in her mind. I could make it out easily

We were all accompanying her, but she still felt like a little girl who had just missed her family in an unknown location.

Her lovely eyes! Oh, my God, I never thought I’d want someone’s eyes to fall in love with them. I haven’t been able to control my eyes; I just looking at her.

Suddenly, there was a great deal of silence. I have not been able to take it. A person can take anything to any extent, but he can’t take the silence.

At that moment, I just couldn’t control myself, so I started talking to her.

Your Name? I just asked her with a lot of anxiety.

There’s no response. I figured the girl was anxious and stressed. Then I thought she would feel shy. Now my mind annoyed me by a dumb question. Would she like an average guy like me?

Ah, we people, for a moment, we can’t be patient. We need clarification so quickly in each and everything. In that rush to know, we don’t realise we’re missing so many other things.

Sanaya, I heard an innocent, shy, sweet voice.

That’s Sanaya! WOW, Naya in Hindi means something new. And it’s a new name.

I always felt like jumping on the floor as she started talking to me. I even thought about making the famous ′Veena Move Out′ of a popular movie for a moment.

Then I realised that to do that step, I am neither Chiranjeevi nor Lawrence.

Sanaya, a sweet name. What have you been doing? I asked.

I’m a graduate of commerce, she responded.

What are your plans for the future? After marriage, do you want to pursue your studies? As if I didn’t know something, I asked.

I just asked myself, and She wants to continue her studies, you know, just said her brother. Why do you act so strange?

But I don’t want to stop listening to her sweet voice, what to do.

Yes, I want to crack a job in the Police Department, she responded.

I liked the way she was bright and focused on her studies. Time has just gone, but we haven’t stopped talking to each other. And our parents just left us alone to create privacy for both of us so that we could better understand each other.

Are you going to take good care of me? With great curiosity and anxiety, she asked.

My mother is my life. I love her so much. I promise you that I will take the same care and give you the same respect as I do for my mother. I responded with a great deal of faith.

She said yes to get married to me. Between our families, everything was positive and pleasant. With all the blessings, our marriage happened, and we began our new life.

My angel had never hurt me since my marriage to date. She was taking the utmost care of me, like my mom. Perhaps that’s why I love her to the fullest.

Again, both of you?

No mom, daddy, is describing love. Chocky chuckled.

Haa, well, what’s he going to say? It’s not just one right. Multiple lovely love stories exist, my wife whispered

What’s this, Sana, you’re making fun of it, too, in front of Chocky. I say with a sly smile, you know I feel shy when people praise me.

Oh, my God, please don’t tell me that, dear, if you feel shy. Shy is going to commit suicide. Instead of describing a few other tales, why don’t you tell your caring daughter your own story? Even, she’s going to know what all the naughty things her father has done. She said, she chuckled.

She didn’t require it, Sana. When the perfect time comes, she’s just going to get to know. I tried to divert the subject.

Looking at all this talk, Chocky just asked, Pappa, are your stories so fascinating and lovely that mom asks you to let me know?

No, dear No. Those are all sad memories that I don’t want to cherish. Now, only two of you are my world.

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